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Spectacular Responds 2 Strippin Dance

Here is the response we've all been waiting for from Spectacular of Pretty Ricky. Spec wants to know why guys actually watched his strip tease video.....and the only response I can think of is no one knew you were going to back up from the camera wearing some Victoria's secret drawls on!!! And if I'm not mistaken......weren't you calling out some young brothas very prominent in this industry? Were you not calling out names to see who can grind the best? Don't they have to see what you are working with in order to do battle?..........at least that's what I've always been told. But enough of that and listen to Spec below:

Checkin My Fresh by Kia Shine

Where the hell has Kia Shine been? And better yet, do you really care? Well, nevertheless, Kia Shine has come out with a new joint called "Checkin My Fresh" featuring Young Dro and Maino. To be honest with you guys, if it wasn't for Maino this song wouldn't even have been on MTV! And in my opinion the only one who tore the track up was Maino. Although Young Dro gave it some down south flava....the song did nothing for me. What does the song do for you? Would love to hear about it....but for now check out the video for yourselves below:

By the way, what the hell is up with half of his head chopped down to a ceasar and the rest in some busted ass dreads? Not the business Kia!! I know someone who was supposed to do an interview with Kia Shine and decided at the last minute he didn't want to do it. The person stated Kia Shine just had this vibe about him and he wanted no parts of it. I guess in some sort of way I'm getting that vibe as well!

Tyson's Daughter Update

I'm sorry to report that Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter, Exodus, has passed away earlier today. Here is the article according to Fan House below:

PHOENIX (May 26) - The 4-year-old daughter of boxer Mike Tyson died at a hospital on Tuesday, a day her neck apparently got caught in a treadmill cord at her Phoenix home, police said.

Exodus Tyson had been on life support and police have said their investigation showed her injury on Monday was a "tragic accident."

"There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus," the family said in a statement. "We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal."

Police said Exodus either slipped or put her head in the loop of a cord hanging under the console. Her 7-year-old brother found her and told their mother. She took Exodus off the cord, called police and tried to revive her. Responding officers and firefighters performed CPR as they took the girl to the hospital.

Former heavyweight champion Tyson was in Las Vegas at the time of the accident and flew on Monday to Phoenix, where he was seen entering the hospital. Tyson spokeswoman, Cynthia Schwartz, said the family had not arranged a funeral yet.

My prayers are still with the Tyson family. I pray that God gives you the strength to overcome this battle!

News coverage below:

Spectacular's Sexy (Yea Right) Strip Dance!

One of the boys from the R&B group Pretty Ricky called "Spectacular" or AKA "Sexy Spec" made a strip tease video for all you ladies and.........uh......gents! The video is the funniest thing I've ever seen these boys do! Is this guy serious? He's even calling out other R&B dudes to a battle?! A battle of what? Gayness?! I almost peed my pants when watching this. I can't even begin to tell you about the foolishness you are about to witness!! But enough about my rant and check out the video below:

And if that wasn't a funny enough video for you guys than check out this parody by some random viewer. I'm telling you to hold onto your guts cuz this ish is too funny!! Watch below:

LMFAO at all the baby powder on the chest and the briefs over the basketball shorts!!! This stupidity just made my damn day!!!


Spanish Folks Don't Play!!!

My boy Pitbull was performing at some concert and was tearing the house down when some idiot asshole (pardon my French) decides to hop up on stage and throw money at Pitbull's face. And that's when all hell breaks loose!!! Pitbull throws a mean punch and a side kick and has to be restrained by security to leave the idiot alone. Nevertheless, Pitbull keeps on with his performance and never disappointed the crowd. I give him an A+ for that one!! That was gangsta!!

Mike Tyson's Daughter In Critical Condition

Here is the story according to Dime Wars:

"Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support at a Phoenix hospital after strangling herself with a treadmill cord this morning in what appears to have been a freak accident, Fox News reports. The girl’s 7-year-old brother discovered her hanging by the neck from an exercise machine in their Arizona home, and paramedics were immediately called. Tyson was not home at the time of the incident."

Here is the breaking news report on the accident:

My prayers are with Mike Tyson and his family. There is nothing more devastating than hearing about your child in any type of accident.

And in other Mike Tyson news.....don't forget to check out his documentary! I recently watched it yesterday and loved every minute of it. With the exception of all my children running around the house screaming and shouting with all their friends and I couldn't hear much of it............I have a new found respect for Mike Tyson. Check out the trailer below:


Gettin Punched In The Face Is Bad 4 Ur Health!

OMG! I usually don't like to report what all the other sites are reporting but this is a must do! Charles Hamilton getting punched in the face by his girlfriend, Brianna! I had to do it. I know she was trying to tell him that their relationship is finally over but he didn't have to go there with the abortion thing! I'm hearing from Necole Bitchie that the girl, Brianna, is Kendu's daughter. For those of you who don't know who Kendu is.....he's Mary J. Blige's husband. I don't know how Charles Hamilton will overcome this one but he better do it fast!!! And check out what homegirl had to say about the situation below:

Moral of this story is never mess with a chick and her emotions!!

Kelis Preggo Photos!

I guess that divorce is doing some good for my girl Kelis. She looks like she's glowing and that baby is definitely growing. She seems to be in good spirits and doesn't have a care in the world right now! The less stress on a woman while she's pregnant the better. Congrats on the new comer!! He or she will be here soon!

Shouts to Gossip Jacker for the photos!! That's one hot site!

Drake & R. Kelly Plus Maino & Swizzy

Check out the new version of "The Best I Ever Had" featuring R. Kelly. Kelly always knows how to tear down a track and this one is no different. I already loved the song and now I love it even more! Check it out for yourselves below:

And my 2nd new joint is from my boy, Maino featuring Swizz Beatz! Swizzy just recently placed a gag order on Mashonda's behind! He doesn't want anyone talking about his Keys!! I have a feeling this divorce with Mashonda is going to be a very ugly one! Nevertheless, Swizzy is on his grind in that studio working hard! Check out the joint below:

Drake Loves Rihanna?!

We all know the recent rumors of Rihanna and Drake being an item right? Well, according to Drake, those rumors are just that. Rumors. So if all of these rumors are just that then why add fuel to the fire? In a recent concert in Toronto, Canada, Drake was filmed saying "Shouts to Rihanna. I love you baby." Why would you do that Drake? Why make that announcement and have people like myself write about it and show the clip? LOL! I love this entertainment world! Stuff like this makes for more album sales!!! Check out the action below:

And by the way, does Drake remind anyone of Ryan Leslie? I don't know why he reminds me of Ryan but it could be the light skin thing...........not sure.........LMAO! Is light skin coming back? Would love to hear your opinion about that.

Redman Doing The MoonWalk In Boxers!!!

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been posting as much as usual. I have been soo busy running around. I'm preparing for my surgery which is this Thursday!! Yes!! This Thursday!! I'm scared as hell but still going to go through with it. And I'm also preparing for some graduations. But I promise that I am back on the grind and ready to deliver to all you good folks out there who need that daily dose of gossip! So here it goes:

Redman and Method Man will be doing "The Next 48 hours" with All Hip Hop and Jump Off TV. So get prepared to see all the craziness, silliness and fun with these 2 guys as I will be bringing those clips to you. The first clip you are about to see is of Redman moonwalking in his boxers!! Are you really surprised? I'm not. This is something we all can expect from Redman. Check out the clip below:


Twista Says: "That Ain't My Baby!!!"

According to All Hip Hop, Twista is not Pinky's baby daddy. Check out the article below:

Rapper TWISTA has shot down rumors he's expecting a baby with porn star PINKY, insisting he's never had sexual relations with her. The Slow Jamz MC, real name Carl Mitchell, was alleged to be the father of Pinky's unborn child, but he's moved swiftly to dismiss the claims and distance himself from the adult film actress. He says, "I want to inform everyone that not only is Pinky not pregnant by me, but I've never had any type of sexual encounters with her. I ain't mad at her."

And check out Pinky talking about putting on weight after taking the Depo Provera shot. I've had that shot in the past and I can tell you from experience that it puts weight on a woman in a matter of seconds!!! Real talk!!!

Gucci Mane's "She Got A Friend" Footage

Exclusive behind the scenes footage of the video shoot for Gucci Mane's "She Got a Friend". Footage features Gucci Mane, Juelz Santana, Big Boi, Soulja Boy, Rocca, and more. This clip is brought to you by House Arrest TV A Close to Cashed Production. Enjoy it below:

Exclusive Photos of Rocko's Video Shoot

My boy Rocko shot his video today (5/19/09) for the "1 of 1" album coming soon!!! Make sure you guys go out and cop that! The video director for this project was Gabriel Hart...photos and casting provided by: CarinaeCasting

Stay tuned to the site because the official video will be dropping soon! Let them know where you seen it at first!!!

Jennifer Freemans Secret Wedding

As previously stated at The YBF, Jennifer Freeman was rumored to be pregnant by NBA ball player Earl Watson. And.......they were setting up to get married. Well, rumors no more, the 2 have actually tied the knot and should be expecting their baby soon! Jennifer is in her first trimester....the trimester that makes women get sick for days on end.....and looked great in her wedding dress. Special guests at the wedding included Kyla Pratt and Baron Davis.

Pictures courtesy of The YBF.


Movie Trailer - "Precious"

I've heard about this movie "Precious" when opening up the new issue of Essence magazine this past week. At first, I didn't know what the rave was all about but while watching the movie trailer........I can't wait to see the movie in it's entirety! Mo'Nique, Mariah Carey and Paula Patton give an outstanding performance! I've never seen Mo'Nique in anything but comedy and in the clip you are about to see, Mo'Nique cries and acts as a druggie/abusive mom.........something I'm not used to seeing in a Mo'Nique film. Nevertheless, this is something you guys must see and please by all means leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Pregnancy Rumors Alert!!!

Oh how the rumors swirl around the internet! If it ain't one thing, it's another. That's how the saying goes right? Well, let's start this thing off. The first pregnancy rumor is of Pinky (of Porn fame). Rumors are that Twista (the rapper) has gotten the porn vixen, Pinky, pregnant!! I don't know how true these rumors are because a few months back I was listening to Sirius Satellite radio and heard Pinky talking with Angela Yee.........and if I recall correctly......Pinky said she had no kids and wasn't in the business of having any kids anytime soon. So as far as this rumor goes........I'll have to do a little more research. I will keep you updated on that. But check out the article according to This Is 50 below:

Pinky, known for her pink hair, curvaceous body and figure, big butt, and infamous lesbian scenes full of toy action posted all across the internet was supposedly involved in some type of personal relationship with the rapper Twista. Which through an alleged sexual encounter, led to a possible pregnancy.

Rumor has it that the porn star actress was crying at a recent Core DJ’s Retreat which sources close to Pinky revealed, this may have had something to do with the rapper Twista. As of yet, there has been no comment or official statement from Pinky nor Twista regarding the rumors of her pregnancy and/or her relationship with Twista.

Wow! Ain't that a bitch!!!

Next up......Tila Tequila hints at being pregnant by someone very famous in the hip hop industry via twitter. I'm thinking.........Ray J? As per Egypt Said So and my last Ray J article, Tila had officially made an announcement that she was dating/screwing Ray J. And even stated that they make a cute couple.

All I'm saying is this..........where is the protection being used? So many people are out here smashing with no protection! You don't know what other people have! Or how many people they done slept with already!! I'm an advocate of wearing protection!! Let's be careful people!! So we don't have slip ups like these folks!!


Juelz Santana Responds To CamRon

Wow!! I'm really working my ass off to get you guys these exclusives and it seems that my hard work is starting to pay off!! If any of you don't know, CamRon has made a statement saying that there will NOT be a Dipset reunion. Damn! Damn! Damn! Why did you have to break my heart like that Cam?! I have already started my petition to get the brothas back together again in the studio but that will be coming at a later date. Nevertheless, I took some time out and asked Juelz about the situation and here is what he had to say below:

I believe in miracles too and time heals all wounds........so on that note.....there is hope for me yet!!

Something To Make You Laugh

Told you it would make you laugh!!! Have a wonderful weekend guys!

LeToya Luckett's New Single

LeToya Luckett returns with "She Ain't Got Shit On Me" - The Official Ladies Anthem Of 2009! LeToya's letting yall know she’s taking no prisoners!! You can also check out LeToya on twitter at twitter.com/letoyaluckett. And check out her single below:

Let me know what you think of LeToya's new song.......likey or no likey? Hit me up!

Lil Mo's New Album "Tattoos & Roses"

Lil Mo is coming back to reclaim her spot in this industry!! Yay!! Her album which will be dropping shortly is called "Tattoos & Roses". As of yet there is no release date for her album but she is gearing up for a live performance tonight at club Ibiza in Washington DC. Special guests will include Fabolous, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, Coco of SWV, Anwan “Big G” Glover, Neffe and Dariel of Keyshia Coles “The Way It Is” and many more!

Lil Mo is actually one of the few females in the industry who can really blow....so I can't wait for her album to drop! I'm sure she's coming back with that much needed FIYAH that we've all been waiting for! Shouts to Soulgee for the heads up on this!!


Saaphyri Is Doing Jail Time?!

I received an email from an anonymous reader claiming that Saaphyri of Flavor of Love and I Love Money 2 is locked up and that is the reason why she was not on the reunion show on VH1. What I'm wondering is.........WHAT THE HELL DID SHE GET LOCKED UP FOR? And more importantly..........is "It" keeping up with that convesary!!! LMAO!! Not sure if I spelled that right but whatever....Just stay tuned as I get more info from my anonymous emailer. I love these types of emails. I have no idea if what they say is true but I just report it.

And according to some research, I found on Jen The Pen.com that Saaphyri is indeed locked up and if you wish to write to her the address is below:

Saaphyri Wanda Scott
X359545 C.I.W. Barnerberg B 1137 Low 16756
Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880

That's all I have for now!

Alicia Keys Says Bump Yall Haterz!!!

She's sick and tired of all of you hating on her love with Swizz Beatz!! So now she's showing everyone in the world who her number one love is and that's Swizzy!! Check out the photos of them just hanging out! Really nice!! I hope this works out for them cuz it seems like everyone is against this relationship.


Tailor Made & It's "The Odd Couple" Show

Word just in that "Tailor Made" & "It" of "I Love New York 2" and "I Love Money 2" fame have a new webisode series coming to the net and it's taking over by storm!!! The new webisode series is called "The Odd Couple". It shows you how different both guys are and how they react in each other's environment. Although, I think realistically that Tailor Made wouldn't survive a day in the hood...it's hilarious to see how it all goes down! Check out their first episode below:

And if that wasn't enough check out Part 2 of the webisode series below:

Shouts to G.I.N. TV for giving me the heads up on this new show! It's hilarious!! Will someone please pick up this show and put it on TV for the rest of the world to see!!! PLEASE!!!

Part 1 Of Juelz & Skull Gang Interview

A few weeks back I did an exclusive interview with Juelz Santana and Skull Gang. I had sooo many problems converting the file from the camera onto my computer. Well, after much drama, stress and $100, I finally got the footage uploaded to my computer. Trust me folks, the interview gets better but the footage was about an hour long so it's only right that I break it up into 4 parts. So here is Part 1 of the interview. Part 2 is coming in a few days and Juelz talks about a lot of interesting things including a response to Cam'Ron and the reunion of Dipset. You won't want to miss out on that but for now enjoy this introduction below:

And for some hot joints from Juelz and Skull Gang...check out the "Dancing On Me" video below:

Skull Gang "I Am The Club" below:

Hoopz Explains Sex Tape

I have been getting soo many emails about when is the full version of Hoopz' sex tape coming out? My answer is I don't know! I don't even know who put out the snippet of the sex tape but it seems that everyone nowadays has a tape out of some kind. I tell everyone reading or who is willing to listen that the things you do in the dark will eventually come to the light. Watch out for the people you surround yourself with because they may not always have your best interest at heart! These sex tapes are prime examples. You never know who you will be tomorrow so be careful today!! ;) My own little saying! But nevertheless, check out the interview Hoopz had with Big Tigger about the sex tape leaking onto the internet below:

WPGC - Nikki Hoopz Alexander Talks With Big Tigger About Sex Tape Scandal


Forbez DVD Beef With World Star

I had no idea that Forbez DVD had beef with World Star! Where the hell have I been? Sometimes I really feel like I am sooo out of the loop it's crazy! Anyway, the clip you are about to see is of Jordan Sparks of World Star Hip Hop dancing to a club song. The thing that makes it soo funny is that 1. I never knew Jordan Sparks was white and 2. The song is crazy and the dance he's doing is hilarious!

I just want to point out that I support both sites! I met Doggie Diamonds of Forbez DVD and he was mad cool!! I've never met Jordan Sparks but he promotes my videos big time on World Star, so I'm not mad at either one of them. I just report what's going on. That's it.

Forbez DVD caught one of the video directors of World Star dancing in the club and decided to put him on blast below. Click on the link cuz I had a problem with the embed codes for the video.


Why is everybody and their mother exposing what they do in the bedroom nowadays? There's nothing wrong with what they are doing but damn!! Leave something to the imagination! Why do I have to be a witness to the f*ckery?! Literally!!! I mean, I think I have some nasty skills in the bedroom as well but you won't dare see me put it out there for the world to see! I have 4 kids that are constantly on the internet and the last thing I need is for them to see Mommy spread eagle with their Dad going at it! Talk about creepy! But for those of you who enjoy the f*ckery, click on the link below:



Everyone's Buzzing About This Remix!!

Swizzy once again kills the remix and the track is insane!! Remember Akinyele? Put it in your mouth? Yall youngins probably don't even remember that song! Yall probably thinking this was India Arie's beat right?! Anyway.....listen closely to Swizz Beatz lyrics on this track.....is he talking about Alicia Keys? (Thanks to Necole Bitchie for pointing out that little tid bit to me). Swizzy states she threw me a birthday party at the Guggenheim. Damn!!! Wasn't that how it all started?! The damn birthday party that everybody knew about except Mashonda?! Don't do it like that Swizzy!! That's not nice!

I'm Being Told That.......

This sneaker up top that you're looking at is the new sneaker from Jay Z called "R+". Likey? Or no likey? According to my sources, these bad boys will be the new sneaker for the Rocawear line and won't be available in stores until June! Don't ask me how much cuz I have no idea. (I just knew that question would pop up). Let me know what you think.

Cassie & Diddy Behind The Scenes

Cassie & Diddy are working hard on that video for their new joint called "Must Be Love". And I'm sure these two are in love cuz their chemistry is just crazy!!! The video looks like it's going to be hot and the song is definitely hot! The track is crazy, however, I'm not too sure now if I'm feeling this buzz cut on Cassie! I know I was all with the shaving and being different but now I'm second guessing that thought. Check it out for yourselves below:

Nude Photos of Rihanna & Tiec Tocc

Ok guys. I just wanted to fill you in on some things going on in the industry. Every now and again I get some really good emails from people hiding their identity but providing me with some juicy gossip. Now, whether the gossip is true or not I still report it because that's what blogging is all about. And then when I get the chance to interview the person in question they get to clear it all up. So my email states that a new R&B artist by the name of Tiec Tocc dumps D. Woods of Danity Kane. I have no idea who the hell Tiec Tocc is. Can someone bring me up to speed? But the email also states that Tiec Tocc has a song that was leaked on YouTube featuring Rihanna! Check it out below and let me know what you think of the song:

I think the song is hot!! A sure fire summer jam!! Something for all the new summer loves out there! That's just my opinion! So now I'm guessing Tiec Tocc is going to be the new up and coming ish this year?! Great joint to have to start that career up! And for those of you who don't know who Tiec Tocc is....check him out below:

And for the Rihanna nude photo..........here it goes! Just remember that these were sent to me and I really don't know if that's Rihanna in the photo....so this comes as a warning to everyone........ADULT EYES ONLY WHEN SCROLLING DOWN!!!!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!


Swizz Beatz Prank Call....Hilarious!

I found this clip over on Vlad TV and I fell out! Apparently, someone found the number to Swizz Beatz and decided to call him and have fun with him on the phone. Swizz Beatz was not having it and even put someone else on the phone to handle the unruly caller. What killed me is when the other person kept telling the pranker he would break his f*cking neck the next time he called. The person continued to call and his neck wasn't broken! LMAO! People can be soo gangsta on the phone. I'm wondering if Swizz ever found out who it was that was calling him. But check out the prank below:

Hard Body Sneakers

For all of you lovely folks who are getting it in in the gym I bring to you Hard Body sneakers courtesy of Mazi Oyo and their Hard Body movement. Lil Cease is also part of that movement by making DVD's documenting his transformation from chunky Lil Cease to the hard body you see him in today. If you are interested in these kicks they are $70 for registered members of the site and for all non members they are
$110. Just click on the picture on the side of my site that says Hard Body and purchase your kicks or become a member and let them know where you heard it first!!

The Beef About Apple Juice

Wow.....who would've ever thought that a beef would be brewing over a simple word like "Apple Juice". The new phenomenon of the word apple juice takes on a meaning only the hood will understand. For those who don't know what the meaning of apple juice is......it means the cooty cat juice, a womans nectar, the sweet gush.....I'm sure you guys get the point right?! So now that we've got that out of the way let me start my blogging.

Awhile ago World Star Hip Hop featured a video by the rapper D.O.E. called "Apple Juice". Doe happens to be a good friend of my childrens father and I've met D.O.E. at church. He seems like a very nice guy. You guys probably know D.O.E. from the video with Keri Hilson and Timbaland called "The Way I Are". D.O.E. had the best verse on the track. Nevertheless, D.O.E. came out with his new song and video called "Apple Juice" a minute ago. Peep the video below, just to refresh your memory:

My boy D.O.E. was bringing that new ish to you guys. I thought it was real clever to call that good stuff "Apple Juice". And it would seem that he started a new word, a new trend. However, things start to take a turn when Cam'Ron comes out with his rendition of "Apple Juice" by adding the "Cookies" in the front of it. Where did Cam'Ron get his idea from? Could he have possibly tuned into D.O.E.'s video and made it his own? Does Cam'Ron think he could make the word "Apple Juice" bigger than D.O.E. could? I have no idea and who the hell am I to judge but take a look at this....Cam'Rons rendition of Apple Juice below:

I don't know about you guys but the beat sure does sound the same. Did someone steal someone else's idea? I feel a beef brewing soon enough! Can someone help me out with this one please!! Thanks!


New Videos By Keyshia Cole & Slim

The first video I bring to you guys is a new joint called "Trust" by Keyshia Cole featuring Monica. It's a very pretty song dedicated to the fellas. We as women are always talking about what we want a man to do for us but we don't really talk about what we would offer to the man....so check this out and enjoy! This song is for all the lovers out there!

The next joint I bring to you is from Slim (formerly of 112) featuring Ron Browz and the joint is called "Heels On". I like this song too plus the video is very sexy. Check it out for yourself:


I'm On Video City TV......Check It Out

Back in the middle of April, my girl, Nina B, asked me to come out and be a special guest on Video City TV. I gladly made my way over to 40C to rep for my girl Nina B. So check out the clip below........I'm somewhere around the 4:30 mark.....looking all fat like I have double chins and shit but it's all good. Support us and check out Video City TV with Nina B!

Nina B's birthday party is coming soon!! I'll be there to wish my homie a Happy Birthday but I can't tell yall where the party's at..........not sure she would want me to put that on blast. :) Footage of her B-Day party will be up on the site soon!

Glow In The Dark Condoms!

Here you go ladies and gents.....glow in the dark condoms! Now you can't walk around saying that when you had sex the lights weren't on and you couldn't tell if he had a condom on or not! You can now see where everything is going thanks to these lovely bad boys! LMAO! According to Mel's World, these Love Light condoms are phosphorescent which means they emit light. In order for these condoms to shine brightly at night they need to be exposed to the light for about 30 seconds before entering the pun tang and the glow lasts for about 15 minutes.......which is wayyyyy to long for some of you fast heads! LMAO! I crack myself up sometimes! But you get the point!

Always remember to have fun.........the safe way!

Ray J & Tila Tequila!!!???

According to Egypt Said So, Ray J and Tila Tequila are now dating?! What the hell happened to the Spanish valley girl they called "Cocktail" from the show!? I knew it was too good to be true! Ray J loves him some skanks huh? Well here is the article according to Egypt below:

The latest reality buzz tip is that Ray-J is allegedly sipping on internet wankster Tila Tequila!!! Tila Tequila revealed on her blog that she is officially screwing/dating your boy Ray J!!!!!!

At 3:45 a.m. this morning she stated that “my baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. I think we make the cutest couple…. don’t you?”

Errrrr, did anyone tell Cocktail?? Homegirl seriously did not get the memo about reality show rules.

Rule #1 The romance ends after the finale show.

Rule#2 Don’t play yourself and expect them to be fateful to you.

If Tila Tequila is telling the truth then I really have to question Ray-J’s taste in women. First Lil Kim, then Whitney Houston, Now Tila??? I guess it all went downhill after Kim Kardashian.

I agree with you Egypt! I so agree!! Ray J is falling off!

Jennifer Freeman Pregnant & Getting Married

According to my peeps over at The YBF, Jennifer Freeman of "My Wife & Kids" is 4 months preggers by NBA All Star, Earl Watson!!! (Earl Watson) below:

Here is the story according to The YBF below:

Do we have another shot gun wedding on our hands? Not quite. A while back we reported 23 year old actress, Jennifer Freeman, (My Wife & Kids) was engaged to 30 year old NBA baller, Earl Watson. Now YBF snitches exclusively confirm to us that Jennifer is indeed getting married to Mr. Watson. And they've also rushed their wedding up to 3 weeks from now. Why? Because they're preggers!

The YBF has learned that Jennifer is 4 months pregnant. We're told the couple told their family and friends--including Jennifer's BFF Kyla Pratt--their new plans over the weekend. And for the most part, everyone's happy for them. Ms. Freeman is officially on preggers watch. Congrats to the couple.

Well, if that wasn't a mouth full.....I don't know what was!!!

Nicki Minaj On Mixtape Mondays

I really like Nicki Minaj. I know a lot of females out there don't like her but I can honestly say I think they're jealous. The girl really has what it takes and she has a different sound from what I've been hearing. I love the way she flipped the ole school style and brought back the old Dana Dane/Slick Rick accent rhyme. I haven't heard a female do that yet. I thought that was an 80's thing from back in the days with Dana Dane and Slick Rick. It's nice to see a young female respecting the old school roots, flippin it her way and making a unique sound. On top of all that she's pretty.....last I checked that was the key to success! ;) Check out what Nicki Minaj had to say about her new mixtape out called "Beam Me Up Scotty" below:

Take hold ladies and gentlemen because a new wave of female rappers are headed are way and ready to do damage. Other female MC's I'm rooting for are Nina B and Kristen B. Can't wait for you guys to blow up and show the world females can do it too!


Rumor Has It......

That Adrienne, formerly of 3LW, and Mr. Faboloso are an item. A couple of sorts they say. Adrienne was Kim Kardashian's brothers girlfriend but I'm hearing they have been broken up for some time now. So now, Adrienne is on the move and onto bigger and better things. Peep Fabolous and Adrienne snuggled up at the behind the scenes shoot for Fabolous' new video below:

New Lil Kim Video - Download

Lil Kim is officially here with her new video "Download" featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson. T-Pain is not physically in the video but here's there as a cartoon. We can't have everything now! LOL! The video is type cute, albeit on a budget. But the song is definitely one of my favorites so enjoy the new video below:

Peep the appearance by my favorite female actor, LisaRaye.