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Another Celeb Look Alike

I don't know if you would agree with me on this one but I thought they looked alike! Khujoe of Goodie Mob and Trick Daddy. Wooooowww! Them down South brothas have alot in common! Let me know if you agree or am I buggin again. Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. Peep this throw back below:

Weezy Is Gettin Clean

I'm hearing from my industry circle that Lil Wayne has been clean for the last 3 weeks! No sipping on Sizzurp or anything. No wonder I haven't heard any new crazy rhymes from this boy. I'm happy he has decided to slow his role. I'm also hearing that his liver is hanging on by a thread. I hope he's ok. Remember this pic?

He stayed with a cup in his hand. Let's see where this goes.

Hot New Photographer!!!

Cynthia St. John is one of the hottest photographers out of Alpharetta, Georgia. One of the hot spots in Atlanta. She did the photography for my homie Tasha's wedding. She did such a great job! I mean if you can make me look like a princess than I know you're doing something right! The picture below says it all:

She does excellent work so if you are looking for a great photographer in the Atlanta area, hit her up at cyn.photcynthesis@gmail.com. She won't do you wrong!! Trust me!! Thanks Cindy!!!

Fat Joe Gets Busted

I am soo sad to hear that the rumor round town is that Fat Joe was cheating on his wife. I am a Fat Joe fan and of course I have to support my Puerto Rican brotha. However, this news is not good to hear especially to someone like me. I represent my people to the fullest although at times I am ashamed of the things that my people are known for. Well to put it straight the rumor round town is that Fat Joe was cheating on his wife for a number of years with Fabolous' Baby Mama!!! Peep Fabo's Baby Mama below:

Now I am not one to judge but if this rumor is true I have to say What was on Fat Joe's mind? Fat Joe's wife is absolutely gorgeous! Fabo's Baby Mama..........so so. Just my opinion, not down grading anyone. If you guys know anything about this rumor please hit me up and let me know what the deal is. I remember seeing a clip of Fat Joe on Sub 0 DVD and he said that we would be surprised by the chicks in the industry that have sucked his d*ck! Woooooowwww!!!! I didn't like that statement either. Please Fat Joe don't make me change my mind on another Puerto Rican brotha! There's got to be something more to this story. Maybe him and his wife were on a break? Peep Fabo with his new baby by Fat Joe's mistress below:

That's one cute baby though.


Noel Gourdin's New Video & Shout!!

I'm doing big things people!!! Thank you Jesus for the many blessings! Thank you Jaze for doing the great camera work for me! Love you boy boy!! I appreciate you! HipHopGossipSite.com is where it's at!!!! Holla!

The Wedding Of The Year!

From left to right: Shanay (Maid of Honor), Danielle, Kim, Gretta, Aisha, Me the NYC Gossip Girl and Christina.

From left to right: Freddy, Ron, Marly (The Best Man), Country, Harlem and Flirt.

You know it wouldn't be right without a personal article from me! I've been telling you guys about a wedding that I was in so here it goes. My girl Tasha Henderson is now Tasha Wilson and I couldn't be more happier. This is one of my closest homies and there's nothing like seeing one of your homies happy and in love! I can't wait till I tie the knot! It might be happening soon cuz God has been so good to me. This was such a beautiful wedding and I had a great time. I thank you Tasha for even asking me to be a part of such a special moment in your life. K'Sean is a very lucky man. Trust me K'Sean you have a wonderful woman for a wife. Congrats guys and I love you soooo much! Stay blessed!!

Peep the beautiful Tasha Wilson below:

The hottest married couple in 08 below:

Oooh! That's Gotta Hurt!

Peep the photo closely and let me know if you got it yet? Go head, I'll wait.......................................................................................................................Did you see it? That's right! Q of R&B group 112 was decked in the nuts by his son posing for a pic! LMAO!!! Now that's what I call entertainment. Peep Q's face......damn it looks like he's trying not to flinch cuz that's a phony ass smile. Thought that would brighten up your day. :)

Rumors About Busta!!

Hiding in Hip Hop is a book based on a young man who has had romps with men in the industry. The men in the industry being discussed are men that we would never think to be gay, which is why this book is getting soo much attention. This book sort of reminds me of Superhead's book with the exception that this is a man telling the story. Well the big fuss of the day is that Deelishis had some questions about a rapper she was dating and chose to ask Terrance Dean (author of Hiding in Hip Hop) some questions about that particular person she was dating. Here's how that went:

“Okay, you know I used to date someone in the business, right?” She looks me in my eyes with her gorgeous smile.

I am definitely attracted to her. There is something about Deelishus that makes you feel welcoming. She is really beautiful with soft feminine features and a dynamic smile.

“Well, who are you talking about?” I asked already knowing who she was referring to. I really wanted her to say his name.

“He is a rapper,” she says coyly.

I get that she is not going to say his name. So I try a different approach.

“Did he used to have long hair?”

She thinks for a moment and then looks at me shocked. She nods her head and says, “Yeah.”

“What do you want to know?” I ask.

“I mean, do you know anything. I heard…” her voice trails off and she looks at me for some indication or confirmation.

“I know some things.”

“Oh my gosh!” Deelishus squeals. She puts her hand over her mouth.

“It’s no secret. We all know.”

“No, no, no,” She continues to squeal and backs away from me. She starts laughing. “Are you serious?”

But, before we could continue, one of the hosts of the party jumps between us to get his photo op on. Then a crowd swells around us. She keeps looking over at me and saying, “Terrance, we have to talk. Seriously we have to talk.”

I smiled at her and told her, “Yeah, we do.” I know she has some things she wants to share with me as well.

Have you guessed who they were chit chatting about? Well take a look at the pic below:

Princess & Diamond Go At It!!!

So after all this time Crime Mobbs finest Princess and Diamond go toe to toe! Well let's just say that I think Princess had this one in the bag. As for Diamond who did not respond I would like to know why not? And where the hell was Lil Scrappy? All of this drama going down at a young mans party or shall I say Souljah Boy's birthday party! What will they think of next? Peep the drama unfold below:

Nelly Is That You?

I told yall that Puffy hired Nelly as a new underwear model and here it is in the flesh for all of you people to see!!! Is it me or has Nelly been at the gym lately? Lookin good, lookin good although not my type. :( Now if the rumors about Puffy are true than I must say Puffy has great taste! I don't know what to believe anymore nowadays since I'm hearing Puffy is about to be married to Cassie! Now ain't that something? Peep the pic below and let me know what you think.

Don't worry Diddy....I believe you. You and Cassie are just friends....right. Plus I also believe that if it doesn't work out with Cassie......Kim Porter will be right there to take you back, with open arms! :)


Get To Know "Articulate"

Articulate is the first rapper that I've never met but have done an interview with. He is my very first over the phone interview. There's a first time for everything and he's my first for that. Articulate was mad cool and even shouted out the website via Youtube.com. So let's get to know who Articulate is.

NYC: Can you break down the reason why you choose to call yourself Articulate?
ART: I chose that name because I'm nice with the words.

NYC: Breakdown "Slave For This Dollar".
ART: The EP is available for download. Right now there is too much value on money and not the real things in life. I feel that a lot of the artists that are out are doing the typical things. No one is doing it for the love any more.

NYC: With the message that you're delivering...."What do you feel Hip Hop is missing?" or "Where do you feel Hip Hop is going?"
ART: A lot of these artists are slaving for the dollars. Nowadays, you have to portray a certain type of image. Music is so powerful and it influences people. I want my music to have a message with it.

NYC: Now I noticed on the website you did a photoshoot in blackface. What does the blackface represent for you?
ART: History repeats itself and we are not learning from our past. We started Hip Hop. This is our entertainment and somehow we are given stereotypical roles. People have forgotten this and are doing the same things over and over. Minstrelsy was supposed to be done a long time ago but its still here in a different form, a lot of people just don't see it.

NYC: What made you want to come forth with this type of message?
ART: This is how I feel looking around. My message is to come out with powerful music and images.

NYC: Are you signed to anybody yet?
ART: No, I am not signed but me and my people from Baltimore put out music independently through Mad Thinkah Productions and I am also working with former Atlantic A&R Sickamore's Famous Firm.

NYC: Do you think the message you're putting out will have an affect on people wanting to deal with you?
ART: It may. If it does then it doesn't concern me.

NYC: What type of music and artists are you listening to right now?
ART: I listen to old stuff like Nas, Wu Tang, Big Pun and Monet. I listen to a wide array of music. The Roots right now are my favorite for the 08.

NYC: Do you have any beef with any other artists who are not feeling your message or don't agree with what you have to say?
ART: Nah! Music should have a balance. Always!

NYC: Now with every interview I try to let the readers know you on a more personal level. So with that being said, if you had your chance to smash anyone in the industry who would it be?
ART: I would have to say Alicia Keys. She's doing her thang right now. (Laughs)

NYC: If you had a chance to battle any MC who would it be?
ART: My music is great so I could go up against anybody. Who's your favorite rapper?
NYC: Hmm........I would have to say Jay-Z.
ART: Alright. Then put me up against Jay-Z or Lil Wayne. Whoever.

NYC: What's next for Articulate?
ART: I'm always working on new music. I'm constantly at work in the studio.

NYC: If people wanted to reach out to you, how would they go about doing so?
ART: They can email me at itsartic@gmail.com. You can also send a request on myspace at www.myspace.com/itsartic or check out my website www.slaveforthisdollar.com.

NYC: Is there anything else you would like to say?
ART: Yes if you are a producer you can send your beats to itsartic@gmail.com. Shout out to Mad Thinkah Productions, Phella, Sickamore and the whole Famous Firm, and D-Tox, Rickie Jacobs, Sakwe, and J.R. Rah for hooking me up with hot beats.

NYC: Thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.
ART: No problem.
NYC: I appreciate you!

Check out Articulate's shout below:

Lil Wayne's - Got Money

Check out Lil Weezy's new one featuring T-Pain. Peep Bow Wow's chick in the video! Pretty girl! She should've just admitted to being Bow Weezy's. Why'd you have to go and do that love hun? That wasn't nice! :(

Another "WTF" Moment

If you are checking out the photo above then you are just as shocked as I am! Naomi Campbell slobs down her billion dollar man while another man looks on with much enthusiasm!!!!! By the looks of things, there ain't that much enthusiasm in the world but there's somebody for everybody right? I'm just saying homeboy has a very small package.........especially to be excited over a kiss. Anyway, another great pic below:

None other than your boy Ray J taking some time out to smooch with his sugar momma Whitney! I'm telling you I just don't get it with this one. I mean you go from smashing Kim Kardashian to this? Crack is definitely wack is all I'm saying!! LMAO!!!

This is another VERY SUSPECT photo and one of my favorites! It's being reported that Diddy is hiring Nelly to be one of his Sean Jean underwear models. How nice!! Not for nothing but doesn't Nelly have his own men's clothing line? I forgot what it was called or if it even did well but I'm sure he did. I'll tell ya! This is a crazy world! Let me know what you think of these pics at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. I would love to hear about it.


I Disagree Miss Simmons

Vanessa Simmons was on SOHH.com saying that she doesn't partake of the gossip blogs because we are bitter people. Well for one I want to say that I am a huge fan of Runs House and Vanessa and Angela's Pastry Shoe collection. In fact I feel like I have an affinity with Angela because she reminds me soo much of my oldest daughter. You know the type of daughter with all those hairbrain schemes and always into something? My daughter Kadijah reminds me alot of Angela so I feel like I have some sort of connection. Don't ask why it is, it just is. So I'm a little hurt to hear that Vanessa feels a certain way about gossip sites. :( I try not to tear anyone down unless I have a personal vendetta with that particular person. For the most part I think I'm pretty nice and have never said anything about Vanessa nor have I called her UGLY! Girl you ain't ugly and you don't need me to say that. I'm sure you already know this. I'm just saying give us gossip bloggers a chance. We are not all alike. Trust me!!!! I still gots love for you NESSA.

Check out what Vanessa has to say by clicking on the link below:

Trina & Kenyon Martin Scoop

Would you lookey here........this is who has been getting Trina back on track!!! I'm glad my girl Trina is over Weezy and on to bigger and better things. But er...uhmmm....last time I checked wasn't Kenyon Martin married? I could be wrong but isn't he married? Well TMZ is reporting that the couple was spotted in Belize and they happened to get into a car accident. Both Kenyon and Trina are doing fine and there were no injuries. Kenyon is in Belize doing a charity event today and well.....Trina is there because Kenyon is there. Could this car accident have been karma? I'm a firm believer of what goes around comes around! Now if Kenyon is legally married I say this could be karma trying to tell Trina she's doing the wrong thing and she needs to pump her brakes. I'm not judging........I'm just saying! Let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.


Your Street Cred Has Been Revoked

There have been soo many stories that I really don't know who to believe anymore but I do know this...............Rick Ross' Street Credibility has just been REVOKED!! LMAO!! Just ask Maino...........check out what he has to say below:

That Cocaine Is One Hell Of A Drug!!!

What can I say? What can I say? This can never be a good look for anybody. Amy Winehouse looking all cracked out and to top it off rockin the dirty ass fingernail look!!!! The dirty fingernails is a true sign that someone has been smoking rock. I have some relatives who are straight crackheads and the reason for the dirty nails is because when they light up that bulb looking thing.....they sometimes burn their fingers and smoking that ish can penetrate under your thumb nail creating the all time famous cracked out dirty fingernail look. Isn't that just lovely?! At least Amy gives me something to write about and makes me feel like whatever I'm going through at the moment really ain't that bad! LMAO! Thanks Amy!!!

Mixtape Mondays

I will be interviewing these 2 brothas on Wednesday! Not giving out what date but it is what it is. :) I'm trying to find out what these two are up to and how they made that connection to rock with each other. Stay tuned cuz this interview is going to be FIYAH!!!! Check out the clip below and see what they have to say:

Tranny Alert

Just the other day I put up a post on Diddy's new reality show. I read somewhere (can't remember where) an article that claimed one of the chicks on the show is really a MAN or shall I say a tranny! Well according to my homie Jen The Pen that chick is indeed a MAN and is definitely a TRANNY!!!! I knew something smelled funny round them parts!!! LMAO!! Jen received an insider email with lots of juicy information pertaining to that TRANNY and how he/she was a prostitute at one point in their life. Hmmmm.........this is getting even more interesting! I can't wait until August 4th to watch this show! I knew it was going to give Flavor of Love a run for it's money.......I KNEW IT!!! Here's a peek at that email Jen got from the insider below:

I worked as a (BLANK) on Diddy's new show for VH1 that's premiering August 4th, called "Work For Diddy." The show centers around the young and dumb vying for a chance to work FOR Puff.

What's unknown to the world right now, is that one of the contestants, actress Laverne COX, is a Tranny (still has a ding ding). Let me tell you that home girl is the FIRST black tranny to be cast on a reality show. The problem is that some people don't or won't even know. For Diddy's part, all I can say is "How you doin'...alright!"

Laverne is pleasant enough and will steal the show in many ways (think Omarosa). Are your readers ready to see a Black Tranny?

OMG!!!!!!! This is going to be good!!! For more on Jen The Pen you can check her out at www.jenthepenbitches.blogspot.com!

I Apologize

It's been just a day and I feel like I've been neglecting my readers. I'm sooo sorry if a day goes by and I can't post. Truly I am. These last 2 weeks have been soo hectic for a sista it's unbelievable. Sometimes I have to take a moment to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the strength! With 4 kids, a 9 to 5, being on the radio, hosting events, doing P.R. work for HoodRiot and writing blogs for my site as well as other sites it gets a little out of hand and I have to pump the brakes on some things. I'm trying my best not to pump brakes on my blog. There's nothing better than venting my frustrations out on a blog. It feels great. So on that note please accept my apologies. This no longer will be happening unless I'm on vacation which won't be any time soon. :( So just enjoy the blog and let's make this happen PEOPLE!!!! I appreciate all those who take time out to check out my blog! You could've been anywhere else in the world but you chose to be here with me. Thank you!!!!!


Diddy's Reality Show

VH1 just ain't going to give the public a break from reality TV shows. I must say though that this clip is going to give Flavor Of Love a run for it's money! I'm definitely tuning in cuz you know your boy Diddy is always extra!! Can't wait to see this one!! Peep the trailer below:

Jeezy Thinks He's Jay-Z!!!!!

Word around the music industry is that Jeezy thinks he's Jay-Z!! I'm hearing he's on some real Hollywood ish!!! This past Tuesday, Jeezy was in the NYC and had his day booked up with interviews and press media and guess what this dude did? He cancelled everybody's appointment and re-scheduled for another day! Like really....who has the time? Or what makes Jeezy think that everybody's schedule revolves around him? This story has really got me going. The nerve of some people! The best rule that I live by and is preached throughout the Bible is to remain humble!!!!! At all times remain humble because what you have now can always be taken away tomorrow! So appreciate what you have while you have it is all I'm saying!

Team Khia Is In The Building

Now I don't know why people are getting on Khia but I have to admit this girl gots that FIYAH!!! I like this song right here called "Be Your Lady". Khia is off the chain in her blogs. Have yall checked her blogs out? If you haven't been keeping up you're missing out on alot!!! Sometimes I just can't believe the things that she says! But you gotta love a chick that's real right? I ain't mad at you girl! Just do you and never mind anybody else. There's enough shine for everyone so let's get this money ladies!!!!! Here's a snippet of Khia's blog below:

The video was shot in Las Vegas and I had a wonderful time shooting with Director, Mckinley Presents!!! We wanted the video to be real and sexy and something that all women can relate to…. Didn’t I look SEXY in my VIDEO???? Yall always see me cussing a bitch out… I wanted yall to see how I be when Im catering to my WEEZY!!! I was the only BITCH in my VIDEO…..It wasn’t full of Bitches like Buckey shaking and clapping they nasti asses in my VIDEO!!! Did yall see Deelishis friend Buckey getting fucked in the ass in her VIDEO??????? Birds of a FEATHER… FLOCK Together!!!

To read the rest you must go to Khia's myspace page and send her a friends request! Believe me it's worth it. You can hit her up at www.myspace.com/khia.

Also check out her new video below:

What's Up With Them?

Yall remember Onyx right? Throw your guns in the air and buck buck like you just don't care? Slam? Damn! Those were the days MAN!!! I'm hearing that the group has joined forces once again and will be releasing their album titled "Cold Case Files: Unsolved Murders". I hope this joint has that same fire as their first album. This group had lots of energy and a great chemistry of flowing together. I haven't seen or heard from these guys in a minute! The album will be released via Koch Records on August 19, 2008. Keep a look out for them, I know I will. Trying to get this interview. I've got lots of questions for Fredro. Them comments about Brandy and 50 need to be addressed more thoroughly. Feel me?


I'm A Writer

I am soo happy to announce that I have been asked to be a guest writer on www.blackurbantimes.org!!! They were interested in adding some gossip to their website and have decided to add me on board. :) The interviews that I conduct will not only be on my site but you can also catch them on www.blackurbantimes.org as well. This sounds like a match for me! So keep it locked. There's sooo much coming your way for the following week. My exclusive one on one with Jen The Pen and Duke Da God! They are coming up shortly. I've been very busy these last 2 weeks with weddings and people wanting to be married!!! :) Just kidding! Just remain patient and enjoy the posts!! :)

What Do U Think Of These Nikes?

My son has been navigating through the internet and I caught him checking out www.sneakerhead.com. I always try to watch and check out what my kids are into since they really know what's going on and what's poppin. I noticed he was really checking for these kicks right here.........hmmm.......so tell me what you guys think of these bad boys. Are they worth $110? Hit me up and let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Gillie Da Kid's Birthday Bash

Gillie has really been promoting this party of his!!! It's been posted soo much on myspace that I've decided to post it on here and help the brotha out! He wants promotion.......then he's got it! Not to mention I'm a big fan of Gillie's. I remember seeing him doing an interview on All Access DVD Magazine and thought to myself......Why is this dude sooo mad? But then it turned out that he's hilarious!!! I laughed during the entire interview!! I can't wait to get my chance at interviewing him! Arch Millie what's up with that interview kid?! It's taking forever!!! LMAO!! So if you want to party it up with Gillie and tell him Happy Birthday here's your chance!! July 30th in Philly!!! Check him on out.

Stretch Mark Beauty

I think Katt Williams said it best when he said this about stretch marks: "There are 2 reasons why a woman would have stretch marks. One is you were big and got small or two you were small and got big!!! Either way I'm still fucking!!!" LMAO!!! If that ain't the truth then I don't know what is!! So why oh why are people ranting and raving about Deelishis and her stretch marks? Did this lady not have a kid? Last I checked when you have a kid this is what happens! Shit!! I got 4 kids and some stretch marks! It's a part of life, this is what it is!! I know she should've covered up but damn it if she ain't proud! If I had a shape like that I'd be rocking the same damn get up!!! Although with just a slight hint of MAC cover up foundation along the waist line! :) I'm just saying!! Get over it. It's just some marks!!!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!!

You know I've decided to write a blog today explaining my feelings on a certain topic. For one thing I have been getting hit up by many companies and artists requesting to get a write up on the company or the things that they are doing. Let me explain that I love writing and nothing makes me more happy than writing about something that's interesting.........but here's the catch!!! I do this for a living!!! I don't do this for fun!!! I do this to feed my kids! I don't want to put any companies or persons on blast but I have received numerous emails of companies saying they are going to send me things and compensate me for writing articles and I have yet to see anything!!! Not a shirt not one red cent!!! So this is the deal....I will only write on the things that I find interesting. You want me to write about you....than pay me!! I ain't got time for no games!!! I get paid to do what I do!!! So start putting your money where your mouth is!!! Stop wasting my time!! Serious inquiries only need apply!!! I'm about my money!! What about you?!!


Girl Is That Your Toe?

Now I'm not one to be talking but I'm not keeping quiet on this one. Why is it that Beyonce's Momma came out to an event in Long Island this past weekend and had her pinky toes sticking out of her shoes?!!!! You mean to tell me with all that dress making she couldn't afford to buy a pair of shoes that fit her feet? Beyonce couldn't suggest a stylist for her or anything?! I'm concerned now for the well being for Tina Knowles' feet!! Somebody give her a sock or something please!!! And why oh why didn't Solange say "Yo Moms is that your toe creeping out?" People we've gots to do better!!! LMAO!! One more pic of the runaway pinky toe below:

Ashanti's Little Sister

Why is it that celebrities lil sisters are not as pretty as their older siblings? Here's a pic of Ashanti's little sister Kenashia. The big rumor has it that Ashanti and her lil sis went out for a shopping spree in Long Island (where I currently reside). When the cashier asked was everything together, Ashanti blurted out that her sister should be paying for her own stuff. Woooooowwww!!! Shanti you know your sister is not doing anything that you're doing so be nice and pay for the girls fits!! LMAO! Plus I'm just kidding. I know how siblings can be since I can't stand my own brother. Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to put them in their place cuz they feel you got everything! My brother comes to NY every so often and eats all my food that I bought and purchases cable shows that he says he will pay back but doesn't. So Ashanti you're right!! She should've paid for her own ish!!!

New Ish By Nelly, Ashanti & Akon

Here's a nice fresh video from one of Hip Hop's hottest couples right now.........Nelly and Ashanti!! I gotta say I really like these two together! They look nice! :) Peep the new video below:

Shawty Lo Denies Getting Beat Up

Alot of rumors have been floating around about Shawty Lo getting beat up at a T.I. night club. Even somebody by the name of Meatball made a video stating that he was the dude who beat up Shawty Lo and even took his chains. Well here is a clip of Shawty Lo showing off his chains and saying that this whole fiasco is a hoax!! Sounds like people are just looking for attention these days. At least if you're going to tell a lie make sure it's something people can't prove wrong!!! Shawty Lo is still rocking his chains but I'm still not sure why he has sooo much beef with T.I. Can somebody put me on to what's going on please? Hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com.

Lil Scrappy Gets Stabbed!!!

Lil Scrappy was brutally stabbed on Friday night, July 18th! It's being reported that his sister had called him and complained of fighting with her boyfriend. Lil Scrappy went to check in on his sister and ended up having an altercation with her boyfriend. Lil Scrappy was stabbed but was also arrested and is being held in a Dekalb County jail. Lil Scrappy is in stable condition but is facing 2 felony charges. I hope everything works out for this brotha! It sucks when you try to take up for someone you love and then get in trouble for doing so!