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Ladies.....Is Rick Ross Handsome?

Lord God.......You are my Savior!! Why in the world would Rick Ross claim he's handsome? Now..........please don't get me wrong.......there's absolutely nothing wrong with man titties and gut! However, that's not something I'm into. I love big men and that's my preference but there's a limit to my madness and Rick Ross is where it ends. But if he is something you wouldn't mind romping around in the bed with, that's cool! It's just YOUR preference. Either way I would love to hear from you ladies about this one but for now check out Rick Ross below:

Kimora's New Fragrance "Dare Me"

Kimora Lee Simmons twit picked this photo of her new fragrance called "Dare Me". There is no release date for it but I'm hoping it smells good!


Roxanne Shante Is Struggling With Breast Cancer

According to Black Voices, it's being reported that Roxanne Shante is struggling with breast cancer. I don't know how true this is because I don't like putting out things when it comes to being sick. Breast cancer is not a game and I have lost many family members to cancer so if this is true, my heartfelt prayers are with Roxanne. However, if these rumors are false, the person who put them out there is going to hell! That's not something you put on someone! I don't care who it is! Here's part of the interview below:

"In March, I noticed a lump in my left breast, rather small at the time and didn't really know what I was feeling. So instead of going straight to the doctor's office, I started asking friends their opinion and trying to go by their experiences. It was such a stupid move. Well, I figured I was just getting older. A hysterectomy in my early thirties led me to believe that I would be fine. Another stupid move.

I let months go by - five months to be exact. The weight loss of over 40 pounds made me feel like, "Damn, this diet is finally working." But then I remembered I wasn't on a diet. So on a bright, sunny day in August 2009, I walked into Doshi center for a mammogram. I put on the gown and stepped up to the machine. As soon as the technician took my breast in her hand, she asked me how long had I had the lump. It's huge, she said. I made a joke, she giggled, but I was scared and angry that I had waited so long.

I was in denial. I event went so far as to ignore the letters sent by the lab that read: "Urgent!!! Please contact us."
I had gotten a call from the doctor, "I just received your images at my office and they have been trying to reach you for weeks. As soon as you get back to New York, you come to my office. This is your life."

I hung up, turned the phone off, walked out on the set and tried to pretend that the call never happen. But they did. And it showed on my face."

Again, I want to stress that I don't know how true this is. I mean we all know what happened with the last Roxanne Shante rumor right? The whole PHd thing? Anywho, that was a lie so don't put much credibility into this yet until we hear directly from the horses mouth! Working on that asap!

Danger Talks New Baby & Art Collection

Ok! In this clip you are about to watch, Danger tells us about her new art collection and how she's excited about being a new Mommy. She also clears up the rumors about Ray J being her baby daddy! :) Gabriel Cannon is her baby daddy and that's that! If you want to check out Danger's cutie pie, Mayara Cannon, scroll down:

And check out Danger below with her after baby body and blonde hair:

Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne

Our boy, Lil Wayne, is keeping himself a busy man before he heads to lockdown. Lil Wayne is gracing the cover of this month's Billboard magazine and is talking about Rock and Rebirth. Shouts to Wayne for always staying hungry and getting his grind on! Can't knock a person's hustle!

In other Lil Wayne news, last week Toya celebrated her birthday. This is the birthday where Lil Wayne bought Toya an Aston Martin. For those of you who don't remember that story (click here). Anywho, I just got word that one of Toya's guests at her birthday party was none other than Lil Wayne's other baby momma, Sarah! You know the one that had Lil Wayne's first son! Check her out below:

Photo spotted at Miss Amazin

And here she is enjoying the festivities:

And for those that are curious about how the baby looks, check out the cutie pie below:

Photo courtesy of Media Take Out

Full Version Of Empire State Of Mind

Here is the full version of "Empire State of Mind" minus Lil Mama's appearance. Yes, that joke will never get old with me! LOL. The video is dope and I'm loving the way New York is portrayed! All of our famous landmarks are in there! Check it out for yourselves below:

Jay-Z - "Empire State Of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys

Jay-Z | MySpace Video

Beanie Segal Has Beef With Jay Z

What the hell do we have here? The fam is going at it? I know soo many folks Jay Z has done wrong. I'm really itching to put out this DeHaven interview. In the mean time, check out Beanie's song below:

The Wu Massacre Part 1

I'm guessing some of the members of the Wu Tang clan are coming out with an album on December 22nd (Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface)? I had no clue!

Here is a trailer from the Wu.....only thing is.....I don't get it. I know they took the scene from the movie "Seven" which features Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman but I still don't get it! Does this scene mean they are coming to massacre those in the music industry? I don't know. Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think:

In More Alicia Keys News....

Here's Ms. Keys second single off her up coming album called "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart". I'm not feeling any of these songs she's been putting out. :( And I'm a huge Alicia Keys fan. So don't take this as hate. I'll let you guys be the judge of the song. Check it out below:

Last Night During The Yankees Game...

Jay Z and Alicia Keys performed "Empire State of Mind". I missed the Yankees game last night because I was at a funeral. My uncle's funeral at that! I seem to be losing a lot of family members this year. I lost a very good relative but made sure to pay my final respects to a man who is in God's domain now. Nevertheless, I missed the performance of Jay Z and Alicia Keys. But thanks to the good folks over at YouTube, someone was filming it and I am able to bring it to you guys today! So for those of you who missed the performance like me, watch the clip below:

Alicia was killin them purple boots and jacket huh?! Great performance! I'm thinking some of those baseball players were enjoying it just as much as I was! ;)


Video Snippet: Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

Well, I guess I spoke to soon when I said Jay Z was not going to be part of the list of artists who do video snippets! :) Jay proved me wrong when part of the "Empire State Of Mind" video came on during a commercial break during the Yankees game. Yankees lost! :( I don't watch baseball (or any sports for that matter) but was forced by the hubby to watch it last night. Why did I watch the game for? It's not like we won! :( Maybe next time huh? Check the snippet out below:

Audio Snippet: Robin Thicke ft. Jay Z - Me I Play

Lately, almost every popular artist has been providing video snippets of their new songs such as Chris Brown, Alicia Keys and Omarion. I'm guessing Robin Thicke and Jay Z wanted to go a different route and provide just a snippet of their songs audio. Should they have done it this way? Or should they have provided the full version of the song and then given us a snippet of the video? You guys be the judge but for now check out the audio snippet below:

That's One Bad Ass Jacket!!

Where in the hell can I find me a jacket like the one Letoya Luckett has on in the picture above? That shit is bad! In a good way! :) Anywho, Letoya Luckett just shot the video for her song called "Regret". I'm hearing the video is going to be crazy! Ludacris is playing her boyfriend in the video! How much better can it get?

And for those of you who haven't heard "Regret" yet, check it out below:

Shyne In The Airport Pics!!!

Photos courtesy of The YBF

Shyne Barrow, better known now as Moses Michael Leviy (since converting to Judaism) was caught arriving at Cleveland Ohio airport. Shyne had tight security with him to make sure he boarded that plane to Belize!

What an injustice!! Here it is, this man did all his time and paid his debt to society and now they want to deport him! I'm too upset over this and I ain't even did nothing!

Are Trey Songz & Tahiry An Item?

Now, I'm not one to run with stories but these photos popped up in my inbox so I decided to post them. I do not, in any way, think Trey Songz and Tahiry are getting it in! I'm thinking they were at the same spot and took some pictures together. I'll let those other sites run with this story but I won't. However, I do find it kind of odd that just the other day I saw a video of Joe Budden interviewing Nicki Minaj and now these photos of Trey and Tahiry pop up. For those of you not familiar with the Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj interview click the clip below:

I'm sure Joe Budden will keep in contact with Nicki Minaj! She's HAWT!!! Not to mention....Joe Budden went on a rant today airing out Tahiry! If you missed the rant, click below:

So, I say all this to say that maybe.....just maybe....these photos were leaked to irk Joe Budden? Not sure.....I could be wrong but I don't think I am.


Guess What Weezy Got Toya 4 Her Birthday?

An Aston Martin!!! DANG WEEZY!! We know you got it like that but don't show out cuz she's moving on! :) That Toya is one lucky girl huh? Well, last night Toya and friends celebrated her birthday in Atlanta. And although Weezy bought Toya an Aston Martin, her boo, James Hardy, bought her a shotgun just in case Weezy wants to get out of line! LOL. Check it out below:

I'm glad they have each other's back....or maybe the front?

I know Weezy is looking at this pic and thinking "I WILL NOT BE OUTDONE"! The saga continues.

Mike Epps - Ain't Chu You?

I'm soo mad that promotions for this album was null and void! Anywho, Mike Epps' album "Funny Bidness" is out in stores today and his first single "Ain't Chu You" premiered today on World Star Hip Hop below:

Michael Jackson Before He Was King

Here are some never before seen photos of Michael Jackson in his new book called "Before He Was King". Photographer turned author, Todd Gray, reveals images of Michael Jackson taken during his four year tour accompaniment with The Jacksons. More photos below:

There will never be another like Michael Jackson! NEVER!

The Official Rihanna Album Cover

Can you say subliminal messages? That's what this album cover is all about! I'm guessing if you can't be with the one you love you might as well profit from the situation! :) What will she think of next? "Rated R" will be out in stores on November 23rd.

And in some Chris Brown news, yesterday I brought you a snippet from Breezy's new video called "I Can Transform Ya". Here is the full length video below:

Chris is back yall!!!!

HHGS Exclusive: Gettin Personal With Mike Epps

HipHopGossipSite.com recently caught up with actor/comedian, Mike Epps! We asked him about hosting the BET Hip Hop Awards, the Richard Pryor movie, his new music and much more! By the way, did anyone know he had an album coming out tomorrow? Just curious, cuz I had no idea! Check out his exclusive interview below:

And if that wasn't good enough....check out Mike Epps showing Hip Hop Gossip Site some love below:

Who does it like I do?


Behind The Scenes: Lil Wayne - No Ceilings

Lil Wayne will finally be dropping another mixtape called "No Ceilings" on Halloween! This will be his first mixtape since "The Drought 3" but don't quote me on that. :) Check out the behind the scenes footage below:

Lil Wayne is facing jail time so he's going to be putting in that work before it's time to go! I feel ya!

Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya Video Snippet

Are you tired of the snippets yet? I'm not tired of posting them. :) Here's another video snippet from Chris "Smack Your Mama" Brown for his new joint called "I Can Transform Ya" featuring Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne.

I can already tell you the dancing in the video is going to be CRAZY!!! Chris Breezy is back on his ish! Check it out below:

And for those of you who missed out on Chris Brown's tweet earlier today about emotions and honesty, check it out below:

Here's the video that goes with the tweet below:

50 Cent - Baby By Me Video Snippet

50 Cent is jumping on the same bandwagon as Alicia Keys and Omarion with a video snippet of his new song called "Baby By Me" featuring Ne-Yo. The full length video will premiere on MTV on Monday, November 2nd but for now you can check out the snippet below:

I'm sure this video is going to be hot and please expect rumors of a romance between 50 Cent and Kelly Rowland after this!

Unsigned Hype: Lo Smooth ft. Kia Shine - Hottest Rapper In The World

I was sent this video by email and I have to admit that unless I'm getting paid to place things on my site, I just ain't doing it! That's been my motto and it works for me. Not to mention, it weeds out who's real about their career verses someone who thinks everything in this game comes for free! However, when I checked out the video and heard the song, I knew this person who goes by the name "Lo Smooth" was serious about his career. When someone is serious about their career you'll know it. So I have no choice but to show Lo Smooth some love on the site and showcase his video "Hottest Rapper In The World" featuring Kia Shine below:

Now, did anyone catch how Kia Shine was flowing on his verse? Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he sounds like Drake! Someone please tell me I'm not buggin on this one! Hit me up! I need to know!

Life After Bell Biv Devoe

Ever wonder what happened to Bell, Biv, Devoe? I know we saw Michael Bivins, (Biv), on Diddy's "Making The Band" but after that did you see him again? And where the hell has Ricky Bell and Ronnie Devoe been at? Well, TV One has brought you the story called "Life After Bell, Biv, Devoe" which aired around 10pm this evening but if you missed it, check out the trailer below:

Now, is it me or does Ronnie Devoe never age?! That man never seems to get old! He always looks the same! God bless him! However, I did notice a little change in the way he speaks......How you doin? LOL.

Like Scary Movies? Then Check This Out

I first heard about this movie called "Paranormal Activity" from my oldest daughter. I really didn't know what she was talking about and just brushed her off. Then I heard someone else talking about this movie but assumed it was another TV show based on cooky folks talking about aliens and shit. :) Then someone sent me this trailer below:

I'm not going to front....the trailer had me a bit shook since I believe there are things in this world we can't explain. The only thing that's pissing me off is there is no showing in New York! WTF? We should've been the first on the list to get a preview of the movie right? Tell me your thoughts folks!

New Author Ryan Traylor AKA Stubb 83

I would like for you guys to give a warm welcome to my newest writer on the scene, Ryan Traylor, better known as Stubb 83! Stubb will keep us all updated on anything tech related. From new cell phones, cars, computers, ipods, mp3's and things of that nature, he will have it up on the site for your viewing pleasure.

Stubb is from Grand Rapids Michigan, also known as Gunru and is always going to give us his take on what's poppin in the tech world so watch out for him!


Alicia Keys Album Has Been Pushed Back!

Just about 15 minutes ago, Alicia Keys stated via Twitter that her album has been pushed back until December 15th! Check it out below:

Luv having the freedom to create beautiful music, so I'm pushing the album back to DEC 15th. So many more amazing songs!!! (via @aliciakeys)

Does this mean we are going to be getting more songs from Ms. A. Keys? I sure hope so!

Now, word is, because Alicia Keys first single "Doesn't Mean Anything" didn't do so well......this is the reason her album is getting pushed back. In the meantime, Alicia Keys has let us into her world by providing some behind the scenes footage of her video "Doesn't Mean Anything" below:

World Premiere: H-Town & Jodeci - Knockin Your Heels Video

Everyone on the internet was talking about this new song from H-Town and Jodeci called "Knockin Your Heels" and how they needed to go back to the lab and try again. Gossip sites (not mine) even went as far as saying that the group should've left well enough alone. I beg to differ! I like the song, however, it doesn't have that umph that "Knockin Boots" had. Their song "Mr. Pacman" is the shit (and is featured at the end of the video)!!!

Anywho, I say this so I can introduce to you the world premiere video for the song "Knockin Your Heels" below:

Doesn't Devante look old as shit?! I'm just saying. And did these boys say they are going to beat down the walls tonight?! Whatever happened to a good old fashioned love song? Now, they just straight f*ckin! Jo-Jo still has that voice though! Ain't nothing changed with him. :)


Reebok's "I Am What I Am" Campaign

Reebok has a large campaign going around called "I Am What I Am" featuring some of the hottest celebrities in the game like 50 Cent, Allen Iverson and Stevie Williams. The campaigns goal is to encourage the youth to embrace their own individuality and celebrate their contemporary heroes. Who knew 50 was a hero? Not that he can't be...but I'm just saying. Check out the ad with 50 Cent below:

And here's some more footage of 50 Cent with his son below:

What I want to know is will these ads encourage folks to run out and buy more Reeboks? I need to know.

T-Mobile Sidekick MELTDOWN!

T-mobile and Microsoft are finding themselves in some hot water after recently "misplacing" all of T-mobile Sidekick users personal data! Over 800,000 users woke up to find that all of their emails, contacts, calender events and etc. had just disappeared overnight.

Me, myself, I'm not too fond of the Sidekick, but people I know were very upset. However, T-Mobile being the nice people they are, are offering each user a $100 gift card. The catch is that you can only spend the gift card with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile and Microsoft Danger (Danger is a subsidiary of Microsoft and is sub-contracted out to provide data storage for Sidekick Users) have been in talks to get into the smartphone and are currently working on a very special and unique phone code named "PINK". All of the Sidekicks were pulled off of the shelves and are listed on their website as "Currently Unavailable" which I think translates to "We aren't making these anymore".

They say that the massive meltdown was caused by a backup server that obviously didn't serve its purpose. So, with that being said, never trust a network with all of your personal info and contacts! Always backup your data yourself! Then if you lose it, you can only be mad at yourself!

Spike Lee Thinks Tyler Perry's Characters Are Coonery

Spike Lee had some harsh words for Tyler Perry. It was quoted that Spike Lee thinks characters like Madea and Mr. Brown represent coonery and bafoonery! Are we kidding here? Or is someone jealous that one makes better movies than the other? Just my opinion. Check out Tyler Perry's response to what Spike Lee had to say about him below:

It seems that everyone is on Tyler Perry's back because I'm hearing Tyler Perry will be taking the rest of the year off due to stress. I hope he takes it easy and brings back some more fun filled comedy next year!