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New Ryan Leslie Joint - You're Fly

Check out this hot new track by Ryan Leslie below:

Funny Infomercial

Pimpin Curly & Uncle Pinky

It was only a matter of time before we actually got to see Clifton Powell in one of these "Pimpin Curly" episodes. These Pimpin Curly episodes are starting to get addictive. It's like I wait every week to see what 50 has up his sleeve this time around and he never fails at keeping me entertained. If anyone is a fan of Friday or Friday After Next then you should know a thing or two about Pinky (this is where 50 got his character "Curly" from). Pinky is the hot head who owned the record shop that Day Day worked at in the movie Friday. I'm hearing that MTV and even VH1 are interested in bringing this Pimpin Curly to our TV screens! I'm sure it won't be long before that happens.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Pimpin Curly and Uncle Pinky below:

And for those of you who are not aware of Pinky....check him out below doing his thing in the movie Friday below:

J Hood Presents - A Letter To The Lox

Everybody these days has a letter dedicated to somebody...Jadakiss and Lil Cease with Letter To Big, Maino with Letter To Pac and now J-Hood with Letter to the Lox! I think this young brotha really put his heart into this track and I'm sure it will give you some perspective on how things went down according to J-Hood. Everybody has their version so here's J's below:

New Video by Jadakiss - Can't Stop Me

The song is hot! Let me know what you think about it.


Brian Dalyrimple from "Soul 4 Real" On The Run

I just want to say one thing, I don't like reporting things on people I know but I couldn't pass this by because truthfully, I can't believe it. Brian Dalyrimple formerly of R&B group, Soul 4 Real, is on the run for identity theft. I, personally, know the group and really can't believe the things that I'm seeing or hearing! A friend of mine who I actually call my cousin is dating the oldest brother to the group. I will leave their names out of the article because they are my peoples. I hope Brian is ok and doesn't have anything to do with this nonsense. Bri if you're reading this, please understand that I just report the news. Nothing else! My prayers are with you. Peep what Channel 2 news had to say about this below:

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And on a brighter note here are 2 throwback videos of my people's doing their thang!

Candy Rain

Every Little Thing I Do

More Pics of Amber Rose & Girlfriend

Thanks to Sandra Rose here are more photos of Kanye's new boo and her girlfriend. One of my readers said something that sticks to my mind and that quote was "At least she can go home to her girlfriend and Kanye can go home to his boyfriend". -_- Dead on that one!

The Buzz by Stefanie Newell

I was sent an email to check out a new book called "The Buzz". I was anticipating reading the book because it stated right on the front cover "When Celebrity Gossip Goes Wrong". That line right there caught my eye and I knew I had to read the book from beginning to end! Check out an editorial review from Amazon.com below:

Ebony Jenkins has exactly what most women are seeking - a good looking devoted boyfriend, a flourishing business and a beautiful little girl. But what people don't know is how she mixed hard work and deception to maintain the celebrity lifestyle she tries to emulate. Brought on by her desire to over-compensate for what she didn’t have as a child, Ebony has become an Internet addict obsessed with pop culture and their riches. Endless taunts by classmates for wearing hand me downs echoes in her mind and motivates Ebony to provide for herself and her daughter. She's determined to do better than her mom did for her. But at what cost? An insurance settlement left by her deceased father helps her to open a thriving hair salon in Chicago's Bronzeville community. While her business is successful, it’s just not enough for Ebony. At twenty-five with a business and a condo shared by her boyfriend and an impressive bank account, Ebony desires to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by any means necessary. She dreams big and refuses to be content with what would be considered a fulfilling life for most. She fashions herself to be the baddest chick in the “Chi” and no one including her best friend Trina can share the spotlight with her. Things are going great for Ebony until she suspects her up and coming rapper boyfriend Buzz could be dating the newest R&B phenomenon Arika. Ebony’s obsession with celebrity gossip and dislike of all things popular in the media fuels her hatred for Arika and sends her on an all out Internet mission to ruin Arika’s blossoming career. But as she's swept up in exposing Arika’s flaws and maintaining her faux celebrity lifestyle, Ebony uncovers some skeletons of her own. This novel shows that attaining fame and riches is not always what it’s cracked up to be!

The book is going for $14.95 and is well worth the price. If you want to find out more about Stefanie Newell log onto her website at Stefanie Online.com.

CNN's New Video - Rotate w/Ron Browz & Busta

Check out the official new video by CNN!! One of the hottest rap duo's!!

Capone-N-Noreaga "Rotate" ft. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz


Boogz Boogetz Video At "The Wagon"

My homies over at "The Wagon" are really doing their thang! They are even having videos shot over at their boutique! Now that's doing it big! Brooklyn big! If you are interested in shooting your one of a kind video in Brooklyn at 1214 Union Street over at "The Wagon" you can holla at Culture at 347-627-3600. I'm sure they will hook you up in style! Enjoy the video:

BOOGZ BOOGETZ-"BELIEVE IT" from 3 3 on Vimeo


Tupac Biopic Movie Halted

According to Dime Wars and writer Helluva Dime, there won't be a biopic movie on Tupac anytime soon. Peep the article below courtesy of Helluva Dime:

This is certainly the year of rapper biopics, but Tupac may not be in that line up.

"Apparently the production company Morgan Creek is stuck in a legal battle with Tupac’s mom over the movie rights to Tupac’s life story. Morgan Creek, which has produced movies such as Get Carter and Two For The Money, is suing Tupac’s mothers company Amaru Entertainment, alleging that Amaru has backed out of an agreement to sell Tupac’s life rights for a film adaptation."
Amaru Entertainment were in talks as early as December to bring Tupac’s life story to the big screen. But after the underperformed box office January release of Notorious, contracts and negotiations broke down siting a rift between probably due to minimum guarantees and cuts of box office gross points.

So what does this mean you ask? There won't be a Tupac biopic for a minute and I'm soo disappointed. But in the meantime you can check out this film trailer from MTV about Tupac's life called "Resurrection". Enjoy folks!

Kanye West & Amber Rose Threesome!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! Oh My Goodness!!! The above photo is of Kanye West and apparently his new girlfriend, Amber Rose. I have to admit the girl is absolutely gorgeous. She caught my eye (no homo) when she appeared in the Ludacris and Chris Brown video "I Know What Them Girls Like". I just thought to myself....I never knew a woman could be that pretty with all her hair chopped off. But according to my peoples over at Rhymes With Snitch, Amber Rose is not that into men. Photos have been released showing the beautiful Amber Rose with her girlfriend of many years. Check them out below:

Let me know what you guys think.

The New "Celebrity Apprentice"

Finally an "Apprentice" show I will be watching!!! The new "Celebrity Apprentice" has a cast that I will enjoy staying in tune for. My favorite celebs who will be appearing on the show are: T-Boz of TLC, Brian McKnight, Dennis Rodman, Khloe Kardashian, Tom Green and many more!!! Where the hell has Tom Green been? Remember he once had a show on MTV? That show was hilarious!!!

The new "Celebrity Apprentice" will premiere on Sunday, March 1st on NBC. Stay tuned folks!


Never Compare My President To A Chimp!!!

I am shocked and appalled at how the NY Post referenced my President as a chimp! How dare they! Who do they think they are? And where is the respect? Here it is, we as a people, both Hispanic and African American are rejoicing over Obama's win and this is what reporters are doing! Disrespecting one of the hardest working men in the United States history! I've seen it all! But it shows me one thing.....white folks will never truly accept us on any level. We can be the President of the United States of America and still be n*ggas! Pardon my french but I'm speaking how I feel!

Rihanna Got Knocked The F*ck Out!!!

This pic of Rihanna with bruises all over her face has been the talk of the net today! Now, I know the title is on the jokey side but by no means do I joke about domestic violence. I know the signs first hand. I was in a relationship many moons ago and dealt with beating after beating. I know what the signs are and I also know when it's time to go. Now, I don't have any idea about what happened that fateful day between Chris and Rihanna but by the looks of things.....it didn't go well. I hope that both artists can move on with their lives and take this as a learning experience! Best of luck to the both of them!

Russell Simmons New Clothing Line

Russell Simmons is by far one of the most smartest men in history. That's just my opinion. According to Vibe.com, Russell is coming out with a brand new clothing line just for Walmart stores called "American Classic".

Russell's new clothing line, American Classic, made its debut at 350 Wal-Mart stores this past Sunday. American Classic is very affordable and price ranges are from $9.99 to $29. Now that's affordable! As of right now "American Classic" is a men's clothing line but I'm sure Russell has his thinking cap on and is working on something for the ladies! Trust me...I see it coming!

Dylan Dilinjah...Remember him?

I received an email from Dylan Dilinjah and thought to myself....Wow! What's been going on with him? I haven't heard anything about him since Diddy kicked him off "Making The Band" back in the days! All I kept saying during that time was "Why would someone have Diddy help them out legally just to f*ck up?" I was mad with Dylan cuz I felt like he blew it and had a chance to change for the better. However, Dylan is doing well and is celebrating his new management team by having a party on Feb. 26th at the Times Square Arts Center from 8pm - 2am. Admission is $10 all night long. So if you miss Dylan and want to chill with him then that's the place to be!


Cancer The Silent Killer

I want to thank all of my readers for reaching out to me and sending their condolences. I sincerely appreciate it! I am now ready to speak. My Grandmother who I consider to be my Mother has passed away. I am not taking it well. I don't really know how to feel but I've been praying alot. I knew she was sick and I knew she was old but I still didn't want to let her go. She was my rock!! Whenever I needed something either for me or my children she was there. Even when my own mother couldn't do it my Grandmother was there! So please bare with me during my trying time. The picture above is not of my Grandmother but of a cancer patient. My Grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it literally took her life. But, worse than that she suffered. She was in extreme pain all the time. In her last couple of hours of her life I went to go see her and couldn't believe the sight of the person who I once called Grandma! It was a very traumatic experience for me. I was scared, shocked and stunned! I don't want anyone to ever experience what I felt at that time. Words cannot describe what I saw! After visiting with my Grandmother...she died an hour later. I thank God that I was at least able to say goodbye to her and to tell her I loved her! Now, if anyone knows me they know I work at the hospital and today of all days I had to register a patient who was born on the same day as my oldest daughter but just a year older to the date and he had brain cancer. A 16 year old boy with brain cancer!!! It broke my heart to see this child. He was incoherent and looked very much like how my Grandmother looked when I last saw her.....and as I placed the patient bracelet on his arm he tried to pull away. It was like he didn't want to be there and had had enough. The boy's mother gently coaxed him into putting the bracelet on and as I walked away I said a prayer for everyone who has to deal with the silent killer! I just want you guys to know that it isn't that silent cuz the tears and screaming I let out was enough to let people know something wasn't right. So I just ask that you bare with me cuz for the next couple of days I'll probably only post about 2 articles a day. Again thank you for your prayers and they are appreciated.


Shaquille O'Neal & The Jabbawockeez

A friend of mine was telling me about the All Star game and when Shaq came out to dance with the Jabbawockeez. I was like...Shaq dancing? I have to see it! So here it goes for you guys. I think he did a pretty good job for a man his size. Enjoy:

Aubrey O'Day Tells All

Aubrey O'Day admits to being bisexual in this interview with Chelsea Handler but were we surprised? As always, Chelsea conducted an outstanding interview but you guys can watch by clicking on the video below:

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I really don't know why everybody is talking about Aubrey O'Days breasts when apparently she's done something with her face that's got me saying Hmmm? Something ain't right on that face but I can't figure out what. Another big deal people are making about Aubrey is the fact that she's doing a photoshoot for Playboy. What's the big deal? This is not a shocker to me! Get with it people! Check out the behind the scenes footage of Aubrey's shoot below:

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Death In My Family

I'm sorry for not posting anything yesterday but I have been dealing with a death in my family. I was very close to the person who passed and I am not taking it well. Please understand that I promise I will be back on my grind and coming harder than ever before because I know that God is with me every step of the way.


Who Rocked It Better?

Songs are starting to sound soo much alike nowadays! Originality is at an all time low in the music industry but that's just my opinion. But what I need to know is who rocked the song better? Souljah Boy or Jeezy? My choice? JEEZY!! In fact, I think Jeezy showed Souljah Boy how he was supposed to sound on this track but you guys be the judge. Up first is Jeezy:

Up next Souljah Boy:

Hmmm! My vote is still for Jeezy!


Allen Iverson Cut His Hair!!!

I guess the NBA All Star Weekend is making people crazy!! LOL. My boy, Allen Iverson, has cut off all of his hair! I guess he wanted to go the same route as Carmelo Anthony (who has also cut off his braids last year). So people, here is my question to you. Like? Or no like? Let me know! Below is a photo of Allen Iverson when he had his braids:

I like the braids better but that's just my opinion.

New Video From Mims - Move

This happens to be one of the hottest videos I've seen in a long time. It's different and the song is hot! Enjoy guys!

Another Hilarious Cartoon Clip From 50

Just watch and enjoy! Nothing else said!


Quest For "G" Campaign at All Star Weekend

Here's a behind the scenes look at the parties of NBA All-Star Weekend featuring the EA Sports NBA Late Night Lounge party where DJ Jazzy Jeff was DJ, and NBA players Danny Granger, Al Horford and Jameer Nelson attended. For more exclusive footage on All Star Weekend log onto MissionG.com. Gatorade will be donating a dollar to charity for every hit that goes to MissionG.com so log on to support!!!

For more on the Quest For "G" campaign check out the Lil Wayne commercial below:


Lauren London Preggers w/Weezy's Baby!

According to Bossip.com, the rumors are that Lauren London is preggers by one of the hottest rappers in the country. If you know anything about Lauren London she has this on again off again type relationship with Lil Wayne. It's also being said that London is about 4 months pregnant.

I'm just shaking my head at all of this. Has Weezy ever heard of protection? I guess they don't call him Weezy F. Baby for nothing! LOL.

New Ron Browz & R. Kelly - Club 2 A Bedroom

I thought this joint was straight FIYAH! Let me know what you think guys!

New Sex U Video by 200% Diego

This handsome brotha is a good friend of mine and has really been getting his grind on HARD! He has a new video out called "Sex U" and he's definitely putting it on for the ladies! If yall don't know about Diego he is the youngest brother to the old school group H-Town. Diego will also be featured on Hip Hop Gossip Site's brand new segment called "Sexual Chocolate". I haven't forgotten about that. I'm presently in the works with some female photographers and we will be bringing to you some of the most sexiest men in the industry with Diego being one of them. So stay tuned for that ladies!! In the meantime, check out Diego's new video and let me know what you think:

Ray J Is Expecting?

According to ThisIs50.com, contestant "Danger" is currently pregnant by Ray J! Now isn't this the same chick where Ray J states "Body of a Goddess, Face from Hell!" I mean dang! I thought Mike Tyson was crazy but this chick too? A tattoo on the face!!! Too much! And to top it all off, reports are coming back that this chick is now engaged to Nick Cannon's brother, Gabriel. I don't know how a dude could be with a chick knowing that she is pregnant by the next man! I just don't know any dudes that could do it! But hey...I guess you never know! Just keep in mind that a representative for the show denies these rumors and states that "Danger" is a liar!!

What Do You Think Ladies?

So tell me what you think ladies? Would you buy or let it fly? These new Lamborghini Gallardo Stilletos seem to be the rave. I'm assuming that the concept is nice cars = pretty shoes? You guys be the judge!


My Exclusive Interview With "Lil Cease"

Yesterday I got a chance to sit down and interview my boy Lil Cease. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I'm usually always nervous before my interviews. So my girl, Stephanie, brings over Lil Cease to meet me. Shouts to you Stephanie! As my girl does the introductions Lil Cease says to me "I know you"! I was literally caught off guard with that comment and had to think....have I met him before? So we shook hands and I had to ask him "Where do you know me from?" and he says "From the Joe Buddens and Charli Baltimore interview." So from there Cease and I made small talk and I told him I wanted to watch his new video before I did the actual interview and he was cool with it. As I walked away I thought to myself........I didn't know how many people actually saw my interviews! I mean I love what I do and I love to meet new people but I was flattered to know that people actually dig my interviews and even more flattered that Cease recognized me! It should have been the other way around I thought. I was even stopped by Doggy Diamonds from Forbes DVD. Doggy you did a wonderful job interviewing me and I thank you for putting me on your DVD. It was a pleasure. Nevertheless, the Lil Cease interview came out great and we touched on a bunch of subjects including the whole Maino thing, his new body, the Notorious movie and his new video which is dedicated to Biggie. Cease also said he will put me on one of his Hard Body DVD's if I'm willing to put in the work to get the body I want!Check out our interview below:

And for those of you who want to see the video from Cease called "Letter To B.I.G." here it is! Let them know where you got it first!! Peep video below:

Jim Jones Comments On Rick Ross & 50

Jim Jones is soo smart with his responses in this interview. But one thing is for certain.....Jim Jones and I share the same feelings on the whole Rick Ross vs. 50 Cent beef. 50 did kill it with that "Pimpin Curly" ish! I keep playing that clip over and over again cuz it makes me laugh soo hard. Check out what Jimmy had to say about the beef below:

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Monie Love AutoBiography Coming Out

One of my favorite female rappers, Monie Love, will be coming out with an autobiography. I got this information while I was driving to go and interview Lil Cease yesterday. Monie Love was on Sirius Satellite radio talking about some of the things that will be in her book. She talks about her marriage, the industry and lots more. She was even shouting out to 50 Cent to publish her book. You know 50 Cent is now into publishing books right? Well, I can't wait for the book to come out Monie!! I'll be getting me a copy of it asap! So keep a look out for it and let people know where you heard it first!

And for those of you who have no clue who Monie Love is (you oughta be shot....just kidding) she is most famous for her collabo with Queen Latifah on "Ladies First". Peep audio below, sorry guys the video was not available:


Footage of Chris Brown & His Problems

It's really not looking good for Chris Brown. I'm just wondering what the hell made him soo mad to want to beat up on a chick! I know he couldn't have possibly thought she could fight him back. That's just never a fair situation. Here is what Channel 2 news had to say about the whole thing below:

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And to add insult to injury check out what "The Dream" had to say to Chris Brown below:

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

I guess those so called rumors I reported earlier about Rihanna and The Dream are true? You be the judge!


Chris Brown In A Heap Of Trouble

Well, as you all know the sad news that's circulating in the news, radio and internet outlets, is that Chris Brown put his hands on Rihanna and Rihanna is not pressing charges. Now according to rumors reported by Jen The Pen it seems that Rihanna is not the angel she portrays herself to be. Here is a snippet of Jen's article below:

They say he layed the smackdown on Rihanna because she gave him herpes which wouldn’t be too big of a surprise since she was running around with that big cold sore & it’s been said that Rihanna likes to get freaky with others besides Chris Breezy. I even heard that the little faint incident she had a few months back came from a pregnancy she was going through with "The Dreams" baby.

Wow!!! Do yall remember that incident Jen is talking about? If not check out the footage here:

And if you thought that was some ish then you'll be sad to hear that Wrigley's Doublemint Gum has dropped Chris Brown because of this incident. If yall forgot about the commercial he did for the gum company, peep it below:

Happy To See Everybody Getting Along

I'm starting to agree with the artists when they see bloggers as some bullshit starters! See....this is the shit I will not tolerate. First of all, all the gossip websites were posting stories about Kimora and Russell going at each other's throat and not getting along. Well, here is picture proof that they are indeed getting along and doing just fine! I'm loving the fact that Kimora and Russell can sit down together and enjoy some time together although they are apart!

Usher's Wife "Tameka" Suffers Injury During Surgery

According to my friends over at The Black Urban Times, Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, has suffered a serious injury due to complications from plastic surgery in Brazil. Reps for Usher declined to comment or elaborate on the sad news, but a source close to the 30-year-old denies rumors that his wife, Tameka Foster, 37, had died following plastic surgery. Access Hollywood does report, however, that Foster did suffer complications from a cosmetic procedure in Brazil. Usher has canceled his performance at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party due to the family emergency.

My prayers are with Usher, Tameka and family. I do want to remind all my female readers that we should start loving ourselves as we are! We need to stop trying to compete with the women that are gracing the covers of these magazines and truly love ourselves. Trust me when I tell you that this is a lesson I'm learning to deal with. My goal for right now is to concentrate on me, love myself and my children. Flaws and all. This is what makes me who I am! Don't like it then don't look!


"The Wagon" - Boutique In Brooklyn

I recently caught up with the owners of a hot, new boutique called "The Wagon". The boutique is conveniently located in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn area. These brothas are catering to all types of demographic. No matter age, sex, style.....you name it they've got you covered! Prices range from $50 - $1000. So check out what "The Wagon" has got in store for you and get to know the history behind the boutique below:

Interested in shopping at "The Wagon"? Their address is 1214 Union Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225, between Nostrand and Rogers. The telephone number is 347-627-3600. You can also follow up with "The Wagon" by logging onto their website at TheWagonBK.com.


50 Cent Is "Pimpin Curly"

Words cannot even explain the hilariousness that is 50 Cent. (Yeah I know there's no such word as hilariousness but just roll with me for a second). 50 is definitely showing his comedic side and I'm loving it! When I saw this clip I thought....this dude is straight stupid (stupid in the good sense) and really should be thinking about becoming a comedian. Who would of ever thought that Rick Ross calling 50
"Curly" would turn into this?! Tell me he didn't put in a snippet of "Coming To America" where they are singing "Just Let Your Soul Glo"! Enjoy the clip cuz it's going to be FUNNY:

And if that clip wasn't enough, 50 has returned with a part 2 of his cartoon series with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Jay Z and Beyonce. You are going to love this one to!

I told yall this was going to be a rap beef that is worth every watch!

T.I.'s Road To Redemption Snippet

It's almost that time for T.I. to turn himself into authorities to pay his debt to the community. His reality show called "Road To Redemption" will be featured on MTV on February 10th at 9pm and there will be following episodes at 9:30pm on Tuesdays thereafter. Check out the snippet below of what you can expect to see from the show:

Update On The Biopic Movie Of Aaliyah

As I told you guys before, there will be a biopic movie of deceased R&B sensation Aaliyah. Production on the movie will start in March. I know this is going to be interesting and can't wait to see and hear more about the new movie! Check out the clip below of some updates about the biopic courtesy of Real Talk NY:

And if you guys wanted to know more about Keshia Chante, check her out below:

It is kind of scary to see how much she actually looks like Aaliyah!

Vivica Fox Hosts New Reality Show - Cougar

I always listen to Wendy Williams as I'm driving home from work and she mentioned that Vivica A. Fox is set to host a new reality show called "Cougar". I just thought to myself....how convenient of Vivica. I mean, people already look at her like the cougar type with the whole 50 Cent thing and all but the reality show will not be about Vivica. The eight-episode competition is scheduled to premiere on April 15th, on TV Land and will feature a 40 year old (she may be older) woman in a house of 20 young bachelors.

I tell you desperation is a bitch! People are looking for love just about anywhere! I don't know how far this show will go cuz last I checked the male population will not be tuned in. Men and women alike like to watch women rather than men. So let's see how well this show will do. I'm banking on it not doing well at all.

L.L. Cool J's Clothing Line Not Doing Good

I'm hearing that L.L. Cool J's clothing line (called Todd Smith) might just be going out of business. With the bad economic times we are having is it really a surprise? I mean, first of all, the clothing line was in Sears of all places. When I think of Sears, I'm thinking more about appliances rather than the latest clothing fashions. L.L.'s line has only been around for a short while and already Sears is selling the clothing line apparel for over 50% off just to clear their inventory!!! You know what this means right? I'm heading to Sears to catch the sale! I've got 4 kids and last I checked I liked sales and L.L.'s t-shirt designs. Maybe I can find some other stuff in there and make out like a bandit. LOL. Hey....times are hard and everyone is feeling it!

This photo was courtesy of Smarten Up Nas.com.


New Mims Video - Bread & Butter

Shouts to Kraze of All Access DVD for giving HipHopGossipSite.com the exclusive! Check out this new joint from Mims called "Bread & Butter". In this clip Mims talks about being a one hit wonder and introduces his new single. Watch and enjoy:

LisaRaye Tells All

Check out what LisaRaye had to say about the whole Michael Misick situation. She ain't playing no games and is telling it all! Check her out below:

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Duane Martin Sends Email Out In Support Of A Corrupt Man!!

Today I received a forwarded email from someone and it originally came from the actor Duane Martin (from the TV show "All of Us"). This email was asking for people to support Michael Misick the "Premier of Turks & Caicos" and actress LisaRaye McCoy's husband on his current corruption trial.

I know Duane Martin and LisaRaye were friends so I find it odd that he would be supporting Michael Misick when LisaRaye was his co star! Wasn't LisaRaye the one who actually introduced Duane Martin to her husband?! I find it strange that Duane Martin is supporting the "Premier", Michael Misick, who is being investigated for rape and corruption!!! Let's not forget to mention the whole Rocsi situation AND him committing adultery by having 2 kids with another woman during his marriage to LisaRaye!!!

I think Duane Martin is wack! How you supposed to be LisaRaye's friend and support the B.S. that's going down with your friends husband? Maybe Duane Martin is involved in Michael Misick's dishonesty or Duane favors Michaels money more than his friendship with LisaRaye. Either way I think it's wack of him! Remember there were rumors of Duane Martin and Michael Misick being lovers. I remember MediaTakeOut doing an exclusive story back in August of 07. Click link to read story "Media Take Out".

I'm starting to think there may be some truth to that rumor because there's no other reason why I see Duane Martin supporting someone that did his friend that greasy!

On another note congrats to Tisha Cambell for her brand new pregnancy.


Funny Kids!!

You know the NYC Gossip Girl loves her some kids right? I mean DAMN...I got 4 of them! So when I came across this clip I couldn't help to post it up. Not to mention this clip has been seen by more than 79 million folks according to YouTube!! You know what this means right? NYC gotta start taping her own damn kids cuz Lord knows they are hilarious when they start cutting up! So enjoy the clip below and stay tuned in the future cuz you might just be seeing my kids on here.

Keyshia Cole Has 2 Vibe Covers!!!

Keyshia Cole is one of the prettiest females in the R&B game right now! This is just my opinion but I think Keyshia Cole is absolutely gorgeous! No homo!! So it's only right that she graces the cover of Vibe Magazine twice!! Check out the footage of her photo shoot with Vibe below:

Now, there's been some very heated discussions lately on the internet talking about Keyshia Cole getting some kind of a nose job....not sure if that rumor is true or not although Keyshia has been looking different lately. I just thought it was the new teeth and booty but yall seem to think the nose. Either way she's still smokin! But, I have noticed a different look about Neffie! I don't know about you but Neffie looks like the one that got a nose job but I could be wrong. Take a look at the new Neffie below:

Something is very different about Neffie! Let me know if I'm buggin or not.

Unsigned Artist - Fatigue

So as promised I have another artist who is making some noise out there and he goes by the name "Fatigue". He won the freestyle Friday competiton last year on 106 & Park and won a deal with Koch records but hasn't signed anything yet. Fatigue has been performing all throughout FL, GA and NY! The response he's been getting has been crazy but he reached out to the "NYC Gossip Girl" for some extra exposure. Check out Fatigue's 106 & Park performance of "Paid All Day" below:

Fatigue - Paid All Day (106 & Park)

Let me know what you think of Fatigue by leaving a comment or hitting me up on the email. Check out more of Fatigue on his myspace page by clicking on the link "Fatigue".

If you are an unsigned artist and are looking for exposure please feel free to reach out to me at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!


Cam'Ron Returns & On Cover Of XXL

Cam'Ron has returned ladies and gentlemen and will be featured on the next cover of XXL Magazine. What are your thoughts on his return? Would love to hear about it. Peep his comeback video below:

Do you think Cam still has it or what? Please let me know. Also, do you think he will be able to survive in this new game we call the music industry? Hit me up!

Flex Chops It Up With 50 About Rick Ross

Flex talks to 50 Cent on Hot 97 about the whole Rick Ross situation. I think how the whole beef started is truly childish but you can't help how people feel about how certain things go down. So now, let the games begin because this is not only going to be a disrespectful battle but this is going to be truly entertaining. And I am here to serve you the entertainment!

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Katt Williams Is Retired?!!!

You know I caught a lot of flack for my Joe Buddens interview. People have posted blogs about me stating that I was the worst interviewer ever! I can live with that. At the end of the day I tried to do my best. The only thing I can do from that point on is do better next time. I brushed my shoulders off and came back harder during my next interview. That's all! Nothing major. Wanna know why? Cuz my new motto is "I'm So In Tuned With My Mothaf*ckin Star Playa". A quote I proudly got from Mr. Katt Williams! If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out "It's Pimpin Pimpin". It's a must see! Hilarious!

Anywho, the reason for me bringing up the whole Joe Buddens thing is because I finally found someone in the industry who did worse than me during an interview! Yay! The person who is interviewing Katt Williams was getting under his skin and didn't know what the word "RETIREMENT" meant! I'm not going to go in on the person because this job is not easy and I know first hand how it feels to be under the microscope but just peep the clip below and let me know what you think:

And BTW, I'm sooo upset that Katt Williams is retiring!! He is truly one of the funniest comedians out! I'm wondering if he will be doing music full time now with Dipset? If you know anything about that please hit me up!

Miss Info Sheds Light On 50 vs. Rick Ross

Man....I can't wait until I reach Miss Info status! I'm striving and grinding so I know my time will come soon. Everybody gets their turn and mine is coming. But check out what Miss Info and Flex had to say about the interview 50 did with Rick Ross' baby momma and what Rick Ross had to say about it! Peep how Flex can't keep from laughing his ass off! You stupid for that one Flex!!!


For The Love of Ray J

Well, I just finished watching the first episode of "For The Love of Ray J" and all I can say is "Who the hell does the casting for these shows?" I really feel that they oughta be shot 55 times!! What in the hell? Where did they find these homey, desperate, low self esteemed chicks? I think Ray J is better off walking up a dingey alleyway to find a better looking chick then these skanks! Well, let me take it easy before I'm considered some type of hater but come on!! Am I the only one that's thinking this?! I think 2 chicks he chose tonight are men! REAL TALK! I think these 2 chicks below are men on the low:

The tall chick in the first photo reminds me of a transexual and the second chick is part Russian. If you heard her accent I'm telling you she sounds like a man trying to be a woman! You want to know who I think is the real winner in all of this? Lil B!!! Ray J's assistant/Godsister! She's the most beautiful and classy! She should've been a contestant cuz hands down she's the prettiest thing out the whole show! But that's just my opinion. You are free to leave your opinions in the comments section.