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Tiny & Toya

Has anyone checked out the new Tiny & Toya show on BET? I did for the first time today and I must say that I enjoyed it. I got to see these ladies in a total different light. I kind of felt bad for Tiny when she said that T.I. didn't want her to work anymore. I thought that was kind of selfish of T.I. to ask that of his woman....considering she loves to sing and wants to continue with her career. Although, if a man asked me to stop working and be a stay at home mom I would be the first in line to say YES!!! But that's just me....who the hell am I anyway. And on another note, I didn't know Tiny's Mom was white! Not that there's anything wrong with that.....I just didn't know. The show shocked me and I can't wait for next week to see what happens next. If you agree or disagree with me that's ok. Just leave your comments on what you thought of the show.

MJ Tribute - Better On The Other Side

Boy were these guys fast or what?! I mean they made the song the night of Michael Jackson's death and now the video!!.....just days later!! They must mean business so check out the video below:


The Game Gets Michael Jackson Tattoo!!

There's been a lot of speculation about The Game getting a tattoo of the iconic Michael Jackson......well the speculation is over!! The Game has officially released photos of that tattoo via Baller Status! Check them out below:

And just as an FYI, I didn't post anything on Michael Jackson because I thought it was a very touchy topic and we lost someone really great.....and to me, there were no words that could express the magnitude of that loss. His talent was something that you will not see in today's artists!! Please don't take offense....it's just my opinion. So R.I.P. Michael Jackson.


Update On Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

I had the pleasure of sitting down and choppin it up with Felicia "Snoop" Pearson of HBO's, The Wire, and we had a great time. She was open, honest and willing to talk about everything with me. Interview will be up some time next week.....working on the editing of that as we speak. But just to keep you up to speed, we talk about Michael Jackson's death, her new music, her sexuality, her preferences, her book (Grace After Midnight), and her future movie projects! So until that video is up and done here are some photos of us during our interview below:

By the way, peep how I ain't got no more belly! I'm soo feeling myself right now! :) LMAO!!! And in other news, I was unable to interview Anwan Glover (also of The Wire) because he was nowhere to be found! What was up with that?


Anwan Glover & Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

Are getting interviewed by yours truly tomorrow!!! Want me to ask them any questions in particular? Hit me up on the email or leave a comment. Those exclusive interviews will be up soon! I'm going in and going hard! I'm fully recovered from surgery and feeling great folks. Looking to get into some other things besides blogging and interviewing....I'm thinking of doing radio and maybe.....just maybe some acting. God has blessed me with soo many opportunities that I'm not going to let them pass me by! Stay tuned for more!

Why Did Tru Life Turn Himself In?

Am I the only one who's confused with this whole situation? Was I not reading the article correctly? In a previous article on my website I clearly stated that the authorities were looking for Tru Life's brother. Right? Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm just making shit up as I go?! Not! Not only did I post that on my site but I've seen similar stories on other websites as well. The original story clearly states that authorities were looking for Tru Life's BROTHER!! So why did Tru Life turn himself in? Can somebody answer that question for me? Am I lost here? Was I not reading that story correctly? Maybe my medication from my recent surgery has my reading skills at an all time low. Either way my prayers are with Tru Life as they are with Max B.


New 50 Cent - I'll Do Anything

50 Cent is back on his grind and what I mean by that is he's rhyming like when he first came out. 50 is sounding like he's hungry and is in need of a loan! LMAO!! I'm already feeling the "Ok, Alright" joint and now this one!.......MANNNNN!! Take a listen for yourselves below:

What do you think? Hit me up.

Get Familiar With "Sacario"

I just got in touch with Sacario and that exclusive interview is coming soon. Sacario is doing some real big things now but I won't get into that. I'll save that for the camera and for you guys to enjoy. But, just to familiarize you guys with who Sacario is.......he wrote for the likes of Angie Martinez and is working with 50 Cent right now! Peep a back in the day joint that Sacario wrote which was sooo hot below:

I know you guys remembered that joint right? It was one of those joints that when you heard it you was like "Yo! That Used To Be My Joint"

Choices By Lifetime

"Choices" is a book about the paths we sometimes have to choose to go down. Whether male or female we all have a choice to make and sometimes it's not always the right choice or the right path. However, we all learn from our mistakes and get back up and dust ourselves off. We are not perfect people and mistakes and choices make up who we are at the end of the day. Here's a brief description about the book "Choices" below:

Once Carmen was a good girl in college on a scholarship. Then she met some exotic dancers that changed her life forever. Now known as Caramel Candy, she lives a lifestyle in the fast lane, with new friends and a life filled with non-stop drama. Robbery, deceit, murder-suicide, and secrets emerge. Will Carmen survive?

The book is a must read!!! The book made me laugh and cry and I can't wait for part 2 to come!!! I read the book in 1 day flat and was fiening for more! To get your copy of "Choices" log onto (Caramel Candy).

Are You A Crab?

I know some people that are definite crabs....and sometimes when I wake up I know I'm a crab! LMAO! Anyway, I thought what Star & Buc Wild had to say about crabs was hilarious. Check out what they had to say about crabs below:

My oldest daughter is a crab on a 24 hour basis. I don't know if it's a teenager thing or what but the girl does not like her Momma in the least! Pray for me people!! I'm dealing with alot! But I just want to put it out there that I love her dearly....if she only knew! By the way, are you a crab? Know of a crab? Hit me up through email and I will try to post your crab story!!

Joe Budden Raw & Uncut

Here is an exclusive clip courtesy of "All Access DVD Magazine" on Joe Budden. They ask about the Method Man drama and calling out all other MC's!! Joe is really bent on finding someone to battle and so far hasn't received any competition. I'm wondering if Ransom is trying to be that competition? Check out what Joe Budden had to say below:

Also, why is it that I love to write Joe Budden's name the wrong damn way? I stay saying and writing Joe Buddens but there's no S at the end!!! Please bare with me and my grammatical errors....it will get better. And for those of you not familiar with what Ransom had to say recently about Joe Beezy and Slaughterhouse....check out the clip below:

Ransom Goes In On Slaughterhouse And More

Do I see a battle coming on? We'll see!!!


Do Yall Remember Sacario?

Sacario was out back in the days.....yall probably remember him....he sounded just like Jay Z!! Although, he doesn't seem to think so but I thought he did. Get re-acquainted with Sacario below:

Chris....you harrassed me for days on end to call Sacario to get the interview and I called him and left a message....he still hasn't called back! What's the deal? Hit me! He can call the hubby and be on the phone for hours and can't hit me back? Not a good look son! ;)

Jim Jones Talks About His New Kicks

Jim Jones and Complex.com are showing off the new Jim Jones sneakers. What do you guys think of the new kicks? Let me know....would love to hear about it. Check out the clip below:

Is Gyant Talking About Necole Bitchie?

While on Twitter...a tweet came in from Gyant (of Sohh) and he said he was working on a blog about bloggers and their new boyfriends. At first I didn't know what he was talking about and then I visited one of my favorite sites called Gossip Jacker and found this below:

I don't think Necole Bitchie is dating Trey Songz but I could be wrong from the looks of these pics. They could've been on set for a movie and that was part of the script!! They could've been playing around!! What the hell do I know!? I'm just reporting the news.....I'm not making it!!

Nicki Minaj - I Get Crazy (Footage)

Nicki Minaj is definitely going to be the next to blow up from Young Money! She's got the look and the flow is crazy. I know some female MC's coming out that don't like her but I don't understand why? Is it because she's on Young Money and Wayne is backing her? Are they jealous? I don't know what the answer is but the best thing to say is "You're either with it or not". What more can you say to that? First Drake and now Nicki!!! Lil Wayne is going to be making that paper one way or the other....whether he's making the money from his own projects or the projects he's backing!! He's got a winner with Nicki!!! Trust me on this....but for now check out some of the behind the scenes footage of "I Get Crazy" below:


Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg Related?

Wow! If Snoop ain't been reincarnated then I don't know who is! Nipsey Hussle is the next big thing coming out of LA. The boy has talent and I'm sooo loving his joint with Maino and Jay Rock called "Hussle In The House". But dammit if Nipsey don't look like Snoop!!!! Peep Snoop below:

He even sounds like Snoop a little.....let me know if I'm reaching with that statement but the boy Nipsey is nice though!! Check out my joint "Hussle In The House" below:

Do yall agree with me on the resemblance part? Please let me know!

Tru Life's Brother Wanted For Murder

First off, I want to say that I truly and sincerely like Tru Life as an artist. I think he's one of those underrated brothas that have to do a million and one mixtapes before he can get some shine on a major label. I hope that the things I'm hearing is not the truth but I have to report it nonetheless so check it out below according to Hip Hop RX:

The brother of New York rapper, Tru-Life, born Roberto Guzman Rosado Jr. (pictured above) is reportedly currently wanted for the murder of a teen and for injuring another man.

According to several reports, the rap artist’s brother is being investigated for allegedly being involved in the death of a teen which occurred on Tuesday morning. Gang members allegedly ambushed two men in retaliation for murdering Michael Slater which resulted in the two getting stabbed severely.

Jason Black, 30, and an 18 year-old each suffered stab wounds to their chests and faces, according to the New York Daily News. Unfortunately, the 18 year-old didn’t survive the brutal attack and died at the hospital.

On Wednesday, Black was stated to be still in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital. Meanwhile, authorities were stated as citing that there may have been an ongoing feud between Jason Black and Tru-Life’s unnamed brother. The story is still developing….

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.......would love to hear about it.

50 Cent Is Really Gangsta!!!

Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! Yesterday, 50 Cent was shooting a video for his new song called "Ok, Alright". One of the hottest songs out right now I want to add. He even sent out a bulletin searching for some new faces to be in his video for a crowd scene. The scene was being shot in Brooklyn. One of my friends was a call back and gave me the scoop on some of the things that went down.

Apparently, there was a guy (someone from 50's crew), named Dave, who could've gave a rats ass about what was going on and allowed some film people to shoot behind the scenes footage of the video. I'm hearing 50 Cent had no idea about that situation and literally grabbed this kid Dave by the neck and choked him out in front of mad people!!! 50 was also heard screaming at Dave saying "I told you not to let anyone film back here!" I don't know what happened after that because my friend said she was out of there! I can't imagine 50 conducting himself in that manner but I do know that people can sometimes push you to the limit. I'm also not sure if Dave is still working for 50 or G-Unit anymore. I do, however, hope things get worked out and we can all get along in the future!

Moral of this story? Don't fuck with 50!!! And for those of you not familiar with
50's new joint.....check it out below:


Update On Ray Lavender Article

I recently posted an article on Ray Lavender and rumors about him having a girlfriend and being married. I just wanted to say that Ray Lavender's people have reached out to me and told me that the information I posted was absolutely FALSE!!! As I said before, I report what the streets are saying and when I have the chance to talk to the actual person they get to speak their piece.

I want to sincerely apologize to anyone who felt like I was trying to bash Ray Lavender's character. That is not what I'm here to do. I give both the streets and the celebrities the opportunity to have an outlet to speak what they hear or think. I'm not one of those bloggers looking to get notoriety from making up bullshit! I actually have very good relationships with a lot of top celebrities in the industry and wouldn't want to ruin that for anything. So again, my apologies to anyone who felt a way about the article.

Now, you guys, my readers, have both sides of the story! You got to hear one side and now Ray Lavender's side. For those of you who will be in ATL this weekend....Ray Lavender will be celebrating his 30th birthday party.......check him out! And big shouts to Cheryl Mack for clarifying everything for me! Thanks girl!! It's appreciated!

Jim Jones - A Million ft. Sen City

Check out this new joint from Jim Jones. It's called "A Million". Can't say I blame him on making that mill! Who doesn't want to make that?! But on the gossip side of things.........who did the beat better? Jim Jones or Drake? Let me know.

New Christina K Video - Time

My homie, Christina K, has a new song and video out called "Time". It's definitely different from what you guys been hearing so check it out and let me know what you think. She's really doing her thing on the producing side as well and has her video "Tonight" featured on MTVU. To check out that video click on this link (Tonight).

Here is the first leak "Time" from Christina K.'s upcoming "Moonlight in Oz" mixtape to be presented by Amalgam Digital. The project is a creative and artistic venture in which she showcases her hip-hop influence and skills as a producer. "Moonlight in Oz" adds a twist to the legendary phenomenon of syncing Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" with the film the "Wizard of Oz". Check it out below:

Jeezy & DJ Drama Fight @ Luckie Lounge

What's with all this beef Jeezy has going on right now?! I always thought of Jeezy as a young, humble dude....and not this troublemaker I'm seeing over the internet. First, the diss song to Gucci Mane and OJ and now a fight?!.....with DJ Drama of all people?! What the hell is going on? That's too many people to be having beef with. I wouldn't want to be a part of that drama....it's too much for me! Now...it hasn't been confirmed but rumors are that Jeezy's crew and DJ Drama's crew erupted into a fight last night over at Luckie's Food Lounge in ATL. Two people were stabbed in the altercation but are in stable condition. Rumors are also stating that one of the stab victims is Jeezy....but that ain't true either. Check out the news report below:

Oh....and here's a pic of one of the stab victims being taken into the ambulance and it ain't Jeezy, below:

Ray Lavender Music & New Girlfriend

So Konvict Music's new artist, Ray Lavender, is getting some shine with his joint called "My Girls Got A Girlfriend". You guys are probably familiar with the remix featuring Fabolous. And.......I'm hearing from the grapevine that he has a new girlfriend. I know that doesn't sound like much to you guys but considering that he's a married man......I think that's some news! I received an email today detailing some of those rumors. Now please keep in mind.....I don't know if this stuff is true or not......I just report it and let you guys be the judge.....Now if given the opportunity to interview Ray Lavender, I would ask him these questions but check out the email below:

Konvict Musik's R&B singer Ray Lavender hit single "My Girl Gotta Girlfriend" has a new girl on his arm... model/singer Soncerae. Word has it that Soncerae has been seen out with Ray Lavender around the city of Atlanta. From what I understand Soncerae will be hosting Ray's 30th birthday party Saturday June 20th in Atlanta. Soncerae posted on Twitter yesterday when asked about Ray Lavender that her and Ray are good friends "QUOTE: He's really good to me." She never denies any involvement with Ray. Soncerae has been seen tagging along with Ray @ photo shoots and parties. She has also posted pics of them together on her myspace. Rumors have circulated that Ray is involved in a 9 year marriage and that Soncerae is his mistress. But his representatives say that he has been single for quite some time now. Ray looks happy to me in the image attached that I got from Soncerae's myspace page. (Image below):

This could be something good for Ray. He seems to be on the rise and the stability of this relationship may be good for the singer. I think this would be a good story to post. He has a single out right now with R. Kelly called "Tipsy". Ray has been featured in the most recent XXL & Source Magazines. Some say Soncerae is known for her nasty attitude & scantily clad images online. Some refuse to work with her and trash her image. When I received this information from a friend she quoted "What is Ray doing with that kind of girl? I hope he isn't with her. Ask anyone about her....everyone hates her. Ray is such a good dude.....he should be dating someone better than that!"

Well! If that wasn't a mouthful then I don't know what is! I will say this.....I love my readers and they really keep me up to speed with rumors and what's going on. I appreciate every email whether true or not. I can always filter out the B.S. Just keep em coming!

Check out the video for "My Girls Got A Girlfriend" below:

And the song "Tipsy" featuring R. Kelly below:

For more on Ray Lavender check out his website (Ray Lavender).


Gucci Responds To Jeezy

Here is the response I've already told you guys about but listen to it for yourself. If Gucci and Juiceman do decide to do a comeback record to Jeezy.....I can't say I won't be listening. I'm all into this new group and am very interested in hearing what they will have to say! I'll bet that something goes down this weekend at the concerts that both Gucci and Jeezy will be performing at! I've heard that both men don't play games........hmmm......this is going to be something!

Wow!!! A Tahiry Look Alike!!!

I was running through some pictures of model chicks and came across this picture of a woman by the name of Ms. Juicci who looks alot like Tahiry in this shot! Now....when I saw other pictures of Ms. Juicci....I will say she has a nice body (no homo) but she has nothing on Tahiry in the face!! REAL TALK!! Tahiry please keep doing your thang! You are killin these chicks who actually do this for a living!!!

Can you guys let me know if this chick resembles Tahiry or not.....keep in mind it's only for this picture.....nothing else!


Trey Songz Gettin At R. Kelly

Again with the beef people? Who do you think will win this battle? Trey Songz or R. Kelly? Kellz is definitely a beast with them smash hits he has but Trey Songz is definitely on his way to super stardom! Damn.....I have sooo many mixed feelings about this one. I love both of these R&B artists and I can't choose either one of them. But take a listen at what Trey had to say about your boy R. Kelly below:

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear about it!

Young Jeezy Disses Gucci & Juiceman

Why can't brothas eat nowadays? Why can't we all just get along? What's wrong with this scenario people? Somebody please tell me why Young Jeezy is wasting his time and energy on dissing Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman? Jeezy you are where it's at! You're hot on the music scene right now......a number of hot joints......so why not let these new up and coming artists eat? Why knock their hustle? Why can't we all get a piece of the pie? I'm sooo lost with this beef.....but for those that are interested in hearing what Jeezy has to say about the brothas...please go ahead and click on the clip below:

Wanna know what Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman had to say about Jeezy's song? They said they are not going to respond! They are about their paper! And I don't blame them!

Did You Know......

Kanye West is directing the new video for Drake's hot song "Best I Ever Had"? Who knew Kanye West was a director? Lord knows I didn't! My baby, hubby, future husband went to the video shoot on Sunday in Brooklyn and Kanye had that shit shut down!! No one was allowed to record any behind the scenes footage! What a bummer! I will tell you this.....there will be a slew of guest appearances in that video including Trey Songz, Jay Z, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Amber Rose, Common and the list goes on and on!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Go Kanye!

Akon Steals The Show From Youngsters

I received an email from a friend of mine who happened to be in the Chicago area this past weekend. She went to club Manor in Chicago and spotted Akon hanging out in the VIP section along with Asher Roth, Kid Cudi and a new artist called Vince P. She said that this kid Vince P. is the next big thing coming out of Chicago. Vince P has worked with Kanye's GOOD Music and Juelz Santana. He also just singed a singles deal to release his single "Girls In The Club" through Universal this summer.

Check out some gossip my friend told me about what happened at the club that night below:

Anyway, the VIP Booth, which holds about 50 people comfortably, there were about 10 guys and another 60 - 90 women crammed into the VIP Booth. As you can see from those numbers there were a lot of women in the VIP Booth and obviously all the attention was focused on Akon. He was surrounded for most of the night by women and was seen constantly whispering into their ears. Akon seemed to be very humble and was very welcoming to all of the people who asked to take photos with him. The higlight of the night came when Akon decided to leave around 1:15 am and you have all of these up and coming music artist like Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, and Vince P and all of the women leave the VIP booth with Akon and leave these guys just sitting there looking sad because all the women left with Akon hahahaha! Anyway the guys all rebounded and pulled some new ladies out of the crowd up into the VIP. I figured if you are going to get your women taken from you it might as well be by Akon.

Hmmmm! I didn't know Akon had it like that! You mean to tell me he took all the ladies with him?! Hard to believe since he ain't my type but DAMN!! Don't kill em Akon! And in other related news.....check out Vince P.'s song called "Girls In The Club" below:

Can't We Just Leave Usher Alone?

OMG! I can't believe Usher didn't just reach over and punch this dude in his face! This is why I don't feel bad when papparazzi gets fucked up! Pardon my French but there are ways of going about things. The man is apparently going through a bad divorce and isn't ready to discuss things right now. Everyone I'm sure is in his business and all of that......and the moment he steps out of his car you're asking him about his divorce?! How do you know the man ain't hurting? How do you know this is something he wanted to do? These celebs are human guys!.....although we tend to forget that. Dude with the camera could've at least said "Hello Usher, how are you?" but to jump in and ask about a divorce is asking for a reaction Usher probably wouldn't want to do in the first place! Damn! If you want to know the mans business call up his manager and arrange for an on camera interview......SHIT!......that's what I do! And most importantly!!!!.........always show respect to the celeb by asking them if there is anything they don't want to talk about....that gives them the option and gives a good vibe for yourself to move forward with your interview! I just dropped some jewels on you.......and you didn't even have to pay for it! Check out the clip below:


Rihanna Does Not Have A Sex Tape!!!

The internet is going crazy about this Rihanna sex tape and I'm sad to report that the chick in the clip is not Rihanna. No, Chris Brown did not put this out for revenge! The chick in the clip is a porn star called "Lavish Styles". Although she does resemble Rihanna.....it ain't her! I'm telling you..............the web will run with it! But if you haven't checked out what everyone is talking about click on the clip below:

DJ Clue To Have Reality Show

Just kidding! Just wanted you to say "Really! He has a reality show?". This is just a picture that Clue put up on his Twitter of him and some of the lovely young ladies of "Real Chance Of Love"! Do you know who the girls are?............I can only guess 3 out of the 4.....going from left to right, we have Black (from Flavor of Love), Prancer (from Flavor of Love) and Cali (from Real Chance of Love).........but who the hell is that other chick? The pretty one? Please somebody let me know!

Slaughter House Spoof & Gossip

Take a rare look at Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Royce Da 59 at their best! They try to put it on ya! For the ladies that is! This clip is a must see! Believe me when I tell you........you ain't never seen the fellas like this before! Check it out below:

And for some Slaughter House gossip....yesterday Slaughter House was shooting a video over at the Night Hotel in the city. Joe Budden had his mother and Tahiry on the set when all of a sudden.........BAM!......Joe Budden's Mom broke one of the production lights! What was sooo funny about the situation was Joe Budden's Mom kept it moving as if she didn't just break a $4000 light! But want to know who gave away the culprit? Tahiry!!! LMAO! Tahiry was in such a shock....and her mouth was hanging wide open.....that everybody on set (at that point) knew who did it.......and now Joe Budden has to pay for the mistake!! I know Joey is pissed about that one!

50 Cent's Vitamin Water Commercial

This clip is of 50 Cent and his alter ego, Pimpin Curly, promoting Vitamin Water. 50 is soo crazy!! Where the hell does he come up with this stuff? I love the ending though.....50 busts his ass and then says "That wasn't part of the clip!" Priceless! But check it out for yourself below:

One question that I do want to pose to you guys is........Are the Pimpin Curly episodes running dry? Are you guys tired of seeing Curly? Is Pimpin Curly funny anymore? Please let me know, I'm curious to hear or read your responses.


Some New Music For You Guys!

This first joint is by Drake, Weezy and Young Jeezy, it's called "Goin In". Drake seems to be the hottest thing out right now and why not? Don't we need someone to bring light skin back?! LOL! Anywho, check out the joint and leave any comments or thoughts below:

And here's another new joint coming from my boy Phylle. This one is called "Rewind" and is a comeback song to Kelly Rowland's "Flashback". Check it out and let me know what you think:


A Don Diva Fathers Day Celebration

For those of you who want to take out that special father, baby daddy, husband or special man who has a kid....this might be where you want to take him on Fathers Day. Get him away from the kids to sit down and have a few laughs. Then after you're done you can take him out to get something to eat and drink. Someone sent me this information through myspace and I thought it was something you guys might be interested in......Hell! I might be going! But check out the clip below:

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

Man oh man.....when I tell you that this book is something to read ladies!!! I mean that!!! Steve Harvey is sooo on point with the things he says. Want to know something about your man that you didn't know?......then please read this book! Steve Harvey gives some very credible insight into what happens between a man and woman during a relationship. He gives women pointers in how to deal with their man. I've learned that men are a very simple people and just expressing yourself in the proper manner and allowing your man to be the man in the relationship is really all it takes.......also, don't forget about communication and being honest! You can't have good communication without honesty. Three key words all ladies must pay attention to in the book are what Steve Harvey calls the 3 P's which is Profess, Protect and Provide!!! I'm not going to explain those 3 P's just run out and get the book to get what I'm saying!!! Trust me when I tell you......you won't be disappointed.

For The Love Of Ray J Casting

Think you have what it takes to lock down Ray J? Do you think you can change his ways and make him want to settle down? Want to be on TV and show the world you have the love for Ray J?.......then click on the link and fill out the application. Good luck to all those who get the call back!

Click on this link: Ray J Casting

P.S. I just knew there was going to be a season 2 but you didn't hear that from me!