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Skull Gang & Juelz - I Am The Club

Here's the official video for Skull Gang's "I Am The Club". I'm liking this!! Good job guys!!


"That Used To Be My Joint" Part 3

Big Daddy Kane was the man back in the days and he still is when it comes to his lyrics. He came hard and delivered right on time. So this week's "That Used To Be My Joint" is "Ain't No Half Steppin" by Big Daddy Kane. All you young bucks might not remember this joint. You had to be born in the 70's to get this so all you 80's babies enjoy a true hip hop lyricist at his best below:

Embarrassing Moments Part 1

I thought I would switch it up a little bit for you readers. As of lately, I have been trying to come up with some creative ideas on how to keep my readers coming back for more and I've come up with a few concepts. Of course, you guys are familiar with "That Used To Be My Joint" and "Confessions of A Blogger". So now, I want to bring to you a new segment called "Embarrassing Moments". The segment is about stories I hear from my friends, celebs, ordinary people and my readers about embarrassing moments we all have at one time or another in our lives. So this first story is courtesy of a friend of mine (I'll leave his name out) since he's in the industry as well and tell you about his embarrassing moment.

Let me tell yall how it went. I get a text while I was driving to Chuck E. Cheese today from my friend and the text says: "You want to hear something funny?". I wrote back: "Sure". He proceeds to tell me how he was in the gym and got on the treadmill to do a little cardio and the damn treadmill threw his ass across the gym! In front of everybody!! Now that's embarrassing!!

My friend looks like he should be in the NBA (he's just that tall) and really had no business being on the treadmill any damn way. He should've taken to the courts and worked it out that way. But here is what I think took place below:

Is Red Cafe A Bad Boy Artist?

I was eavesdropping on a conversation (I know I'm soo damn nosey) about Red Cafe signing to Bad Boy......is this true? Could it really be true? Have we not learned enough about Bad Boy and all of their misdealings with artists? Has Mark Curry not taught us enough? I'm not too sure I'm buying this whole Red Cafe is now a Bad Boy artist thing. I mean the boy seems to have sense and he's from Brooklyn so I know he's about his paper but signing with Bad Boy? I heard there was no paper over at Bad Boy........just ask G-Dep, Black Rob, 112, Total, Mark Curry, Faith Evans, Danity Kane and Day 26!!! Please Diddy do not take this good artist and tear him down like you did everybody else!!! He's all New York has left for new up and coming solo artists!!!

Sidebar: I know Red Cafe is not what you would consider a new artist but hey....he's something to look forward to as far as new music goes. Check out what he had to say about his new mixtape and Diddy hosting it below:

Video courtesy of MTV.

And check out Cafe's new joint below (This joint is the hottest song out right now):

New Trailer For Season 2 of "Gotti's Way"

VH1 came with a hit reality show when they came up with "Gotti's Way". This was one of my favorite shows and the wait was definitely too long for season 2 for my taste. I'm sooo feeling Deb when she says she has to make a change. There were alot of people who were saying she was ungrateful to Gotti but I think differently. When you are in love with a man....and I mean truly in love with a man..........there is no way you can share him with other women. Regardless if he pays all the bills, you want the man to want you in the exact same way you want him. And unfortunately, this is where the problem lies with Deb and Irv. I think with season 2 all that will change but I guess we will have to wait, watch and see. Peep the trailer below:

I didn't see Ja Rule in the trailer. I'm wondering if he's in season 2 or did Irv just figure out that Ja's career is over?


New Hurricane Chris - Halle Berry

For those of you who are not familiar with this song......where have you been? I ain't from down South but this song is hot up here in the NY!!! I have 2 children in high school and I heard my son (who's 16) bumpin this song in his room. These young kids are really up on what's hot and what's not. My kids is how I stay young!! They put me on!! I actually like this song and you might to so check it out below:

By the way, doesn't Chris look like he smokes a ton of weed from the picture above? I'm not judging, I'm just saying!

Scott Storch Speaks Out

Scott Storch is finally making a statement on all the recent happenings going on in his life including his drug addiction, poor money judgements and not dealing with reality. Take a close look at what can happen when you become a victim of this game. Always know that what God gives, he can also take away. God knows when you are not appreciative or not deserving of his blessings. He will bring you back down not out of spite or viciousness but to make you humble again. He does this so that you can appreciate his love and blessings! Take note....I just dropped some jewels on you!!

New Swizz Beatz - When I Step In The Club

Check out this new joint by Swizz Beatz called "When I Step In The Club". It takes a little getting used to but it's kind of catchy. You know Swizz has to bring that different ish all the time. The only thing I was curious about while watching this video was...........where the hell was Swizzy at?! He ain't in the damn video. WTF??? The dancing is crazy in the video though....check it out below:


Lil Wayne - Every Girl

When Lil Wayne made this song I know he had to be talking about me!! Just take a listen to the first line: I want a long haired, thick red bone!! Yay!! That's me he's talking about!! Although Lil Wayne is not my type he sure knows how to say the right words. Hence all the beautiful women he's been with. Also, just a little gossip for you guys.....Juelz Santana sang this song to me!! During our interview the other day I asked Juelz and the Skull Gang if they had girlfriends, wives or were single and Juelz response was "I do what I do", "I like her and I like her too". (He was talking about me and my cousin) but at least he kept it real!! Ha! Sorry Juelz...I peeped when you said that. Didn't mean to put you on blast!! You're still my favorite Dipset member!!

Can U Turn A Hoe To A Housewife?

This term has been used since the beginning of time but can it be done? Can you really turn a hoe into a housewife? Can you? I see this happening everywhere. Every time I turn and look I see a good brotha marrying (or wifing up) some slutbag. Is this the new thing to do? Is this what men really want? Do you mean to tell me that my good behavior and not sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry is not attractive? I don't know. I'm starting to think that if I became a whore I would probably be married by now. Something is definitely wrong when women like Karrine Stephans are getting married and I'm not!!! Do I have to sleep with 30 dudes from the industry, write a book about it and detail what I'm great at in bed just to find my husband? Is this what I'm reduced to? Am I lost when thinking men want someone who is faithful, a good cook, a good Mom, a freak in the bed, and a generally nice looking woman? Do men no longer need those requirements? Do men now want something else? What I want to get across to everyone (whether male or female) is that what looks good to you is not necessarily good for you. You can have a fine looking woman, who strips, does King magazine photoshoots, dresses nice and has everything you desire in a woman....but get to know that woman.........and she may not have good hygiene, she probably can't make a home cooked meal, her apartment is not clean and her kids are with anyone who is willing to watch them. Does she seem very attractive to you now? Hmmm.....I'm gonna need your help on this one guys. Hit me up and let me know if my qualities are no longer needed in life cuz I'll switch it up. LMAO!!! Hell nah! Ain't no one going to change who I am as a person. I have morals and values and children who are counting on me to make it happen. But your opinions are definitely welcome. Hit me up!!

T.I. & Tiny Are Tying The Knot

According to all the popular blog sites such as Baller Alert, Necole Bitchie and Bossip, T.I. and Tiny are finally making it happen and making it official!!

I say it's about damn time!!! After all the kids and drama one would think that a brotha would settle down. Thank God!! Not everybody gets that lucky. Big shouts to Tiny and T.I. Congratulations!!

New Kanye Ft. Young Jeezy - Amazing

I wasn't a huge Kanye West fan but the very first time I heard this joint, I was hooked. Amazing was a song that I just gravitated towards and the fact that it has another artist, that at one time I wasn't feeling, made it even better. So now, because of this song I am a fan of both Kanye and Jeezy. The song is hot, the video is cool (not your average shake your booty video) so check it out below:

Video was courtesy of BET's 106 & Park.

"The Shooters" Bowling Events

Attention all celebrities!!! Attention all industry folk!!! Ed Lover is sending out a challenge to all those who think they can bowl. Ed Lover wants you to come out and challenge his crew, "The Shooters" to a bowling match! If you think you have the skills to go against one of the strongest teams in bowling then this is the time to show it!! I will be keeping you guys in the know about the next bowling event of course. I will be attending all of "The Shooters" bowling events and covering behind the scenes. My girl Steph is doing her thing with these events so come out and show love or show off your skills!! You won't want to miss out on these events. Peep Ed's challenge below:

Artists, celebs and industry folk..........get your bowl up!!!


It's Official!!!

Just wanted to keep you guys updated from my previous post about my surgery. It is scheduled for May 28th at 12pm. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. Things are going so great in my life right now and I think this procedure will just add more happiness to it. I've dumped all the extra baggage I needed to, my kids are doing beautifully and don't want for nothing, my lawsuit is looking SWEET and I'm blessed in all aspects of life!! Can't ask for more than that! Thank you Lord and thank you readers for the support. Wish me luck and a quick recovery....I'm going to need it!!

Keyshia Cole & Maino...Not True!!!

Just a few days ago I brought a rumor to you guys about Keyshia Cole dating Maino. Well, the rumor is not true guys!! According to a statement made by Manny (Keyshia Cole's manager) she doesn't even have a personal relationship with Maino at all!! Check out what Manny had to say below: (Courtesy of Necole Bitchie)

"In response to the rumor about superstar R&B Artist Keyshia Cole dating rapper Maino, which has been floating around the ‘Net, I, Manny Halley would like all the bloggers to personally know that there is no truth to this rumor. Keyshia and Maino do not have a personal relationship at all. Keyshia is gearing up for her headlining tour with Dream, Keri and Bobby V, working on a script for her biopic and working in the studio nightly on her 4th studio release, which is slated for December 2009.” Keyshia is too busy right now for a relationship to slow her down. But rest assured that she is involved in a love triangle with her, herself and her money."

Hmmm! He told yall!! I tell you what tho....I'd give my right arm to trade places with Keyshia Cole!! She got all the men wanting her!!

Buffie The Body's Tell All Book!!!

As if Superhead's books weren't enough for you people....Buffie The Body is releasing her own tell all book! Boy oh Boy!! What you guys do in the dark will eventually come to the light!! So for all you bad boys who done tapped the ass of Ms. Buffie The Body get ready to be told on!! The list goes on and on and on. Who's next with their tell all book? Gloria Velez? Vida Guerra? Somebody please tell me. Why are all these chicks kissing and telling? My guess is......beneath all those breasts and ass.........they don't have much to fall back on but their story! I'm not judging, I'm just saying. I mean, what the hell has Superhead been up to anyway? Oh yea! That's right!! She married Eddie Winslow...............next!

My Day With Juelz & Skull Gang

Shouts to Abba of TheBlackUrbanTimes for always making things possible. I recently caught up with Juelz Santana and Skull Gang.......interview coming this weekend. I'm working on the editing part as we speak. We had a great interview nonetheless. We talked about the new Skull Gang album coming out on May 5th although Juelz said he might push it back to June. We talk Cam'Ron, Jay Z, Dame Dash, rappers who need security guards and just every day stuff! Stay tuned cuz you won't want to miss out on that exclusive!!

We had a great time in the studio and as always Juelz and his crew made us feel right at home. Shouts to Lynn for killin em in the studio!! Hands off the snacks guys that's for the media!! LOL! You had to be there to get the joke!! Here are some candid shots of me and the crew:

Alot of people have asked me if Jon Dep and I were brother and sister and the answer is NO. Although we are Puerto Rican and come from Queens and goof around like we are brother and sister, we are not. Here's a shot of me and my play brother in the studio. GOOGLE HIM!!!

Starr of Skull Gang and I had to take this picture together....we were the brightest chicks in the studio!! And killin em nonetheless:

And last but certainly not least you have a picture with myself with Juelz and his brother Twin. Ladies, ladies, ladies!!! This was a serious moment....it was crazy in that studio!!!

And check out Juelz and his brother shoutin out the site but having a bit of trouble with it. They were sooo comical about the whole thing! Even when I yelled at them for messing up! Check it out:


If You Missed The Finale Of Ray J...

Then you missed out on seeing who the winner of the show was! Cocktail, the Spanish girl with the valley accent, beat out Danger and Unique in the competition. I'm sure Ray J knew that Danger was mentally out of it and Unique was a phoney ass! Last night's show was a little different than most. Ray J sent Danger packing before eliminations claiming he was worried about her mental condition. Yeah Right!! I'm sure the boy was more worried about his safety than anything else. And as for Unique....you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out she just wasn't his type! Have you seen the girls Ray J has dated? I mean.........with the exceptions of Whitney and Lil Kim..........they are all Kim Kardashian look alikes! But enough about that and back to Ray J and Cocktail (who I think won't last 3 weeks together cuz Ray J don't need no more lovin). Congrats to Cocktail and I want to take bets how long this little fling will last. Who's up for a bet? Hit me up!

Gucci & Groupies Mixtape.....

I like to bring the unsigned hype segment to you guys every now and again to showcase who I think is making some noise. We over here at HipHopGossipSite.com support Boogz Boogetz and his movement. Not to mention my big homie, Culture, is always hittin me up about what's going on in Brooklyn and what Boogz is working on. This young brother is gettin his grind on in a major way. Their new mixtape Gucci & Groupies will be out soon! So check out this new joint called "Ya Ain't F*ckin Wit Me" featuring Goodz, Loui V. (Lloyd Banks lil brother) and Jay O. (my homie Culture lil brother):


Culture....you need to hit me up....I missed your call the other day. I'm working hard myself. Get at me my G!!!


When Make Up Goes Bad!!!

I want to beat down the imbicile who sold Lil Kim this age old make up!! And why didn't any of her friends say "Girl....maybe you should tone it down a notch today." I'm going to give Lil Kim the benefit of the doubt and say she was on her way to a Chinese tea and was going to change into her kimono after she got there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

God Bless Lil Kim! And how nice of Ray J to stand by her side during her time of need!

New Ish By Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne....

This joint by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne is crazzzyyy!! In fact, it's soo crazy that that's the title of the song. The song is called "I Get Crazy". This is something you need in your life right now. Check it out for yourself below:

Nicki Minaj is that next bitch! I love it!


Were They Listening To Me?

OMG! Oh My Goodness!!! I was recently on YouTube and browsed through Joe Buddens TV channel. I came across this clip of Joe Buddens and his girlfriend having an argument about sex. All I could think about during this clip was.....have they heard me arguing with my ex? I've had this same damn argument with my ex! Tahiry even uses the same exact words I have expressed to my ex when he was fucking around with his slutbags and expected to come home and get something from me! All I can say is "Behave", "Behave", "Behave" and you will not have a problem getting anything from me!! Don't behave?..........then don't expect to get shit from me. Not for nothing, I am very confident when it comes to the bedroom. I am very open minded and down to do whatever, with the person I have a relationship with, so long as it doesn't have shit to do with a third person. I ain't with the threesomes and shit but if you want to do something crazy and absurd it's going down! I've never had a complaint...in fact the only complaint I received was that I wasn't giving it up enough. And the reason for that was because my ex always kept his attention on some slutbag he had his camera on rather than the chick who was putting it down! Hence.....a big reason why we are not together. I say exactly what Tahiry says...........Go head! But don't expect nothing from me! Enjoy the clip:


Rumor Alert!!! Rumor Alert!!!

According to online reports from Media Take Out, rumor has it that Keyshia Cole and Maino are now an official couple! Yay!! I am soo happy! They make a gorgeous couple....if this rumor is true. Keyshia Cole is smoking (no homo) and Maino is fine. Ain't nothing like seeing some true black love and a couple that compliments each other. They match! I hope this rumor is true and they work out. Much success guys!

Mike Jones Explains Chain Gank

Mike Jones recently learned a lesson about the people he cannot trust. In the clip you are about to see, Mike Jones goes into detail about who stole his chain, watch and bracelet.....and he lets it be known it was all done by a close friend! Am I surprised by this? Hell no! There are people in this world who are brought into our lives to teach us a lesson. Whether it be positive or negative....they are here to teach us. We learn from these experiences and it gives us character. We also realize, at the end of the day, who are real friends and who aren't.

I recently learned myself that the person I thought had my back and would never disrespect me...........disrespected me quite often. Although, I was hurt for a minute behind that.........I want to thank them for teaching me. They were brought into my life to teach me a lesson. The lesson learned.......I now know what I want in my life, what I will and won't deal with and to strive for the better things in life. I will not settle for less and know my worth! On that note, check out Mike Jones below:

I'm Back With Juelz Santana

Here's a new joint called "Simple" by Ron Browz, Juelz Santana and Keri Hilson. Take a listen and let me know what you guys think of this new song.....likey? or no likey? Would love to hear about it......also, stay tuned for another exclusive interview with Juelz Santana. The NYC catches up with Juelz for another explosive conversation and you won't want to miss out on that! DIPSET!!!

Jadakiss - Who's Real

I'm telling you guys that this is my anthem for the rest of the year!!! These phoney ass people around here claiming ish that ain't true need to be pointed out and addressed! I'll be exposing some real ish very soon and alot of people are going to be very mad with me but at the end of the day..........they don't call me the NYC Gossip Girl for nothing!!! So on that note, enjoy the song cuz it really means something:


Top 10 DL Spots by Bimbo Winehouse & Wendy Williams

As I told you guys before....one of my favorite blog sites right now is from a guy who goes by the name of Bimbo Winehouse and his site is called Shutup Bimbo. He's crazy, fun and has some good gossip on his site. So I had to post this clip up of him and Wendy Williams top 10 spots for a down low man. I thought us girls as well as some guys might be interested in hearing what they had to say!! It's funny as hell so don't say I didn't warn you guys:

Confessions Of A Blogger

My confession for this time around is that....I'm going in for a tummy tuck guys! Yes! I said it! Getting that tummy tucked in big time! Some of my friends are mad with me and they think I don't need it but I feel like I do and that's what I'm going to do. Next Tuesday I will be visiting with the surgeon of my choice (not going to mention his name) and getting my consultation. My mother is horrified with my choice but this is what I want to do. After my consultation I will be scheduling the actual procedure....meaning I'm going to pick a date. I've decided that around the end of May or sometime in June I want it done. I just hope that I won't be in too much pain afterwards. Wish me luck guys!!!

Rumor Has It That...........

Angie Martinez and Vince Carter are now an item! According to Bossip.com, the two were seen at the Brand Jordan, Akon bowling event at Lucky Strike in New York City. Bossip staff also claim that although Akon's name was on the event he was not there.

I need to go bowling again...I had soo much fun at the "Bowling With The Stars" event that I need to do it again!

Kanye Posing With His Rose

This is the new ad for Kanye West's Louis Vuitton sneaker. He is exposing the true ASSet he has at the moment and that's Amber's tushy. I mean.....really......did you want to see anything else? Are you really going to go out and cop them kicks? I rather cop his Nike joints.

I have a question for you guys....who's girl gets more attention.......Joe Buddens girl "Tahiry" or Kanye West's girl "Amber Rose"? Just wanted to know since they both seem to get all the attention taken away from their man.....LMAO!!


Tru Life Like You've Never Seen Him

This is a change of pace on how we normally see Tru Life. He's normally seen as a thug and a person who really has a problem with Jim Jones. From the perverted mind of "James Kraze Billings" (the father of my last 2 children) he brings you something other than "All Access" and it's called "Sex, Cameras & Hip Hop". Although, I think Kraze is onto something with his idea, I'm wondering where the hell does he find these slutbags?! He sure knows how to find them (which is why we're not together) but damn did this chick give a hell of an interview! Tru Life was funny as hell but I'll let you guys click on the clip to see for yourself:

Can't wait for this to blow up......my daughters need some thangs!! LOL!

Letter To Puff by Ex Bad Boy Member "Kain"

What the hell is going on over at Bad Boy? First, Mark Curry and now Kain! Is Puff really that bad? I mean you have to admit that 112, Faith Evans, Craig Mack, B.I.G. and Total were some of the hottest acts out! But...........where are they now? Is Puffy really the Devil they claim him to be? I wonder how Day 26 is doing....they had a private album release party last night over at the Ed Hardy store. I'm assuming everything went down ok but I'm just wondering are their bills paid or are they struggling like everybody else who had business dealings with Puff? BTW, does anybody remember Kain? The only white rapper (I think) who was signed to Bad Boy? Check out his letter to Puff below and let me know what you think:

If you haven't already done so go out and cop that book called "Dancing With The Devil" by Mark Curry. Another ex member of the Bad Boy Empire.

I'm On Video City With Nina B

We love Nina B over here at HipHopGossipSite.com! So when Nina reached out and asked me to come on down and be apart of her show, I gladly accepted!! So for all of you Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens peoples...you can check me out on Video City tomorrow. And if you miss the show on Wednesday you can always log onto YouTube and catch the reruns there. Here's a clip of an episode of Video City TV below:

Nina B getting her interview on with Sha Stimuli:

Also, mad love goes out to Norbez and Math Hoffa for showing love to the NYC Gossip Girl!!! You can catch them doing their thing each and every Friday over at Amadu's Corner.


Fat Joe Regarding Mafia Music

I'm guessing that the 50 Cent verse Rick Ross beef is far from over?! I guess it's never going to stop. Why won't we learn people? Why won't we learn? Rick Ross has a new joint out called "Mafia Music" featuring all of 50 Cents enemies.....Ja Rule being one of them and then you have Fat Joe and The Game. This thing just doesn't stop. Of all this beef I can say one thing about Rick Ross...he is a fighter and won't give up. I like that. But then you have 50 Cent who is also a fighter and won't back down. I'm just wondering what 50 has up his sleeve this time around. This is getting to be too much.....even for me.....a DAM Gossip Girl!!! LOL!

Check out what Fat Joe had to say about Mafia Music and 50 below:

Check out Mafia Music Remix below:

New Kicks!!! New Kicks!!!

Well, well, well. What do we have here?! These sneakers are bad!! I need a pair of these in my life!! I'm not a sneaker head by any means but I have to cop a pair of these bad boys!! These are the new Nike Vandal Hi Supreme Ex "Rock N Rolls". I spotted these sneakers over on Dime Wars.com. I'm going to Foot Action tomorrow to see about these!!!

Lil Kim Killed It On "Dancing W/The Stars"

I know you guys are going to kill me but I have not been keeping up with "Dancing With The Stars". Every now and again you can catch me watching it and it's only because Lil Kim is on there and I'm rooting for her. So the time I do decide to watch it I have to say Lil Kim is really doing her thang! She's killing it each and every time and the clip you are about to watch is no different. Check out Kim doing her thang on "Dancing With The Stars" below:

By the way, who else is on the show cuz it seems to me that Kim is taking over!

Nina B - Letter To Left Eye

My girl, Nina B, has a joint out called "Letter To Left Eye". Everyone seems to have a tribute song to B.I.G. and Pac but what happened to the ladies? Well, the wait is over and Nina B has the answer. Check out her tribute song to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

I truly believe that my girl, Nina B, is that next big thing for the ladies. We need a new fresh face for the ladies in hip hop. Thank God for Nina B!! Much love girl!

Kwame "IT" Smalls New Reality Show

This is your chance to be a STAR! VH1's reality super star Kwame "IT" Smalls from "I LOVE NY 2" and "I LOVE MONEY 2" is looking for humorous folks to be apart of his humorous/semi-reality comedy show called the "Kwame Smalls Show".

If you feel that you are funny, always wanted to be on TV and you are looking to stand out along with "IT" then this is the time to do so! We are looking for children 5 years and older , men, and women of all types to come out and show us that you have what it takes to be apart of this wonderful show! We will be holding auditions in NYC. Below you will find more information. I look forward to seeing you there!

And don't forget to stay tuned because I have an exclusive interview coming up with Kwame "It" Smalls himself and boy is he CRRRAAAAZZZZZEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!


Response To No More Whoppers @ BK

I warn you guys right now that the clip you are about to see is funny as hell! There is alot of cursing so if you have a child around or even a Christian mother please put your headphones on or go into another room! What you are about to see and witness is the responses of 3 different men who are finding out that Burger King no longer sells Whoppers. You might just pee in your pants while watching this!! Check it out:

Don't Be Fooled....

But the picture above is not of your average video vixen! It's actually a picture of a tranny and his/her name is Nadia!!! Yep! That's right fellas!! A tranny! I know some of you guys thought....DAM!! Who the hell is that she's featuring?! Ha! I even know some dudes right now who's first thoughts were....I gotta get her on my DVD. Sorry to disappoint guys but that's a dude!!! AND......according to Sandra Rose.com, the dude was also a lover of Bow Wow's!! Check out some more photos of the man who can fool a straight man below:

I had some of you guys goin!!! Thinking that was a real chick and shit! Gotcha!!!

They Are Going Crazy Over.....

Cassie shaving off one side of her head. I don't know why Cassie shaving her head made headlines this weekend but it did. I, personally feel that she is about the only chick that can pull this style off. Trust me........I am no homo..........but Cassie is GORGEOUS!! She can truly pull this one off!!! Check her out below:

I'm sure Diddy likes it....and that's all that counts! Besides, Cassie said it was about time for her to do something different and daring. I think it's about time for me to follow suit!! I mean....I'm not going to shave my hair off but it's time for something different. Haven't decided what I want to change but I know I'm changing soon! Much props for Cassie!


Another Jadakiss Teaser

We Love Jadakiss over here on this site!! So anything Jadakiss goes up!! We support you baby!!!

It's That Time of Year Again

To head out to New York's Jacob Javitz Center and check out some of the hottest cars coming out at the car show. DJ Envy takes you on a tour and let's you know what to expect when you get there. Check it out below:

Oh! and if you are wondering what that song is on the clip? That's Red Cafe!!

Amerie Has A New Album Coming

So where the hell has Amerie been? If you asked me then I would've said starring as one of Kim Kardashian's sisters! LOL! I think Amerie looks alot like Kourtney but aside from that Amerie has been grinding it out in the studio. She's been working hard on her new album which is called "Breakups To Makeups". It should be out this summer. I'm thinking around June or July so keep it locked cuz I'm sure she has some bangers for us!

Here's a throwback joint from Amerie:

Ridiculous Rumor Of The Day

According to TMZ.com, rumor has it that Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante, is dead! I don't believe this rumor is true....not for one second!!! Read the article as per TMZ:

If this frightening incident report on the California Highway Patrol’s website is correct — which we hope it’s not — Snoop Doggy Dogg “has the dead body of his wife in his basement.”

At 3:19 yesterday afternoon — while Snoop was getting high live on the internet — an anonymous tipper called the CHP to alert them of the alleged heinous situation… but apparently it was so ridiculous that no one at the CHP bothered to forward it to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

I hope somebody straightens this rumor out asap!! Shante better kick somebody's ass for this one!!!

Jadakiss Is Bringing NY BACK!!!

I know the rumor round town is that NY rappers fell off and the South has taken over. And for a minute.....I've been thinking the same damn thing! I'm sorry! I admit I was in agreement. Now, however, with Jadakiss back in the game I think he will be giving alot of other rappers a run for their money! His new album is FIYAH and it's exactly what New York needed!! We've been waiting people!! At first, I thought maybe Maino was going to bring it back or maybe even Red Cafe but my answer is here!!! And it's Jadakiss!!! Go out and cop that album fast!! Take a look at Maino going out to support Jadakiss as well:

I'm hearing Maino is currently on tour and won't be back in the NY for about a month or so.

Chrissy Vs. Cherry Martinez....

The reason for this article is.......I received an email from another blog site (and also a favorite of mine) called Shutup Bimbo. What caught my attention in the email was the story about Jim Jones and Cherry Martinez. So of course, I had to check the site to see what they were talking about. Apparently, the rumor is (AND I'M SAYING RUMOR ONLY!!! NOT A FACT!!!) that Jim Jones has a thing for Cherry Martinez and for more info. log on tomorrow. You know my ass will be logging on tomorrow to find out what the scoop is but my first thoughts were............DAM!! Cherry Martinez looks alot like Jim Jones wifey, Chrissy. Is that considered cheating? I'm sure it is....but damn when you cheat with a person who looks just like your partner is that a crime? Or just plain old obsession?

Please check out the photos above and let me know if these two ladies are sisters from different misters?! I sure seem to think so. And check out this story about Jim Jones cheating....courtesy of Tales From A Groupie below:

Last year memorial day weekend, me and a few of my girls went down to Miami. One of the nights we ended up at Sobe live right on South Beach. That same night Jim Jones, Santana and the rest of their crew came there to perform and spent a lil while in V.I.P. So as we were sitting there we notice that Jimmy and his friends didn't buy out the bar like they say they do, but instead popped one bottle of champagne (NOT BALLING). Anyway, towards the end of the night his security approached me and asked for my number so I gave him my number. Around 4:3o in the morning I get a call from the security guard telling me to ditch my friends and come to the Palm hotel cause Jimmy wanted to see me. So being the thirst that I was (lol) I left my friends back at the motel and headed to the hotel to see Jimmy. So once I got there I called back his security for the room number then went upstairs. Once I got their he started treat me like a smut and told me to "wash up and get back in the bed with nothing on" so I did. Once I got on the bed, I began to kiss him, but he pushed my face away and lowered my head down to his private part, which I didn't mind cause it was an okay size (decent). So now I'm giving him head and then he stops me to put a rubber on and then after 30 seconds or so he nuts. What a loser. Then he tells me "I gotta go now, cause he got shit to do". So I got dresses and the next thing you know he throws $10 at me and says "For your troubles, here's some cab money". SMH he's such a bum loser, he really isn't balling or packing. Guess I was a groupie for a night, but I wouldn't do it again.
This dude is the epitome of a chauvinistic pig. I got a tip a couple of weeks back about another groupie who he did dirty. He had that poor girl sucking his dick forever til he busted a nut, just because he could. And wouldn't even give the ol' girl tickets to his concert.

That goes to show all of you fast ass heffas that just cuz you lay down with a super star and suck off a super star doesn't mean he's going to treat you like one!! Dum heffa!! That's what she deserved!!!