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Get To Know "Big Tac"

NYC: Where did you get the name Big Tac from?
TAC: I thought of the name about 10 yrs. ago. 2 make a long story short, 4 the past 16 yrs. my nickname has been Gorilla. So sometimes people would hear me say .. GORILLA WARFARE or GORILLA TACTICS in my lyrics. I kinda liked the way TACTICS sounded so I looked it up. Da exact meaning of da word tactics is .. " (tak'tiks): A noun meaning da art of deploying & directing troops, ships, & aircrafts in coefficient maneuvers against da enemy " .. or " Da science & art of disposing & maneuvering forces in combat " .. or " Da art or skill of employing available means 2 accomplish an end ". Me bein a battle rapper, I liked it, so I kep't it. Most people don't call me TACTICS tho, dey call me " BIGTAC 4 short. My a.k.a. is 5th.Ave., it means : " 5 timez harda danda Average ". )

NYC: Where are you representing?
TAC: I represent Queens, New york. South Richmond Hill 2 be exact, a.k.a. Silent hill a.k.a. Hamburger hill. )

NYC: What made you want to start rapping?
TAC: Back in 1991 I met dis dude Illdread a.k.a. Sly. He use 2 rhyme wit a grp called Da 3rd. world rebels. 2 dis day I'd have 2 say he was 1 of da illest freestylers I ever heard. Dat same summer my man Celo started rhymin. After dat I figured if he could do it, den so could I. Doze were da 2 people dat made me wanna start writin & rhymin.

NYC: Who are you listening to in the car?
TAC: I'm not in 2 most of da shit dat's being called Hiphop nowadayz. If u catch me at a red light ur liable 2 get ur ear drums blown out by some WU-TANG, some TRAGEDY, CNN, some classic BIGGIE or PUN. I don't consider dem old skool I consider dem Hiphop.

NYC: I know that when you first started you were in a group. You are no longer in that group and are doing the solo thing. What happened to the group?
TAC: Technically I started as a solo rapper, until I told my ex-partner dat I rhymed. Dat's when he realized he had da gift of freestyle. We added another person 2 da grp & became a 3 man team but when he didn't show up 4 our 1st. studio session, we went bak 2 bein a 2 man team again. Anyway, 2 try & make a long story short, we were apart of a couple grps but in da end it alwayz ended up just us 2. It stood like dat until about a yr. ago when I started realizing dat we weren't where we needed 2 be. I mean yeah, we did some shows here in NY & outta NY (nothing big), met a few famous people, & were on some mixtapes but we'd been doin dis since 1992. By now we shoulda been doin good, gettin money in da industry. It wasn't goin down like dat so I hadda start backin away from da music & concentratin on other things in my life.

NYC: Are you and your partner beefing at this time?
TAC: Are we beefin ? Yeah, but I wouldn't xactly call it " BEEFIN ". I would call it : him talkin shit, den me goin 2 his crib 2 break his face, but he 2 scared 2 come outside so I haven't caught him yet .. Dat's wut I would call it. I aint gonna say his name cus like I told u last time, he aint famous & I aint tryin 2 give him any fame. But 4 da people dat kno him, personally, for 10 yrs. & better like U & me, kno I'm not frontin. If I had 2 put money on it I'd say he's a pathological liar .. da nigga got a problem. Dis nigga'll talk about niggas bein fake or scared but dis nigga's shook 2 death 2 leave his apt. over on 111 st. & 101 ave. by da barbershop .. lol. Dis nigga will call somebody a snitch when he was da 1 dat sat in a precinct, asked 4 gang intelligence, & gave up mad names & addy's cus he was scared 4 his life. Dis cornball ass nigga will sit there & crack jokes about gay people when right at dis very moment they're rumors goin around about him bein sweeter dan a pitcher of Koolaid w/ xtra sugar. & dat's pretty much all I have 2 say about dat nigga. As a matter of fact, yo Viv, if he ever contacts u about dis interview, tell him I said I'll come meet him any time & see wut excuse he gives u.

NYC: Have you done any shows or opened up for anyone?
TAC: Yeah, like I said earlier, we've performed here & there, nothin big. Some house parties, a couple clubs, etc. )

NYC: How do you feel about where Hip Hop is going right now?
TAC: Hiphop in 2008 suks !! I don't understand da reason why we got all dis garbage pollutin da airways when we got MC's like J-HOOD, MAINO, JOELL ORTIZ, & SAIGON bein left on da shelf.

NYC: Your flow sounds alot like Big Puns....Has anybody ever told you that?
TAC: Yeah, people have told me dat. But I think it's mostly cus I sort of resemble him, even tho there have been times my flow did sound like Puns. But da person people mostly say I sound like is Lloyd banks. I take it as a comliment tho .. dat nigga's nasty, his metaphors are sick.

NYC: Have you done any colabos and if so with who?
TAC: Da only collab dat I did was wit Dj J-LOVE on a song called " Fire burnz ".. 4 his album : " UNSTOPPABLE ".. You can catch me spittin a murderous 16 on da last verse.

NYC: Now to get off topic, how have the ladies been treating you?
TAC: Well it's not like I just signed a million dollar contract .. lol. I got a girl. But b4 my girl I was gettin more head dan a hat .. lol.

NYC: If you had your chance to smash anyone in the industry who would it be?
TAC: Meagan Good, Halle berry, & Jenifer Love Hewitt.

NYC: If you had your chance to battle any MC in the game, who would it be?
TAC: I don't kno about a battle, I aint been on it like dat in a while. Da last good battle I had was in 2002, & I won. But if I had my choice I'd like 2 be able 2 do a song w/ Eminem, Kool-G-RAP, Jada kiss, & maybe just a few more.

NYC: What's next for Big Tac? (Songs or projects)
TAC: Nothin special, unless a major label wants 2 work w/ me, sign me, & give a fat advancement .. lol.

NYC: If people wanted to contact you or reach out to you where would they go?
TAC: 4 collabs, or if u just wanna hear some fire, y'all can hit me at WWW. MYSPACE. COM/SELFMADEGYN or my e-mail : PORICAN@GMAIL.COM .. holla atcha boy, 1.

Dr. Dre Buries His Son

It's such a sad time and I pray for the Dr. Dre family and friends. Please read the article below courtesy of bet.com:

Rapper Dr. Dre buried his son, Andre Young, Jr., on Friday in Glenadle, Calif.
About 200 mourners attended the funeral for the 20-year-old. An autopsy last week revealed no foulplay in the young man’s death which happened August 23. Authorities continue to investigate and are awaiting Toxicology results. He had been out with friends the night before he died and was found the next morning by his mother. “Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son,” the rapper’s publicist Lori Earl said in a statement Tuesday. “Please respect his family’s grief and privacy at this time.”


Queen Pen Disses Rocsi

Girl! I'm right there with you! I feel the same damn way! Rocsi is wack! Can somebody please tell me how she got the job at 106? Did she f*ck or suck to get that job?

Lady Luck Kills It!!!

Yo! I am soo feelin Lady Luck and the chick could rhyme her ass off for sure!!! Check out what she has to say in the clip below and enjoy that freestyle, she's dope:


Enjoy Your Weekend

To all my peeps, readers and friends, enjoy your Labor Day! Have a fun filled weekend but always remember to be safe! I've got 2 special interviews coming to you guys on Monday. Interviews with Big Tac of Last of The Po'Ricans and Duke Da God! You won't want to miss out on those. My birthday is coming up, so I'm going to enjoy myself and you guys do the same. :) Until Monday!!! Enjoy!!!

New Joint by Nina Sky

You know I gotta give it up to my sisters Nina Sky. They are my sisters only off the fact that they are Puerto Rican like me. I even liked their name soo much that one of my daughters middle name is Skye. I know.......not spelled the same but they are the reason why it's there. Anyway,they got a new joint with Rick Ross called "Curtain Call". A friend of mine gave me a mixtape to listen to and this song came on and let's just say that one of my speakers in my truck is blown because of this joint! LMAO!! Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Time For A Good Laugh

As of lately, I've been in such a good mood. I don't know what it is but I've been laughing all week. Even at things that should be upsetting me. Life goes on and it is what it is. Funny thing though, things that usually bother me haven't. So as I was browsing through YouTube, I came across a funny prank call by someone using Jack Nicholson's voice in the movie "A Few Good Men". Take a listen and enjoy:

Birds Of A Feather

I don't know about you guys but the more I hear about these two ladies, the more they are starting to look alike to me. You know that old saying, "Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together", right? Well, if I didn't know any better I would think these two are related some kind of way or maybe it's just their ways that are soo much alike? You guys be the judge and hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment. Whatever floats your boat.

Let's Talk About Pepa

Pepa of "Salt & Pepa" is coming out with a tell all book about her life titled "Let's Talk About Pepa". I know this is going to be a good read for sure. First of all, Pepa is from Queens and she don't play! I know she's got some good stories in the works for us because we all know who her 1st baby daddy is. Ta-Ta! Yes I know him and he's presently locked up. Ta-Ta was a thorough dude from Queens. If you're wondering how I know him? It's cuz I'm from Queens and I know tons of people in Queens. Plus I was always the young buck hanging out with the older chicks in the neighborhood. Then you have Pepa's marriage to Treach. Now there's a rumor going around that Pepa is the reason why Mary J. Blige has that scar on her face but I don't know how true that is. Like I said it's a rumor and I don't know if it's fact. The rumor goes on to say that Mary at one point in her career was messing around with Treach and Pepa found out and mopped that tail up. Then the other day I heard Ed Lover say on Power 105.1 that Pepa was the reason why Left Eye burnt down Andre Risen's mansion! This is going to be a banga for sure! Whether these claims are true or not I'm still waiting to read my girl's book!

Greatest Prank Call Ever

I know I've been posting some prank phone call articles but this one is totally classic! I peed my pants listening to this and I think I'm going to try this out on my bill collectors. Enjoy:

Yung Berg's Chain Is Fake!!!

You know I am an avid listener of Power 105.1 and I always listen to Ed Lover in the morning while driving to work. Recently, Ed Lover has been putting alot of people on blast and I love it! Today he clearly stated that he's not keeping his mouth shut any longer about the lies that go on in the hip hop industry! Gotta love that Ed Lover. I used to work with Ed Lover when he was doing the comedy show at "Oval's Cafe". I wonder if he remembers me? Probably not but whatever. Those were my Queens days!! Yes indeed! Sometimes I miss those days. Anyway, during this mornings show, Ed states that he knows the guy that made Yung Berg's chain and says that the transformer chain is indeed cubic zirconia's!!!!! Yikes!! So whoever has that damn chain, give it back!! No need in rockin cubics.....I mean damn........I ain't no baller but at least my ish is real!!! I'm not judging, I'm just saying!! Enjoy my tidbit!!


Sunny's Got A Cooking Show!!!

My girl Sunny, formerly of Hot 97 has got her own cooking show. Now I don't know if she still does this but back in the day she used to put up her recipes on Hot 97 and I tried a couple of them out and they were pretty good. Homie can throw down a little something, something. Her show will start airing on The Food Network, Sunday, August 30th at 12pm!! Enjoy her show, I know I will. You can check out some of her cooking skills by logging onto www.foodnetwork.com.

Solange Lashes Out

Recently, Solange Knowles was interviewed on Fox news and apparently became upset with the news anchor and put her on blast. Check out the footage below:

Now just to give Solange a chance, she did explain herself in the next clip. So take a moment and listen to Solange as she explains what made her say what she said. Enjoy:


A Jokey Joke To Make U Laugh

Most people are into going out to the club or going out to get something to eat and people like me love going out to see some comedy! I love anything that has to do with somebody making me laugh for the evening. My days are very stressful and busy to say the least so when I do get some off time, I really like to relax, enjoy myself and laugh!! Ricky Smiley happens to be another very funny comedian who I love to watch and listen to. He's a clean cut comic and doesn't really curse but he's funny as hell!!! Enjoy the prank call he made to a very Christian woman below. I warn you guys though, he might make you pee your pants!! Enjoy:

Nas Fans

For all my Nas fans......Nas will be performing at Webster Hall this evening at 9pm. Go and check him out. I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun!!

My MySpace Has Been Hacked

OMG!!! I am sooo upset right now. Someone has hacked into my myspace page and has taken my pictures and placed them on sites I wouldn't even imagine. Not sure who would do that.......but I've tried to correct the problem. If you receive any crazy myspace messages from my page, please understand that they are not from me!! I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone. Thanks Kristen B. for letting me know what happened. I appreciate you girl!!

I Don't Believe You Trick

Supahead celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend and she made a speech about how she's retiring from her whorish ways. Yeah right! I believe you Karrine! ;)
Once a trick always a trick is what I say. She even gets mad that she's getting old and sort of insults all the young chicks in the crowd by telling them that they can have these n*ggas. Come on Karrine........no need to get upset. Get a life or better yet, why don't you try to find a man that will take you for who you are and not what you can do under the sheets. How about that?

Joe Buddens & The Game End Beef

You can check out their performance together below:

I'm glad to see rap dudes getting along and getting their grown folk on!! And don't forget Joe Buddens album "Padded Room" will be out shortly!!

Dr. Dre's Oldest Son Passes!!!

Dr. Dre’s son, Andre Young Jr., 20, was found dead at his home in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Saturday morning.

“Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family’s grief and privacy at this time,” rep Lori Earl said in a statement.

L.A. Weekly reports that Young was out the previous night and returned home around 5:30 A.M., according to L.A. County Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter. Young’s mother went to check on her son in his bedroom around 10 A.M., found him unresponsive, and called 911.

“Police arrived and declared him (deceased),” Winter said, adding there was “no visible trauma or the like.”

The precise cause of death won’t be known for up to eight weeks, when toxicology tests are completed, according to reports.

Dr. Dre also has a son Marcel, born in 1991, from singer Michel’le; a son Curtis McClemore (aka rapper Hood Surgeon) from Cassandra Joy Greene; and two other children, son Truth (born 1997) and daughter Truly, from wife Nicole.

This report was courtesy of bet.com! My prayers go out to Dr. Dre and his entire family. I can't imagine the loss of any of my kids and pray I won't ever have to experience that. (Just my opinion) This sounds like somebody might have given him a drug and he wasn't aware of it.


Do You Co-Sign This Get Up?

Rihanna was caught with this lovely get up the other day and I just had to ask you readers.......do you co-sign? I usually feel like Rihanna is on top of her game when it comes to the fashion department but this get up got me thinking maybe she had an off day. Celebs are human just like us folks and they don't always want to be all dolled up. Sometimes they need a break. So do you think this was her off day or just another fashion trend she wants to start? You be the judge and let me know. Would love to hear about it.

T-Pains New Joint - Can't Believe

I am feeling this joint right here! Can somebody please tell me what the hell Weezy is saying on this joint?! This joint gives me a good vibe, enjoy it for yourself. Let me know what you think of the joint at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment. I respond to all commenters.


Lil Kim & Red Cafe

I'm hearing that Lil Kim's latest victim happens to be Red Cafe. To be honest, it took me a moment to even realize this was him. I have never seen Red Cafe without a fitted on and now I know why!!! When will she get it together people!!! Something's not quite right!!! But you let me know!

An Awkward Moment

You know every now and again I like to tell you guys something that happened to me, just so you guys can get a better picture of who I am. Get to know me as a person. I'm not just someone typing behind a computer screen, I am a person too. If you are an avid reader of HipHopGossipSite.com then you know that I have 4 children. My older 2 are from a previous relationship and my younger 2 are with the man that I am with at this very moment. (Love you babes but I have to tell the people this story)

A few weeks ago my man, my 2 little ones and myself decided to go and do some food shopping. I always wait to go into the frozen food section because it is really cold and my youngest is only 10 months. As we are walking down the frozen food aisle, I start to look for one of my favorite juices. Ssips, strawberry & kiwi is the bomb! Thanks Marilyn!!! Anyway, I noticed someone talking to my man but I didn't even turn to look. I was soooo intent on finding my damn juice. When I finally turned to see who it was talking to my man, I immediately made a left and kept it moving down the aisle. I didn't even want to give this person any acknowledgement. I don't have any beef with this person but I don't want any communication with this person either. Can you guess who I'm talking about? My 2 oldest children's father. I wanted no parts of that and kept it moving. When my man and I reached the car he said to me "Why didn't you say anything?" I was like because there's nothing to say. Let's just point this out that my man is waaaayyyyyy better looking then the first one and he is established within this industry. My first children's father looks like a train wreck. I let my man talk junk for a good hour or so and we laughed and went about our business.

This past weekend my man, the 2 little ones and I decided to go to the Bronx Zoo. He wanted his son (from a previous relationship) to come along as well. So off to Queens we went to pick up his son. When we got to his son's house we had to wait because his son's mother had taken them out to eat. When she pulled up in her gold Caravan I couldn't believe my eyes to say the least. This chick looked like a train wreck and Cheryl Underwood all at once!!!

She looked like she had a dead rat on her head but I later found out that it was braids that were supposed to look curly. She was all fat with her belly floppin over and she was just ugly in the face to say the least!! This chick couldn't stand next to me on her best day!!! As my man got back in the truck I couldn't help but laugh my ass off! Some nerve he had to talk about my past when his past is just as rotten!!! We laughed for a minute and kept it moving and had a great time at the zoo! But I had to tell this story. I had to let it out!!! LMAO!!!

R.I.P. Aaliyah

Today is the anniversary of Aaliyah's death. I'm not the type of person to remember the death but rather the life she lived. Aaliyah was one of the most beautiful women in the industry in my opinion. Her face was one that you just don't find on the average city block!! She was the reason why I grew my hair out and it just won't stop growing!!! :) What a tragic accident for a rising star. Aaliyah's beauty and talent will surely be missed. So on that note enjoy the clip of Aaliyah when she was here with us:

Yung Berg Got Rocked!!!

Where do I start with this dude? Can I first start by saying that karma is a bitch? Well then, let's get to it. Yung Berg got rocked at a Detroit club and his chain was snatched! I'm sooo hoping a "Dark Butt" did it! And when I say that, it's because Yung Berg was talking real slick about dark skinned women and this is how karma bites back! My daughters are dark and I was offended by those comments to say the least. Now, I don't wish anyone harm but dang if I'm not a little giddy right now! Below is a photo of someone rockin that $70,000 chain. I got the photo from necolebitchie.com, enjoy:

Not for nothing........but doesn't the dude in the photo look like a very popular rapper that's out right now? I'm just saying! The dude in the photo looks like he could be MAINO!!!! I could be wrong though. Enough about my guesses and enjoy the clip below of Yung Berg talking about his career and how much his chain ran him:


Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

This video is dedicated to all the thirsty dudes in this world. This is the office of your dreams!!! LMAO!!

Another Arrest

Your girl "Snoop" of The Wire was arrested. Here's how it all went down:

Police arrested popular actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson on minor drug charges on Wednesday (August 20), after she was detained for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial. Members of Baltimore’s Homicide Unit entered Snoop’s Northeast Baltimore home with a “body attachment” warrant, which allowed authorities to arrest and detain her. Once inside, they also found two cigars filled with what is allegedly marijuana as well as marijuana residue. Police may detain Snoop until September 16, when the murder trial of her associate Steven James Lashley begins. Lashley is accused of stabbing three men - one fatally - outside a Baltimore New York Fried Chicken, in Snoop’s defense. Snoop already told investigators that she wasn’t involved in the stabbing.

“He [Roseborough] ain’t try to flirt with me or no [s**t] like that,” Pearson told investigators. “It was so tight in there…I’m like what [s**t] man get out of my face.”

According to The Baltimore Sun, a warrant was issued for Snoop on July 1, after she missed an April 21 trial date. She also recently avoided prosecutors’ phone calls in regards to the trial. Snoop was sentenced to eight years in prison in 1996 at the age of 14, for shooting and killing Okia “Kia” Toomer during a dispute between the two females.

Why are all the girls who like other girls getting arrested? I'm not judging, I'm just saying!!!

Da Brat Gets 3 Years

My girl Da Brat is being sentenced to 3 years for having an altercation at a club in Atlanta last year and smashing a liquor bottle over some chicks head. You know not for nothing........I wasn't there and I don't know what really happened but I will say this.......I hate bitches!!! I mean there's always some chick out there really trying to test you. And every now and again you have to take a liquor bottle to somebody's head! I'm not talking every day but shoot.........every now and again. Let them bitches know where you at with yours. I can see this being the case. Although, that is just my opinion and not the facts. I thought everything was going soo good for Da Brat. She was on celebrity fit club and being nice. What happened? Enjoy the clip below:

Q-Tip Is Back With A Banga!!!

I was a huge fan of Tribe Called Quest back in the day and I am still a fan of them today. They had a sound that was sooo unlike any other. It was funky, jazzy, smooth and cool. So when I heard that Q-Tip had a joint out I had to race to hear how it was. When I heard the song on Sirius Satellite Radio I was like DAMN!! This song is HOTTT!!! It brought back my younger days growing up in Queens and it was just a good vibe associated with this song. So enough about me and check out the song and let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. Peep the joint below:


Ciara Is Jealous!!!

This just in!!! My homie Jen The Pen has just heard that Ciara is the jealous type. Ciara was reportedly going through 50's cell phone and prank calling all ex lovers and strippers..........DAMN.........Ciara sounds alot like me!! ;) I go through everything. The only difference is that I do it right in the open....plus I don't do the crank call shit. I just tell the whores who I am. Nonetheless, I can understand Ci Ci. You have a very wanted man on your hands. :) Now it's all out in the open....Ciara is a jealous girlfriend.....hmmm......I wonder if she was like this with Bow Wow? For more on this story, check out jenthepenbitches.blogspot.com!

"Keepin The Faith"

My girl Faith Evans is coming out with a tell all book titled "Keep The Faith". I know this is going to be a good read. Considering she fought Lil Kim, was married to Biggie, had run ins with Charli Baltimore and her own singing career!! That's alot in itself. Not to mention Tupac Shakur!!! How could I forget that whole beef!! Well enjoy this excerpt from her upcoming book:

"You know, I love New York," [Tupac] said. "But I'm not f*cking with New York right now."

The air in the room seemed to get really thick all of a sudden. His demeanor had changed so quickly that I was truly afraid.

"Really?" I asked. "Why is that!"

"'Cause n*ggas set me up that night. You know that right!"

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. He was staring at me like he thought I was the one who set him up.

"You don't really believe that bullsh*I," I said.

"I'm telling you ... n*ggas set me up," he said in a low voice.

"Look, Pac. I just need to get my check and then I have to go ..."

"The situation with the money is like this," he said. "If I give it to you, then you my b*tch."

I got up and moved father away from where he was standing.

"I'm not anybody's b*tch," I said, trying to keep my voice even and steady.

"You Biggie's bitch."

I thought about how people always got sh*t wrong. He was probably thinking about the song "Me & My B*tch." And I wasn't with Big when he made that record.

"I'm his wife."

"I though y'all broke up?" he asked

"We still married."


"Look," I said. "You hired me to do a song, I did it. I want my money and that's it."

"Oh word, it's like that? You just want your money?"

"You told me it wouldn't be a problem," I said. "The only reason I came up here is because you said ..."

"So you not trying to suck my d*ck?"

"What!" I screamed. "What are you talking about!"

Tupac raised his voice. "You know you want to suck my d*ck, b*tch! Don't f*cking lie." I burst into tears and grabbed my phone. "I have to get out of here."

Tupac kept going. He was making no sense, cursing and yelling. He said something about Big and the East Coast.

"But ... but ... I thought y'all was friends," I said. At this point, I could barely speak clearly because I was crying so hard.

"Whatever. You know you wanna be my b*tch," he said, before going into the bedroom area and slamming the door.

As soon as I got my things together to leave, Tupac came back to the common area.

"Where the f*ck are you going!" he asked.

"I don't know what you thought," I said. "I really don't. But it's not like that."

Tupac nodded slowly, staring at me intently. He wasn't ranting or screaming anymore. But he had this very sinister smile on his face. I kept looking around the room because I felt like something was about to happen to me. I wasn't sure if these guys were coming back or what. But something was wrong.

"It's not like that?" he kept saying over and over again and nodding. "Well ai-ight then, f*cking b*tch. You want to leave! Tell the driver to take you home. The limo is still out there. Get the f*ck out.."

I'm The Pappy!!!!

A friend and I were talking about Rick Ross today and they had mentioned to me that Rick Ross is going through a paternity suit. I mean DAMN!!!! Rick Ross is denying children too?! And as my friend and I were talking we couldn't help but think of the movie "Life". We both were thinking of the Bernie Mac part where he blurts out......"I'm The Pappy"!! We both started laughing and continued our lunch. In synch like we always are. He's a very special friend indeed and there's nobody out there quite like him. He knows who he is. So this is for you friend!!! I love you! Enjoy the clip:

Big Tigger Freestylez

One thing I can say about Tigga is that the boy has talent to just drop a great 16 off the dome.......but for some reason every time I think of Tigga, I think of what Superhead said about him and his bloody booty!!!! LMAO!! I'm just saying!!! Either way check out Tigga's freestyle from 106 & Park's 2000th episode below:

DJ Khaled's 3rd Album

I can't wait to hear DJ Khaled's new album titled "We Global", dropping September 16th. He has a new single out called "Go Hard". I'm hearing it's a banga yall.

DJ Khaled enthuses about “Go Hard,” “This is the biggest record in music right now! ‘Go Hard’ is what we doing to survive in this world. This anthem is timeless!!!! There are so many hip hop quotables on this record!!!!!”

Good! Peep "Go Hard" below:


Another Celeb Look Alike

You can't tell me that Cedric The Entertainer and Al Green ain't starting to look alike!!! When I was watching the BET Awards and saw Al Green's performance.......I immediately thought of Ceddy! LMAO!!! Let me know what's good.

I Knew Rocsi Was A Hoe

Word around town is that Rocsi likes to sleep with married men. As if we didn't know this already with the whole LisaRaye situation. Well the word is that Rocsi and Terrance Howard were getting quite cozey off camera during the 106 & Park's 2000th edition. I'm telling all the ladies in the industry to keep your man close cuz this bitch here is looking to sleep with anybody that will drop her a buck or two!! Somebody........not sure who it will be........will be knocking Rocsi the f*ck out!!! I just feel this in my loins!!! LMAO!!!

New Movie Release

There's a new movie coming out called "The Secret Life of Bees" starring Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few. This looks like it will be interesting. Not sure if I'm feeling the accents they are trying to portray they have though. I'll keep a look out for it though. Let me know what you guys think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment.

A "BoomKat" Moment

Now.......I'm not one to talk.....but this here is something terrible! You are seeing correctly if you think you see something pink on Boomkat's teeth. LMAO!!! I don't know who the make up artist was but they must be fired for applying too much damn lipstick. This is a catastrophe!!!! You know Boomkat ain't no joke on the dance floor but she sure looked like a joke on that red carpet for Making The Band 4! Let's make sure this doesn't happen again guys!!! A travesty I tell ya!!!

I Introduce To You "Dubb Union"

There's a new group coming out of Snoop Doggs label called Dubb Union. This group is comprised of Damani (from Inglewood), Bad Lucc (from Watts), Soopafly (from Long Beach). Dubb Union is the latest group in a long line of emerging artists to come out of the Doggystyle Records camp.

Check out the first single, “Westurn Union!!” featuring Doggpound member Daz Dillinger and BJ:


Lisa Raye Bruises!!!!

Now this is getting really out of control. My girl LisaRaye was featured in Essence Magazine showing the bruises she got during an argument with Michael Misick!! This is too much!!! I'm hearing the problem was LisaRaye was not allowed back at the mansion in Turks and Caicos when she wanted to see her husband so she ran her car right through the gates!!! Now that's what I'm talking about!!! She then fought with the Prime Minister and bit him like crazy. He in turn bit her back and it was on from there! Peep the bruises and bite marks below:

That's too much for even ME to handle!!!

Splitsville For Notorious Hood Couple

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that my girl Fantasia is no longer dating Young Dro. She was recently spotted at a nightclub in Atlanta and announced on the mic that she is single and looking!!! When are we going to get it right ladies?!!!

Angela & Bow Wow

If anybody knows me then they know I have an affinity with these two young folks. Angela Simmons and Bow Wow. They remind me of my 2 oldest kids. I don't know why, they just do. I'm hearing that these two are really an item now! I think they make a cute couple. They are both some crazy kids. They were linked together some time ago and I guess they are back for a second round? I just saw a clip of Runs House where Angela finds out that her parents wrote about her relationship with Bow Wow in a book! Hilarious scene!!!

Hoopz On King

My girl Hoopz, formerly of Flavor of Love and now on I Love Money is gracing the cover of the new King Magazine. I must say the girl did her thang on this one. I happen to like Hoopz no matter what anybody says. I do think that they photoshopped her body just a tad. Last I checked Hoopz had a shape but her booty ain't that big. I'm just saying!!!! Anywho, you can check her out in the new issue. Don't say I ain't never did anything for you guys!!! ;)

Some New Kicks For Ya

Every now and again I like to take a break from the normal gossip stuff and bring you guys some fashion. My son pointed out these Air Jordans and said they were called the 6 Ring Lasers. Whatever that means?! I did like them until he told me that these bad boys are running about $350!!!! Yikes!!! These kicks are hot but not that hot! Now if they were in the $100 lane........then maybe he can have them. But until then, I'll have to wait until they go on sale. :( Sorry Marquis!