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Big Sean Comes For Naya Rivera's Neck In "I Dont Fuck With You"

I may be a little late with this one, but I just heard a new joint from Big Sean that features E40 titled "I Don't Fuck With You".

The song is absolute fire in my book! The track was produced by DJ Mustard, Kanye West and DJ Dahi and is a song about Big Sean screaming about how much he doesn't give a fuck about his old bitch (Naya Rivera) and towards the end of the joint, he praises his new chick (Ariana Grande) YIKES!!!

I'm sure this stems from the fact that once Big Sean and Naya Rivera broke up, Naya Rivera quickly jumped the broom with someone new. Many fans were in shock about Naya's decision to get married so quickly to someone when she had just broken up with Big Sean, but that's just how the story went.

Hence, the song you're about to hear below:

Let me know what you think of it. I actually like the song and the hook is catchy as hell!!

Amber Rose Takes To Twitter To Say Wiz Khalifa Is The One Cheating

The news that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are getting divorced kind of rocked the Hip Hop community. I mean, I was rooting for them, but I know that sometimes things just aren't always meant to be. And so is the case with Wiz and Amber.

Not only is the divorce news devastating to hear about, but the plot thickens as folks tried to tie Amber Rose up with Nick Cannon by insinuating that she has been cheating on Wiz Khalifa with Nick Cannon. It was recently reported that Nick Cannon would start managing Amber's career, but folks were saying Amber's career wasn't the only thing he was managing.

Fast forward to today, and Amber Rose decided to take to her Twitter page to dead the Nick Cannon cheating rumors and clear things up about who was the actual one "cheating". Check out what Amber Rose had to say below:

So what do you think is the reason behind this divorce? Could it be cheating? Or could it be the two just stopped getting along? I'll hold!

Lumidee Talks Going Independent, Her Fallout w/DJ Ted Smooth & Issues With Nina Sky

The real Puerto Rican Princess, Lumidee, recently came up to ThisIs50 radio and chopped it up with myself, Hyanken and DJ Thoro. We talked about everything from her coming out at such a young age in the music industry, her falling out with DJ Ted Smooth and issues she had in the past with Nina Sky.

So find out everything Lumidee had to say when you click on the link below:

Rah Digga Talks New Music, Busta Rhymes, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma

A few weeks ago, DJ Thoro, Hynaken and myself caught up with Rah Digga for an in depth interview over at the G-Unit offices for ThisIs50 radio.

We touched on quite a few topics such as what is Rah Digga working on nowadays, her current relationship with Busta Rhymes, her thoughts on female MC's such as Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea and Rah even decided to give some advice to Remy Ma in the process.

So find out everything Rah Digga had to say below:


Ladies!!!! Omarion's Nudes Get Leaked!!!

With all of the nudes that have been leaking on the internet lately, many have wondered why haven't any mens nudes been leaked yet? I mean, just this past weekend, we were bombarded with nudes from Rihanna, to Gabrielle Union, to Meagan Good. And although these women look great naked and some have even issued public statements, it left many ladies wondering why haven't any mens pics been leaked?

Well, I've got the answers for you ladies!!

iCloud has leaked nudes of Omarion in the buff!! And let's just say you won't be disappointed in what you see! Unfortunately, I can't post any nudes on this site because it will interrupt me from getting my checks from my advertisers, however, I have provided a link that you can click on (no its not spam or a virus) for you to check out Omarion's nudes for yourself. That link below:

Omarion's Nudes Here

Yall can thank me later.

Young Thug Addresses Why He Calls His Male Friends Bae, Lovers & Hubby!!

I'm going to need Young Thug to have several seats with the publicity stunts he has been pulling lately. In an interview with "The Fader", Young Thug addressed the reason why he calls his male friends bae, lovers and hubbies.

And in all honesty, Young Thug's response is going to need more people. If this is a ploy just to get people to start talking about him and his music.....I think this is a low blow to the LGBTQ community. Looking for attention by allowing others to think that your sexuality is a factor in your career is just insulting. Maybe its just me, but I don't like it. Here's what I do think though:

Young Thug is not a homosexual, however, I do think he's a crackhead! Peep what I mean when you watch the clip below:

K. Michelle Exposes Soulja Boy For Having Relations With Transgender, Sydney Starr

I don't know who, what, where, when or why K. Michelle and Soulja Boy are arguing on social networks, but whatever the case is, they both were going at each other recently and things got pretty ugly between the two. Apparently, there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding where K. Michelle went on Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" and blasted Soulja Boy for saying he smashed when he didn't.

So Soulja Boy responded last night to K. Michelle via his Twitter page below:

K. Michelle responded with the following below:

And then the responses of all responses took place....Sydney Starr confirmed what K. Michelle had been saying when she posted the following below:

Yikes!!! What do yall think about this? I'll hold!


Gossip of The Week: Ray Rice, Tahiry, Khloe & French Montana & More!!

Now before you guys watch our "Gossip of The Week" segment, let me put out my thoughts, because it seems that people have taken my commentary the wrong way.

When it comes to the whole Ray Rice situation, I am appalled. I do NOT condone domestic violence in any way, shape or form. I, myself, was in a very violent relationship with my first children's father.....and let's just say he was far from being a father and a man, yet I stayed for almost 7 years. Make a long story short, I ended up finding my husband who showed me what a man really was and the rest is history.

In saying all that, my only concern about the whole Ray Rice situation was the fact that this footage was old....and his wife married him regardless. Which means that she forgave him at some point. So I'm not sure why this footage was released in the first place was all I was saying.

Was this footage released for financial gain? To destroy a mans career? I guess we'll never know, but for now, check out what I had to say below:

ThisIs50 Radio Interviews The Boss Man Himself, 50 Cent!!!

Just last week, us good folks over at ThisIs50 radio got a chance to interview our boss, 50 Cent. His busy schedule and hectic music promotions for the reunion of G-Unit had him out of the office for quite some time, and we were never really able to catch up with him. However, last week was a different story.

We got to chop it up real quick with our boss and talked about G-Unit's "The Beauty of Independence", the second season of "Power" and some rumors! So get ready to check it all out below:


What Beef? Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea Are Good!

Last night at the VMA's, Nicki Minaj had a serious wardrobe malfunction. If you missed out on that, check it out below:

So while Nicki was backstage interviewing with Rob Markman, Iggy Azalea happened to walk by and told Nicki she didn't have anything to worry about with her dress and that she did a great job. Peep that footage below:

So despite what you guys may be thinking, it seems like all is well on the homefront!

Kandi Replaces Porsha Stewart With Meelah Williams

According to ItsOnlyEntertainment.net, it seems that Porsha Stewart has run her course with Kandi's stage play titled "A Mother's Love". Not sure what the reason is behind Kandi's choice to replace Porsha Stewart is, but taking Porsha's place in the play is Meelah Williams formerly of the group 702.

Meelah will replace Porsha as Jada, the little sister of Lena, played by Kandi. Jada and Lena are in a singing group called "Brick Rose" along with D. Woods' character. Jada is married to a famous R&B singer, so it appears she has it all, but as we all know, all that glitters ain't gold.

The stage play will be going on a US tour starting Sept 4th in Columbus, GA and ending in New York City on Dec 14th. For tickets go (here).

HHGS Rumor: Did Chris Brown Stab Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend?

It's being "alleged" that Chris Brown was involved in an apparent stabbing Wednesday night on August 20th at club VIP in New York City and the VIP nightclub is keeping it on the hush.

Apparently, a dispute broke out between Chris Brown and up-and-coming singer KISSK: Rihanna's ex-lover. KISSK was reported as having to get 13 stitches on his back..... It is "alleged" that these two have been feuding in the past because KISSK was the reason Rihanna was beatin ...

"Allegedly" the horrible night of the fight before the Grammys, Rihanna requested some very scandalous photos of the two of them which KISSK sent. Some of those photos below:

Chris saw the photos and the rest we all know..... The love for each other KISSK and Rihanna - his name was kept from being put out to the public... However, it all came to a head the other night..... The yelling, pushing and cursing match between Chris Brown and KISSK was obviously a big attraction for other patrons in the club to experience.

The incident was quickly defused, but KISSK was seen leaving the club bleeding out his back. Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant urged KISSK to talk to the police, but all he said as he left club VIP was "fuck the police this will be handled my way. Chris Brown will get his. I'm NO RAT! I'm NO RAT, it's on."

Pictures of Kiss K leaving the club below:

Chris left a few minutes after in a drunkin daze. TMZ is reportly on this story as we speak, but due to Chris Brown's ongoing problems with the law, it may not be reported as of yet..... Video and pictures are leaking, but this stir has not been public until all the parties involved will be contacted.....


HHGS Confirmation: There Will Be A Season 2 of "Power"

50 Cent's new "Power" series which aired on the Starz network did really well. Everywhere I turned, I heard someone either talking about the show, or people would just ask me about the show simply because I work up at ThisIs50 radio. -_- And although I do know that filming for season 2 of "Power" will begin in about 2 weeks, that doesn't mean I'm going to spill the beans about anything else!

However, I didn't have to spill the beans about the 2nd season of the show because 50 Cent did it himself on Instagram. Peep what 50 said via BallerAlert.com and their "Comment Creepin" segment below:

So there you have it folks! 2nd season of "Power" has been confirmed!!

Floyd Mayweather Comes For 50 Cent & His Son (No Bueno)

The feud between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather has been getting pretty ugly. And I'm not sure if the feud is going to end well.....here's why. 50 Cent recently challenged Floyd Mayweather to a reading challenge. If you guys missed out on that challenge, check it out below:

Things got even more interesting when 50 made another IG video, this time with another challenge. Check that one out below:

After these challenges were made, the internet started circulating a tweet that Floyd (allegedly) put out to 50 Cent....however, I do want to say that when I checked Floyd's Twitter page, there was no such tweet. Not sure if he deleted it, but check out the "alleged" tweet below:

Now, I'm all for a good back and forth argument, but when folks start bringing up your children, that's when things can start to get ugly. Lord knows yall seen how I cut up on TV about my kids, so imagine how 50 is going to cut up?

Its never a good look for the folks who come for 50's children! EVER! So see how 50 Cent responded via BallerAlert.com to the above tweet that was reposted by a guy named Jay Bling below:

Now this has become extremely ugly!! You should NEVER bring innocent children into the mix! I'm with 50 on that one! You wanna come for me, then come for me, but don't bring my children into our shenanigans. #ImJustSaying

And about 9 hours ago, Floyd posted the following to his Twitter below:

I'm just hoping these rich, talented men can just keep it entertaining and leave the kids out of it! What are your thoughts?


New Video: Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Nicki Minaj released her newest video titled "Anaconda" earlier this morning at 12am to be exact and let's just say that she's holding nothing back (literally) as her and her friends shake their thangs!!

Even Drake was soo impressed at the end of the video with Nicki's ass shaking that he had to hold his head, but peep the video for yourselves below:


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Is Coming September 15th!!

Are yall ready for another "Love & Hip Hop" installment? Are yall ready for "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood"?

A tiny teaser trailer was released of the new series and although it didn't seem like there was much drama going on, there was a lot of known names that will be a part of this show like Soulja Boy, Omarion, Lil Fizz of B2K, Yung Berg, Ray J and that's just to name a few!

So I ask you again, are yall ready for "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood"?

Peep the trailer below:

NIcki Minaj Gets Pissed With Interviewer For Talking About Her Ass!!!

Nicki Minaj recently visited the "James Franco Show" where he asked her a number of questions about her ass. Nicki was clearly annoyed by the questions and told James Franco that she did not want to talk about her ass. However, James Franco had other plans.

While trying to ignore Nicki's statement about avoiding questions about her ass, James Franco continued on with his ass questions to where Nicki Minaj ended up cursing his ass out.

Peep that footage below:

James Franco Trolling Iggy Azalea & Nicki Minaj by RapHipHopExclusives


Nivea Posts Up Video of The Dream Commenting on Christina Milian & Lil Wayne Relationship

Nivea recently took to her Instagram page to post up an interview her ex-husband, The Dream, did with VladTV.com about what his thoughts were on his ex-wife, Christina Milian, dating Lil Wayne. Now for those of you who don't know the dynamics of this thing.....Nivea and The Dream used to be married and have 3 children together. Nivea and The Dream have since divorced and Nivea went on to have a relationship with Lil Wayne and had a baby by him.

The Dream in turn got married to Christina Milian and they had a baby together, but have since divorced. Fast forward to the present, and its rumored that Christina Milian is now dating Lil Wayne which is Nivea's baby daddy. It would seem that Nivea and Christina Milian have the same taste in men, but what the hell do I know!

Nevertheless, Nivea posted up video footage of The Dream being interviewed with VladTV.com with the caption "Hmmm....drops mic..#ShesAScareCrow". Now the video below:


Ciara Blasts US Weekly About Bogus Interview

Ciara is a little more than pissed off about the magazine "US Weekly" spreading lies about her and saying that they did the first interview with her as a single mom.

Ciara quickly took to her Twitter account to vent our her frustrations. Peep her thoughts below:

These magazines and news outlets be doing the most! Now what say you?

North West Is About That Fashion Model Life

With a mom like Kim Kardashian and a dad like Kanye West (who doesn't always have the answers), its only right that North West be a fashion icon.....even at an early age!!

Little North West is seen above sporting nothing but Chanel from head to toe and more photos of this cutie can be seen in the fall issue of CR Fashion Book (issue 5) on September 4th!!

Are Chris Brown & Trey Songz Going On Tour Together?

Word on the internet curb, or shall I say Chris Brown and Trey Songz' Instagram pages, it seems that the two are possibly working on going on tour together!!

A tour like this can generate some substantial income and of course, the ladies would love to see this all go down....so......could this really be happening? Find out what the two had to say below:

What do you guys think? I'll hold!

Joell Ortiz Reveals Who His Top 5 Lyricists Are

On our third and final clip with Joell Ortiz, we discuss the topic of who is in his top 5 MC's. Joell quickly replied that he hated the question because he usually always leaves someone out and he would feel crazy afterwards.

So get ready to find out who is in Joell's top 5 below:


Ciara & Future Call It Quits!!

I'm sad to report that Ciara and Future have decided to call it quits with their relationship! There are rumors floating around that Future has been cheating on Ciara with a woman he claimed was his stylist, but again, these are just rumors at the moment so don't put all your eggs in one basket on that one.

I'm also hearing Ciara is not happy about the breakup and rightly so because she just had this mans baby!! Hormones are racing, post partum depression might come into play.....its all overwhelming to say the least. However, despite their relationship troubles, they do have a beautiful little boy together and hopefully he will be their main focus and the two can focus on being great parents.

What are your thoughts on this news?

Justina Talks 16 Or Better, Iggy Azalea & Battle Rap

Up and coming artist Justina made her way up to the ThisIs50 radio show at the G-Unit offices to talk about her new project titled "Red Velvet", what her thoughts are on Iggy Azalea and being compared to her, battle rapping and her judging gig on "16 Or Better" with Jack Thriller.

So find out what Justina had to say when you watch the interview below:

HHGS New Music: Karlie Redd ft. Young Dro - Heartbreaker

As we saw on last nights episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", Karlie Redd deebo'd Yung Joc's song "Heartbreaker" where she was just on the hook and made it her very own song by purchasing the track directly from the producer and took Yung Joc off of his own record and replaced him with Young Dro.

In all honesty, I don't know a man in his right mind who wouldn't have laid hands on feet on a broad for pulling that kind of stunt, but I commend Yung Joc for keeping his cool. Nevertheless, the song was fire and Karlie Redd does have a hit on her hands....in my opinion.

So get ready to check out Karlie's new single "Heartbreaker" which features Young Dro instead of Yung Joc below:


Tyga & Blac Chyna Break Up!!!!!

According to TMZ.com, Young Money rapper, Tyga and his longtime girlfriend/baby momma/fiance, Blac Chyna have decided to call it quits!!

No one knows for sure what the reasons are behind the couples breakup, but TMZ is reporting that Tyga has had a couple of pool parties at his home and Blac Chyna was not invited nor attended. See what TMZ is reporting below:

Sources close to the former pair tell TMZ … Tyga’s the one who called it quits. It’s unclear why he threw in the towel.

We’re told Blac Chyna isn’t acknowledging the breakup — she’s in denial — and some of her stuff is still at the house.

We’re told Tyga hosted two pool parties at their home in the last few weeks (including one for Kylie Jenner’s birthday) but she wasn’t invited to either.

The couple have been together since 2011 and got engaged in December of 2012. They have a son — King Cairo — who turns two in October.

I'm really bummed by this news because I really liked them as a couple! What are your thoughts on this?

Relationship Problems Already For Floyd Mayweather & Bad Medina?

On Monday.....on the low.....a woman who goes by the name of @lizahernandez23 posted up her #MCM (Man Crush Monday) which was none other than the king of TMT (The Money Team), Floyd Mayweather. Now normally, this wouldn't have been a big issue for anyone. Women post up photos of their Man Crush Monday all the time! But how many of those Man Crush Mondays answer back?

But before we go there, this is what @lizahernandez23 posted below:

And here is how Floyd Mayweather responded below:

Was this an innocent compliment given by Floyd? Or was he testing the waters with his new boo? No one really knows for sure, but it didn't take long for Bad Medina to find out about the whole thing and posted the following up on her IG account below:

And Bad Medina's fans took notice. Peep one of Bad Medina's fans comments below:

I just hope this isn't the start to another bad, public relationship gone sour!

What are your thoughts? Was Floyd Mayweather wrong for responding? I'll hold!

Benzino's Fiance Used To Be A Video Vixen

The beautiful Althea from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" seems to be a topic on everyone's tongue as they wonder what it is that she does.....employment wise. Althea always seemed to have a familiar face to me as if I had seen her somewhere before and today it finally clicked!

Althea used to be a very popular video vixen and was featured in videos with the likes of Diddy, G-Dep, Ashanti, R. Kelly and even Jay Z!......and that's just to name a few.

The girl has definitely been in the industry for quite some time and I really think her and Benzino look cute together.....despite the fact that the cameras are trying to portray her as some type of opportunist. Nevertheless, there is proof that Althea was a somebody before she met Benzino.

Peep some of her work below:

So there you have it folks!!


Mimi Isn't The Only Chick Nikko Is Making Sextapes With!!!

So just this evening, we learned that not only did Nikko set up Mimi in doing a sextape, but there will possibly be other sextapes out of Mimi and Nikko in the near future!!!

Scratch the idea that Nikko is married because clearly his wife doesn't give a rats ass, but Nikko really trying to come up in the world of porn is what's sooo funny to me! I mean really? Is this what we have to go through to keep our names relevant on the blogs and reality TV?                                        

In the words of my good friend Ed Lover, C'mon son!

And if tonights episode wasn't bad enough, ItsOnlyEntertainment.net is reporting that Nikko has another sextape coming out with another reality star!! That reality star is "allegedly" "Bad Girls Club" own, Sarah Oliver as seen in the photo above.

Hell!! Talk about being an opportunist!!!

I really hope things work out for Nikko in the porn world because clearly folks aren't feeling him in the reality world. What are your thoughts on this?