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Tahiry With A Black Eye & Argues w/Joe

I'm a big fan of Tahiry's and I want to know who the hell punched her in the eye like that? All she mentions in the clip is the person was a coward...DAMN! But I'm loving the whole argument her and Joe Budden have about cheating. I'm always on Tahiry's side and don't get mad at me but she ain't wrong on this one Joey! She's got you on this one....and by the way, Tahiry confirms what I've written before and that's that the Tahiry Jose page on Twitter is a fake!! Don't say I didn't tell yall! Enjoy the clip below courtesy of Joe Budden TV:

Why Does Superhead Think She's Soo Much Better?

This was one of the first interviews Karrine Steffans has done where she doesn't get out of pocket. I'm proud of her. For some reason, Karrine seems to think very poorly of her own people by calling them simple minded, THOSE people and how she doesn't want to associate herself with the industry. I found that statement funny when all this time this is the industry she's been trying to get into. Sleeping with all the men in the industry......making money off the industry and now having nothing to do with the industry? It just doesn't add up. But hey...whatever works for you right? I love the candid way Irv talks about her.....check it all out below:

Did she just throw shots at Lil Wayne? She has some nerve when she was one of the girls Lil Wayne has smashed. Seems that Ms. Steffans has a long way to go. When will we learn people? We gotta get it right!

Rican News: My Girls Nina Skye....

Have cut their hair off! They are now on the list of beautiful women who are following the trend. They actually look really nice in their new do's. Here's what Nina Skye is known for looking like below:

I wonder if they miss their long hair? I know I would....besides.....it took me forever and a day to grow my ish!

Rocsi's Experience With Body Image

Just yesterday I brought up the topic of body image. As we all know, this is something women go through all day long. Here is Rocsi's rendition of what she went through because she had her own body image views below:

I'm telling you we all go through things with our perception of what we think is the perfect body. Rocsi wanted to be skinny.....me on the other hand....I wanted to look thick! Not everyone has the same perception but we all have a body image we want to obtain! This was a prime example!

Sheree Explains Fight On Real Housewives

Everyone is talking about the argument/almost brawl Sheree Whittfield had on Real Housewives of Atlanta! If you missed the argument, check it out below:

And here is Sheree explaining why and how the fight went down courtesy of ABC:

Part 2 of The Fubu Story

In this second installment of "The Fubu Story", you will hear Keith Perrin talking about how Diddy came to the Fubu offices looking for advice to start his own clothing line! Very interesting! Of course the story is narrated by yours truly but check it out for yourselves below:


Body Image

Where do I begin? Body Image. A very touchy topic for most women but I'm going to try and tackle the subject. All of us women have something that we would like to change and there's nothing wrong with that. Hell, I just had a tummy tuck 2 months ago! I know what it is to have a body image. There are other things that I would love to change on my body but this time I think I'm going to try the gym. Surgery is just too painful and I'm not built for it! Many women (such as myself) have this picture in our head of the perfect body. We want to achieve that in our lives. We diet, go to the gym, try plastic surgery, wear girdles....I mean we go through great lengths to create this illusion of the perfect body and in the end....we are never really happy with what we've got. At least I know I wasn't. I just want to say to all the females that come to the site........there is no such thing as the perfect body. Don't get me wrong there are women who we think have perfect bodies and would die to have one but everyone and I'll type it again EVERYONE has something about them that they want to change. For example, a good friend of mine is an extremely attractive female with a beautiful shape and everything. One would think she would be happy right? Well, last time I spoke to her she was looking into getting her ass done! The girl already has an ass but I'm guessing it's not big enough for her. I'm guilty of it too! I just want to let you chicas know you are not alone so I've come up with a top 5 body image list of the bodies I wish I had below:

5. Number 5 is my most favorite celebrity of all time and that would be LisaRaye. Come on! I know yall seen her shape and body in Players Club! Just perfect! Wish I had that body! Just keep in mind that this list is not in any particular order. It's whoever came to my mind.

4. Yes...Jennifer Lopez has a bad body! She was the reason people started making big deals about women with big booty's even though women had booty's since the beginning of time!

3. Cubana Lust is known for her booty shaking and bangin body. By no means do I think this woman is attractive in the face but she has a bad ass body....and last I checked men don't really care anymore about how you look in the grill! I'm just sayin!

2. Bria Myles is another chick not so pleasant looking in the grill but her body type.....PERFECT!!!

And last but certainly not least is my girl Tahiry. You can't argue with me on Tahiry! She's got it!

Now, some women might not agree with the type of body image I favor but these happen to be the women I think have the perfect body image. Let me know who you think has the perfect body. Would love to hear about it.

Elise Neal In "My Manny"

Elise Neal will be starring in a new show called "My Manny" on TBS. I've been wondering what she's been up to. I haven't seen her since that show with LisaRaye and Duane Martin...what the hell was the name of that show? I forget sometimes. Anyway, "My Manny" is presented by Walmart and will be on TBS, I believe, right after the "House Of Payne" (which is one of my favorite shows on TV right now). Here's a brief bio of what the show will be about below:

Jennifer is the single mother of Jamel, an adorable, energetic 7 year old. She works hard and puts all of her energy into raising her son and expanding her catering business, leaving very little time or energy to take care of herself. Since her husband passed away, it's been just the two of them, and Jennifer often uses nannies to help out with Jamel when her schedule gets too hectic. When her regular nanny has to leave town for a family emergency, Jennifer is surprised when the agency sends Mike, a male nanny and a handsome one at that. The series starts on Mike's first day of work and follows Jennifer as she gets used to having another man in her life. Over the course of 20 episodes, Jennifer begins to realize that Mike may not only be the perfect nanny, he might just be the perfect man.
(Bio courtesy of TBS)

Check out one of the trailers to "My Manny" below:

Swizzy & Alicia.....

Ain't afraid to let people know they are now a couple! What gets me though is when all the drama was going on didn't J-Lo and Marc Anthony have a problem with that? Weren't they the same ones that left the Guggenheim party early because they weren't cosigning Swizz's relationship with Alicia? I'm just saying.....I didn't forget about that!

Bow Wow Is Goin In

Anyone who's been a reader of my blog knows that I have a special place in my heart for Bow Wow. He reminds me soo much of my son, Marquis. I've been stopped before while walking with my son because young girls think he might be Bow Wow. The only difference my son and Bow Wow have is the height. My son is rather tall and although I've never met Bow Wow in person I'm hearing he's short. But enough about that and check out Bow Wow killin the track "Goin In" originally done by Lil Wayne and Drake below:

And for the Lil Wayne and Drake version check it out below:

Speaking of my son, he turns 17 this Saturday and do you know what he wants for his birthday? A damn tattoo!!! Do I allow him to get one since he's only a year away from being 18? I need help on this one! Please give any suggestions.

Fabolous & Drake - Throw It In The Bag

I've heard this song before and I know I'm a little on the late side with reporting this but I just paid attention to the words of this song.........HAWTTTT!!!! The hook....crazy! All we do is shop until we drop! My kind of hook! ;) Now this is the true meaning of a remix! Diddy take note!.....(Just kidding) Check out the song below:


MC Lyte Is Back Yall!!!

Did you know that MC Lyte will have her own show on BET called "Hollywood Treatment" alongside Mary J. Blige? I didn't know. The show will be about changing lives. Peep the trailer by clicking on the link below:

MC Lyte & Mary J. Blige Trailer

Lyte is also a spokeswoman for KFC & AT&T! Now that's puttin in work! And just as an FYI, an interview with MC Lyte is coming real soon!

You Know, They Say......

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose are a couple. Don't believe me? Check out the clip below and see Amber Rose for yourself chillin in Nicki Minaj's dressing room! What the hell is Amber doing on the Americas Most Wanted tour? Last I checked, she was signed to the Ford Modelling agency and not Young Money......LMAO! Please keep in mind that I have no idea if the rumor is true but it's what they're saying. Who's they you say? The people, the streets, the public....whatever you want to call it, they're saying it. Check out the video below:

And again I'm going to say where the hell did Nicki Minaj get all that ass from? That shit wasn't there before! Someone give me the number to her doctor asap!!!!

Toya Says......

That Lil Wayne might not be the father to Lauren London's soon to be baby!! Now, if that wasn't a mouthful...I don't know what is. Now, back to the story (according to Hottest In The Hood) Toya talks about the subject of paternity on the new Sister 2 Sister magazine stating, "Weezy is waiting on a paternity test to confirm he’s the daddy of Lauren London's baby".

Take it all in folks and wait for the results like me! :)

And in more Toya news....she's now dating NFL star James Hardy (pictured above). Nice pic girl!


Is Kanye The Next King Of Pop?

Someone please help me try and figure this one out! I'm hearing through the grapevine that Kanye West seems to think he will be the next King of Pop. I know Kanye's ego is not a small thing but this is ridiculous. I think I've heard enough! First the tantrums, the rainbows, the cakes and Amber Rose.......this has got to stop! Jay Z or someone from the Rocafella camp needs to send Kanye a memo....cuz he has completely lost his damn mind!

Young Jeezy & Belvedere Vodka

Did yall know that just like Diddy with Ciroq, Jeezy got his own thing going on with Belvedere Vodka?! I had no idea and was just given the scoop today. Where the hell am I? I'm really running behind and need to catch up or better yet keep up with what's going on! Anywho, Jeezy has partnered up with Belvedere Vodka and debuted the official music video for "Circulate" one of the tracks off Jeezy's latest album "The Recession". The video, the first project of their creative partnership, can be viewed on Jeezy Circulate, along with other exclusive content including a new commercial spot by Belvedere with Jeezy. Circulate happens to be one of my favorite tracks off of Jeezy's album! Check out the video below:

That song is sooo hardcore!

Diddy Was Shocked!!!

On last nights episode of "Making His Band". One of the contestants that goes by the name of Jayla is actually a man who lives his life as a woman and who can also sing his ASSSSSS off!!! You know....when I first heard that Diddy was getting yet another reality show I thought.....doesn't Diddy get tired? Why won't he sit his ass down! But for some oddball reason I find myself in front of the TV every show! I don't know what kind of power Diddy has over the TV screen but just when I'm about to pass on the brotha.....he pulls me back in and he did it with Jayla!!! I can't wait for the next episode. I can't wait to see the kind of drama I know is gonna go down. I can feel the drama brewing in the air.....I can sense it and I'm sure Diddy will deliver as usual. But for now check out Diddy's reaction to Jayla below:

And for those that actually watched the show did yall see how Andre Harrell had the nerve to tell Diddy to lose weight?! I couldn't believe he said that! For one, I didn't see an ounce of fat on Diddy and secondly if you are a big person you should be the last one to tell someone else to be losing weight!! Just my opinion! What are yours?

If You're In Brooklyn Today....

Head over to the Sip + Shop event going down at the "Not Just Vintage Boutique". The event is sponsored by Sprite Green and there will be a special performance by DJ Jasmine Solano. Go have fun........drink some Sprite and do some shopping! Let them know the NYC Gossip Girl sent you courtesy of Boys+Clothes Magazine!


When Tattoos Go Wrong!!!

Photos are courtesy of All Hip Hop

Crooked I of Slaughterhouse was getting a tat when this happened below:

Where the f*ck is the "H" at in Slaughterhouse!!?? Joe Budden is going to clown Crooked I for this for sure!

Stephon Marbury Breaks Down!!!

Damn! This is how I break down when I go to church! There is soo much I want to repair in life and crying is the only way to release my frustration. I think this was a much needed cry for Stephon but why not go to church and do it there. Church is good for the soul! Why do it on the web? I still understand though. Sometimes we have to show people we are only human. We all make mistakes. No one can judge us although YouTube commenters will say otherwise....LMAO! Can anyone tell me what gospel song that was in the background? I need that in my life!!!

Blood Sacrifice in Hip Hop - Do U Believe?

Check out Part 1 of the Blood Sacrifice in hip hop. This first part tells you about Prince knowing about the bombs and 911 before it happened and about Damon Dash blood sacrificing Aaliyah! Check it out below:

And here's Part 2 of the Blood Sacrifice in hip hop. They talk more about Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Jermaine Dupri and Beyonce!! I'm not sure I want to believe this but check it out for yourselves below:

All I can say is Whoa!! Who will Beyonce choose for her blood sacrifice? I sure hope it ain't her Mom!

My Personal Diary

Yesterday at Central Park in Manhattan, Summerstage was giving a free concert featuring Joe, Ginuwine and Chico Debarge. I was supposed to be in attendance with my family. Instead this is what happened:

My hunny bun wakes me up early on Saturday morning and says "Let's start getting ready for this concert". I'm like ok and start getting myself and my little ones ready for a day in the city. I had the day all planned out. We would go to the concert, let the kids run around in the playground across from the concert, get something to eat and then put the kiddies to bed to enjoy our "ALONE" time.....if you know what I mean. So now, I'm ready, my babies are ready and we start our 45 minute drive from Long Island to Manhattan. We get to Central Park and there's Spanish music blasting all over the place...I'm thinking to myself....us Latinos can really get busy. Now....keep in mind we are walking all over the place with 2 small ones, a computer bag with cameras, baby bag with diapers, snacks, wipes, change of clothes, juices and anything else you can think of and I'm getting tired of walking cuz I'm no longer looking cute! We finally decide to ask one of the officers about the Joe, Ginuwine and Chico Debarge concert and they look at us all funny like. They told us to wait where we were and they would ask someone about it because they didn't know anything about a Joe, Ginuwine and Chico Debarge concert. About 10 minutes later we get told that Jerry Rivera and Bachata Heights are performing and Joe, Ginuwine and Chico Debarge are for Sunday!!! Do you know how pissed I was?! All my hubby could do was laugh and say "Well, let's find out who Jerry Rivera is". Jay...I love you to death but just because I'm Puerto Rican doesn't mean I want to sit around Central Park listening to Spanish music! I came for Joe, Ginuwine and Chico Debarge not Jerry Rivera and the Bachata band!! Needless to say....I missed the concert yesterday! Check out what I missed below:

Dude on the guitar looked like Jeremih to me!

FYI....there is supposed to be another free concert in Queens with Case and J. Holiday over at Springfield Park on July 30th. Hopefully I won't miss out on that one!

Video Preview: Jeremih - Imma Star

Here's a little sneak peek into Jeremih's next video called "Imma Star". I'm loving the treatment for this video. Stepping out of the box and not the usual rumpshaker, booty video is always something refreshing to see! Can't wait for the full video but for now check out the behind the scenes footage below:

Vernon Forrest Passed

I'm sorry to be sooo late on this story but Vernon Forrest has passed and what is bothering me so much is the fact that he had a child in the car while it happened! One of two things are going on and that is 1.) Folks have lost their mind and don't give a damn or 2.) This recession is no joke! You mean to tell me these car jackers couldn't pick another car to jack? And I know for sure these jackers had no clue that Forrest was going to be packin! Unbelievable is all I can say! And to think I was considering moving down to ATL....I think I'll take my chances in the NY.

Rest in peace Vernon! You went out like a soldier!

Rican News: J-Lo Won't Take Over Idol!!

The big rumor was that Jennifer Lopez was going to take over for Paula Abdul on American Idol! Well, J-Lo's representatives shot that rumor down by releasing this statement on her behalf:

“The rumor of Jennifer Lopez throwing herself in the ring to take over for Paula Abdul is completely false. Jennifer loves Idol but just as a fan. She just wrapped the feature film The Back-Up Plan, due out January 2010, and will release an album then as well.”

J-Lo is coming out with another album?! Who would've ever thought! I actually liked her other 2 albums...even though she can't sing. And just as an FYI, J-Lo celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday night in New York City! She looks great for 40!


Real News: The Fubu Story

Do yall remember Fubu? I know most of you owned at least a Fubu sweater back in the day right? I know I did! They were one of the first clothing labels to make clothes for the urban community. For us by us was their moto. They made a killing in the
90's! Between Fubu and Karl Kani...I don't know which one was better. In the clip you are about to see, you will hear from Keith Perrin himself about his personal experiences, industry influence, the money he made and much more! It was narrated by yours truly! Check out their story below:

By the way, did yall know that Fubu now makes Coogi and Crown Holder?! That's just a little information for you guys who weren't aware. Never say I don't keep you updated!

E. Lynn Harris Has Passed Away!!!

One of my most favorite authors in the urban book world has passed away! E. Lynn Harris passed away this past Thursday and the reasons of death are not yet known. E. Lynn Harris has brought us best selling books such as: Invisible Life, Just Too Good To Be True, A Love Of My Own and many more. He was best known for his controversial stories of bisexuality and homosexuality. His book (Invisible Life) was one of the first books I read and became aware of Down Low brothas! If you haven't read any of his books.....I'm telling you, you are really missing out! He was one of the best authors out. May he rest in peace!

Here are some MUST READS by E. Lynn Harris below:


Behind The Scenes of AT&T Commercial

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the AT&T commercial that Mary J. Blige was in below:

I was wondering how they kept her walking for the entire commercial.......and now I know. :) Shouts to David Fishman of AT&T for the heads up! For the full commercial check out previous article.

Is Nas Mad At Cormega?

Recently on This Is 50, Cormega brings Tony Yayo to Queensbridge and shows him off around the projects. During the clip (around the 45 second mark), Yayo states "You don't see Nas out here"....to which Cormega laughs. Now, maybe I'm getting old or something but weren't Nas and Cormega tight at one point? Check out the clip below:

Now, alot of folks were commenting on how fast Yayo was walking through the projects but my thing is.....He was still there! Some people won't even fathom coming back to the hood. But back to the topic at hand, check out Nas a few days later in Queensbridge saying "This is my muthaf*ckin hood n*gga! Trust that!" below:

Now, really quick question? Why didn't Nas shout out Cormega when he was shoutin out all the other Queensbridge rappers? I'm just saying! "May you suckas die a thousand deaths"?! Who was Nas referring to? I hope I'm not just starting some shit but I'm just sayin! And.....Nas admitting to having alot of champagne might be the reason why he wasn't allowed to see his son in the hospital. At least that's what the rumors are saying.

Mary J. Blige In a AT&T Commercial!!!

Mary has done it again with her groundbreaking appearances!! Check her out in the new AT&T commercial below:

For more information about the phones in the commercial, they are the Motorola Karma, the LG Xenon, and the LG Neon. Visit the ShareATT YouTube channel homepage.

Rican News: Is Fat Joe Gonna Like This?

Hmmmm.....to see Tony Sunshine and Cuban Links on stage together is a beautiful thing....but will Fat Joe like that? I mean, Tony Sunshine is a part of Terror Squad and Cuban has a scar on his face thanks to Fat Joe (member of Terror Squad). I'm hoping that Fat Joe and Cuban can put their beef to the side and make it happen again in the studio but many say that will never happen. :( Either way I'm glad to see all the brotherly love on stage between Tony and Cube! Make it happen for us boriquas!!! Make us proud!!! Check out the footage below:

What do you think Fat Joe will have to say about this?

New Denzel Movie: The Book Of Eli

Denzel Washington has a new movie coming out titled "The Book Of Eli". The movie won't be out until January of 2010, so don't get your panties in a bunch. If you want my opinion, which I'm sure you do, I don't know if I will be racing to the theatres for this one. I'm an old head and the movie is reminiscent of "Mad Max, Road Warrior" and "I Am Legend". Don't get me wrong now, I'm a huge Denzel fan but I think something like this could've been done with a much younger actor. Now before you all go pulling out your guns to shoot me down.....let's be realistic.....Denzel doing martial arts and shit?....He's more believeable in "Training Day"! Where is Will Smith when you need him? This was more up Will Smith's alley than Denzel but whatever works for the producer right? Let me know what you think and check out the clip below:


What Is The Hype? Solange Did It B4!

Everyone is going hysterical over Solange's new do! What the hell for? She's a grown ass woman! Did yall really think that the long, flowy hair she was sportin was hers? Come on now! As per Solange.....she's done it once and she can do it again and she could care less about your opinions....and I agree....check out her rant on twitter below:

I told yall Twitter was the devil! LOL. You can find out everything on there! Check out Solange's new short cut below:

The only thing I'm mad at is the fact that it wasn't lined up properly....they could've done a better shape up then that! Shoot! I would've at least hit up Amber Rose to find out who does her shape ups! LMAO!

The Truth Behind The Music: Do U Believe?

I was just sent an email to check out the following clips about the truth behind the music industry. I don't know what to make of their theories although the clips were very insightful. They did make some valid points but I'm not sure if I agree with what they call blood sacrifices which can be seen in part 2. But watch the clips and let me know what you think of them.

Part 1: Michael Jackson verse Eminem below:

Part 2: Blood sacrifices for being in the top paid category below:

Do you mean to tell me.....that basically......the Illuminati is in the music industry? Oh God! I hope not!

Wendy Williams Ready 2 Leave Radio?

Well, everybody is whispering and talking but I don't see anything happening. Rumor is that Wendy will be leaving radio and focusing more on her TV career. How true this is? I have no idea....but I heard her on WBLS today. Has anyone checked out her show yet? I think she's gonna do good! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Kelis Is Getting Paid!!!

Damn girl! I wish my lawyer for child support would've gotten that money for me too! LOL! $55,000 a month! And a n---a is screaming rape over $140 a week for 2 kids?! Where did Kelis find her lawyer at? And to think Nas has to pay for her lawyer expenses as well! Check out the article according to TMZ below:

"A judge decided Nas has to pay Kelis $55,000 a month in combined spousal and child support(44k) — plus the mortgage on their L.A. residence. The rapper also has to pay $35,000 to his worst nightmare — Kelis’ lawyer."

Dang that was a good ass lawyer!

Fabolous ft. Jay Z - When The Money Goes

This song is HAWT and is one of the few songs by Fabolous that I really like. Don't get me wrong now, Fabolous is a crazy lyricist but I'm not into the mainstream songs he does....don't get mad, that's just my opinion. Check out the track "When The Money Goes" below:

And this song was soo hot that the dudes from Fubu used the song in one of their commercials! Check out their commercial below....directed and produced by James "Kraze" Billings:

Is This Commercial Stereotypical?

You know I first saw this commercial last week and thought nothing of it until the question of race and stereotypes came into play. When watching it for the first time I didn't see anything wrong with it until some of my friends made comments on it. Then, today, while checking out some of my favorite video sites like Dime Wars, the question was raised again.

Now, I know the commercial was probably made in fun but how do you ladies feel about it? I mean, the ladies who wear weaves and extensions. Were you insulted, offended or did you just not really care? I'm getting a mixed consensus on the topic. Shoot! I know some females who wear weaves just for the hell of it and definitely not because they need to....so what do you think? Would love to hear about it...but for now check out the commercial below:


What In Sams Hell?!

Photo courtesy of Gossip Jacker

Is going on with the group Brutha? What in Jesus good name are they wearing?! Are they seeking attention because the show ended and didn't go well? Someone please explain this picture to me asap! Cuz somethin ain't right!.....I can smell it!