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How Could You Forget Rick Ross

Your boy Rick Reezy kills the Swagger Like Us beat. You know I've come to realize that this is one of the hottest tracks since "A Millie". But see for yourself what Rick Ross does and let me know what you think.

PZI Jeans For The Real Women

These are some jeans that I'm definitely interested in getting. I am a woman with a little more........let's say.......junk in the trunk. So I'm happy that these jeans are catered to a bigger woman! I am definitely getting a pair of these bad boys within the next week or so. I know they are going to fit me right. So ladies......who are a little bigger than most (like myself) let's get it poppin and get a pair. Let me know how they fit on you!! Some more samples below:

New DVD Trailer for Katt Williams

Katt Williams is one of the funniest comedians and I'm happy to announce that he's coming out with a new DVD!! Yes to make us all laugh...........Isn't that what we need nowadays? Economy sucks, people are losing their jobs, money is tight............so check out Katt Williams and have a laugh or two!

Rihanna Gets New Clothing Line

The best dressed female in the industry just might be coming out with her own clothing line. Peep the article below, courtesy of yoraps.com:

"There might be a clothing line on the horizon, maybe underwear," RiRi said earlier this year.

Her prediction apparently came true as she recently told WWD, "I can't say when it will be released, but it's definitely going to happen. I'm not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time."

Although Rihanna has never tried her hand at designing clothes she has previously embarked on similar business ventures. After the release of her mega hit "Umbrella" she came out with a line of umbrellas. She also linked up with H&M to design casual wear for their "Fashion Against AIDS" campaign.

At press time, there was no release date for the line.

Mr. Fingaz Got Beats

My boy Mr. Fingaz got some hot beats. Do yall know what Mr. Fingaz produced? Check his stats and peep some of your favorite video beats done by Mr. Fingaz himself. Mr. Fingaz was graceful enough to show me love on my radio show and was a special guest on SoundConnectRadio.com. Some exclusive drops from Mr. Fingaz coming shortly. He wants yall to know that he stays on HipHopGossipSite.com!


Jeezy Has Problems W/Site Name!!!

A good friend of mine was out interviewing Young Jeezy and showed me some love by asking Jeezy to shout out my site. I appreciate Jeezy shouting out my site but damn!..........did you have to mess up that many times? LMAO!!! Enjoy the clip and know that Young Jeezy loves HipHopGossipSite.com!!! All day everyday!!!


Rumor Alert!!! Rumor Alert!!!

A little birdie whispered in my ear and let me in on the happenings over at Atlantic Records......and trust me when I tell you this doesn't sound good! Rumor has it that Maino's album will more than likely not be released!!! Yikes!! You mean I bought a Hi Hater shirt for nothing?! Then it seems as if the A&R for Maino has been fired from Atlantic!! What the hell is going on over there at Atlantic Records?! They had a good artist on their hands.......why all the re-niggin? If you have any information about this rumor, please feel free to hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment for the world to see. BTW, REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST!!!!

2 New Songs For Ya

This first joint is the "Swagger Like Us" remix featuring Jim Jones, Pusha T, Fabolous and Freeway. They killed this remix and you know the beat is crazy. So check out the first pick I chose for you guys below:

And my second pick for you guys is a new joint by Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz. This song is called Arab Money. It's different but hot nonetheless and I had to let yall hear this ish. So check it out and enjoy your weekend:

Rap City Is Going Off The Air

Rumor has it that BET's longest running program, Rap City, is going to be yanked from the network.

According to reports, the network's executives are pulling the plug on the iconic show on October 26. Word on this news has been going around for years now, but sources are saying that this time it is official. Since the departure of Big Tigger a few years ago, the show has seen three different hosts, J-Nicks, Mad Linx, and Q45. But none of them have been able to restore the show to it's former glory. At press time, however, the validity of this rumor could not be confirmed. This article is courtesy of yoraps.com.

Jam Master Jay Case Goes to TV

Jam Master Jay's murder case is going to be on America's Most Wanted! Sources are confirming that the long running criminal catching program is in the process of producing a segment on Jay's 2002 slaying in Queens in hopes of bringing the murderers to justice. Jam Master Jay's segment is currently in preproduction. I hope they find the bastards who did this! Hip Hop is mourning the loss of one of their soldiers!!

Washington Mutual Folds!!!

Washington Mutual became the largest bank to fail in the history of the United States last night. This sh*t has hit the fan. The government seized the bank and then sold it to JP Morgan Chase. Wamu had over 300 billion in assets before collapsing. Your stacks are insured up to 100K and that's it!! So if you are a baller than you better make sure your money is in tact!!!


Confessions of A Blogger

I have been having some problems at work for awhile now and yesterday was my breaking point. A co-worker has been on my case for a minute. Although, she was trying to be nonchalant about it I peeped her style! So it is unfortunate that yesterday I told the chick that if she keeps checking me out I was going to hurt her. I was soooo sure that I was going to get fired but when I went into my boss' office and yelled "I QUIT"........I thought I was going to be on the unemployment line!!! But instead she raced out after me and asked me what was going on. She took me into her office and sat me down and wanted to know what was bothering me. I explained the situation to her and eventually she resolved it. So I am happy to say that I still have my 9-5 but for a minute I was shook!!! So thank you Jesus for keeping me in check and guiding the hands of the powers that be so that I can keep the job!!!

Jo Jo's Birthday Bash

For all you Team BlackOut fans you can attend Jo Jo's birthday bash going down tomorrow. All the young and fly women of Hollis Queens, come out and support Rev. Runs son. You know this is going to be a star studded event since the Simmons' sisters will be in attendance as well as their super star friends. RSVP with the quickness!! Tomorrow is going to be crazey!!!!

Ludacris Pool House Burnt Down

According to TMZ.com, Ludacris may have to hold off on throwing any more pool parties for a while as a massive "significant fire" claimed his pool house recently.

Although no one was hurt, the house, which is said to be larger than most normal homes, reportedly burned to the ground.

According to reports, Luda was out of the house on time but one of his family members was in the basement of the main house when the fire broke out.

The local fire department says that the fire was extinguished in a half hour.

Glad to hear that no one was hurt. Who the hell was in the pool house is what I want to know?

T.I. Has New Clothing Line

T.I. is coming out with a new clothing line called AKOO which stands for "A King of One". You all should know that one of T.I.'s son's is called King. That was a cute idea if you ask me. You can tell he loves his kids. Let me know what you guys think of this new clothing line.

Jennifer Lopez Has New Reality Show

There are rumors that Jenny from the block is coming out with her own reality show on MTV. When J-Lo was asked about this rumor going around she got on the defensive. Jennifer said that it will not be a reality show. (Yeah hun, I believe you)

Jenny from the block stated "We're filming the making of a perfume and this is how you do it. You come in to my house when I have an idea about perfume and then you watch me be a good mom for the camera and than I turn my kids over to the nanny and you follow me to work".

Now, I'm no rocket scientist but doesn't that sound like a reality show to yall? Let me know.


Can't Believe It - Remix

Kardinall Official kills it and to be honest I'm not into reggae remixes but he did his thang with his verse! That's all for today but always check back tomorrow!!

Get To Know "Duke Da God"

Who doesn't know who Duke Da God is? I would be blown away if somebody said they didn't know who the brains behind the beats was to alot of huge Dipset songs we all know and love. So get to know who Duke Da God is and enjoy this interview.

NYC: Outside of producing, do you want to branch out into other areas aside from doing what you are doing?
DDG: Uhm.......
NYC: Like, do you want to rap?
DDG: Nah........nah! I don't wanna rap at all! I'm pretty stern with what I do. I don't wanna rap at this point in my career. (Smiles) I feel like I'm a good coach. This is my direction. Maybe my position might be dying out like a dinosaur but this is what I do. Most people have home studios to eliminate the A&R but as for giving direction to the artists..........that's always needed.

NYC: But as far as other areas, is there anything else that you want to do? Like maybe acting or working on a movie or doing videos?
DDG: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! I definitely want to do more producing outside of Diplomats. I'd love to score movies! I'd love to have a position with a major label where I can sign acts and just do it like that on a major level.

NYC: Now, just thinking back for a minute, I saw a clip of Tru Life and he was calling yall (Dipset) all out and he called you "Duke Da Broad".
DDG: (Laughs)

NYC: I was shocked when I heard that because I thought that the beef was just Tru Life and Jim Jones and that's where it ended. It just seemed like he brought all of yall (The whole Dipset) into whatever was going on.
DDG: (Nods his head)
NYC: Am I wrong? Do you want to elaborate on that?
DDG: That situation is pretty much dead to me. Duke Da Broad? That's crazy!! It's kind of crazy to hear somebody slander me like that. You know everybody is trying to sell records to do what they have to do to get on. So......I like to make hot music.

NYC: So, you're not really going to address that?
DDG: Nah. It's nothing to really address. Everybody takes shots, you know, when they are trying to come up. So he's just trying to take some shots at us. Like on some commando shit.

NYC: Now another issue I would like to address is Max B. There seems to be some kind of drama where he feels like Dipset kind of left him when he was in a situation.........going to jail.
DDG: Max B is a birdgang artist. So I look at Max B like his situation wasn't with the immediate Diplomats. He was under Jim. It wasn't Diplomats, it was the co-op. He was on the outside.....so that bounced off the Diplomats. Even though it's under the same umbrella we still had that pancho on but we didn't get wet. He was signed to Jim and birdgang. Not Diplomats.

NYC: Now that you said that. What is the difference between Diplomats and Birdgang?
DDG: Jim Jones has a group called Birdgang. It consists of other artists outside of the Diplomats. So to separate them it's N.O.E., Chink Santana and the rest of them.

NYC: I also try to get personal outside of the gossip.......so on that note, I always ask this to every artist, how have the ladies been treating you?
DDG: You know. (Smiles) I get laid alot!!!!

NYC: If you had your chance to smash anybody in the industry who would it be?
DDG: It'll probably be..........(he pauses to think) maybe Alicia Keys right now. I like Alicia Keys.

NYC: Any particular reason why?
DDG: Nah, I think she's dope. She could sing. We could make love while she's singing to me. (Laughs)
NYC: (I laugh)

NYC: Do you have any kids?
DDG: Yeah, I have a daughter. She's 9 years old. She lives in Harlem. She's growing up like how I grew up.

NYC: No wifey?
DDG: Nah.

NYC: Ok. I would assume not with the "laid alot" comment.
We both laugh.

NYC: Being that you do have a young daughter, how does she affect how you go about doing what you do?
DDG: She's proud of me. I get up and I do it for her. (Smiles) I know how it is. When I pick her up from school she says "They don't believe me Daddy!" I go to her school and everybody is like "Wow". So she's proud and that's good.

NYC: Do you seek out other producers?
DDG: Yeah! I'm not foolish! My job is to find the best music and give it to the artists so they can make records. My job is not to make all the music. That's not how I see it. My job is to get the best look possible.

NYC: Are you working with any other producers or are you the sole producer for Dipset?
DDG: I got an in house producer. His name is A. Raab. He's dope! He's young and I'm going to show the world what he does. He does some ill shit! I never saw anybody do what he do!!! I'm going to showcase what he can do. I don't know how I'm going to do it..........I know!!!.........I'll put him on your blog! (We all laugh) I also got a radio show on XM. Channel 66 every Thursday from 8-9pm.

NYC: XM? Is that the same as satellite?
DDG: Nah, there's Sirius and there's XM. They're both satellite.
NYC: Ok. I got Sirius.
DDG: You got Sirius in your car right?
NYC: Yeah.
DDG: I got Sirius in my car too. (Smiles) I got the converter. You can buy the converter. You can have Sirius and XM in your car.

NYC: What can people expect from your radio show?
DDG: All that exclusive music. My show is like a breath of fresh air. If you like street music, hot rhymes and hard beats then you'll love my show. My goal is to have you entertained and at the same time satisfied with the music. You can check out my website called DipInTheMix.com.

NYC: Do you have a myspace where people can reach out to you?
DDG: Yeah. My MySpace is myspace.com/dukedagod.

NYC: Any other websites?
DDG: Dipsetmixtapes.com or they can reach out to me at dukedagod@gmail.com.

NYC: In closing is there anything else you would like the people to know?
DDG: I got the new album coming out, More Than Music Volume 3, coming out this Halloween. I don't rap, I put numbers up. I been puttin numbers up for a couple of years now. Holla at me!!

NYC: Thank you for taking the time out for me to interview you. I appreciate you.
DDG: It ain't nothing.

Lady Luck vs. Reece Steele

Clip one shows Reece and Luck talking like adults and explaining that they will be battling each other on September 27th or the 20th....I don't remember. Now peep clip 2............where they start going toe to toe:

Who do you have your money on? I'm going with Lady Luck although I love me some Reece Steele.

T.I. To Pay More Child Support

I guess it pays to drop some babies for these rappers cuz baby mommas are getting it in, in the courts!! T.I.'s baby momma just got an increase in her child support for her 2 sons she has with T.I. She was originally getting $2000! Now, the court has ordered T.I. to pay her over $3000 plus..........yes I said plus, any unpaid medical bills, school tuition and extracurricular activities!!!! T.I. has previously stated that he paid those things anyway so I know it's not a hassle for the brotha but going to court in general is always a hassle. This is why I'm telling all you fellas who are about to blow up.......be careful what you sleep with!!! What looks good to you may not always be good for you!!! Words of advice from the NYC Gossip Girl!!!

Lil Waynes Ex-Wife Writes Book

Everybody and their mother is writing a book lately and I am sooo hopping on that bandwagon. Reports are saying that Lil Wayne's ex-wife is going to write a tell all book about the life she shared with Mr. Carter himself. Peep the story below courtesy of yoraps.com:

Yo! Raps has learned that Lil Wayne's ex-wife, Antonia "Toya" Carter, is reportedly writing a book about her life with the N.O. rapper.

The former Mrs. Carter announced her decision to pen her tell-all via her Myspace page last week.

The young couple was married on Valentine's Day in 2004 but broke up after two years due to what she claimed was Wayne's infidelity.

According to an interview Antonia did with Vibe, the two met in middle school and eventually became high school sweet hearts. She became pregnant with the rapper's child at 14.

Editors Note: (I know this story all too well. I had my first child at 14 too.)

Antonia says that although their marriage didn't work out, they still are good friends and he has become a "better father over the years."

At press time, a title and release date for the book could not be found.

Can't wait to hear what she has to say!!! I'm a reader!! Just as a sidebar........don't Lil Wayne's daughter look just like his ass?! That ish is amazing!!

2009 NBA All Star Weekend

Are all you gold diggers and men who love to sweat anything that resembles a chick ready for the 2009 NBA All Star weekend? It's going down next year in Phoenix Arizona. I hear they are doing an early bird special for all you thirsty individuals. I know a few thirsty dudes as well as some hoes that already have their ish hammered out just to be there! Lord have mercy!! When will they ever just go to see the basketball game? All Star Weekend is starting to sound like Greek Fest! Remember Greek Fest?

Clay Aiken Is Gay, Are You Surprised?

Come on and wake up people!! If you didn't know Clay Aiken was gay just by the mere sight of him then you really have problems! Come on man! There's nothing wrong with being gay if that's what you choose to do but Clay had "I'm Gay" written on his forehead!! If you didn't see the signs then I don't know what to tell you! I normally don't put people on such blast unless I had a personal experience with them but everyone is soo surprised that he's coming out of the closet. Why?! I'm just wondering who he had that baby with or was it some kind of artificial insemination type thing going on? Hit me up if you know anything.

Just as an FYI....why does Clay look like an old white lady on the cover of People magazine? I'm not judging.....I'm just saying!

Chris Rock Gets On Clinton

Chris Rock tells it like it is!! He is crazy! Watch as David Letterman asks Chris "What are we doing here?" as Chris Rock grabs his hand. Chris was amped up to say the least. I'm voting for Obama, are you?

New Reality Show on VH1

OMG!! As if I haven't heard enough! There is talk that brothers extraordinaire or should I say Stallionaires are being given their own reality show called "Real Chance of Love". This show should be airing in November on VH1. Not that I'm complaining because I am sooo addicted to reality TV but I don't know if REAL can make the show good. Chance is hilarious and funny and he kind of reminds me of a hyped out R. Kelly but REAL...........hmm............I don't know. He's too cool and laid back for me. Not sure if I want to see too much of him. Peep an old school pick of the brothers from back in the day below:

Is it me or is there something not looking quite right in this photo? I'm not even going to say what I think but you guys can give me your opinion on this pick. Hit me up or leave a comment.

Kim Kardashian Getting Married?

There's alot of internet rumors floating around about these two lovebirds and I can't say that I'm surprised. In a recent interview with NFL.com, Reggie explains that the time is coming soon when he is going to pop that question to his long time girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Now, I don't know about you guys but I'm just saying this.............How the hell did she do it? I don't know any dude on this earth that will wife up a chick who has been seen around the world in a sex video with some other dude! Granted it was in the past and had nothing to do with him but even still...........people are always going to know Kim Kardashian for smashing Ray J!!!! I don't know?! Fellas if you're reading this article can you please tell me if I'm right or if I'm wrong. I would love to hear about it. If you would wife Kim, let me know. I know you all would love to smash but WIFE? I don't know.............something smells fishy round these parts! She might have put a root on his ass if you ask me!


R. Kelly Interview (Remix)

When I peeped this clip on necolebitchie.com I almost fell out of my chair. What in the hell made Lil Duvie come out with this? It is funny as hell!!! Why didn't I think of this first is all I'm saying!! Take a look but I warn you............this ish might have you pee your pants! Don't say I didn't warn you:


Trailor of the Movie "Notorious"

Check out the clip for the new movie "Notorious". I can't wait to see this joint. I know it's going to be crazy. I also wanted to let you guys know that just about a week and a half ago I got to sit down and chat with none other than Charli Baltimore of Murder Inc.

We talked about her relationship with the Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans and the comments made in her book titled "Keep The Faith". We also talked about Lil Kim, Maino and her daughters career. This was the first time that an artist told me we had a vibe and was shocked at how comfortable I made them feel. That's when I knew Charli was a real chick. Real always recognizes real!! So stay tuned for that exclusive interview coming next week!!

Big News For The NYC Gossip Girl!!!

WhatsPoppin.net has just signed your girl on as a writer!! That's right WhatsPoppin.net has officially hired your girl as a writer/blogger for their website!!! Shouts to Parnell for recognizing the talent and the hustle that is put into this thing they call blogging!!! Parnell, you and I go wayyyyyy back! Let's say art class in high school!! The boy is doing big things and turned nothing into something! So stay tuned cuz your girl is doing some very big things as well! Get prepared people.........YOU WILL BE SEEING ALOT OF ME!! Thank you Jesus!!

Cutting Class Part 8

Let me warn you guys that there are quite a few bangas on here so if you are truly into hip hop then this is what you need in your life right now!! DJ J-Cartel is back at it again. Giving you exactly what you need in your life. Check it out or log onto HoodRiot.com and download the mixtape for free!!!


Baisley Day Was Crazey

Well, well, well. Where do I begin? I went to Queens on Saturday to chill with some friends and enjoy Baisley day. Let me just say that Baisley day was CRAZEY!! I will say there was alot of young kids there. Not too many people around my age but I had a good time nonetheless. The cops were in full force yesterday and guess who the special guest was? JUELZ SANTANA himself. He caused such a ruckus it was mayhem!!! You know your girl was out of there with the quickness. It was that bad out there when Juelz showed up. But while I was there I made some great connections. Shouts to Gina for taking good care of my babies while I was away in Queens working my ass off! I appreciate you! Some more shouts to Pete Johnson of (Both Sides of the Game) and Mook Diamond for suggesting we all go to a fish fry afterwards! The food was off the chain and Dame you can cook your ass off!! Thank you fellas for making me and my crew feel like family!! Speaking of "Both Sides of the Game" check out this clip below of the Ron Johnson story:

Let me know what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment. Oh! How can I forget.........Mook Diamond is having a special birthday party next Saturday for Grand Master Vic called the "King of Queens" event. This event will be off the chain and yes the NYC Gossip Girl will be there!! Mook AKA Obama (little inside joke) see you Saturday for that crazy interview we about to have and Pete thanks for the connect on the wing spot! You got me addicted!!!


New Shit!!! New Shit!!!

You know I have to let yall know a little about my business every now and again. I was just in Queens with my homegirl (cuz that's where I'm from). I have been going through some problems at home and just wanted to get away from Long Island and everything in it. So my homegirl said let's take a ride to Queens and see what's going on. I was like bet! So we went to 40 projects (50 Cent is always rappin about 40) and chilled for a minute with my girls having a good time when some dude pulls up in a bentley playing this song right here!! I was like "Yo! What is that song?" Someone said that's that new shit from this kid called Ron Browz! So I have to let yall here this!! Let me know what you think and hit me up! Oh! By the way, tomorrow is Baisley day over in Queens and that's where I'll be so if you want to check out the NYC Gossip Girl holla!!! But for now enjoy this new hot joint:


Swagger Like Puff

Well here goes my boy Puffy back at it again. He took the whole "Swagger Like Us" and flipped it to "Swagger Like Puff". He says nothing during the whole clip but damn if he doesn't give one hell of a performance. And.......yeah........if I start seeing dudes eat cereal with orange juice just cuz Puff did it I'm screaming on ya!!! LOL!!


For Men & Women

I'm going to start with the ladies first. So here's some chocolate candy for you women who love some men. Nelly has definitely been in the gym cuz I don't remember seeing him like this!!! I was never the one to look at Nelly twice but I see he is stepping his game up! Good going Ashanti!!!

And now of course for the fellas:

Ever since I put up a post about Coco's tail being fake, I've received numerous emails about more from Coco. So fellas here you go and don't never say I don't deliver! You requested her, now you've got her! PEACE!!!

Funk Flex Drops A Bomb On Em

Wooooooowwww!!!! Funk Flex is going in on R. Kelly right? But check out the interview that R. Kelly did with BET. Let me know what yall think about this right here. LMAO at the funny members only jacket! Flex you are too much right now!!! Peep the R. Kelly interview that Flex is talking about below:

You Must Read This!!!!

The leading hotels of the world is celebrating their 80th anniversary. To celebrate they are offering rooms for $19.28 a night at the best hotels in the world. The catch is you only have 80 minutes to make your reservations as of October 1, 2008. You have to pre-register.

Join in the festivities. Celebrate our birth year - 1928 - and eight decades in hospitality.
Just months after launching one of this year's most lavishly expensive holidays in honor of our 80th anniversary - an epic USD 1 million trip "Around the World" - The Leading Hotels of the World turns the tables and embraces its founding year (1928) with an astounding promotion. At 12 noon GMT (8 a.m. ET/Eastern Time) on October 1, 2008, we will release a limited number of the world's most-coveted hotel rooms at the unprecedented rate of USD 19.28 per night. For 80 minutes only, registered consumers will be able to secure the celebratory USD 19.28 rate and experience a multitude of our iconic members.

Shouts to balleralert.com a site for the ladies looking for a baller in their lives. I'm definitely not looking but they have some really great deals and information on this site! Trust me! They'll even text you where the hottest parties will be at with the most celebrities in attendance! Yeah, they are the bomb over there. Thanks again guys!!!

My Sexual Preference

You know I get alot of emails from people asking about sexual advice or asking what I prefer. Lord knows I am not the one for giving any type of advice but since I have 4 kids and am considered "experienced" I will tell you what my favorite position is. I love being on top! Yes! I love being on top and feeling close to a man. I like to see what I'm doing is pleasing the person I am with. There's a certain feeling you get that I can't explain but that's my favorite position. Damn doggy style and missionary! I want the full throttle!! Ram me boy!!! Rub and smack on my booty! LMAO!! Do you think I'm getting all tingly inside? Nuff said. Gotta go! Bye!

You Be The Judge

Ok so I was watching a clip on worldstarhiphop.com and the clip was of Styles P. claiming he wanted help to stop smoking weed. As I was watching this clip I said to myself.........Dang, homie sure does look like somebody I know. And then it just hit me! I know for sure you guys are not going to agree or see what I see but damn it! I see it. So now you guys be the judge and let me know does Styles P. look like this?

Ludacris Is Doing It

Ludacris is rockin the cover for next months issue of XXL. I like how the brother is still on his grind regardless. I hear he does alot for his community and that's always a good thing. Ain't nothing like giving back to those who are in need. On another note, check out the clip of Luda crackin up because Jo Jo passed out during a Jodeci performance! I don't know but when I see other people laughing (it don't matter what it is) my silly ass starts laughing too. Enjoy the clip:

Vibe Magazine Is Bananas

I would like to know what is going through the young minds over at Vibe Magazine to be pulling the stunts that they have been pulling lately. First, the nude Ciara photos and now this!!! One of the dudes from Pretty Ricky chillin on the contents page butt booty naked with a baseball cap covering his manhood? What has the world come to? Jesus please intervene!!! I beg you Lord!! Take the wheel!! We've got to do better.

More On Swizzy & Mashonda

When will this drama end? I'm getting tired of this but I know yall love to read about it. Check out the newest set of rumors regarding Swizzy and Mashonda below:

We just caught wind that the Swizz Beatz-Mashonda divorce saga may be headed for a new twist.

We just spoke with a person close to the situation who claims that Swizz Beatz suspects that Mashonda may have not been 100% faithful in the marriage.

The insider, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that for many months Swizz suspected that Mashonda may have been up to no good. The insider explained to us, "Swizz would find suspicious text messages on Mashonda's phone, and she would take sudden unannounced trips to Atlanta to meet with producer Bryce Wilson (from the group Groove Theory)."

Sidebar: I don't know about you ladies but going from Swizzy to Bryce is a good look. But cheating is not nice and I don't condone it one bit!! Shame on you Mashonda! But such a good look! If you're going to cheat.....you might as well do it the right way!

And it gets worse, the insider claims that now that Mashonda and Swizz are separated, she's officially dating Bryce. The tispter told us, "It's very suspicious, Mashonda and Bryce were just 'hanging out' when she was together with Swizz and now they're dating. I'm not buying it."

Dame Dash Son Is Missing

Here we go with another child battle. When are us grown folk going to learn to leave the kids out of it? So it seems that Dame Dash let his son "Boogie" go and visit with his mother for the weekend and she hasn't returned him back home yet. Now, how can a mother lose custody of her child is beyond me.........but nevertheless it is the case with Linda Williams. So Dame has custody of their son and has put in for a violation stating that his son's mother is holding their child hostage. There is a warrant out for Linda Williams arrest. I'm hoping this all works out for the best cuz at the end of the day kids need BOTH parents! Not just one!


Update On T.I. Child Support

T.I. clarifies his child support situation:

A lot of deceiving information has been reported regarding my recent child support proceeding. It is unfortunate that the media has been used to manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts.To clarify the recent reports, in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon, the mother of my sons Domani and Messiah, I also pay for their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities. Their extra-curricular activities have included football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities that they express a desire to be involved in that will contribute to them leading balanced lives and developing into well rounded individuals. I have also made an attempt to help Lashon with additional payments that have included a down payment to purchase her home, purchase of an automobile for her transportation and other financial obligations. These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon. She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.

You know this sucks for a chick like me who has a job and will do for her children despite what the fathers will and won't do and I get the bad end of the stick each and every time! I wish I could've had some kids by a mega star so I could live off of them.......but then what happens when the well runs dry? What will the chick do then? Ladies get a job and stop trying to live off of these men! Let them see that you can accomplish and maintain on your own. That way when they give you that extra cash they know you are doing right by their children. Words of wisdom for ya!!!

Poprah Was A Skinny Chick!!

If yall have been keeping up with the hottest reality show out there then you know that "I Want To Work For Diddy" is ranked at number 1 right about now! There are some great competitors on this show and I am impressed that I can't wait for Mondays to see who is going to get kicked off next. There is one character on the show who brings drama and everything else to the show and that contestant is Poprah!! She gets at all of the other contestants and makes it fun to watch! Poprah is the heavy set light skinned female on the show who doesn't seem to get along with anybody......and she has stated in the past that she was a slim jim. Hard to believe since she's a big girl but take a peek at how Poprah used to look:

Howard Celebrity Basketball Game

For those of you who will be attending Howard University Homecoming, you know it's a major event! So why not go and represent a good cause like HIV/Aids Awareness. It's going down October 11th from 7-9pm at Howard University. Go on and check it out. Thanks Jabari for the heads up. I appreciate you!!!


The L-Word

Queen Latifah is in the studio working on her new album and guess what the title is going to be?.................The L-Word. Yall can take it however you want to take it............it could stand for Love, Loser, Liar, Lust or Lesbian, you be the judge and tell me what you think at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com or just leave a comment. I think this is sooo good for marketing! That Latifah is one smart cookie!!!!!!!

Alicia Keys Vs. Mashonda

This whole Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and Mashonda fiasco is not over yet! Peep the article below courtesy of bossip.com:

Alicia Keys could be named as “the other woman” in the divorce of hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz and R&B singer Mashonda. Swizz has been brushing off rumors that Grammy-winner Alicia had anything to do with his split from Mashonda, his wife of almost five years and mother of his 1-year-old son, Kasseem Dean Jr. But Mashonda isn’t buying it. Last week, she was incensed when she heard about the birthday party Alicia threw for Swizz at midtown’s Louis Vuitton store, where guests included Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Robin Thicke. “Alicia introduced Swizz as ‘The man of the hour and my boo,’” says an insider. “Mashonda has had enough. She put her career on hold to be a wife and mother. She’s tired of pretending she’s deaf, dumb and blind to what’s going on. She can’t believe how disrespectful Alicia is being.”

“That was his announcement. She got sucked into it. She thought they were trying to put their marriage back together. Meanwhile, he’s apparently been telling Alicia that his marriage was over.” Though he accompanied Alicia on her European tour last summer, Swizz has continued to live, off and on, with Mashonda and Kasseem Jr. at their Westchester mansion, says a friend. Mashonda is said to have exploded when she found a flirty e-mail from Alicia on Swizz’s BlackBerry. According to sources, she fired back a reply, reminding the singer he was still her husband. Mashonda has now hired powerhouse matrimonial lawyer Bernard Clair. “This could have been handled quietly,” said a friend. “But now Mashonda has taken the gloves off.” Clair declined to comment. Keys’ rep didn’t return a call. A friend of Swizz said, “His relationship with Alicia began after their separation. He hasn’t kept it a secret. He still has great love for Mashonda and has promised to take care of her and their son and support her career.”

Swizz Has something different to say:

“I can no longer ignore the harmful rumors, that my friend Alicia Keys is in any way linked to my marital circumstances or to the decision that [my wife] Mashonda and I have made to separate. I am disappointed that some have chosen to try and tarnish Alicia’s reputation by irresponsibly implicating her in a situation that she has absolutely nothing to do with,” Beatz, a father of two, says. “This experience has been one of the most difficult times in my life, and as was stated when we announced our separation several months ago, I ask that you continue to respect my privacy in dealing with this personal matter.”

50 Goes In On Kanye!! LOL!!!

Check out this clip of my boy 50 Cent going in on your boy Kanye West. They even make fun of Kanye at the end of the clip about his recent arrest with the paparazzi! 50 is too much. Peep the clip below:

Is it me or has 50 been back to eating meat and potatoes? Looks like he's getting his figure back! Yay!!!!!! Check out how 50 tears down the "Can't Believe It" song by T-Pain:

I think he's back ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Hudson & Punk Engaged

Well if New York didn't want him I know Jennifer Hudson does! That's right ladies and gentlemen, Punk formerly of "I Love New York" has proposed to Jennifer Hudson and she gladly said YES!!! Wow! It's amazing to see how far a fake reality show can take someone! I need to start filling out applications like ASAP! Well I'm happy that Punk has finally found true love cuz for a minute I thought he was truly in love with Tiffany Pollard A.K.A. New York. We all learn from our mistakes and I'm sure Punk has learned his and is happy in his new situation.

New Jay Z - Swagger Like Us

Jay Z has a hot new joint out with T.I., Kanye West and Lil Wayne. The joint is called "Swagger Like Us". I feel this song in soo many ways. These 4 brothas are really doing it in the music industry so it's only right that the title be "Swagger Like Us". Peep the joint and let me know what you think:

For all the newest joints you can always check out yoraps.com!!!


BitchAssNess Alert!!!

I came across this clip on YouTube of Puffy talking about BitchAssNess. Man oh man is Puffy hilarious! I know quite a few folks who have the disease and are looking to get me infected. It ain't happenin buddies!!! I will not be infected!! This goes to all the males and females who are hatin on the V.I. You know who you are so this ones for you:

They Say Alicia Is A Homewrecker

According to YBF.com, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are definitely having a love affair. I still can't make the connection. Alicia and Swizz? I'm just not buying it! But read the article below courtesy of YBF.com and let me know what you think:

"And the Mashonda/Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys love triangle saga continues. Very credible sources inside Alicia’s camp (on the personal management side) have dished to TheYBF.com that Alicia Keys threw a party last night at the NY’s Guggenheim Museum. And it was far from a Welcome Back To The States party for herself. She threw this party for Swizz Beatz’s birthday! Swizz brought his entire family (mom and co.) along to celebrate. But it was supposed to be top secret that it was Alicia who actually threw this party for him. We reported a while back that the “divorce” talk from Mashonda and Swizz was just to help Mashonda save face. I’m told the couple was actually scheduled to start marriage counseling next week. Too bad Mashonda knew nothing about Alicia throwing this party.

We cross checked the facts about this party with a member of Alicia’s street team–since she used them to pub this party to certain people. And it indeed checks out. Sources also tell TheYBF.com that Alicia kept the purpose of the party secret from everyone else, including the African performer she hired for the party named Angelique Kidjo. Pics of the two together at the event may not surface because of Ms. Keys’ strict confidentiality forms and no cameras policy she has everyone in her camp sign when it comes to pictures of her. But when Mashonda starts dishing about her husband’s behavior to every media who will listen, you can can guan-damn-tee this ish is coming out.

I also hear Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez stopped by the party but promptly left when they were annoyed by Swizz and Alicia so publicly flaunting their affair and relationship. Esp. since Swizz and Mashonda haven’t signed the separation/divorce papers. In case you didn’t know, the Anthonys actually became good friends with Mashonda after meeting her through Swizz who previously produced some tracks for Jenny.

Now that we’ve let the cat out the bag, I wonder if Swizz regrets moving in with Alicia while Mashonda’s been out of the country. Oh yes, moved in together. Scandal!

UPDATE: For all you doubters, radio host Wendy Williams has confirmed on her show today that Alicia was indeed at the party last night. Wendy was there herself, as well as her sidekick Charlamagne, who had a convo with Ms. Keys and just discussed it on the air this afternoon. They also confirm J.Lo and Marc Anthony were there." ybf.com

Oopskie! J Records won't like this! What about Alicia's clean cut image?

*hears the sound of Alicia's credibility being flushed down the toliet*

Damage control from Alicia's PR team will follow shortly...

I don't want to believe this but I heard from someone close to me and Alicia Keys people that they are indeed a couple.........still not buying it though!

Michael Misick Is Gay?

Where do I begin with this story? I was told by a very reliable source that Michael Misick is gay! I couldn't believe this when I first heard it because when you hear the name Michael Misick you automatically think of the Beautiful LisaRaye..........but then it all makes sense. Sometimes Down Low brothas will have us fooled! It was even said that Michael Misick got down with Duane Martin!!! Now if that ain't some shit for that ass then I don't know what is. Picture of Duane Martin below:

Tony Rock (who played Dirk on the sitcom All of Us) was on the Wendy Williams show and gave some light to the situation but at the end of the day, you know he ain't gonna rat on his people. But from what I'm hearing all over..........Duane Martin is a straight lover of men. So my only question is why is Tisha Campbell still hanging tough? Let me put it this way, I'm starting to think that marrying a gay man is the move. Think about it...........you don't have to sleep with the guy but you can share his money!! Now that's a plan if you ask me! ;)

Beyonce Is Back

Well, people, Beyonce is back and will be dropping her album sometime in November. So after getting married and having a wonderful honeymoon with her hubby, she's back for the music! I'm glad she's back. We need some more Bey in our lives! Article of the news below, courtesy of bossip.com:

Information has emerged about Beyoncé’s forthcoming, still-untitled third solo LP, which is slated for release on November 18 on Music World Music/ Columbia. Justin Timberlake will appear on the LP, although further details on his involvement were not available at press time. Timberlake told reporters outside the show, “I’ll be in the studio this week with Beyoncé. Who knows what will come out of that?” Beyoncé co-wrote or co-produced all the material on the album, which the label says comprises “her most personal, reflective and revelatory collection to-date.” Songwriter/ producer Sean Garrett (Mary J. Blige, Usher, Fergie) revealed to MTV News on the VMA red carpet that he’s been Beyoncé’s album. Peep the footage for her upcoming video below:

Bow Wow's Hot Freestyle

If I said it before then I'm going to say it again. I am a huge fan of Bow Wow's! He reminds me soo much of my son. So in my eyes Bow Wow can never do anything wrong......with the exception of dating Superhead...........I'll let him pass because sometimes a man's weakness is another woman. Maybe this is just a passing phase and he'll go back to my favorite person (Angela). We'll see how this all turns out but for now, peep the freestyle and enjoy: