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This Just In!!! Miss Jones Is Off The Air

It's official!!! Miss Jones will be officially off the air of Hot 97 in a few weeks!!! I don't know why they are giving her the boot but it is what it is. They are stating that Big Boy will be the new morning show host. Do you know who Big Boy is? Peep the pic below:

Dang the man has lost some major weight!! Good luck to him and I hope he does well for the show. Let me know what you guys think about this at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Maino Shouts Out The Site (Interview Tomorrow)

Another Celeb Resemblance!!!

I know my girl Jen The Pen would be truly pissed about me saying this but for some odd reason I just feel that these two celebs have alot in the resemblance department. I think Khloe Kardashian and China have really been separated at birth!!! They look sooo much alike!!! And you know it's funny because the other sister reminds me of Amerie!!! Check it out below:

Am I buggin again? Let me know what's up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com

Good Monday Morning To You

Mornin everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend because this week will be a short one. I myself had a great weekend. I attended the WEEN event on Saturday and although I was really disappointed about the event I met a really great person. My homegirl Mikelah! After the disaster that was the WEEN event we headed over to McDonalds to eat and chat it up. The only table available was in the back of the fast food restaurant and next to the man pictured above. Mikelah didn't notice him but I did. When I told Mikelah to look and see who was seated next to her, she broke out in laughter!!!! This was a picture I couldn't pass up on. This man was a total hot mess!!! Let me know what you guys think of the pic at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com!


Get To Know "Kraze" of All Access DVD

NYC: Where did you get the name "Kraze" from?
KRZ: It started off as KrazeNaze when I was rappin. When I used to spit them hard bars it was KrazeNaze. When I stopped rappin the Kraze part just stuck. Nobody gave me that name. I was trying to come up with something that was different. That's what I came up with. (Smiles)

NYC: Oh, so you were a rapper? Whatever happened with that?
KRZ: I was actually signed to a deal when I was 15 to an independent label called Dope Beat Recordings. When I stopped rapping I was 25. I just felt I needed to get into something else. I wanted to still be a part of the music but I no longer wanted to be a rap artist. I thought the way I could be connected to the music was for me to start directing music videos. This was just to keep me in the loop. At 19 I went to school at the Center for Media Arts in Manhattan and graduated with a television production degree. I utilized this degree at the age of 25. At this time I started working for FUBU doing all of their video work. From there I worked with Westfield & Simon shopping centers creating all of their video programming for trendy stores like EPIC, Sids Pants and other stores like that.

NYC: What made you want to start putting out All Access?
KRZ: When reading magazines, I never read the full articles. I thought it would be interesting to tape the interviews. Prior to that I put out a documentary called Street Poetry and that opened up the doors for me. I submitted Street Poetry into the Urban World Film Festival and MTV. Miramax started to contact me. I knew I was onto something.

NYC: How far or successful do you want All Access to be?
KRZ: My aspirations was never to be the best in the DVD game. I just wanted to use it to open up the doors for me. Initially, to establish a brand for the artists to have an outlet to speak their mind and not be censored. I wanted to show the artists for what they were. But now I want to get into other areas such as: TV and digital media like web based TV and downloads.

NYC: Ok. So that's just giving the people a little background history about you. I have to ask "How have the ladies been treating you? (Laughs)
KRZ: I guess they've been treating me alright. My relationship with the ladies is about business. They respect my business. So if they are smart, they are not going to disrespect me. Whatever I do with them is business.

NYC: Do you have someone special in your life?
KRZ: Yeah! Of course I do. (Smiles)

NYC: What can we expect on the next installment of All ACCESS DVD featuring Fat Joe?
KRZ: Joe is going hard at G-Unit and 50! He even speaks about the Remy Ma situation and his album. We also have Shawty Lo on there and he talks about his issues with T.I. Rick Ross talks about his album, Slick Rick and KRS One performing backstage and I have them speaking about how the industry really is (REAL TALK). I have Maino on there speaking on how Brooklyn needs a real good look right now. So I have to let the public be the judge but there's some really good stuff on there! Go cop that ALL ACCESS DVD Volume 19!!! You can also log onto www.allaccessglobal.com to check out some exclusive footage as well.

Here's a sample of the DVD below:

NYC: Now, people don't know that I know you on a personal level but let my readers know where you are from and the things you have accomplished?
KRZ: I'm from Long Island!!!!! I have accomplished a lot in this game I have been awarded with "Best DVD of the Year 2006" at the UMA's, "DVD Magazine of the Year 2007" at SEA and at the DVD Awards I won for "The Best Commercial DVD of the Year 2006". I also did a cable network 12 episode deal with Starz Network which gave us access to 25,000,000 viewers called "The All Access Show". The show aired once a month for a half hour. I just signed a deal with SOHH.COM for my web series called "Sex, Cameras and Hip Hop". This will be an 8 part series. I was also the only DVD featured on MTV news. That was definitely a good look. (Smiles) I'm weighing out my options to see if I want to pursue my own record label. There has been a lot of interest with record labels out there so I'm just taking my time with it. Trying to see where this can go.

NYC: Wow, so you are doing a lot! Now I have to get grown and sexy with you. When was the last time you got some and was it good? (Cracks up)
KRZ: (Laughing) This morning!!! And yes it was good! (Laughs hysterically) My girl did her thang!!! Nice and moist!!! I can't complain.

NYC: Wow!!!!! How freaky are you?
KRZ: It all depends. My level of freakiness depends on the situation. I'm pretty open. I like to suggest things like role play and also the control aspect. (Winks eye and laughs) But as for you NYC Gossip Girl I could show you better than I could tell you! (winks eye again)

NYC: (Cracks the hell up and blushes)
KRZ: What's the matter NYC Gossip Girl, you like what I'm saying?
NYC: I sure do! You got all the right answers.
KRZ: (Laughs and smiles)

NYC: On a more serious note, do you have a family?
KRZ: Yeah!!! I love my family and my kids!!!

NYC: Can you tell us about your other work such as SugaBabz and Sex, Cameras and Hip Hop?
KRZ: Well, SugaBabz is a DVD focused on the undiscovered/established models to have a different outlet other than print. You get to have a visual and get to know the models on a more personal level. This is more than a picture in a magazine. As for Sex, Cameras and Hip Hop this will not be a DVD thing. This content will be strictly on the internet. You can go and view a 3 minute webisode about sex, rappers and models. I have them interview each other about intimacy, relationships and sex.

NYC: How did these concepts come about?
KRZ: I actually thought of it when I did ALL ACCESS Volume 7 featuring Joe Buddens and Gloria Velez. The reaction I got from that issue was crazy and the DVD sold so well!!! The idea just popped into my head and it just made sense. (Smiles)

NYC: What do you want people to get from your brand?
KRZ: Something totally different! A different form of entertainment that they can't get from anywhere else. My goal is to keep people entertained.

NYC: What other projects, if any, are you working on?
KRZ: Pretty much that's it. (Smiles) I don't want to spread myself too thin. My goal is to take these 2 concepts to TV. There are other things I'm interested in like sports. I'll keep you updated on that though. I'll keep the people wanting more. (Smiles)

NYC: One more thing. If the people wanted to reach out to you, where would they go to do that?
KRZ: Well they can always hit up my myspace page at www.myspace.com/allaccessdvdmag or they can log onto the website at www.allaccessglobal.com.

NYC: Well I just want to thank you for a very interesting interview, it's been fun. I appreciate you.
KRZ: No problem Viv. (winks eye)

HIV Testing Day Today!!!

Hey Hip Hop Gossipers!!! Did you know that today was HIV Testing day today? With me being a MOM of 4 children I had to take the HIV Test during pregnancy and I am proud to say that I am HIV negative!!!!! Not that I was worried but it's like any other test. You get nervous and always have in the back of your mind a feeling like you might fail. I recommend all of you to go out and get tested. You should always, always, always know what your status is. I say "Be safe and protect yourself at all times"!!!! Wanna know where you can go to get tested check out www.youthaids.com.

Jen The Pen Shouts Out My New Radio Show


New Song By Raheem DeVaughn!!!

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Raheem Devaughns!!! So please bare with me when it comes to this song!!!! This is a lover's banga!!!! This is not on the CD and I am sooo pissed since I had such a hard time trying to get the CD. I even had my peoples looking for the CD for me! I heard this song and immediately fell in love with the song. I don't normally do the love thing. I like my Hip Hop and R&B but this is crazzeeeeyyyy!!!! Please take a listen and I promise you, you won't be disappointed!!! Let me know what you think of the song by leaving a comment or hitting me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Text Messages - Raheem Devaughn

Kissing Vs. Sexin

A friend of mine and myself had a long, long conversation about kissing versus sexin.

Now my friend seems to think that kissing is something intimate and rather sacred but for some odd reason doesn't seem to think that sexin is all that important! My argument was kissing is nothing compared to sexin. Here's why: When you sex someone there's always the possibility of complications such as 1)VD (vanereal diseases) 2) Pregnancy 3)Condom might break 4)Somebody catches feelings!!!! I also feel that kissing is not something you do with everybody but it's not as complicated as sexin.

His argument was sexin is nothing and you can pretty much do that with anybody. He states kissing is more of a intimate thing that you only do with the person you love! For some reason I feel his argument was soooo ass backwards!!!! Now you guys be the judge and let me know what you think. You can leave comments or hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. I would love to hear about it!!!



SWV made one of their first appearances together at the BET Awards show last night. Alicia Keys brought them as well as En Vogue and TLC on stage during her performance last night. I used to think (way back in the days) that they had it going on. I don't think that anymore. I know there was a lot of rumors going around that Lee Lee was a prostitute and Cocoa was going through problems. I hope this is not true but it's funny to see celebs now after not seeing them for awhile. Good to see them now.

I Missed The BET Awards

I totally forgot that the BET Awards came on last night. I see that I missed out on a good show. Chris Brown and Ciara I'm being told ripped the stage. I saw a little clip and they did their thang!!!! I missed the show because I went out and did an exclusive interview with Duke Da God from Dipset! He dropped a few jewels and gave us an exclusive photo of the new mixtape he's coming out with next week. Stay tuned that interview is coming shortly!


Exclusive Interviews Going Down

It's going down tonight peoples!!! I finally confirmed the interviews with Jen The Pen and Duke The God!! They are harder to set up then Michael Jackson!!! But your girl got it done! Shouts to Alex who apologized for the constant cancellations. I know how it is girl. You're doing a great job, keep it up!!! Other pending interviews are Maino, Articulate, Kraze of All Access DVD Magazine and Big Tac!!! Keep it locked!!!!

Trey Songz Cut His Hair Off!!!!!!

Oh My Goodness!!!! Trey Songz has officially cut his hair off and I am completely upset! I feel as if the boy cut off my damn hair!!! I loved the braids! The neat designs! It gave him an edge that the other R&B crooners didn't have. I like Trey's ghetto gospel and watching him rock the crowd with that head of hair. Not sure if I'm feeling this sideways swirl of a ceasar. You guys be the judge and let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com

Rihanna Gets New Tat

My girl Rihanna got another tattoo! The girl is infamous for getting them tats. I can't blame her, I'm getting another one myself at the end of summer. Rihanna claims that these roman numerals represent her best friends birthday. Please keep in mind that it is a female best friend. Now I don't know about you guys but I have a best friend and I just want to put it out there that I will not be getting her birthday tatted on my body at all!!! Everyone is entitled to their own but I'm just saying! The tat is cute though! Check it out!


When Will They Leave Young Buck Alone?

With all the problems that Young Buck is going through why would these people call him up and harass him? The man owes 50 a quarter of a mill and he owes taxes and all these other things, let that man rest and handle his business. You got people walking around town with "I'm Confused" shirts on, I mean damn! Can't a brotha rest?!!! Check out what this guy did to your boy Buck!!! It's funny as hell though!

Hmmm? Separated At Birth?

Now is it me or does Kimberly Elise and Teyana Taylor favor? I can't seem to get over how much they resemble. Did anybody else ever notice that? Am I buggin again? Leave me your comments and let me know what it is at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com!!

New Dior Phones

These are the new phones from Christian Dior. They are some really nice phones don't you think? But you better be prepared to come out of your pockets if you want this. These phones are going for a whooping $5,000!! Enjoy them if you can afford them.


Beef With A Blogger

Hey yall! It seems that I have some sort of dilemma going on right now. Nothing major like the Ice T and Souljah Boy beef (LMAO) but a beef non the less. Unfortunately, it's with a sista I used to write for. I won't put her on blast but she knows who she is! Please let me explain my problem and maybe somebody can help me or give me advice. Cuz really..........where I'm from................if I see this chick in the streets it's really going to be a problem. With me being the older of the 2 and having 4 children, I really don't want to go that route but it's coming to a point that I might have to take it there with this chick. She's really getting besides herself, so someone of sound mind, please help me!!! LOL. Here's the problem or how it all started:

Out of nowhere one day on MySpace I received a friends request from someone I didn't know but something just said "Aw hell just accept her". The sista then put out a bulletin stating that she was looking for writers for her website. Being that I was constantly on NB all day and considering doing my own thing I decided to write back to the girl. Keep in mind that at this point I was putting all of my gossip info. on bulletins on myspace. She knew I was a good writer and took me on as being a writer for her site. We would talk occassionally on the phone and that was the extent of our relationship. When she heard that I was coming out with HipHopGossipSite.com she called me and stated that she wanted to be a CO-OWNER! At first, I was like is this chick buggin? But then I thought maybe I had something relevant that she wanted to be a part of. I never gave her an answer about that but I said to her well you think about it and get back to me on it. I made her site pop and brought a different variety of articles to her site that I didn't see anyone else doing. I started to do interviews as well which really got me attention. I've done interviews with Kristen B. (Stack Bundles girlfriend), Shah Cypha, Sketch The Artist, Choke No Joke and the list goes on. My next big interview was going to be with Maino. I was having such a hard time trying to get him but she was able to pull some strings and the interview was scheduled. She felt that since she was able to make it happen she should come along. I didn't have a problem with that since I wanted to meet her anyway. I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally meet the girl I was writing for. I brought my cousin along cuz I don't like meeting strangers by myself and it was on.

Upon sight she seemed really cool but as the day went on I noticed that she was not all there. It could've been cuz she was younger or she was really just an ignorant person. I didn't know. When I went to do the interview with Maino she got him soooo mad that I'm surprised he didn't come out and just knock her on her ass!! Then after the interview was done we went to a birthday party of one of my homeboys at BET. She was rude and obnoxious with everyone there and to my surprise pulled out her breasts in the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked!!!! I did not want to be associated with a person like this because I'm a total believer in who you are around is who you are. I knew that by the end of the night this was someone I couldn't f*ck with. I knew that I would no longer be writing for her and the ties would be broken. She noticed I stopped writing and caught the drift. Out of nowhere she started harassing me, sending me texts, emails and all kind of communication cursing me out. I want to put it out there that I have saved every text and every email cuz she puts herself on serious blast and calls out alot of her so called friends. I wanted to put the emails on here but was told not to. Not yet anyway. (LMAO) She continues to write articles on her site supposedly trying to tell me off without saying my name. This has been going on for some time now. So someone tell me should I go in on her and expose her? Should I just let it ride? Should I knock her the f*ck out? Cuz that's what it's really coming down to!!! Help me out!!! I'm so ready to expose a bitch and knock her the f*ck out.


Words of Advice

Attention Bloggers!!! Attention Bloggers!!! Before you talk about someone and don't know one thing about them, I say take caution. You might just be writing a check that your mouth can't cash. My motto for 08 is "IF YOU'RE THAT MAD AT ME THEN WHEN YOU SEE ME DO SOMETHING"!


Exclusive Pic!!!! Exclusive Pic!!!!

Usher has been giving the press such a hard time about taking pics of his son but they are finally here!!!! Usher and his son (Usher Junior)!!! That baby is too cute!!! He don't look like the Mommy or the Daddy but what a cutie pie!!!! I love me some babies but will refuse to have anymore! Congrats Usher!!! You've got a winner there!!! Take good care of him!!! Stay blessed!!!

Young Buck Ain't Stoppin

Here is the new cover to the new mixtape coming out by yours truly "Young Buck". When will the beefs come to an end? I can see now that this thing here is going to get really ugly!!!! Can't we all just get along?

Where Did She Get Those?!!!

Man oh Man!!! Where in the hell did Rihanna get those damn boots from? Those thangs are HAWT!!!!!! Those are too sexy for words!!! I need a pair of those in my life! I'm not even playin!! Rihanna has been looking too cute these past couple of months. I'm lovin her short do. Go head girl! If you know where she got these bad boys from PLEASE hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com!!! I'm sooo serious about this one!


I keep seeing this picture of Gary Coleman on www.bossip.com and I couldn't help but put this up!!! There is soooo much wrong with this picture!!! Man!! Did he just get out of the shower? And who in the hell is he writing too that it couldn't wait for some Jergens application? Hell........I don't even think Jergens could've fixed this problem here!!! This calls for some good old fashioned VASELINE!!! The thick kind that comes in the plain clear jar with the blue cap? Remember that? I must really be showing my age now!! LMAO!!!! What do yall think? Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Things To Do This Saturday

This Saturday, June 21st at 1pm you should come out to Flushing Meadows Park and celebrate with G-Unit!!!! They will be celebrating the release of their 2nd album called T.O.S. which stands for Terminate On Sight! There will be contests, food, music and giveaways.........lots of fun for those of you G-Unit fans. Unfortunately, I will be attending 2 other events this Saturday. I will be in Brooklyn this Saturday from 1-4pm at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Female Success Factor Entreprenurial Seminar. Yes! I'm looking to network and get my business poppin. Wanna come? Check out the flyer below.

After this seminar is over I will be heading over to MICA The Runway which is actually a 4 day event outlining the success of people's with disabilities. My girl Sharra is the main publicist for this event and I'm going out to support my girl. There will be live airbrushing by Sketch The Artist and live sneaker painting by Pink Eye Productions!!! My Saturday will be jam packed!!! Wanna roll with me? Hit me up and we can all shoot out together at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com! Look forward to hearing from you!

Mixed Children

I got this picture of Alicia Keys and her Mom off of www.necolebitchie.com and I had to say to myself "Is this how I look next to my daughters?" All of my children are of a mixed breed. Me being Puerto Rican and Portuguese and their father's being Black. I love my childrens complexion and how exotic they look. It's just sooo funny to me when I see these pictures how I can totally relate. Alicia doesn't look like her Mom but I can see a slight resemblance towards the bottom half of their faces. I thought this was cute so I posted it.


Young Buck Gets Back!!!!

It was inevitable that Young Buck would be getting back at 50. I mean come on....what 50 did was sooo wrong. I support 50 simply off the fact that the brotha is from Queens (my hometown) but when you're wrong, you're wrong!!! This whole thing was not right. So here is the comeback from Young Buck about the whole situation. Listen closely!!!

Weezy Says Thank You

This boy is truly crazy but he appreciates you all who went out and bought his album. Tha Carter III sold over a million copies in the first week!!!! Congrats boy!!!! Please keep on sippin cuz that Sizzurp got you NICE on the Mic!!!

The Moment Of Truth

Please check out the clip below of a new game show that I was just put onto. This is one of the most craziest game shows I have ever seen. The show is called "The Moment of Truth". I heard about this game show but never watched it. The clip below outlines how the show works. Take a look so you can become familiar.

For the first time yesterday I came across this show and sat down and watched it. I have to say this show caught my attention and I will continue to watch it. This show airs every Tuesday at 8pm on FOX. I'm not really a supporter of Fox 5 but this show is truly interesting. Take a look at last night's show. This chicks boyfriend was pissed to say the least by her responses. Enjoy!!!!

Khia Goes Off Again!

Here's another clip from yours truly "Khia"! I just want to say that I'm down with Team Khia and I don't want you flippin out on me Khia. I can't wait to get this interview with Khia. I will be calling up Thug Misses Entertainment as soon as possible! Even though Khia told this DJ off she did carry herself like a lady. Gotta give credit where credit is due! ;) I gotcha Khia!!!

Teen Pregnancy

This is a very touchy subject for me but I will let you all know some things about me. I was a teen parent. I had my son when I was 14 years old and my oldest daughter when I was 16 years old. I am a proud mother of 4 children and wouldn't change anything in the world about that. My children made me who I am today. My responsibilities are in order, I have a great job, house and car and most of all a loving family. I am a firm believer in the Almighty God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he has not led me astray even in my times of difficulty. My children are my blessings and they have made me grind hard!!!! They are the reason why I grind!! I am here for anybody who needs help in this matter and I'm very interested in becoming a spokesperson to advise and make aware all of womens options. I chose to lay in my bed and I damn sure made it up! Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com if you need to talk. My door is always open!!!


Young Buck Breaks Down (Audio Only)

Miss Info was the first person to put this news on blast so I guess I'll be the second :). Peep the audio of Young Buck breaking down into tears apologizing to 50 Cent! I think this was wrong in all meanings of the word. How can you have a brother apologize to you and break down and drop his wall down and put him on blast for the world to hear? This was not right. I don't even know if this clip was supposed to be put on blast like that but please feel free to make any comments necessary.

Rumor Alert!!! Rumor Alert!!!

It's being said by www.allthatsfab.com and www.theurbanblogger.com that your boy 50 Cent and Ciara have tied the knot!!! How true this is? I don't know. It seems to me that everybody needs some type of publicity before their albums come out. Although these two have been linked up for a minute now I'm not sure 50 Cent is the type of dude to settle down. I don't know him personally but this is just the vibe that I get from him. I could be wrong though. Peep the pics below of the infamous, supposed wedding rings. Enjoy!!!

Swizz Beats Addresses The Rumors

My boy Swizz Beatz is tired of hearing about all the rumors!! He's tired of people making assumptions about his divorce, his new relationship and his careers moves. Swizz Beatz goes on to say that his divorce to Mashonda is old news stating that it has been 9 months since the separation. He also states that they are moving on and still remain to have a positive relationship. Swizz supports Mashonda's career moves and even did some financial backing on her projects as well. Swizz thinks it's absolutely ignorant for people to start talking about Alicia Keys when they don't even know the half!! (I AGREE)!!!!

Beyonce "El Naturale"

My girl Beyonce was spotted leaving a New York restaurant with hubby Jay Z yesterday. Beyonce was caught in this picture looking very "El Naturale"!! I must admit this is a bad b*tch right here!!! Roots and all and in dyer need of a perm she still looks breath taking!!! Girl go head with your bad self!!! I am no hater!!! When I look "El Naturale" I say you better back up!!! I am a beast to say the least!!! You gotta give me a few minutes to get ready and put on my face (so to speak). LMAO!!!!

Barack Obama's Father's Day Speech

Barack Obama's Father's Day speech is getting alot of attention these days. I don't know why but in my current situation (being a single mother) he did make some very valid points. I feel like a mother and a father all at the same time. My two older children have a deadbeat for a father and he feels that as long as he pays child support he's good money. He doesn't call to see how they are and he doesn't plan or do anything with his kids. My kids could be buried in the backyard somewhere and this dude will never know. Not to mention he is in arrears of over $20,000!!! My two older kids are now 16 and 14 years old so the job is almost done thanks to me. As for my younger two kids their father is a good responsible DAD!! He plans things with them, cares for them and hits me off with some substantial dough every chance he gets. I'm very appreciative of those qualities in him but that still doesn't change the fact that I'm a single MOM. When you are a single MOM you are on constant call and duty!!!! Nothing is ever easy and somebody always needs or wants something. So I say instead of bashing Obama on what he's trying to get across, take a listen to what he's saying because at the end of the day............He's telling you the TRUTH!!!! No President ever told you the TRUTH!!! Just a bunch of lies and stories to blind you from the TRUTH!!! Obama's got my vote!!!


Something You Didn't Know About Me

Did you know that your girl could braid hair? Even a lot of my own friends didn't know that. When you have 3 daughters and a son who wants to grow his hair out it's something that you should learn. I refuse to pay somebody to braid my kids' hair at $80 a head!!! Man!! I put my skills to the test. My kids don't want no regular straight back braids..........NO.............NOT THEM!!! They want zig zags and designs. So check out the latest design I did on my oldest daughter Kadijah and let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. I appreciate your feedback.

Thirsty Dudes

I don't know what's really prompting me to write this but I feel like I have to reach out to my female readers. I have received numerous emails about advice on men. I personally can't really give out too much advice since I'm nobody's wife! I believe the women who should be giving advice on men are women who have them :) But here is my assessment on the men I have dealt with. Most men (in my experience) are thirsty!!! Plain and simple. To have one woman is absurd. They are greedy and feel that the next chick with a bigger ass will serve them a better purpose in life. They make comments, gestures and videotapes of themselves to make them feel like a man at the end of the day. This is the reason why I stay single. I really don't think there is a man out there that can truly be happy with just me and I ain't into sharing so I stay by myself. I have never been with a man that was faithful or loyal. I am not saying that there are no good men out there I'm just saying that they are hard to find. :) I am not a man hater either cuz there's nothing like a man!! I love men but yall are just too complicated and I refuse to deal with the nonsense! So to my lady friends who are looking for advice I say keep your options open at all times cuz 99% of the time the dude has his options open as well. I'm not promoting being a hoe but dang.........have some friends!!! You don't have to open your legs to everyone. Then after you find someone you like as a person first and want to move forward then go ahead and feel free. I'm choosing to go celibate!!! It's the best thing for me! I'm taking a break from men and concentrating on my priorities and my business!! So I wish you ladies luck with all of your men endeavors and BE SAFE!!! Tell me what you think about this article at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com

Happy Birthday Tupac (We Miss You)

Today would've been Tupac Shakur's 37th birthday! I remember it like yesterday, when I heard the dreadful news of his death. I was a huge Tupac fan as I was a huge Biggie fan. I would say I was more of a Tupac fan for the obvious reasons.....the man was gorgeous to say the least. The man was easy on the eyes and his style was crazy!!! Remember him spitting at the news camera when he was leaving court one time? Or the time he was halfway out of a car window throwing up his middle fingers? Wow!!!! He is truly missed but I know he's in a much better place!

Bow Wow Puts Video Vixens On Blast!

I want you to keep this in mind, the following clip is of Dolicia Bryant and Rita G getting at Bow Wow. You know I have to rep for my boy Bow Wow cuz he reminds me soooo much of my son. Just peep the clip below to watch Angela Yee interview Dolicia Bryant and Rita G and pay close attention to the comments they say about Bow Wow. I got something for yall. Now peep the clip.

Now this is just a word of advice from your girl the NYC Gossip Girl. Karma is a bitch and what you reap in this lifetime you will definitely sow in this lifetime!!! It is written so peep the next clip I got for yall!!!

What I have to say is before you play a man make sure you are clean on all sides!!! Dudes are real wreckless and will expose you for what you really are!! Take it from somebody who knows!! Stay up!


Get To Know "Arch Millie"

Arch Millie is an underground artist making a lot of noise in Philly. He's got an album out right now called "The Talk of the City". Be sure to check out that album and other songs such as "Swag Juice Drippin". So why don't we all get to know Arch Millie.

NYC: Where did you get the name Arch Millie?
ARM: Arch Millie came from, I have an uncle named Arch and my aunts and my mother just called me Arch. It could've came from a cartoon. I used to like the cartoon a lot.
NYC: Ok. The cartoon?
ARM: Yeah. Yeah, the cartoon! You don't remember the cartoon Archie and Jughead?
NYC: Oh!!! Archie!! Oh ok. Yeah.
ARM: (Laughs) Yeah.
NYC: And you said your aunts and uncles.......
ARM: Yeah, yeah they just used to always call me that. It came from the streets. It was like a street nickname. Archie. Arch Millie. Millie came from something else but Arch just came from my family.
NYC: Ok and where did the Millie part come from?
ARM: Millie was a name given to me from the streets.
NYC: Anyone in particular?
ARM: Just homies used to call me Millie. Millie Millie. I always had money on me.

NYC: That's why?
ARM: Yeah you know. (Winks eye)

NYC: Ok. Now what do you feel Hip Hop is missing?
ARM: Right now I feel like Hip Hop is missing the heart. And what I mean by that is the music itself, it's like when people make music these days they don't really get too personal with it. Like Hip Hop is a culture, it's a way of life. And like a lot of times when we hear music it doesn't really move you like it used to move you back in the days. Like let's say a Naughty By Nature or Rakim or Nas. You know what to expect from a lot of the artists and what they are giving you today. It's either party, drugs or bling. It's not really personal. You don't really hear too many people getting too personal with their life or where they come from. That's what Hip Hop was about.

NYC: And with the songs you're putting out are they more personal?
ARM: They are very personal! Like I'm only going to give you what I experience. A lot of times people hear raps and they pick from it and they create their own little story around it. You could pretty much tell what's authentic and what ain't.

NYC: Ok.
ARM: And people that live a certain lifestyle, and they rap about it, you could feel it because you could hear it. It's the way they say it. It's all in their delivery. A lot of times we don't get that from a lot of our artists. I'm not knockin nobody. You know. Maybe they do a lot of parties where they're from. I don't know. Know what I'm saying? It doesn't move me. You understand what I'm saying?
NYC: (Laughs)
ARM: It's missing the heart. That's all I'm saying.

NYC: Now who are you listening to since you feel that way?
ARM: I'm old school. I still listen to old music.
NYC: Old school? Like who?
ARM: I still listen to Rakim, Public Enemy, Ice Cube's old CD. I'm still listening to NWA. I mean I might dip and dab in some new music here and there but I'm more, my whole zone is into the old albums. Nas' 1st album, Illmatic, Jay Z, Reasonable Doubt, you know what I mean. Naughty By Nature.

NYC: How about anyone today?
ARM: I listen to Jeezy, I listen to T.I. Uhmmm who else am I listening to right now? (Looks over at his brother). I like Cold Play, I like U2.
NYC: Depressing stuff. (Laughs)
ARM: Cold Play! I like Cold Play! (Laughs) Cold Play is the shit!!! It's fresh. I like Cold Play!

NYC: Ok.
ARM: But uhm...as far as like ......Oh! I listen to Lil Wayne.
NYC: Oh yeah? I like Wayne.
ARM: As far as Philly artists, I still like Beanie Siegel.
NYC: Oh yeah!
ARM: There's a couple of little artists in the city that don't really have a buzz but they're hot! I listen to the underground music too!

NYC: A lot of independent artists?
ARM: Definitely! Definitely! I definitely support the under dogs.

NYC: Now do you do mixtapes?
ARM: Uhm. I do mixtapes but I have been working on, like, I've been competing with the charts lately. But I do create mixtapes. I had several mixtapes out in the streets of Philly. "Talk of the City" was an album that I recently just did. That was an album put together by Break Bank Records.

NYC: Ok. Now what are you bringing to Hip Hop that's different from everybody else?
ARM: Business! A lot of the artists are not coming to the table with business, they're just coming to the table as artists. They don't really know the business behind the craft. I believe 10% of this game is rap the other 90% is business! And I feel as though different things in life made me create Break Bank Records which consists of being business minded. So I'm always on point with business. I'm also just myself. There's only one me so you can't have another me! I'm bringing myself to the game.

NYC: What Hip Hop pioneers would you say have influenced your rap?
ARM: Rakim, Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, uhmm, I like Boot Camp click, Jay Z, Biggie, Pac and NWA definitely.....
NYC: Yeah but how have they influenced your rhyme?
ARM: In alot of different ways. I could say for instance Public Enemy, Chuck D. being the leader and doing what he was doing at that time. I was motivated by that back in the days. 911 Is A Joke and Fight The Power stunned me. So I was like anything I do, I want to have a movement behind it. I took that from Chuck D. The I don't give a f*ck attitude about a lot of things that go on as long as I get my point across, that came from NWA. You know dealing with the politics in the streets came from NWA. Rakim, just the science behind the words he was using, as far as the metaphors and the fact that he was a 5 percenter. I'm not a 5 percenter but I listened to the way he used to put his words together. I kind of took from everybody and created what I've created. Naughty By Nature being a party anthem group, being able to get the crowd motivated. I watched everybody and I took from everybody. This motivated me to do different things.

NYC: Now you mentioned Break Bank Records.
ARM: Yes.
NYC: Can you get into that? And tell us what that's about?
ARM: Definitely. Break Bank Records is an independent record label that I formed in 2006. The reason that I formed a label was, I got tired of record labels, well not record labels because I never really had any encounters with record labels, but I went on tour with T.I. and Richboy and they had a show and I wasn't able to perform with them because I didn't have an album coming out at that time. I was able to perform on all the other stuff they were doing like the Spring Fling but I wasn't able to perform on the major shows because it was only for artists that had albums dropping. So, they were promoting the albums that were coming out. I felt that I needed to create a label to put my music out. It was just too many politics so I figured I had a lot of buzz from my city and New York so why not put a label together. So I created Break Bank Records and I have a sub company underneath that. We actually just finished up this movie. It's a documentary on the city of Philadelphia. Stopping the violence in Philly. We also have an artist called Street Poet. We have a lot of major people that spoke out on that DVD. We have a management division, we also do production, graphic design.....
NYC: So it's a whole bunch of different things....
ARM: Right! (Nods head) We have a lot going on right now.

NYC: Well then my question would be if you were signed.....
ARM: Right.
NYC: and they asked you to change your style.......
ARM: Ok.
NYC: are you willing to compromise your integrity to do what they want you to do?
ARM: Nahhhhh!!!!! Never, because I believe the consumers are the dictators of what goes on in the music. Not one A&R or one company could tell you what's hot and what's not. Why would I put my faith in anybody's hand? I'm my own man. I'm going to put my faith in my own hands and if it fails at least I know it fails from me. You have to feel it. You can't go off of anybody else. I would never change unless God himself came and told me you have to go in this direction.

NYC: Wow! Ok! What are you working on now? Like songs, projects/calabos?
ARM: Right now I just finished this single called "Swag Juice Drippin". It's a hot track. (smiles) It's a unique song, new to the industry and basically it's about having a mean swag. It means dudes that are copying my style! I wish I had a copy to give to you.
NYC: (Laughs) Yeah me too. I like the name of the song.

NYC: Ok. Now to get off topic, I have to let the readers know a more personal side to you. So how have the ladies been treating you?
ARM: Man! They been showing me a lot of love.
NYC: (Laughs)
ARM: I'm going to keep it real with you....like 90% of the staff at Break Bank Records are females. Females will roll!!!
NYC: (Laughs)
ARM: I mean, I don't even underestimate them. They make moves.
NYC: Alright, but on a personal level, like after the show, you know what I'm talking about. (smiles)
ARM: Honestly, I be chill and on the next move to make.
NYC: So you don't affiliate with the groupies?
ARM: Nah! I'm not even worried about them females. I got other things to tend to.
NYC: That's a good answer if I've ever heard one. (Laughs)
ARM: Most definitely. I got to make moves.

NYC: Is there anyone special in your life?
ARM: Most def!! Definitely!

NYC: Do you have kids?
ARM: Yes, I have 3 kids.

NYC: Now if you had your chance to smash anyone in the industry who would it be?
ARM: Do you really want me to answer that?
NYC: Yeah! I gotta ask. I ask everybody this question.
ARM: Are you in the industry?
NYC: No.
ARM: You're not in this industry?
NYC: No.
ARM: Oh. (Laughs)
NYC: Why? (Laughs)
ARM: Oh. I thought you was in this industry (shrugs shoulders).
NYC: Nah. I'm a writer. I'm not in that industry.
ARM: Alright, since you said it like that, you know what I mean, I like Jay so I'm not even going to answer that question. (Smiles) I got too much respect for Jay.
NYC: Oh so Beyonce?
ARM: I mean I like a few though. I can name them. I like Lauren London, Beyonce.....just a few.

NYC: Everybody else is under wraps?
ARM: Yeah. (Smiles)
NYC: You know I gotta make this interesting. I got to let the people know.
ARM: Not at all! When are you getting in the industry though? (Laughs)
NYC: (Laughs)
ARM: I'm serious! I really want to know.
NYC: What you saying? You want to smash me?
ARM: I wouldn't smash you but I'll give you a nice evening. (Smiles)
Sidebar: Everybody who was in attendance for the interview starts cracking the hell up!!!
ARM: I'll make it interesting and worthwhile.
NYC: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARM: Ain't nothing wrong with that. I'm just keeping it real with you.
NYC: No. I'm not in this industry.....
ARM: If this is not your industry then what would you call it?
NYC: Like....I'm where Sharra is (Publicist Extraordinaire). Behind the scenes.
ARM: Oh! So that wasn't the question then. Ok so we got to ask that question next time. (Laughs)

NYC: I'm scared to ask the next question. (Laughs)
ARM: Nah, nah, nah, ask it, ask it. I made this interesting for you.
NYC: Well, I've never had anyone answer that question like that.
ARM: They don't make them like me sweetheart. (smiles)

NYC: So what's next for Arch Millie? Are you looking to branch off into other areas?
ARM: Oh man. Most def! I'm trying to get into acting. My oldest brother (Dale Lewis) does movies. He's working on a movie for Tommy Hilfiger. I have a couple of cameos in that movie as well. The movie is called "Rags". I'm also working on a reality show. I'm thinking of calling it "Hustle for Your Dreams". I want to show people all of the things I'm doing to get to the next level. I'm looking to pitch it to MTV.

NYC: If people wanted to contact you and reach out to you where would they go?
ARM: WWW.ARCHMILLIE.COM OR WWW.BREAKBANKRECORDS.COM. That's all we want. We want people to break bank with us. (Smiles)
NYC: Any myspace pages? A lot of people do the myspace.
ARM: Yeah. My myspace is www.myspace.com/archmillie. Also the album is on iTunes and CDbaby so if they wanted it that's where they could go.
NYC: Thank you brotha and I appreciate you coming out from Philly just to interview with me!
ARM: No problem!!!

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In other news, Alicia Keys attended an event in New York City yesterday and was not even moved when some random chick yelled out "You Home Wrecker!". Alicia responded "And a damn good one too!". Now that's my girl. Taking it all in stride and playing cool. I really hope this is not true!!! Hit me up if you have any information at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com