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For The Ladies: Omari Hardwick Is Single!!!

In this Septembers issue of Essence Magazine, Omari Hardwick of "Dark Blue" is labeled "Single Man of the Month". I have to admit I don't watch "Dark Blue" but I remember watching a commercial for the show and said "Dang! That guy looks like Joe Budden"! I could be buggin but take a look at Joe Budden and tell me if they resemble or not:

And here is what Omari Hardwick is looking for in his potential mate below:

What he's looking for in you:
I like a woman with a really good sense of humor. She also has to be spiritually grounded and have an interest in community service.

How he gives back to his community:
I do poetry workshops with kids in a juvenile hall to help them express themselves better. Sonia Sanchez is one of my favorite poets and Tupac was phenomenal.

His ideal first date:
Anyplace where you have to get messy when you eat, like an Italian restaurant. It helps get rid of the fronting.

His biggest turnoff:
A woman who doesn't ask enough questions. That means she's more concerned with being interesting than showing interest.

Why he doesn't mind the chase:
A man should put in work to get a woman if he truly thinks she's worth it. My family used to say that if a woman shows she's into a guy and he doesn't notice, than he's a boy and not a man.

On-screen relationship he'd like to make his reality:
Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad were amazing as the Huxtables. Their commitment to each other and level of communication are what I would like to have with my lady.
Interview courtesy of Essence.com!

Ladies if you are interested in contacting Mr. Omari Hardwick email him at singleomari@essence.com!


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NYC Gossip Girl said...

@realitysurfer...thank you for checking out the site. I will check out your documentary. Pls feel free to hit me up on the email at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com to discuss further.