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Who Did It Better?

Ok. I've been seeing these aqua pants alot know and on various big named celebrities! I'm really starting to feel these pants but I'm still not sure yet. I haven't quite made up my mind. So now you guys can be the judge. Who rocked these pants better? Keri Hilson or Rhianna? Hit me up and let me know at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Ashanti Covers Jet Magazine

My girl Ashanti is gracing the cover of Jet Magazine for June's edition. I must say she looks great! She's talking about her 4 years away from the game and her new found confidence. I always thought the girl had confidence. I happen to know a blogger who has it in for Ashanti. I won't be giving that blogger any shine though. All I'll say to her is good luck. Karma is a bitch! I know a Hater when I see one.

50 Cent Burns The House Down

Naw just kidding!!! In fact, 50 Cent is not even a suspect to this crime. Last night the house that 50 Cent owns out in Dix Hills was burnt to a crisp!!! Sending 50's ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their son, Marquise, racing out of the house. Peep the story below:

“A raging fire that one fire official called “definitely suspicious” gutted a Dix Hills home owned by the Grammy-nominated rapper 50 Cent Friday morning, sending six people inside the house to the hospital [including] 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their 10-year-old son, Marquise.

One of the first firefighters to arrive on the scene [said], ‘I would say there is a strong — a strong, strong — possibility that it is suspicious.’ Asked why he believed the fire was suspicious [the firefighter said], ‘The rapid movement of the fire. The volume of the fire . . . It was engulfed. The home was totally gutted.’

The home at 2 Sandra Drive, purchased by the rapper in January 2007 for a reported $1.4 million, has been at the center of a lawsuit between 50 Cent and Tompkins. The 32-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, last month tried to evict Tompkins and their son from the home unless she paid him $4,500 a month in rent.”

The Rock Pays $22k For Child Support

I am sooo mad right now! I had no idea that "The Rock" had divorced his wife. I always thought he was a good dude and would just make it happen with the chick that was there from the beginning. Money and Hollywood changes everybody is my only conclusion!!! So I'm very disappointed to say that they are now divorced and "The Rock" has agreed to pay his ex-wife Dany Johnson (it hurts me to type ex) $22,245 a month in child support!!! Wow!!!! They have a 7 year old daughter together named Simone. The couple will share custody of their daughter. I'm sooo sad. Just when I thought things were working out. And Father's Day is fast approaching!!


These are some hot new backpacks and messenger bags by a company called TATOOT. My girl Sharra is a very popular publicist and always puts me onto the latest things coming out. These bags will be launching in mid-July of 2008 and just in time for the "Back To School" rush. TATOOT will unveil it's initial backpack and messenger bag collection in select street & boutique retailers like Michael K. in Manhattan, FootSoldiers in Miami and in all Dr. Jays locations in New York. Holla!!! You know I'm getting my kids one!! If you are interested in getting a TATOOT bag you can always log onto www.Tatootbags.com!

Usher Is Speaking Out Again

This is the July cover for Vibe Magazine. You think Usher wants the world to know he's married? Woooowww!!! I hope my man will never have to prove to the world who I am and where I stand!!! In this July issue, Usher will be talking about his marriage and retiring his mother. Sounds like this will be a good read. I'm sure us bloggers will have a field day with the article. I'm going to leave Usher alone because everyone else seems to be on his case. I don't want to be like everyone else. I'm just reporting what I think is good news. :)

Nas New Album Cover

This pictures speaks a thousand words to me but I really would love to find out what you guys are thinking. Nas' album was supposed to be called the "N" word. I will not use that language on my site unless quoting what someone else has said but I'm sure you get the point. I will not contribute to the baffoonery of anyone else. For now, I'm hearing that the album will not have a name but this will be Nas' album cover! Seems like he didn't have to say a word! Hit me up and let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Mary J. Blige Is Making Watches

These watches won't be hitting the stores until fall of this year. Mary J. Blige is calling this collection, by Ernst Benz, a "Time for Change Watch". 50% of the proceeds will go to a non profit organization called "Chrysalis" which helps men and women transition from poverty. Now that my friend is a definite good cause. However, let me tell you the price ranges that these bad boys are going for!!! They can range anywhere from $4,000 to $22,000!!! So if you're not baaaaalllinnnn like that....then get a cheaper watch. Just kidding!


MTV Gives 50 Cent Reality Show

Seems like every super star rapper will be getting a reality series on MTV. First T.I. and now 50! Can't say I'm mad at them. This will be interesting and I will be tuning in! I am addicted to reality shows.

50 Cent is teaming with MTV to produce an untitled reality show for the network announced yesterday (May 28).

According to MTV, the elimination style reality show follows 16 contestants as they attempt to master the “skills that took 50 Cent from the streets to corporate America.”

The rapper will judge the contestants each week, until the finale, where a winner will receive a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program.

Like T.I.‘s upcoming reality show, 50 Cent’s untitled series is being produced by Michael Hirschorn and Ish Entertainment, while the rapper and his longtime manager Chris Lighty will serve as executive producers.

The new reality shows are part of MTV's upcoming lineup of Summer and Fall programming.

Thank you flyboyforever.com for the info.

The Real Flashing Lights Video

There's sooo many versions to this song that I'm really at a loss right now. This seems more like a video for "Flashing Lights". Don't really know what the video is about but I can dig it! Can you?

Lil Wayne Says F*ck Tha MixTape DJ's

My boy Lil Wayne has been sippin on some sizzurp quite often lately that he forgot who really gave him his shine in the first place. Now, let me just make one thing clear..........I am a big fan of Lil Waynes and I say "Brotha, Sip on if Sizzurp makes dudes rap like you!" However, you never burn bridges in this game and to me the mixtape DJ's are very influential and are an important part of Hip Hop!

In an upcoming interview with mixtape magazine, Foundation, the New Orleans rapper expressed his utter distaste for the mixtape game, after the interviewer asked about a particular mixtape DJ who had leaked tracks from his upcoming Tha Carter III album.

"I ain't into all that, I don't remember no mixtape DJs," said Wayne when asked about the first mixtape DJs he remembers. "I'm not into all that sh**. I don't know no mixtape DJs...

"I created the mixtape game, but I'm not into that no more. I'm doing Lil Wayne. I'm against it, anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs. F*** you if you're a mixtape DJ. I'm not into ya'll salting me out. I'm not with that," he continued.

Weezy continued his angry rant, noticably agitated at the very mention of mixtape DJs or mixtapes in general, which the rapper has argueably been the uncrowned king of for quite some time now.

"I ain't put out 25 mixtapes. F*** ya'll, f*** DatPiff, f*** these mixtape DJs, f*** all that," he said.

Wayne is used as the cover artist for a countless number of tapes on the mixtape circuit, most of which feature recycled, blended and mixed verse of the young rapper. It looks as though the mixtape DJs' unauthorized use of his music has finally gotten to Wayne and he's not having it any longer.

At press time, popular mixtape site, MixtapePass.com, has over 200 mixtapes featuring the rapper.

"I'm pissed off at the mixtapes right now. I don't f*** with the mixtape game. They sucking my d*** and they ain't letting me cum," Wayne concluded. "Carter III coming June 10th. That's the real sh**. Get it or don't go get it, suck my d***. I'm smelling myself. I'm too good," Wayne concluded.

The full Foundation interview will hit newsstands June 17.

The interview was courtesy of ballerstatus.com.

Of A Mixed Breed

My girl, the beautiful Lauren London is of a mixed breed yall! I always thought the chick was Spanish for some reason. She had that Dominican look to her. You know us Spanish people come in all colors as well!! Well, here is a picture of her parents and you can thank them for the beautiful child that they created! I know the brothas are happy for this post! My boys over at hoodriot.com love to use Lauren London's photos for all of their mixtape CD covers!

Payless Sandal Sale

My girl Arcelia also known to the world as Pussy Cat Fun always keeps me up to speed with what's going on. Payless is having a sandal sale. Payless you say!!!!??? Yes!!! Payless!!! For those of you on a tight budget, they actually have some nice finds there. Don't get me wrong DSW, MJM, Bakers and Love My Shoes are some of my hot spots but let's not get it twisted...............when you need something quick and cheap.........Payless is the spot. So go ahead and check out what they have. You never know.......they might have something there for you to. :)

T.I. Reality Show On MTV

According to SOHH.com, T.I. will be coming out with his own reality series early next year. It's being said that T.I. is rolling with a crew of cameramen. They are taping everything that he does before he has to report to prison to serve his one year sentence. The rapper is using the last of his year on house arrest to film a documentary series for MTV. I will be watching and waiting!!! I'm addicted to reality shows. Now that Flavor of Love is really done, I'll need something else to watch!!

Did She Just Say That?

Listen carefully to Fox News contributor Liz Trotta. Is it me? Or did this bitch just say Obama should get knocked off? Why did she think this was something funny to say? Or better yet why was she so comfortable with making that remark? Let me know what yall think, I would love to hear about it. Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com

TQ Speaks Out On Lil Wayne & Baby Kiss

Someone has finally come out of the Cash Money crew and speaking on this so called "Father & Son" kiss between Lil Wayne and Baby. I, myself, have never agreed to the fact that 2 grown men should be kissing on lips anyway unless they are both gay! So it disturbs me that these 2 straight men are conducting themselves in this manner. For those who forgot about that kiss............check it out!

Here is what T.Q. had to say:

"Too much funny shit was going on at Cash Money. I’m sitting at the house in the East one day, Wayne comes in and walks over to Baby and kisses him in the mouth! I didn’t just see that! So I ain’t gonna say shit! When Wayne gets ready to leave, they do it again!!!

I guess some of them other dudes recognized the look on my face and ran to the rescue. “T, don’t trip, that’s jailhouse love.” Jailhouse love? What the f**k? Them two dudes ain't never been to jail! I’ve seen my fair share of Kites homie and I ain’t never heard of two dudes kissing as being jailhouse love unless they was gay! Ya dig? That shit was disturbing to me pimp! They say it’s a father-son thing. Ni**a! I ain’t kissing my daddy in the mouth!

To each his own… I ain’t questioning a dudes sexuality cuz I just don’t get down like that, and I know for a fact that both of them cats like women. But it f**ks me up when them dudes do that shit in public! Everybody always asks me about that picture. Well did y’all forget about 106 and Park?? Ni**a, my neighborhood rode me for months about that shit! I had to speak on it cuz y’all wanted to know.

That’s my spin on the whole “kissing” shit. I’m done with it.

So I'm not the only person who felt that way!!! Thank God!!!

Hip Hop Honors Sean Bell Family

Some Hip Hop artists will be honoring Sean Bell's life. Artists such as Swizz Beatz, Talib Kweli, Cassidy, Maino and Styles P will come together to make a song about the injustice that occured to Sean Bell and his family. The song is called "Stand Up". The track debuted on AllHipHop.com yesterday. Check out iTunes music store for this song. All proceeds will go to the Sean Bell Benefit Fund. To check out the making of the video please click on the following link:



50 Cent Removes All Tattoos!!!!!

This just in!!!!! This just in!!!! According to another popular blogger, Jen The Pen Bitches, word on the streets is that 50 Cent removed all of his tattoos from his body!!!! She happens to work over at Shade 45 radio so I'm sure this is true. Word is Mr. 50 Cent removed all of his tattoos including the mural that was tatted on his back!!!

Now that's one big ass tattoo!!!! This comes as a big surprise to me considering 50 Cent is notorious for taking off his shirt at any given moment. But it's being said that 50 Cent will no longer be taking off his shirt and is going to stay focused on becoming an actor and doing movies. It's also being said that to have all of this work done required 6 months and 3 long ass laser surgeries to be completed. 50 states that his skin appears burnt but for the most part it's clearing up. So for all you ladies out there who were just dying to rub your hands over his chest.....the gig is up!!! Let me know what you think about this article. Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com!!!

Get To Know RanDaMan

A few weeks back or shall I say like a month ago I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my fellow bloggers. He goes by the name of RanDaMan and he's the founder of Definitely Amazing!! You can check out his blog at www.definitelyamazing.blogspot.com. Your girl (that's me) was a featured lady of the week on there so go head and check that out. So let's all start to get to know who RanDaMan is and the Definitely Amazing things that he does.

NYC: Where did you get your name from?
RAN: I got the name from a friend/colleague named Staccato. That's his real name. He's my homie and he told me that the D.A. in RanDaMan should stand for something. So he told me that the D.A. in RanDaMan should stand for Definitely Amazing.

NYC: How did you start getting into the blogging?
RAN: Well, uh.........I started getting into the blogging through Tionna Smalls. I wanted my blog to feature people like her. People who were doing Definitely Amazing things but who weren't getting any shine. It went from doing posts on Tionna to doing posts on all the other great people you get to see on Definitely Amazing. (Smiles) I've been very lucky to have the success that I've had in such a short time. I just started blogging in October.

RAN: Yeah! I've done more than I thought I was going to do.

NYC: How many hits would you say you get?
RAN: Right now, the hits are low and that's why I'm trying to get the word out on the site. At first, I was getting like 10 hits a month but now it's at a slow point and I'm trying to get it back up. People need to know about the people on my site and the amazing things that they do.

NYC: How do you choose the people you want to feature on your site?
RAN: I do alot of research. Alot of myspacing!!!! (Smiles) I check out alot of music pages. Alot of the people came to me from a place called Yume. I started going to the performances and attending parties. I've noticed alot of the artists had real talent but no one has heard of them. So I felt it was my job to get the word out and get these people out there. I do interviews with underground rappers, singers and other artists as well such as Fly Lady D. If you are doing something to uplift your craft or something for your community, then you need to be on this site.

NYC: How far do you want to take your blog?
RAN: I want to create a brand. Definitely Amazing is just the start up. I'm also a screen writer and I'm working on a script. Definitely Amazing is a kick start to everything else. I'm trying to start a clothing line which is on the hush hush right now.

NYC: Cool!
RAN: We got the title for the clothing line in the works.
NYC: And that's called HUSH?
RAN: Nah. The name is on the hush. We won't let anyone know about that until the Definitely Amazing shirts come out first. We want to see how the people react to the Definitely Amazing shirts.

NYC: Aside from things that are Definitely Amazing do you put up any other type of content on your site?
RAN: No. There are hundreds of blogs, I mean millions of them and I wanted to do a blog that stayed clear away from controversy and just did what the purpose was. And that is just to get the word out on Definitely Amazing people.

NYC: You know in every interview that I do I ask everyone some personal questions just to let the people know LeRoi instead of RanDaMan.
RAN: Right.
NYC: So my next question is are you dating, in a relationship?
RAN: Currently, I'm single. I just got out of a relationship last year.
NYC: Ok. Was that a good or bad breakup?
RAN: It was an interesting breakup. I say that because we both knew we weren't going in the same direction. I knew she was on a different path. She didn't really respect the fact that I wanted her to be a different person. Now let me explain. I don't want anybody to change for me cuz I'll never change for anybody unless I'm doing something terribly wrong and need to change! However, she didn't have any drive or goals. Sooner or later she was going to have an affect on me.
NYC: Got it! (Pause) Now, in the type of business that we are in we get to meet alot of different people.
RAN: Yup, Yup, Yup.

NYC: So the question I have for you is "Who would you smash in the industry?"
RAN: Hmmmm..........(Smiles and looks to the side).
NYC: I ask this question to everybody whether male or female.
RAN: From a celebrity standpoint or somebody that I met through Definitely Amazing?
NYC: Either or it doesn't matter.
RAN: Well then I'm gonna have to give you 2 then. (Smiles)

RAN: Number 1 is Halle Berry. She could be 65 going on 70 or whatever the case may be but she has a classic look. And from Definitely Amazing (if I ever got a chance) it would be a young lady by the name of Kesh. She's from London. She's one of the most gorgeous women I've met from London!! I love her accent. I just met her last year and she has me infatuated! In fact, check out her myspace at www.myspace.com/thatgirlkesshia. She's on my top friends list on myspace.

NYC: Outside of fashion and blogging what do you do? What's a typical day for you?
RAN: My typical day is boring nowadays. When I'm not at the library, I hang out. Shouts to Cypress library!!! (Laughs) I play video games and listen to all types of music. I'm a music head! My typical day is a chill day.

NYC: Ok. Do you have any kids?
RAN: NO I don't have any kids. I want some in the near future. (Laughs)
NYC: (Thinks about her own 4 kids and thinks the brotha is crazy) (Laughs)
RAN: I'm a tell you why. My goal is to be married at least by 31.
NYC: That's a good goal. How old are you?
RAN: I am 22 going on 23.
NYC: WHAT!!!!???
RAN: No one knows that.
NYC: They will now! (Smiles)

NYC: Where do you see the future of blogging and what type of affect do you think blogging has on the industry?
RAN: I believe because of the clutter of blogs there can be situations where there's soo much information but no one's learning anything. I do believe that blogging is another way for people to find out what they normally would not be able to find out. It's another means of information and another means of contact. Where it could be going? It could be going down the drain if we don't start focusing on what is the real and what is fake.

NYC: How do you go about promoting your blog?
RAN: MYSPACE!!!!! Use the search bar! This is the main thing! Use myspace for what it's for. Go to events and show your face to connect with others. Go and shake hands, make business cards!!! They are very important!!! Always make yourself bigger than what you are!

NYC: So would you say that you have to spend a little money to make a little money?
RAN: Yes I agree with that 100%

NYC: So what's next for RanDaMan?
RAN: Just making new contacts. Meeting more interesting people like yourself. I'm still working on my script. Just look forward to any parties that I'll be at. I'm working on a Definitely Amazing event coming in June. It's going to be a comedy show. (Pauses)
RAN: I must commend the blingage on you?
NYC: OMG!!! (Laughs) This is not real!
RAN: But it's blinging like it's real! (Laughs) Fake the funk! Fake it till you make it!!!! (Laughs) Speaking of that, look forward to my LP. I'm working on that right now.

NYC: And what is that called? Fake it till you make it? (Laughs)
RAN: No (laughs) it's going to be called "Free The Masses". I'm a poet and I now rhyme. Right now I'm looking for beats. Also check out some hot interviews on my site as well. Shouts to Mickey Factz!!!!

NYC: If people wanted to contact you to get on Definitely Amazing how would they do that?
RAN: Well one way is my myspace page which is www.myspace.com/thekingrandy and the second way is you could send me an email which goes directly to my sidekick which is leroireed@tmail.com. Anybody interested and you think you're Definitely Amazing please hit me up. (Smiles) Let me know what you're doing.

NYC: Is there anything else you would like the people to know?
RAN: Yes check out my site www.definitelyamazing.blogspot.com!!! Also shout to Word Spit and his website www.abmnewyork.blogspot.com and Rahsaan for giving me a great interview. Check out his site at www.aflyguy.com!!

NYC: Thank you sooo much brotha for your time. I appreciate you!!!

Gettin Grown

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I came across these photos of Lil Romeo and thought that boy ain't little no more!! Woowww!!! He really looks nice in these photos! And grown too!!! I'm sure all the lovely ladies are tying up his phone lines!! How old is he now? Like 19, 20? This is how the boys should start dressing when they want to get their grown and sexy look on. ;) Just a thought. Enjoy ladies!

Usher Goes Off On TRL

Wooowwww! Is really all I could say at the moment! I know the blogs have not been so nice to Usher or his wife Tameka but DANG!!!!! Now, why you have to go and do that love huh?! Usher seems to be very pissed off about what people have to say about his wife and his marriage. Can't say that I blame him though. I would be highly pissed if every time I turned around somebody had something to say about what I was doing! Go head boy and vent! Tell em why you mad son!!! LMAO!!!! Let me know what yall thinkin!!!!

Sex In The City Premiere

Last night in the NYC there was this big blow out for the "Sex In The City Premiere". A lot of big name celebrities came out to support the flick such as Lil Kim, Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige. I'm sure this movie will be a banger for the ladies! I know alot of my friends were addicted to the show so I'm sure the movie will do the same thing for them. Unfortunately, I was never able to get into the whole "Sex In the City" thing. Couldn't relate to 4 white women having fun in NYC. Not discriminating by any means but I just couldn't relate! Enjoy the pics below.

Such A Pretty Girl

I'm a big fan of Alicia Keys. I came across these photos and had to put them up only because I think she's sooo pretty. She's one of the few females in the industry that carries herself like a true lady! Not showing off her ASSets (if you know what I mean) although we all know she has them. It's nice to see a woman conduct herself in a professional manner and not feel as if she has to do more to get attention! I like the girl's vibe and I appreciate her demeanor. Wish more females in this industry were like this! Whatever! Hit me up @ viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com

Hiding In Hip-Hop

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A friend of mine told me about this book. This book is about a down low brother who worked for MTV, who just recently came out of the closet. He let's us all in on his life and the encounters he had with the people of this industry. He states that he doesn't want to name names but some of the hints he throws are dead giveaways. Check out the book. I'm sure its a good read. I know this book will be on my list of things to do and read.


Flavor Flav Gets Married

That's right! You heard correctly! Your Boy Flavor Flav has popped the question! But not to Thing 2!!!!! Check out the clip below and watch for yourself! I actually believe his ass this time! I'm happy for him!!! I wish him the best.

Shay "Buckeey" Johnson Sex Tape

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, well, well!!! It seems that Ms. Shay "Buckeey" Johnson has a scandolous little video out of herself performing oral on some non-descript man. Not sure if she knows what she's doing cuz I don't see any spit on his joint. Last I heard, dudes like alot of spit! I'm hearing dry mouthing is not the move. LOL ;)

To check out the actual footage of Shay doing (obviously something) she does well check out http://www.zshare.net/video/1262594353b4c2bd/. Fellas and ladies who love ladies you can all thank me later.

Trina's Pink Diamonds Clothing Line

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Check this out! Trina is coming out with her own line of clothing. Let me know what you guys think of it. Hit me up or leave some comments.

Trina, recently introduced her Pink Diamonds Couture clothing collection, along with its website ShopTrina.com. The line will consist of jeans, tops, t-shirts, velour sets and jackets, all of which will feature her signature logo. Her high quality jeans are emblazoned with the logo on the back pockets, and available with details such as leather, python and crystals.

To add a personal touch to her line, the collection comes with a Tattoo that is uniquely Trina's. She's also paid close attention to the fit as well. "I have always imagined a clothing line that was high quality that I could offer to my fans," said the rapper in a statement. "I love the way the jeans fit and feel. I spent a lot of time creating special details that are fresh and unique. The best part is they look really expensive but are priced right."

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My opinion is my girl Trina really fell off. I used to be such a big fan of hers. Something about her look has changed and her lace fronts are not the move. I don't know but for some reason it seems that once she stopped messin with Lil Wayne she just didn't look the same. She looks tired and definitely not as attractive as she used to be. That's just my opinion.

The Pink Diamond Couture clothing collection is set to debut nationwide in the spring

Bow Wow's Girl Or What?

There are soo many stories going around about this woman Dolicia Bryant that my head is starting to hurt! Let me give you some background information about Dolicia. She used to date Jamie Foxx and she is also a model. She has an uncanny resemblance to Superhead!!! At least to me she looks like Superhead. Now it's being reported that this beautiful woman is dating Bow Wow! How true this is? Who knows. I just can't seem to add it up. Bow Wow reminds me sooo much of my son that I can never in life see Bow Wow in a grown man light. This is the reason for me not really believing these two as a couple. Then I came across a blog called "Jen The Pen" and read the interesting article below:

"My phone rang last night about 9ish with a 310 number, I quickly picked up and found it to be this lovely lady right here wanting to give me Jen the Pen all the inside dirt on a little rapper we like to call Bow Weezy. While we all faithfully read sites like mediatakeout, theybf and concretloop everyday, be aware that these sites are filled with big fat RUMORS. Miss Dollicia broke down the story to me and it seems that the young rapper Bow Wow is looking for all the press he can get, as corny as this sounds the boy is OBSESSED with homegirl, does internet searches daily on Dollicia to digitally place himself in photos with her, and even sends the photos directly to the sites himself with fake stories attached.
When record sales are low theres no better way to whore yourself out to the media I guess!"

In my best Flavor Flav voice..........Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Tell me what you think. Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or leave a comment. Comments are appreciated on this site. PEACE!

Cutting Class Part 3

Here comes another banger from your boy J-Cartel. For all of you Hip Hop heads out there, this will be right up your hood alley! You can download this mixtape for free at hoodriot.com. Cutting class volume 3 features the latest joints from your boy Lil Wayne and some unsigned artists like Mickey Factz and Arch Millie. This will be one of the hood's finest so hurry up and go check it out for yourself!!!!

Condolences to Xzibit!

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I just finished reading a post on flyboyforever.com about Xzibit losing his son just yesterday! According to Xzibit's myspace page, his son passed away on Monday morning. His son was born prematurely a week ago.

Xzibit stated "I must tell you this, it is unnatural for a parent to bury a child," the rapper continued. "I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when I'm having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids, if you have them. Protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them. Take a second to hug them, teach them and care for them. You can have all the material wealth in the universe, but it is NOTHING compared to having your family."

I pray for Xzibit and his family. I wish nothing but the best for them. I can't even imagine having to bury any of my kids. That is something wayyyyy tooo difficult for me to even think about. I am grateful to have my family!


Wonderful Weekend

Memorial Day 2008

I hope you wonderful people had a great weekend! I myself enjoyed my family and chilled at home. We did barbeque but nothing major. So now it's back to grind time and I just wanted to introduce the blogsite to you guys. This blog will have everything from fashion, rumors, celebs, events, video and audio all for your entertainment purposes. You will be able to leave comments and feel free to contact me at anytime at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com! I will have certain segments on here such as "Cutie Pie and my most famous "Spotlight Fridays". Pay no attention to bloggers who claim that they have had that first. So for now, enjoy the site and any suggestions you have will be appreciated. PEACE, NYC GOSSIP GIRL!!!

Bey & Jay's Humble Abode!

Everyone is buzzing about Jay Z and Beyonce's new Scarsdale home out in Westchester. My girl Necole Bitchie had the pics on her website! By the looks of Beyonce and Jay Z, I would be poppin bottles and dancing too! The house is under construction but look at all the potential!!! 14 hour surveillance!!! That's right! Keep the paparazzi at bay!!! I'm just waiting for the little ones to start arriving. I'm wondering who their babies will favor. It's definitely a toss up!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once I get my house out in Scarsdale, I'll be drinking and dancing too! For now, it's Strong Island but I'm dying to get the hell out of here!!! ;)

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I'm soo happy for them. My day will surely come!!


Is Rocsi A Hoe?

On a recent radio appearance 50 Cent was asked about a comment Rocsi, of 106 & Park, made about him. 50 Cent outright called Rocsi a hoe. I didn't understand what was going on until I saw the following clips. Now even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I feel as if 50 went a little too hard on the sista. I'm not taking sides by any means because what Rocsi said was not nice either but you guys be the judge and tell me what yall think. Below is an audio clip of 50 getting at Rocsi. Check it out below.

Now here is the actual video clip of Rocsi coming at 50 Cent for no apparent reason. Now rumor has it that Rocsi was trying to push up on 50 and he rejected her. How true this is? I don't know but I guess we'll all find out in due time. Check out the clip of Rocsi getting at 50 below.

Now this next clip is of a radio jock conversating with the guys of G-Unit and they are all putting Rocsi on blast. I think Rocsi will think twice before coming out her mouth again. These dudes are really going to give her a bad name!!

All comments are appreciated.

Rumor About Gillie Da Kid

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Before you read the description below, please understand I did not write this about Gillie! This is from a woman who obviously was dealing with him at some point in time. The website I got this from is listed below. In no way, form or fashion am I co-signing this but I thought it was something that was entertaining so I brought it to light. I am actively working on getting an interview with Gillie Da Kid and I will ask him about this if given the chance. Feel free to leave comments or hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com!! Would love to hear what you think about this. Have fun with this!!!


I got this information from the website http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/107834/.

No BitchAssNess!!!!

My homegirl Necole Bitchie had a very serious clip on her website called No BitchAssNess. I must say that I have experienced this sad outbreak, with someone I thought was on my side. Someone who was more than nice to give me an opportunity to shine and then out of nowhere and for no DAMN good reason just went to the left with it after meeting me. All I can say is "WATCH IT" people. There are some individuals who will smile in your face and then talk bad about you behind your back. Unfortunately, I chalk this all up to not being "REAL". If I have something to say behind your back, best believe that I will say it to your face. Please don't let the Prettiness fool you. So on that note, let's check out this clip by my girl NecoleBitchie.com and see what people have to say about "No BitchAssNess".


New Kicks!!! New Kicks!!!

Every so often I search the net for some new or different sneakers and came across these bad boys. These are the new Nike SB Dunk Low Gold Stars. They are not on the market as of yet but they will be soon. I love all kinds of Nike's and thought you guys would appreciate these. Let me know what yall think of them. Looks like this might be something coming out for the 4th of July but I was told maybe it's a tribute to the olympics.

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Not sure and don't care cuz I like's alot!!! :)

Chaz Williams Threatens Foxy Brown!

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Rapper Foxy Brown's former manager Chaz Williams has fired back at the star's accusations he compiled her new album "without her approval" during her time in jail. Williams, the CEO of Black Hand Entertainment, refutes the rappers claims and insists that he only heard the material during production.

"To tell you the truth, I didn't listen to the album after it was (recorded). I don't even have it," he admitted during radio show "Lip Service".

Meanwhile Foxy - real name Inga Marchand - complains that she had no control over the content of Brooklyn Don Diva, which was compiled during her eight months behind bars and is due for release in June. The rapper says was "riddled with grief over an album that was seemingly so carelessly orchestrated," and was forced to fire Williams.

Foxy reportedly said she would normally of considered legal action, but refrains because she only recently ended years of legal entanglements.

The rapper was sent to prison in September 2007 for violating her probation, stemming from a 2006 assault conviction for attacking two manicurists in 2004. She was released from New York's Rikers Prison last month.

Williams warned his former client to stay out of court saying, "I just want you to know that in times of peace you prepare for war, and you better bet I'm prepared, so I would advise as a cautionary measure, a caveat, don't even do it.

Maino Shouts The Website!



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