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Serius Jones Is Making Serious Moves

Serius Jones is one of the nicest battle MC's I've seen! Since his departure from Def Jam, Serius has been on his grind and getting his name out there. Unsigned artists really need to take note. One of the most important elements of this game here is the GRIND! You will not be able to do anything in this industry without some sort of grind. Trust me when I tell you! Did you know this brotha will be dropping a new video every week starting October 1, 2009 and continuing until January 1, 2010?! That's soo crazy to me but I'm sure it's not impossible. Check out his new "Life Is Serius" campaign commercial below:

And if you want to find out more about Serius Jones check out his short film called "Life Is Serius" below:

The only thing I'm mad at is the way he left out the "O" from his name Serius! It bothers me that the "O" is not there! I guess it's the OCD in me....LOL.

Rumor Control: Lisaraye Is Not Gettin It In w/The Rev!

Thanks to friend in my head, Wendy Williams, the rumors have been clarified about Lisaraye and Reverend Al Sharpton. I, like many other sites, were reporting that this rumor just might be true and I was feeling let down by my girl Lisaraye. But thanks to Lisaraye's reps....that can all be put to bed! In fact, her reps say that not only is she NOT sleeping with The Rev. but she's around him because he's a part of her foundation called "Radiant Jewels". The foundation awards scholarships to young girls. Thank you Jesus! I can rest easy now! For a minute I was doubting my girl! I'm soo glad they cleared that up. I can breathe easy! ;)

Gossip Of The Day: Floyd Mayweather & Chili?

That's the word of the day folks! Floyd and Chili are getting their power couple move on! Although, Chili has denied this rumor time and time again. Think about it....I would deny it too. The girl has a dating reality show that will be coming out soon...what would be the sense to watch that if she's already seeing someone? Get it?....Good! Let's carry on. I'm waiting for the fight between Floyd and Sugar Shane to pop off! We'll see if Chili is really dating Floyd if she's got front row seats! ;)

Lil Wayne Gets New Tattoo

As if there wasn't enough tattoos on Lil Wayne, he goes and gets another one. I know some of you will say "He can do what he wants to his body"! And trust me, I understand you on that but why sooo much? When does one say enough? Doesn't this boy have anything better to do than to mark up his face? I'm not judging, I'm just saying! Everyone has an opinion and I'm entitled to mine. I think Superhead said it best in her book "The Vixen Manuel" (which I'm reading right now and will be doing a book review on soon) and she says "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they are all full of shit"! I guess she told me!

By the way, can anyone tell me what the tattoo is? I have no idea what that shit is on his face! I'm hearing he got the new tattoo for his birthday. Help a sista out! Another photo below:

Essence Atkins Gets Married

This past weekend Essence Atkins got married to Jamie Mendez, former NFL player turned financial executive. They met on Match.com because Essence was tired of dealing with industry cats. :) I don't blame you girl! They will give you nothing but heartache because the temptation is ridiculous! The average hooker with an ass is all it takes to blow their mind! Where am I going with this? I'm soo getting off topic today....please bare with me. Anywho, the two had a quiet ceremony at the Ambassador Mansion and Gardens in Pasadena, California.

The newlyweds gave an exclusive interview to Essence.com. Check it out below:

Digital Dating: Most of us wouldn't guess that beautiful Hollywood actresses turn to dating Web sites to find a man. But alas, Essence Atkins of "Half & Half" fame did just that. The Brooklyn-bred, Los Angeles-based starlet was over meeting men in the entertainment industry and began searching for a change of pace. She found just that in Jaime Mendez, a retired NFL player turned financial exec from the Midwest, through Match.com. On February 14, 2008, Essence and Jaime corresponded on the site for the first time. "I wrote him a quick little note that I had read his profile, and then I signed off, Happy SAD Day - that's Single Awareness Day," says Essence. A week later they had their first date and soon after the duo was an official couple.

Family First: In June of 2008, Essence and Jaime traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate Father's Day with Jaime's family. "We had a great weekend and it was the first time I had been around his family for an extended period," explains the actress. But on the drive home, Jaime received the unfortunate news that his grandfather fell ill. When Jaime decided to return to Vegas to be with his loved ones, Essence immediately dropped everything to be with her beau. When Jaime found out his grandfather didn't make it, Essence was right by his side. "We wrote his grandfather's obituary together. I saw his selflessness and strength during that time," recalls Essence. "I realized then he was all I wanted".

You know them babies are next right? ;) Don't say I didn't tell you!

Willie of Day 26 Responds 2 Pic Scandal

My boy, Willie, of Day 26, tells Hip Hollywood exactly how he feels about his naked pics being plastered all over the internet! I never noticed how manly he was compared to the other members. I mean I've watched "Making The Band" and to be honest.....they all seemed a little off to me. Just my opinion. Don't even get me started on what I think about Que. That opinion will be reserved for another day. Let me get back to the topic at hand. Willie has finally given us actual video on what he thinks of the whole naked picture scandal going on right now. Check his response out below:

He handled that like a true G! :)

That Used 2 Be My Joint Part 4

I know I've been slacking on the "That Used To Be My Joint" posts but I will try my best to bring it back! A loyal reader of the site brought this song to my attention and I remember (back in the days) when hearing this joint, I always thought Cannibus' verse was the best one on the track! Redman did his thing too but Cannibus had that flair! I also couldn't for the love of Jesus remember who the other artist on the song was. My loyal reader told me it was A+. Do yall remember him? I sure didn't. I'll be posting some more on A+ in a few days but for now here's the Lost Boyz featuring Redman, A+ and Cannibus on "Beasts From The East" below:


Kandi Burress Opens Up ATL Boutique

Kandi Burress is about to enter the exciting world of fashion by opening up her own boutique called "TAGS". The boutique is opening in October and will be located in South Atlanta's section of The Vinings. Fashion-forward women and men will be able to find something they like without breaking the bank. Kandi states the clothes will look expensive but will be affordable. That's right up my alley!! Check out this exclusive interview Kandi had with Essence below:

Derwin Is Modelling Nowadays

I know Derwin is not his name but Pooch Hall will forever exist in my mind as Derwin! Being a huge fan of "The Game" I was sad to see it go....just like with "Girlfriends" (another favorite show of mine). But don't think the checks have stopped rolling in for Derwin...I mean Pooch Hall! Check him out modelling (I'm guessing his new gig?) for the DJ Premium clothing line coming out fall this year below:

I don't know about yall but looking at the pic above made me say out loud: "How you doin?" Not saying he is but by the looks of it I'm questioning! ;)

New Music: Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne - I Can Transform Ya

This here is the first official song off of Chris Brown's "Graffiti" album called "I Can Transform Ya" featuring Lil Wayne. Swizz Beatz produced this joint! Check it out below:

What are your thoughts on the joint? Would love to know. :)

Stop The Press!!! Lisaraye Dating Rev. Al Sharpton?!

Say it ain't so Lisaraye?!!! Have you hit an all time low that you have sunk to this level? Breathe in. Breathe out. I'm feeling kind of fuzzy in the head due to the news I'm hearing. I cannot believe this rumor (that's what it is at the moment until someone confirms it for me) because it just doesn't make sense! You mean to tell me you go from the 1st lady of Turks and Caicos to the 1st lady who will be rushing Rev. Al Sharpton to the dialysis center!!? This is sooo not a good look! The YBF is reporting that the two have been dating for months! REALLY?! I'm at a loss. Check out the story according to The YBF below:

Here's what we know: A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and LisaRaye--both barely divorced--are indeed together now. When we asked the obligatory "WTF?! Why?" The answer is because Lisa knows she's not getting onto any of these "society and political" events without a man who could bring her along. She's also starved for attention from the media--surprise surprise--so Al is her "In" into that world. And Al--well he's just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like LisaRaye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his.

Sad to say, but this thing here just might be true! This isn't the first time I've seen photos of Rev. Al Sharpton and Lisaraye together. Check out more photos below:

As the saying goes "Jesus Take The Wheel" because someone is out of control!


New Videos: Marques Houston - How I Do

Here's the newest video from Marques Houston called "How I Do". I kind of like the joint. I'm probably going to have to listen to it a few more times to really get the full effect of it. Either way, I would love to know what you guys think of it. Would you put this on while alone with your loved one? Or will you be screaming "GO HOME ROGER!" LMAO! I had to throw that one in there but for now check out the new video below:

Marques has sure come along way since this:

Do you remember that joint? Or am I the only one? ;)

New Movies: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Kruger is back yall!! Are any of you getting tired of the same old villains coming back to life to torture more victims? I know I am! But.....it's still my job to bring you the latest and the greatest! :) Freddy Kruger is back to killing folks in their dreams!

Back when I was young and watched "Nightmare On Elm Street" for the first time (which was ages ago) I had nightmares about him running his bladed fingers on metal and chasing me through my own damn neighborhood! It looks like he's up to his same old antics! ;) Watch the new movie below which will be out April 30, 2010:

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

BTW, would you be going out to the movies to watch? Would love to know!

Yung Berg Gets Punched By Old Manager

Why do people still mess with Yung Berg? When is it going to come to a point where we just leave this man alone? Why are we still picking at this guy? Well, apparently this is some old footage of Yung Berg getting knocked upside his head by one of his old managers. What I didn't agree with is if you have a problem with someone don't wait until they turn around and then try to knock them out....BE A MAN and do it while they are facing you! That was a sucker move and definitely a sucker punch! And more importantly, was Berg with his peoples? I don't know about any of you guys but if I was with my homegirls and someone sucker punched me!.......my whole team would've been throwing down! That's just how we do but I know everyone ain't built like that. :) Anywho, watch it all go down below:


Chris Brown Supports Lebron James

Chris Brown is keeping busy and isn't going to be letting that community service get in the way of him taking breaks and having fun! Chris Brown was seen on the red carpet of Lebron James' celebrity basketball game over at the Hollywood & Highland Courtyard in LA. Nike was hosting the event and attendees included Chris Brown, Chris Rock and others to support the Lebron documentary "More Than A Game". Since there were soo many Chris' in the house, I'm wondering if Chris Tucker was there? LMAO! And I'm also going to take a stab and say Chris Brown is taking that court order seriously since Rihanna was spotted in Venice, Italy attending her managers wedding (Marc Jordan) below:

Rihanna is such a pretty girl! She's always killing the fashion scene!

La La Gets Fresh @ $2 Car Wash

Dang La La! All that hosing down your tittays may cause some serious traffic! I rep for La La because she's one of the few women that carries herself like a lady! I realize you can't tell from the picture above but I think she was just having fun with the paparazzi since she was out washing her car and there they were across the damn street snapping pictures! I'm guessing she was giving them something for the cameras and something for us bloggers to talk about! :) Check out more photos of La La having fun at the $2 car wash below:

I'm happy to see that La La doesn't think she's too good to be washing her own car! Times are hard! It's a recession yall!

Ebony Magazine Goes Up For Sale

Rumor has it that "Ebony" magazine is quietly being put up for sale. What the hell is going on with these magazines? Is no one buying print publications anymore? Am I the only one still putting in orders for "Essence" magazine to be delivered to my home? Yes...I said "Essence" and not "Ebony" because I feel "Essence" gives me the most needed information. Just my opinion. Hope everything works out for "Ebony".

Nicki Minaj Is A 5 Star Chick!!

Everyone knows I'm a stan for Nicki Minaj! I'm loving the girls whole style and she represents Queens, so it's a must I support! I'm glad Yo Gotti decided to have Nicki Minaj jump on the track and drop a verse for his hit single "5 Star Chick"! He couldn't have made a better choice! Check out Nicki Minaj doing her thing for the video screen, Harajuku Barbie style, for her verse on "5 Star Chick" below:

I need an interview with Nicki Minaj asap!!!

Young Money On The Cover Of The Source

Tell me why I thought there wasn't a "Source" magazine anymore? I thought they folded? I could be wrong though. Anywho, check out the new cover of "The Source" magazine featuring members of the "Young Money" crew. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Bow Wow part of the group? Where's he at? I'm soo confused when it comes to who belongs to which crew. Maybe you guys can shed some light on what's going on here. Help a sista out!


Book Review: Push by Sapphire

I bought this book because I wanted to know what all the talk was about. I was also inclined to read this book because of that new movie that's coming out called "Precious" starring Mo'Nique and Mariah Carey. So, off I went and purchased the book I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

Where do I start? First, I want to say the book is HORRIBLE!!! The book is very graphic! I'm talking about abuse horrible and abuse graphic. Things that were said in that book I wouldn't wish on anyone!! The book actually left me with a disturbed spirit after I finished it. Some details....I still can't get out of my mind and bothers me just thinking about it! Let me get back to what the book is about. The book is about a girl named Clariece Precious Jones who is abused from the time she's 3 years old!! Both her mother and father abuse her sexually and emotionally. Her father rapes her constantly from the time she was 7. Precious ends up getting pregnant twice by her own damn father! What pissed me off about that is.....where were the mandated reporters at?! No one dared mention this information to BCW or CPS bureaus? No one considered calling the police to state concerns on a child of 12 years of age having a child by their own Daddy?!! Precious' Mom was also an abuser who used to feel her up and made her do nasty things! Precious was born to be a sex slave if you ask me! Precious' first child had Down Syndrome and was placed with Precious' grandmother. Precious' second child was a healthy baby boy she chose to raise on her own. Precious was also an illiterate who didn't even know how to read or write! She was 16 and still in junior high school! That is until someone decided to step in and offer services. That's when a bit of hope comes into the book but then it takes us right back to being depressed when Precious finds out she's HIV positive thanks to her Dad. The book pretty much ends there. We never find out what happens to her Mom....if she was arrested, sent to jail, NOTHING! We end up not knowing what happens to Precious! Does she move forward? Does she get a job? How does she cope with living with the HIV virus? We are left to guess?! And I hate guessing games! I'm going to assume the author wanted me to feel these emotions but I didn't like what I felt. For me to say I didn't like the book was an understatement. I'm just hoping the movie is better than the book. For those of you who missed the trailer called "Precious" here it is below:

BTW, to all of those who didn't read the book just yet, Ms. Rain is supposed to be a black woman with dreadlocks not the character that plays the teacher in the movie (who is Paula Patton). I get real upset when people don't follow the guidelines or the story for what it is! "Precious" will be out in theatres on November 6th.

Plaxico Burress Mugshot!!

The saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words"....well, what words can I come up with when I'm speechless?! I'm still not in agreement with this man's incarceration! You mean to tell me, that if I accidentally pull the trigger on myself I'm getting locked up? For all that mess, I'll be making sure the gun is pointed right at my temple! Cuz I'll be damned!!! What are your thoughts on this? Would love to know.

Khloe Kardashian & Her Diamond Ring

Just when I thought this whole thing was just a sham, Khloe goes and shows off her 9 carat diamond engagement ring! These people are really serious about this wedding thing huh? Dang Lamar! You're really trying to prove yourself worthy of a Kardashian!

Well, in a previous post I mentioned there wouldn't be any prenups but now I'm being told that there will be! (Thank you Jesus!) I was hoping Lamar wouldn't be that stupid. Both Lamar and Khloe have gotten their attorneys to hash out all that prenup business. I'm also hearing this "wedding" that's going down tomorrow is just for show because "E" is footing the bill! Truth of the matter is, there's no time to fully put together a decent prenup. So both parties will be doing a postnup which means the agreement will be hashed out and signed after Sunday's ceremony. I'm guessing tomorrow's ceremony will be what they call "Non-Binding". Hmmm! Very interesting!

Check out what Lamar is leaving behind once he ties the knot with Khloe below:

If you're not sure who she is......she's Lamar's baby momma! And she doesn't look happy to hear about the news!


Eve Dumps Label & Stops Clothing Line!

I have to first ask....was anyone really buying the "Fetish" clothing line? I didn't see any advertisements, no marketing behind the product, I didn't hear anyone saying the line was dope or anything! So I'm really not surprised that Eve shut it all down. I was very happy she was doing her thing but not sure where she was going with it. Eve has also been released from her record label (Geffen Records) but I'm hearing it was on her own accord. So, Eve is now a "Free Agent"....anyone willing to sign the former Ruff Ryder? I wish Eve all the best!

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Drake - Money 2 Blow

Here's the official video for Birdman's joint called "Money To Blow" featuring Weezy and Drake. I don't know about you guys but why does it always seem like Drake got on the same shit in each and every video? Is it me? He's always got on his hoodie or that damn black jacket! Is there nothing else that his stylist can dress him in? I'm not judging, I'm just saying! Check out the video below:

The treatment for the video....eh. *shrugs shoulders* Same ole shit to me. Money, cars and hoes. Can we find some originality folks? Please! For the sake of Hip Hop! The quality of the video is dope though. :)

Nas & Kelis Are Still Getting That Divorce!!

I know we've all been rooting for Nas and Kelis to get back together and work it out but rumor has it that just because we see them in a few pics together laughing, smiling and getting along doesn't mean they are not still getting that divorce! Just when I thought "Hope" was still alive, they go and do this! I was so sure these two were going to work it on out. :( Well, I'm just happy they can get along and still be friends for the sake of their son. Nas and Kelis' next court date will be on November 20th. That's just before the Thanksgiving holiday! Hope everything works out for these two!

Omarion Ft. Gucci Mane - I Get It In

Omarion is really putting in that work and showing the world he doesn't need Young Money to stay in the mix. Here's Omarion's first single called "I Get It In" featuring Gucci Mane. If you know anything about anything you would have known that Lil Wayne was originally on this song but was replaced by Gucci Mane! I'm guessing Omarion is getting back at Lil Wayne for replacing him with Lloyd. I'm not judging, I'm just saying! Check out "I Get It In" featuring Gucci Mane below:

Omarion's album "Ollusion" is set to be released on November 24th...right around Thanksgiving time!

Souljah Boy & Rosa Acotsta Engaged?

That seems to be the rumor of the day. I'm not so sure I'm believing this one just yet because Souljah Boy has been rumored to have relationships with everyone! A few months ago he was supposed to be smashin Angel Lola Luv...now it's Rosa Acosta. Why can't it just be two people, just friends and hanging out? If I hear anything else about this, I'll be sure to bring it to everyone's attention but for now check out another photo below:

If you're wondering who Rosa Acosta is, she's a video vixen and best known for her role in Drake's video "Best I Ever Had".


Kim Zolciak's - Tardy For The Party

There was this big hype for Kim Zolciak's, "Tardy For The Party" joint. I don't know what the buzz was all about because in my opinion (and it's just that...an opinion) the song sounds like sh*t! I don't know anyone that will be running out to the store to go and buy it. The only thing I'm liking about the song is that it was produced by her co-star Kandi Burress (formerly of Xscape). Check out "Tardy For The Party" below:

And if you missed one of the greatest interviews by B. Scott....you really are lost in this world! B. Scott recently did an interview with Kandi Burress of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". He did such a great job and asked questions I would want to know the answers to! Check it all go down below:

Why is it this man looks wayyy better than most females I know? I'm not judging, I'm just saying!

Dancing With The Stars Goes Naked!!

Karina Smirnoff that is! The "Dancing With The Stars" celebrity is taking it all off for her PETA campaign! Ms. Smirnoff has since stopped wearing fur when watching baby seals being killed for their pelts. Karina Smirnoff is among many celebrities who took it all off for PETA such as Christina Applegate, Nia Long, Kimora Lee Simmons and Khloe Kardashian. I myself have been stopped wearing fur. Have you seen those seal killings? Very graphic, cruel and violent! I'm all for PETA!

Confirmed Celebrity Fit Club Contestants

Kevin Federline has indeed been packing on the pounds since he's left Britney Spears! I'm hearing the brotha has gained almost over 50lbs! That's a lot of cheeseburgers huh? The good thing is that Kevin has decided to lose all of this weight gain by joining forces with "Celebrity Fit Club". Another contestant who will be appearing on "Celebrity Fit Club" is:

I don't think Bobby is that big but compared to what he used to look like...I would say he's a great candidate. I remember when him and Whitney had that reality show (can't remember what the name of the reality show was) all they did was go out to eat! Do yall remember that? I had to keep asking myself....Don't they do anything else? Nevertheless, since Whitney has left Bobby, maybe this can turn his image around. Hopefully. Next up on the roster for "Celebrity Fit Club" is:

Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline's first baby momma) will also be on the show. This season is going to be pretty interesting! I'm wondering how they are going to get along. Remember guys.....Kevin left Shar for Britney. This is going to be good! I loved Shar when she starred on the hit show "Moesha" right alongside Brandy. Shar has definitely put on weight but she's still a very cute girl! Get em girl!

And last but certainly not least is:

You guys probably don't recognize who that is pictured above but she's Nicole Eggert. Still don't remember who she is? Well, let me refresh your memory....she was featured as one of the hottest babes alongside Pamela Anderson on "Baywatch"! That's all folks! For now. Can't wait for this new season to air is all I'm saying....I'm wondering who's going to win? Anyone up for a bet?

Ciara In "Mama I Wanna Sing"

Just curious to find out if you guys are going to be racing out to the movie theatres to watch this or will you just wait for the DVD?