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Exclusive Charli Baltimore Interview Part 1

So as Charli and I set some things straight for the world, we also talk about the Notorious movie, the car accident that made Tiffany Lane become Charli Baltimore and Lil Kim's unhappiness about the movie. We have some fun with it and I hope you guys do to by watching the clip below:

Part 2 of this interview will be coming to you guys next week! Also, check out Charli Baltimore's acting skills in this new movie called "Chaser" by Miasha. She's getting her acting on yall!! She's really good...so actresses beware!!!


Keya said...

I was glad to see her clear things up. I mis Charli and her duaghter is sooo pretty....And by the way I COME TO THIS SITE EVERYDAY so f*ck what YoRaps got to say.

zillz said...

dope interview! you and Charli are hella funny!

Constance said...

lmao @ yoraps sayin' nobody comes to your site. how the fuck they steal the interview then? SMH.

Anonymous said...

Charlie was Bigs #1 girl. True story. I don't think she should have messed with a married man but I heard from those that know that he was crazy about her. It was very stupid of Diddy to not put their relationship in the movie.

Attorneymom said...

Interesting interview. I did not know that Lil Kim wanted Christina Milian to portray her in the movie. WT__? Clearly, Lil Kim has self esteem issues. Anyone who purposely mutilates their face as she has needs psychological intervention. I would add Lil Kim to my "Sit Your Azz Down" list, but I can't. She is definitely an emotionally sick woman.

Anonymous said...

Nobody thats dealing with a married man can be number one! Though its stated even from Faith that they hooked up after the accident that he was in with his 'number one girl' he conceived his son and it is well known that he was still seeing LIl Kim. If she was the number one girl what type of position is that when the man is married and still sleeping with other women? Nobody knows the relationship he had with LIl Kim other than him and her. D-Roc even admitted that he had true feelings for Lil Kim and Cease did not say different until they went through something!

If she lived with him why did his mother and Lil Kim reside in his home right away? Why was the vehicle that he allegedly purchased for her taken by his mom and Faith? She got no respect and nobody aknowledged that she was a big deal. They had a relationship, yes. Number one was Faith and Lil kim was there before any of them. Charli was always a gold digger here in Philly and Biggie would never have had a chance with her until he blew up anyway!

Im glad she is able to make her own change and does have two beuatiful daughters. Charli is beautiful herself. I just dont like all the putting down other people and elevating yourself as if you have the right to a married man, even LIL KIm. Biggie passed and his memory lives on. I wish all the best!

Niky from Philly

Anonymous said...

Tiffany always goes for the dude that she thinks she can benefit from financially. She also thought she was number one with this guy from Philly who was getting a little money back in the day, Boonchie. He also had lots of women. I think she is a chick who settles for less if she thinks she is getting something out of it! Too bad she cant keep a man! She did get married and she the main bitch in that union but her husband is not wanted by many. She thought he was more than what he was, us from near where hes from knew he was a corny dude.

Tiffany needs to act like a lady. She dresses like a lady but has the swagger of a wanna be thug! You aint hard girl! You aint known in Philly to fuck nobody up either! Stop that shit!