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Omarion, New Wife & Sex Tape....Oh My!

According to my peoples over at the YBF.com, Omarion and his bisexual wife have a sex tape out for everyone to enjoy!!! Peep what the YBF.com team has discovered!!! Their article below:

"Omarion and his new wife filmed themselves making a sex tape. At least that’s what our sources reveal to us. The YBF revealed exclusively weeks ago that Omarion had secretly married his girlfriend who is a bisexual Magic City stripper. And it looks like she brought her skills to the bedroom. We’re told these pics are from an alleged sex tape that’s about to hit the net soon. And his girl’s girlfriend may be the one holding the camera!!!

Clearly the pics are recent as Omarion is rocking his new braid-less fade. Coincidentally–or not–O’s new song “I Think My Girl Is Bi” is floating around the net right now too."

Check out Omarion's new song below called "Aye Aye":

More sex tape pics below:

Are we really ready for another celeb sex tape? I mean I still haven't seen Rihanna's and Chris Breezy's yet!!! Dammit! Give me a minute to catch up!!! LOL!!!

Busta Rhymes - Behind The Scenes

While watching the behind the scenes of the "Conglomerate" video....all I could think about was telling Weezy to please put on some chapstick!!! Isn't Weezy like some type of sex symbol? I mean, not for me.....for you fine ladies out there. I know his track record for pretty women is insane so please put on some chapstick or lipchap!!! Peep all the real respected dudes in the industry like my boy Jadakiss, Raekwon and who could forget Idris Elba in the video!!!! Can't forget that Idris!! Where the hell was Jeezy at? Check them all out below:

Find more videos like this on Robot Films

By the way, who is the lady at the beginning of the song saying "Respect My Conglomerate"? For some reason, I was thinking one of the chicks from Floetry? Please let me know. Thanks.

Sole & Ginuwine Update

According to Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Sole had this to say about all the rumors that are going around:

"I was like, that's funny. First of all, I'm not packing up no four kids and disrupting their lives in the middle of the school year, I don't care what he did. That's just foolish. But they were reporting this like they had seen me out here packing up my bags." "I believed it wasn't true from the beginning," Sole said. "My being upset about it was just the fact that it caught me so off guard."

I'm feeling what Sole had to say but had it been me........my ish plus my 4 kids ish would've been packed and gone! But that's just me! Gotta respect her gangsta!!

But on a lighter note, check out Ginuwine's new video "Last Chance" below:

Who's Booty Dance Would You Choose?

Yesterday on "For The Love of Ray J", Chardonnay did a little dance for Ray J. Now I want you guys to compare the dances between Chardonnay and Kim Kardashian. Who would you choose to dance for you? Who really knows what they are doing? I know, I know. Kim Kardashian is waayyyyyy better looking than Chardonnay but who has more skills? Let me know what you think and who you think Ray J should choose?

Chardonnay's dance:

Kim Kardashian dance:


My Exclusive Interview With Mims

I recently got a chance to sit down and chat it up with my boy Mims over at the Digiwaxx offices. We talked about a number of things including his new album titled "Guilt" which will be out in stores on April 7th, the Gillie Da Kid rumors, his relationship with Rocsi of 106 & Park fame and how he feels about people calling him a "One Hit Wonder". Enjoy the interview below:

Also, check out some more hits from Mims below:

This one is called "Love Roller Coaster"

Another hot one is called "Life Of A Star", check it out:

Make sure you go out and cop his album "Guilt" out in stores
April 7th!!!!!

Juelz On Hatin Ass Bloggers

Another big homie of mine, Juelz Santana, wants to clear up some rumors people have been spreading about him calling bloggers gay. Juelz keeps it sooo real in this clip and you can't be mad at him for expressing how he truly feels. I know some bloggers who took offense to what he had to say. The only thing I can say to them is if you took offense...then you probably had something negative to say about the brotha. As a blogger, I try to keep it real 100% all day everyday. In fact, I try to clear up the rumors that people are saying in the streets. In my last interview with Juelz he cleared up the London rumors and the Max B rumors....can't be mad with someone who keeps it 100! So check out what Juelz Santana had to say below:

New Maino ft. T-Pain - All The Above

The big homie Maino just released his new video featuring T-Pain called "All The Above". I recently caught up with Maino at the "Coors Light, Bowling With The Stars" and Maino always shows me and my site mad love! Maino loves to put me on blast by shouting out who my hubby is but it's all love. :) I'll still keep yall guessing on who it is I deal with. Some of you guys know and some of you don't.....maybe I'll let the world know one day but for now enjoy Maino's new video below:

Let em know where you saw it first!!!


When The Repo Man Comes...

Tell Method Man to hide his ish!! According to Rhymes With Snitch, the repo man paid Meth a little visit around 6am in the morning!! They didn't come to say hi either, they were there to take his 2008 Lincoln Navigator away from him since he owes $52,000 in unpaid income tax.....Dang! Ain't that a bitch?! You mean to tell me Superhead couldn't spot him the money till he got back on his feet? What is this world coming to!!!???

Dame Dash Headed For Divorce Court!!!

According to the NY Times, Rachel Roy has filed for divorce from her husband, Dame Dash, former Roc A Fella exec. I have to wonder to myself if this divorce is coming about because of Dame's financial status declining or is it because she's just tired of his bullsh*t? You guys be the judge....I mean I'm just saying when the boy had it together she was there but now the road is getting rough and she's ready to jump ship? Just seems a little too shady for me but check out the article according to the NY Times below:

The breakup is the latest legal mess for the has-been hip-hop titan, whose empire - which he once pegged at "about $50 million" in a New York magazine profile - has crumbled under massive debt, bad business deals and one suit after another.

Dash, who in 2005 sold his stake in Rocawear to Jay-Z for $20 million, owes $2 million in state taxes, and a bank has started foreclosure proceedings on his two Tribeca condos. A Manhattan judge even ordered the city to seize his luxury Chevrolet Tahoe SUV last year when he couldn't make the $714.99 monthly payment. He's also being sued by law firms and landlords for not paying his bills.

You mean to tell me I'm paying $5 more on my car than Dame? I'm soo mad right now!! LOL!!

Busta Rhymes Video Trailer - Hustlers Anthem

I don't know about you guys but this trailer reminds me of an old video of Busta's. Can you guess which video I'm talking about? I'm talking about the video "Gimme Some More". For some reason I can't find the video on YouTube in english so instead here it is in French (I think) below:

I'm guessing whoever directed "Gimme Some More" is directing "Hustler's Anthem"? Let me know what you think.

Jim Jones Talks Dipset Reunion?

Jim Jones would like to have a Dipset reunion and wants to reunite with Camron!!! I really hope this is something that can follow through. I sooo miss my brothers doing music together. We need Dipset back together!! In fact, I think I'm going to start a petition to see who else feels the way I feel. Check out Jim Jones for yourself on the Hot 97, Funk Master Flex show below:

We want Dipset!!! We want Dipset!!!

Jada Pinkett "Quote Of The Day"

So my girl, Jada Pinkett Smith, is tired of trying to defend her honor about her relationship with her husband so here is a notable/quotable of the day:

"I definitely respect and understand people's curiosity, but people, they have to trust me when I speak on my truth...If I say to you, 'I don't have an open marriage,' 'No, we're not gay,' and you don't trust that, well then there's nothing that I really have to say to anybody about anything, because at the end of the day, I'm living my life, and I'm happy."

I'm saying though.........why are people so hard pressed to try and pin their sexuality into their relationship?! Whatever makes them happy and as long as they are not hurting anyone, I say go head!! Their marriage seems to work for them and I haven't seen a hollywood couple last as long as Will & Jada any damn way! So maybe people should start taking notes!!! Much love to Will & Jada one of the most hottest couples out!!!


Ed Lover Spazzes Out!!!

As you all know, I recently attended a bowling event sponsored by Coors Light and The Shooters bowling team. For those of you who don't know Ed Lover is the team captain of the bowling team. For some reason, maybe Ed was having a bad day but he wasn't feeling the camera people in the press/media room of the event. In the clip you are about to see, Ed Lover tells all the camera people in the media room to turn off their cameras. He also said it was disrespectful to record him without his permission. Now, I'm a huge fan of Ed's and I used to work with him back in the days over at Oval's Cafe but if you knew this was going to be a publicized event why tell people to turn off their cameras? If that was the case you might as well kept the event private and told no one. I'm not mad at Ed but I'm guessing he was just having a bad day. We all have them every now and again and maybe that day it was his turn in life to have one.

The tantrum is towards the end of the video clip and I turned off my camera once I saw him going off on the people who had their cameras on. Shouts to Ed Lover and Power 105.1. I'm still an avid listener. Maybe the next event will be better for everyone. Check out the clip below:

But on a lighter note.....who would've ever thought Juelz Santana was good at bowling? He was striking out one right after the other!! Juelz is no joke and his bowl game is tight! Peep Juelz making a strike below:


Celebs Love My Site...Check Em Out!!!

Tupac Look Alike Sighting

The clip you are about to see is a little on the crazy side. Apparently, someone attending some kind of an event took out their camera phone and recorded someone who looks very much like the late, great Tupac Shakur! I'm so glad I wasn't at this event...cuz if I would've seen someone that looks like Tupac I think I would've passed out! There is nothing scarier than seeing someone who is supposed to be dead. What bothers me the most about the footage is just how much the dude looks like him!! Even down to the way Tupac wore his goatee!!! Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think:

More Soul 4 Real Problems

I'm hearing from various sources and other websites that 2 more brothers from the group Soul 4 Real have been charged with identity theft. I know these guys personally and my heartfelt prayers go out to them and their family. This is definitely not good news. The 2 other brothers are Jason (who was the lead singer of the group and also the youngest) and Andre. All 3 are now facing indictment and Brian has been charged with 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud.

Times are hard on the yard! Keep your head up fellas!

Queen Pen Rocks Rocsi

According to Media Take Out and a very reliable source close to me and Queen Pen, I'm hearing that Queen Pen rocked your girl Rocsi of 106 & Park fame, upside the head!! Here's the article from Media Take Out below:

MediaTakeOut.com just received a disturbing report. Apparently on Wednesday night a "fight" broke out at a New York club between rapper Queen Penn and Rocsi from 106&Park.

Actually, it wasn't really a fight. MediaTakeOut.com learned that Queen Penn threw a drink in Rocsi's face. And in the process hit her in the head with the glass.

According to MediaTakeOut.com's insider, Rocsi was there with many senior execs over at BET - so she didn't retaliate. But she was injured. The insider claims that if you looked close at her on yesterday's 106&Park - you could see the abrasion caused by the glass.

So we know what you're wondering - why did Queen Penn do what she did???? Well no one knows for sure, But MediaTakeOut.com put their ear to the streets. And the streets are saying that Queen Penn is friends with LisaRaye and she's upset with Rocsi's friendship with LisaRaye's ex-husband ....

My source says yes Queen Pen did that to Rocsi but it wasn't because of LisaRaye. This incident had nothing to do with LisaRaye at all!!! I'm loving Queen Pen more and more each and every time I hear about this story!!


Frankie Talks Neffie & Soullow

Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mom, was recently on radio show, V103 and talks about Neffie's pregnancy and her fiance Soullow. Frankie also talks about their new reality show which is a spin off of Keyshia Cole's "The Way It Is" show. Despite what anybody has to say about Frankie, she definitely keeps it real and you can't help but love someone who can keep it 100 all day every day! Peep the interview below:

He Looks Just Like His Daddy!!!

The above pic is of Diddy's 2nd son, Christian Combs, in an upcoming ad for Sean John. Dang!!! That baby looks just like his Daddy!!! Split image if you ask me! Where was Kim Porter during the making of this baby? He looks nothing like his Mammy!!! Diddy spit him right out!

Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass (Title Track)

Enjoy Jada's latest joint which is also his title track to the "Kiss My Ass" album!

That Used To Be My Joint Part 1

A friend of mine gave me such a great idea and now I'm running with it. He told me that instead of having a throwback kind of day I should instead do a "That Used To Be My Joint" day! How hot is that?! Not all throwbacks used to be my joint so from here on out I will be posting songs that I loved and almost forgot about until I post them days!!! So thanks to Big Mike for making me remember that Monica had some true classics. Here is my first installment of "That Used To Be My Joint" below:

Monica - Knock Knock

Man I almost forgot Derek Luke was in this video.....He looks great!

If you have a "That Used To Be My Joint" video that you would like posted hit me up and it might be featured!

Ciara & J. T. In "Love Sex Magic"

Ciara and Justin Timberlake will be working it on out for you guys shortly. The two have been working on a new video together and I'm telling you I know it's going to be hot!!! By the looks of the picture below....Ciara is working on something special for all you fellas. Enjoy:

New Jim Jones Video - Blow The Bank

I'm loving this new video by Jim Jones. Despite all his run ins and curse out battles with security guards he does know how to slow it down for the ladies and this new joint is no exception!! I'll be with Dipset tonight at the celebrity bowling event so stay tuned for some exclusive photos!! Enjoy the video below:


Ghetto Ice Cream Truck

This is dedicated to all of us who live in the hood!! Enjoy the clip below:

Neffie's Preggers!!! Congratulations!!!

So during an interview with Sister 2 Sister, Neffie (Keyshia Cole's sister) reveals that she is pregnant again! Wow!! And I thought I had a bunch of kids!! Well, I know one thing is for sure....Children are blessings and God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle! So if Neffie is pregnant than that's what God feels she can handle! I see all of these websites talking a bunch of ish about the girl because she is pregnant and all I could think to myself was....Are these M-Effers paying Neffie's bills?! Hasn't anybody learned the cardinal rule which is "If you don't have anything nice to say than keep your mouth shut"? Dang! Give the girl a break and just say Congratulations and keep it moving!! Next subject please!!!!

But before we go to the next subject, peep Neffie telling the world she is pregnant again below:


Ray J New Video For "Sexy Ladies"

Ladies and gents here is Ray J's new joint called "Sexy Ladies". I have to admit it took me some time to like the song but it's starting to catch on with me. I think Ray J is really on his grind and you can't help but admire someone who won't take no for an answer. I think if you don't like the song, Ray J will find a way for you guys to like it. So without any further adeu here's the video below:

Sidebar comment: Did yall peep how much play "Danger" gets in the video? Not judging, I'm just saying.....I think she might be the winner to "For The Love of Ray J". I could be wrong though. What are your thoughts?

Lil Cease Hard Body DVD Volume 1

If you guys remember the last time I caught up with Cease we talked about the Hardbody DVD. Well here is the first installment of what Cease was talking about below:

Brief description of the DVD below:

"Lil Cease presents HardBody Fitness (Featuring Money L). Order your copy of the DVD now! As a matter of fact, order two copies and give one to someone that wants to be inspired.

The DVD includes a 5 day routine, diet tips, muscle charts, interviews and even more. The warm weather is right around the corner so make sure you get that body into HardBody shape NOW."

Want to order the DVD? Then check out Hard Body Music Group right now by clicking on the link that's highlighted!!! This will be the first time your $14.99 will be spent wisely!!!! Check it out for yourself!!!


The Latest Sign of A Down Low Brotha

According to a new blog site that I'm loving soo much called "Shutup Bimbo", there is a new sign to telling if your man is on the down low or not. Thanks to Mr. Bimbo himself he states that men with beards like the one pictured above are sure fire signs of a man being on the DL. The beard signafies how long the man's penis is!!! Wooooooowwww! If this rumor is true then I'm looking at all the dudes from Philly and Muslim dudes with a sideways glance!!! Lyfe Jennings say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!

Do You Strip For Your Man?

This is just a question I wanted to throw out there for all you ladies and gents. I am just curious to know if you guys strip for your mates? I was asked to strip for my mate and have done so in the past many times before. I even made $300 in singles from doing so! (Keep in mind this is my childrens father and not just some random dude off the street) Do yall get dressed up? Do you role play? Let me know what your techniques are.

I personally put some music on, got dressed up in some sexy lingerie and got to droppin it like it was hot!!! (That's the day I made off with $300!!!) Ladies....no matter what you do with your mate just make sure you know what you're doing!! Also, work with what you got! Don't be like this fool below:

Not only was she drunk but she had no damn shape at all!! She was just a hot ass mess but it was funny as hell watching her try! Lesson learned? Know what you do before you do it!!

Brian Of "Soul For Real" Caught

According to an update on Rhymes With Snitch, singer, Brian Dalyrimple, of Soul For Real was caught and arrested on charges of fraud and identity theft. Peep the article below courtesy of Rhymes With Snitch:

Brian Dalyrimple, 33, has been arrested on suspicion of committing identity fraud. He’d been running from Duluth, Georgia, police with his infant son since February. Police finally tracked him down in North Carolina where he was arrested.

North Carolina huh?.......I think I might know where he's been staying. Nah, I don't know ish!!!!!! Tash....hit me up when you get a chance!

Ginuwine Explains The LisaRaye & Sole Rumors

Ginuwine let's you all know that he ain't leaving his wife, Sole, for anybody! Not even LisaRaye. He also states that he wouldn't choose his career over his wife either! Now that's what I'm talking about!! I soooo knew these rumors weren't true but don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself below:

I would love to know what you guys think of this clip. Do you believe Ginuwine or not? Hit me up!

Actor Sterling Williams In "Tell Em Why U Mad"

My homie, Sterling Williams, is at it again. He wants yall all to know "Why he's Mad Son"!! Check him out below:

I'm wondering........Who the hell are you talking about Sterling? Hit me up and let me know!


Milf & Kim Zolciak Separated @ Birth?

I don't know about you guys but these 2 look soo much alike I'm wondering who's who!! Milf from "Real Chance of Love" and "I Love Money 2" and Kim Zolciak of "ATL Housewives" look like they can be sisters!!! What do you guys think? Let me know if I'm trippin!! I need to know.

Catching Up With Ray J

Blackarazzi recently caught up with Ray J and his new jumpoff. Blackarazzi seems to think that Ray J's new jump is a knock off Kim Kardashian.....I beg to differ! Although the woman is very attractive...she is no Kim Kardashian!!! Just my opinion.

I love the fact that Ray J is an approachable person and doesn't seem to mind the paps. He really knows how to handle himself quite well under the pressure. I wish more celebs knew how to conduct themselves in front of the camera!

Fast & Furious IV Movie Trailer

Would you go out to the movies and spend your $12 on it? Or is this just the same old stuff we've seen before? Would love to know.


Lauren London Talks About Being Tasteful

My girl, Lauren London, talks about being tasteful while being a model/video vixen. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks these chicks sometimes go extra because they think it will make them famous faster. Thanks Lauren for letting me know!! Gotta love that Lauren!!! Peep what she had to say below:

Tasteful Modelling

I normally don't promote female models on my site because most of them only seem to want to let the world know how many children they've had by spreading wide so to speak. I don't want any of my daughters thinking that this is the thing to do when all else fails! There are other routes but I do understand there is a market for what they do. Anywho, while on DimeWars.com I came across this clip of a very beautiful woman who is curvy but didn't do a photoshoot in the normal fashion. This very tasteful photoshoot was something I admired. You can definitely tell this woman is stacked but she did it soo respectfully and I have to give props when props are due! So fellas enjoy a respectful, beautiful woman below:


Sexual Chocolate Segment With L.C.

I told you ladies that I would do something just for us! I present to you the very first official "Sexual Chocolate" segments courtesy of HipHopGossipSite.com! Our first one up is the sexy L.C. He's a model/artist and opens up shows for the likes of Eric B. and Rakim! He just did Rip the Runway over at BET and modelled the AKOO clothing line by T.I. Check out what L.C.'s freakiest moment was and how it went down! He'll also let the world know that he does go down and he's packing!! Check it out ladies and let me know what you think.

Check out L.C. on Rip The Runway below (he's at the 1:38 mark):

Sole Is Leaving Ginuwine

According to Baller Alert, Sole has had enough with the rumors about her husband, Ginuwine, and LisaRaye getting down and dirty! To be honest, I don't blame her. Why stick around and look like an ass when people are going to think and say what they want. In the end it's always the chick who stuck around through the hard times that gets the bad end of the stick! (True Story) Lord knows I know from experience! Not to say I think these rumors are true because I don't believe them for one bit but only Sole knows her husband. I don't know a thing about no Ginuwine. So Sole has to do what's right for Sole and if leaving Ginuwine is good with her then it's good for me too. Check out Baller Alert article below:

My sources tell me that Sole left Ginuwine because of the stories regarding Ginuwine and Lisa Raye. She packed up the house with her four kids and left. Sole doesn't know if there is any truth to these rumors...she is embarrassed of the story and is worried about what her church members will say. Sole was saved some time ago and is deep in the church.

Four kids? Sole sounds alot like the NYC Gossip Girl!

Jadakiss Comes For You On April 7th

Jada lets you know that every time they push his album back he's going into the studio to make it even better for us!! Now that's what I'm talking about! Jadakiss can do no wrong (musically) in my eyes! Peep the video below:

Enjoy Jadakiss new joint called "Magic City" below:

Rick Ross Admits To Being A C.O.

Well guys, it's finally come out. Rick Ross has finally admitted to being a correctional officer and also admits that he is the man in the pictures! This comes as a surprise to me since Rick Ross has denied his involvement with law enforcement. I think at one point Ross even denied he was the person in the photos. Nevertheless, check out his interview with XXL below:

After months of denials and flat-out refusing to address the subject, Rick Ross has admitted to being employed as a correctional officer. In the May issue of XXL magazine, the Miami rap star finally owns up.

"Me not answering or addressing that situation has nothing to do with my career," he's quoted as saying. "I've accomplished enough, and I've made enough money for me to be good. ... Yes, it was me in those pictures. But I'mma tell you this. Me taking that job, I was doing my job. You understand what I mean?"

Ross told XXL that his credibility cannot be fazed and the drug-dealing stories in his songs are authentic.

"The stuff I talk about is real. The dope is real," he insisted. "The gun talk is official. Look up [notorious Miami gang member] Kenneth 'Boobie' Williams. Look where he's from. That's not nothing to be proud of. I wish that on no man. But, just to let you know, that's what I witnessed. It's a reality. I cannot discuss certain people that's still in the streets, and I will not. I took a street oath, and I'mma live by that, and I'mma die by that. And it's not about a music career, 'cause that sh--, I'm good. It's about me and being in the streets."

"My freestyles as you could hear them, 'Kiss My Pinky Ring,' I do them in 20 minutes and put them out there," he said. "Those crumble empires. People listening to how potent the music is. That's all this really is for me."

50 Cent is planning to one-up Ross by releasing a sex tape called "Time to Make a Movie" that is said to feature one of Ross' children's mothers, known only as Brooke. At press time, neither 50 Cent nor Ross had responded to MTV News' requests for comment about that report, however, on Thursday afternoon (March 13), 50 released a trailer on his site at This Is 50.com.

Check out Rick Ross partial interview below:

New DJ Class & Lil Jon - Im The Ish

Kanye West was spotted last night in LA at "The House of Blues" watching DJ Class perform his new single "Im The Ish" featuring Lil Jon. I'm hearing Jermaine Dupri, Trey Songz and Pitbull jumped on the song is Kanye next? Hmmmm? Good question. The single is crazy and I know I showed you guys recently DJ Class and Lil Jon in the studio working on it. But here is the song in it's entirety below:

Make sure you let people know where you heard it first!!

To catch up with DJ Class check out his myspace page at myspace.com/djclass.

Ray J On Chelsea Lately

My favorite white girl, Chelsea Lately, recently interviewed Ray J and of course it was one for the history books. I tell you guys....only this white woman can talk to folks like this! (I'm so jealous) You don't know how many times I've wanted to say things to folks but just couldn't. :( Anywho, is it me or am I the only one not buying Ray J's show? Ray J is way too handsome to have trouble finding love!! Flavor Flav I can see but not Ray J. Am I buggin again? Let me know and enjoy the interview below:


Jim Jones Ain't Playin

My boy Jim Jones ain't playing with these security guards anymore. The clip below shows a truly pissed off Jones calling security guards dweebs! I couldn't help but laugh at that one. I mean, who calls people dweebs nowadays? But, nevertheless, you can't help but love the thug in Jimmy! The boy curses from the time the clip starts till he walks off down the block. PRICELESS!

Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne - Don't Stop Get It

The song you are about to hear is true Swizz Beatz Fiyah!! My son and his friends came to the house to hang out and while hanging out in the basement playing pool I heard them listening to this song. I asked my son who's song is that? He said it's Swizz Beatz. So I searched for it on YouTube so I can let yall listen to it and let me know what you think. This is a hardcore club banga!!

Sterling Williams In "This Can't Be Life"

I recently caught up with my homie, Sterling Williams. He's one of the actors in the indie film "This Can't Be Life" by Aim High Productions. You can also check out Sterling Williams on HBO! Check out Sterling's acting skills below:

This Can't Be Life - Trailer

And here are the reviews for the movie:

What the people thought...

Ginuwine Is Back (Behind The Scenes) Video

Could this new video be the reason for all of the rumors that are going around? I knew the rumor wasn't true! These 2 are working on multiple projects together such as the play and now Ginuwine's new video. I was wondering why I haven't heard from the brotha in a minute. The video looks like it will be good but I'm not so sure I'm sold on the song I'm hearing in the background. You guys be the judge.

Diddy Drops A Bomb On Ellen Degeneres

I have to give it up to Puff for standing up to Ellen Degeneres. I truly did not like how she tried to go in on Puff and just tried to put him on blast in front of a nationwide audience! Despite all of that, Puff came hard and let her know what was what. He made a valid point by saying you shouldn't throw stones, no one really knows what happened in that car and you are putting me in the middle of something that has nothing to do with me. I couldn't agree with Puff more! Why should a grown man have to answer questions about who comes and goes in his household?! Especially when Ellen I'm sure isn't paying his mortgage. Peep the video and how it went down below:

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated so leave one!

Usher Might Be Getting His @$$ Kicked...

Word around town is that the only reason why Usher issued an apology on the clip he did that spread like wildfire across the net about Christina Milian and the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation was because he was going to get f*cked up by Chris Brown and The Dream!!! (Yeah, I know, a long ass sentence, but I'm sure you got the point.)

Apparently, after that video of Usher hit the net he got a call from Chris Brown himself and Chris told him "I'm going to see you bitches!" If Usher knew like I knew then he knew to get the hell out of Chris Brown's way before he got Rihanna'd up!! (I know I'm dead wrong for that comment but did yall see Rihanna's face?!) Chris Brown will do some damage to Usher for sure!!!

And if that wasn't enough The Dream didn't like the video either and said to RapRadar.com that the first person he called in that clip was Johnta Austin!! In fact, The Dream called all 3 dudes in the clip which included Jermaine Dupri!! Peep the video that started all of this mess below:

Sidebar: I'm not even gonna front tho.....these dudes were hilarious as hell and spoke the damn truth in this video!! They were saying what most of us thought but never spoke out loud for the world to hear! I'm still an Usher fan and own every CD he dropped!! Thanks for the grins and giggles guys!!!


Joe Buddens Behind The Scenes of Exxxes

I'm a fan of Joe Beezy and had the pleasure of interviewing him not too long ago but this behind the scenes clip of Joe with Milani Rose is hilarious! I'm guessing it had to be a steamy type scene but where the hell was Tahiry? Peep how Angie Martinez blurts out..."Tahiry is going to kick his ass!" I'm soo feeling you Angie on that one! This is a prime example of why I'm single and refuse to settle for less. Not to say Joe Buddens is less but I'm sure to some extent it bothers his girlfriend. But I'm lovin how Joe Buddens was quick to say he was in love and getting married before he hopped up in that damn bed! PRICELESS!!!

I had an ex who couldn't keep himself away from video hoes. They are his life!! Hence, why we are not together and I hate video hoes! Neither one gets love from me!

LisaRaye & Ginuwine Rumors...

Despite the fact I report gossip I truly hate rumors. People...please don't forget that I only report what I hear. So here is the latest scoop. My girl, LisaRaye and Ginuwine, apparently, have been caught flirting and making out while catching some grub over at Mr. Chow's in LA. The two are working together in a play called "Gossip, Lies & Secrets". I really don't know how true this rumor is so I'm going to chalk it up to just that....A RUMOR! As pretty as LisaRaye is I'm sure she can get any man she wants and wouldn't resort to being with a married man!! Hell, the girl hasn't even finalized her divorce and everyone's got her with somebody else already. Give it up! I would believe the Gary Paton rumor before I'll believe the rumor about Ginuwine. Get your minds right people!!! That's just my opinion, so I'm out!


More On Chris Brown & Rihanna Saga!!!

Dunnn, dunnn, dunnn!! That's all I can think of since Chris Brown and Rihanna have been the front page of everything news focused!!! So here is the most recent daily scoop on these 2 folks:

The rumors have been going around that Rihanna started the altercation with Chris Brown that left her bloodied and bruised. Now sources are saying she is the first one to throw a blow while Chris was driving and that this is in the police report!Chris wants a plea but will only do so to a misdemeanor with no jail time.

TMZ is reporting that Chris’ people have consulted with outside legal experts including law school professors and they have said Rihanna’s own aggressiveness takes it out of the felony category. (Thank God for that one)

Sources say Rihanna was the first one to slap and strike Chris “numerous times” while he was driving, after seeing the text message from another woman. Also, Rihanna was fighting Brown as he punched and hurt her. Much of this is said to be in the official police report based on what Rihanna told cops. As a result, they say, this is not a case that demands a felony plea. However, there are plenty of cases where the woman engages the man in a fight but the jury convicts the male because it was an unfair fight and the man could have walked away. Plus the photographs of Rihanna, the most graphic of which have not been seen by the public, demonstrate Chris’ superior strength. Add to that the fact that Chris had no significant injuries and it presents problems for him.

Additionally, Chris sent a text message to Rihanna’s assistant in which he apologized for what he had done to Rihanna and said he was getting help. The text would be admissible in court and could prove as damaging as a legal admission.

Now, Snoop Dogg would like to have the battling couple appear on his show "Dogg After Dark"! Peep the article below:

Recently, rapper and television host of the ‘Dogg After Dark’ MTV series, Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg put out an invitation to singers Chris Brown and Rihanna to appear on his TV show. “I would definitely have them on the show,” Snoop Dogg said in a brief talk with celebrity gossip site, HollyScoop.

The rapper says he would have them on the show to discuss their relationship with ‘Relationship and Life Strategy Expert’ Dr. Phil, real name Phillip Calvin McGraw, who’s known for offering advice privately as a former psychologist and publicly on shows such as Oprah Winfrey and his own Dr. Phil show. “I would have to have Dr. Phil on the show because that’s not my section or department, but I’m sure Dr. Phil would have some advice,” added Snoop Dogg. The rapper goes on to state if he couldn’t get Dr. Phil that he would get Dr. Dre. (How hilarious is that statement?) “If he [Dr. Phil] wasn’t available, I would get Dr. Dre to come on the show for them” Snoop continued.

In the case of the Chris Brown and Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) alleged assault, singer Chris Brown appeared in court on March 5 on two felony charges of criminal threats and assault and had he arraignment date moved to April 6, 2009. Judge Kristi Lousteau ordered Brown to not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone.

And if that wasn't enough baffoonery check out what Diddy had to say about Chris Brown and Rihanna using his house in Miami as a getaway below (article courtesy of Rhymes With Snitch):

Diddy claims he had no idea Chris Brown was going to use his Miami mansion to arrange a hook up with Rihanna last week. Insiders say Puff is going around telling people that C Breezy mislead him by telling him he needed someplace to stay while working on his new cd and that it would only be him and his mom and not the house full of people who were photographed partying and riding around on jet skis.

I've had enough of Chris Brown and Rihanna already!! Can we please move on from it!?

Unsigned Hype - Holy Smokes

A fellow writer, Jamore Platinum, from Straight Outta NYC, has reached out to me about a new unsigned artist who is really making some noise in the music world. The artist' name is "Holy Smokes". From the freestyle below I can honestly say he did his thing. But here's Holy Smokes bio:

From the County of Kings to the streets in the hood, Holy Smokes stands up for true hip-hop. While basketball was a dream, spitting fire on the mic was a reality. At the age of 9, freestyling with rap veterans Whodini in a Harlem barbershop pointed the young rapper towards his future.

Many competitors alleged he lacked experience, but couldn’t deny his talent. Performing in the past with skilled hip-hop patriarchs such as Method Man and Doug E. Fresh, etc. has contributed to his unique way of self expression. Constant MC annihilations, continuous battle victories and straight respect for lyrical art have allowed Holy Smokes to establish a permanent position in hip-hop.

Street based, intelligent, and forthcoming are just a few depictions of this innovative Brooklyn, NY rapper. Long lyrics match the frame and the locks. With strategic words and his distinctive voice, Holy Smokes is predicted to take hip-hop to a new vista.

Bio courtesy of Sonic Bids.com.

And here's Holy Smokes freestyle below:

Holy Smokes freestyle with the goons @ POW !


Chris Brown Punch Out Game!!!

People are really taking this Chris Brown and Rihanna thing a bit too far. A company by the name of "Barely Digital" has come out with a Chris Brown punch out game!! You get to pick and choose which object you want to beat Chris Brown with! How hilarious is that?! Well, if you would like to play the game and beat up Chris Brown press play below:

Let em know where you heard about it first!!!