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New Music: Ja Rule ft. R. Kelly - Incredible

Check out this new joint from Ja Rule featuring R. Kelly called "Incredible". I actually like this song and if Ja Rule keeps up in this route he is sure to make a comeback!! Good work brotha!! Check out the new joint below:

This is some old Murder Inc shit right here!!

Charlie Murphy - I Will Not Apologize

Charlie Murphy's stand up comedy special "I Will Not Apologize" premieres this Sunday (Saturday night) at 1am EST on Comedy Central's, Secret Stash. Peep the trailer for the show below:

From watching a few clips of the show on Youtube, I'm going to have to admit....I didn't think it was all that funny. I've seen Charlie Murphy do better at Carolines on Broadway but if you don't agree with me that's cool.

If you are interested in purchasing the Charlie Murphy DVD "I Will Not Apologize" (click here).


Hip Hop In Germany Parts 2 & 3

Hip Hop in Germany follows rapstar Cormega around in Germany as he performs and does his 4 city tour. Germany seems to have a lot of Hip Hop heads out there although all the folks caught on the camera can hardly speak English! Before watching Part 2 I want to point out something to you guys, around the 6:30 mark. Peep the white girl digging in her crotch in front of the camera!!! Did she know the camera was rolling? DIRTY BITCH!! Peep it below:

And here's Part 3 where my homie Choke No Joke schools yall on McDonalds shrimp lemon burgers below:

New Video: Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag

Soulja Boy is one of my favorite young artists outside of Bow Wow but I am soo disappointed with this new joint called "Pretty Boy Swag". WTF?! Did Soulja Boy just say "All the pretty boys stand up?" SMDH!! And please don't get me started on the crew that's behind Soulja Boy thinking they are pretty boys!! I see Kim Porter's son (the one she had with Al B.Sure) was there to join in on the Pretty Boy Swag festivities. And can someone please tell me what's up with the white girl in the video thinking she's cuter than life itself?! This was all a bad situation although the beat was on point. Please Soulja Boy do better!! Check out the video for yourselves below:

New Music: Bobby V ft. Nicki Minaj - Stilettos & T-Shirts

Looks like Bobby V has been working in the lab and not just getting his jump offs mad at him because he's back with a new joint called "Stilettos & T-Shirts" featuring Young Money artist, Nicki Minaj! I actually like this new joint. You guys already know how I am very critical of new music but this one is cool. Check it out below and let me know what you think of it:

Nicki Minaj always has a way of making a song better with her voice on it!!

Jennifer Hudson 2 Get Married In Wrestling Ring?

Nah! I don't think that will ever happen but this is what David Otunga (Jennifer Hudson's fiance) had to say about the whole thing below:

“We could do that. I don’t know if Jennifer would go for it, but I’d be up for it.”

According to Show Biz Spy, David also believes that the wrestling ring is the perfect place to get married. Womp! Womp! And as for an actual wedding date, David states that him and Jennifer Hudson have already set a date but would not divulge any further information about that date. Here's David's quote below:

“I can’t divulge the date or anything but we definitely have the plans,” he said.

Black love is a beautiful thing!! Congrats to the couple!!


Shanell Is Not Pregnant By Lil Wayne

Rumors are always flying around the internet about Lil Wayne. Whether it's about having a baby, doing drugs or going to court....pretty much everything has been said about Lil Wayne. And from what I've learned from this industry...if they're not talking about you then you're not poppin!! And they are always talking about Lil Wayne! And now they are talking about Young Money artist Shanell, allegedly, being pregnant by Mr. Carter. Here is what Shanell had to say about the rumors below:

”Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated,” Shanell said in an interview. “First I was dating him, then I was his girlfriend, then we were getting married, then we were settling down and now I’m pregnant. It’s so foolish we’ve haven’t paid it any attention. All the rest of the rumors were kinda funny except that one. When my mother called me like, ‘Um?,’ [I was] like, No! Are you serious? I don’t care about the rumors, but I just want people to know that I’m not pregnant. I’ve got an album coming out, I’m a dancer, I’m in shape and children are not anywhere in my future.”

And here is what Lil Wayne had to say:

“Let me clear up this rumor, man: Shanell is not pregnant from me,” Wayne said in a serious tone on a Ustream video last weekend. “Shanell isn’t even pregnant! Period. Clear that up right now, man. Everybody talking about Shanell pregnant by … No, she not even pregnant. Period.”

That solves that!

The Real McCoy Coming On April 8th

Pretty lady, LisaRaye, is coming to a television near you with her new reality show called "The Real McCoy". The show will focus on her life as a celebrity, a Mom and much more! Tune into TV One on April 8th at 10pm to watch how it all goes down. You can also check out this snippet from the show below:

Will you be watching? I know I will!

The Star & Buc Wild Show On Shovio.com!

Have you guys been keeping up with the big homies Star & Buc Wild? If not, then you're missing out on a lot!!! For one, they have a new internet radio show on Shovio.com. It's still the "Star & Buc Wild" show featuring White Trash Helene but this time you guys get to interact with them via internet! And not only that!!! You get to check me out alongside the Original Hater himself giving you the Gossip Report! ;-) I'm working on getting you the embed codes for the episodes I was on but until then here are some clips to show you what their show is all about below:

And one more for you:

The Star & Buc Wild show airs Monday through Friday from 7:30pm to 9pm!! Here's what you have to do to watch.....log onto Shovio.com, you must register yourself in order to watch the show, then click on the On Demand button, click on the Star & Buc Wild show and watch or chat with them! Have fun folks!!


Yung Berg Did Not Get Robbed

TMZ was reporting earlier that Yung Berg got robbed and pistol whipped over the weekend!! They also reported that the robbers made off with about $10,000 worth of cash and jewelry! All I could think when I heard the news was "NOT AGAIN"!!! I couldn't help but say out loud....why do they keep messing with Berg? Why won't they let that young man live? And then, Yung Berg put this out below:

New Video: Monica - Everything To Me

Monica truly did it up with her new video called "Everything To Me". The song is absolutely dope and if you're in love....this is for you! I want to let you guys in on a little secret....I never knew Chad Ocho Cinco was that fine!!! Wowzers!! ;-) I'm sure Monica had the time of her life doing that video! I wonder what Rocko had to say about it? Let me stop.....I'm starting trouble now for no reason! ;-) But the video is dope! Check it out for yourselves below:

If you would like to check out some photos of the behind the scenes from the video, log onto Freddy O. By the way, Monica looked spectacular in this video and her hair was crazy!!

Freaknik: The Musical

Freaknik: The Musical is a cartoon that rapper T-Pain has come up with which will be aired on the Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) on March 7th. The one hour special took T-Pain about 2 years to create and has vocal appearances by some of the hottest entertainers in the business such as: Lil Wayne (who plays Jesus), Rick Ross, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg, Keri Hilson, Sophia Fresh, Charlie Murphy, Kelis, Big Boi, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins just to name a few!! I'm not really into cartoons but after seeing the preview I might just be watching! Check out the preview below:

Will you be watching?

Malinda Williams & D-Nice Split?!!!

I'm too upset to hear about this break up but according to my peoples over at The YBF, this rumor is true! D-Nice and Malinda Williams have separated amicably back in October of last year after only being married for 6 months! (WTF?) If they did, why are we just hearing about this breakup now then?! I'm too mad right now! Check out D-Nice's statement regarding the breakup/divorce below:

“I ask that our privacy be honored during this extremely personal time. I thank my family and fans for their endless support.”


Young Jeezy & Jay Z In Houston

Last night Young Jeezy took to the stage alongside Mr. Jigga Man himself and from what I'm hearing tore the house down in Houston, Texas! This was the second stop of the BP3 tour!!! More flicks below and more coming soon:

Here's some new music from Jeezy featuring Lil Wayne below called "You Scare":

Hip Hop In Germany Web Series

Cormega and Choke No Joke go on a four city Hip Hop tour in Germany. They perform in Hannover, Munster, Leipzig and Dresden. Cormega performs hits from his catalog and Choke No Joke launches his rap career on this international tour. Cormega and Choke No Joke explore Germany and learn about the culture and politics. The clip was produced and directed by Choke No Joke. Part 2 should be coming shortly but for now enjoy part 1 below:

Video Snippet: Monica - Everything To Me

Monica is doing it big and this video for her new joint "Everything To Me" is no different. The video is very very girlie and fashion forward! Monica looks really great in this video and her leading man is none other than Chad Ocho Cinco! He seems to be the man of the hour right now! ;-0 From posing with Hoopz for magazine covers to being in videos....he's a wanted man in the industry I'm guessing. (shrugs shoulders) Nevertheless, check out the video snippet to Monica's video below:

Monica's album "Still Standing" will be in stores on March 23rd!!!


Ludacris Channels Tiger Woods For Sexting

I'm not feeling this new joint from Ludacris called "Sexting" but the shit is hilarious! Poor Tiger Woods will never live down that message he left one of his jumpoffs talking about change your voicemail from your name to the number!! Where they do dat at?! Nevertheless, Ludacris had fun with it and this is what he came up with below:

New Video: Soulja Boy & Roscoe Dash - All The Way Turnt Up

Here is the video for the hot new joint from Soulja Boy and Roscoe Dash called "All The Way Turnt Up". I'm really not into the whole rock and rap thing but for some reason this song moves me! Check it out for yourselves below:

Foxy Brown & Ron Browz Collabo?

I don't know about you guys but Foxy Brown is one of the dopest chicks from Brooklyn to lyrically kill the game. She's been gone for a minute but I'm guessing she's back in the lab and working on something for the masses because she twit pic'd the photo above and that can only mean one thing!! Expect another Foxy Brown project! Can't wait to hear what these two are going to come up with!!

By the way, is it me or does Foxy Brown look like she's getting thick? Thick in a good sense not the bad sense! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Behind The Scenes: Raheem DeVaughn - I Dont Care

Here are some behind the scenes footage of Raheem DeVaughn's new video called "I Don't Care" courtesy of Rap-Up. Of course we all know this is going to be another certified Raheem banga! Why wouldn't it be? Everything that Raheem puts out I fall in love with. I can't wait to cop his new album called "The Love & War Masterpeace" which will be out on March 2nd!! Yay!! So until the album comes out check out the footage below:

I don't know about you guys but the chick in the pink reminded me of Angel Lola Luv.


HHGS Exclusive: Kendra Of The Bad Girls Club

You know I try to get all of the exclusives I can muster up. So yesterday I caught up with bad girl "Kendra" of "The Bad Girls Club" and asked her about all the fighting that goes on on the show, her fight with Natalie, her relationship with all of the other girls on the show, what she's working on now and how you can keep up with everything she has going on!! Check out how it all goes down below:

New Video: Ludacris & Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad

Now, after all of the behind the scenes footage and photos, we bring you the full video for Ludacris and Nicki Minaj's "My Chick Bad" song. "Battle of The Sexes" sounds like it's going to be an album I must have in the truck!! Enjoy the video and the female Freddy Kreuger Nicki Minaj plays below:

Behind The Scenes: The Wu Massacre

The big homie, Mazi O., has done it again with his behind the scenes footage of The Wu Massacre with exclusive one on one interviews with Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon! Get to find out what these brothas are working on and how their video for "Our Dreams" is coming along by watching the clip below:

And for those of you who are not familiar with the "Our Dreams" song, check it out below or kill yourself:

New Video: Lo Smooth - All I Know

Lo Smooth is back at it again with another video called "All I Know". All unsigned artists should really take note. This brotha is on his grind with his music, videos, emails and promotions! Lo Smooth also has a mixtape coming real soon and it's hosted by G-Unit's own DJ Rob E Rob! There is also a movie he's working on but as soon as I know more on that I will let yall know! For now, check out the new video below:

Thoughts anyone?


Drake Shows Off His Perfect Teeth In GQ

Man oh man does Drake have some perfect teeth or what?! And while Drake is in GQ magazine showing off his perfect smile....his homie, Lil Wayne, has underwent some major oral surgery which I'm hearing included 8 root canals!! WTF? Where they do dat at?! That's got to hurt! So let's concentrate on some more Drake shots below:

Looking smooth brotha!!

New Video: Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake - Carry Out

Here's the video for Timbaland and Justin Timberlake's new joint called "Carry Out". I don't know where Timbaland is going with this but him and Justin do have great chemistry together. I don't know about you guys but the joint is not pulling at me. It's not making me say....let me go out and cop the album. It's just a typical joint but I could be wrong. Check out their video below and feel free to post your thoughts:


Behind The Scenes: Young Money - Roger That

The good folks at Young Money are truly doing their thing!! Their new joint "Roger That" is a guaranteed hit!! It's funny because the song reminds me of a Swizzy track. Remember Ruff Ryders had that anthem that featured Jadakiss, DMX and a few others? Well, "Roger That" sounds alot like that Ruff Ryders joint....so here's what I'll do....check out the behind the scenes footage to the video for "Roger That" and then check out the Ruff Ryders anthem so you can see what I'm talking about below:

And here's the Ruff Ryders anthem....sounds similar to me!!

What do you think?

New Music: The Dream - Love King

You know times are hard when people like The Dream have resorted to recycling their own music!! The Dream has proved to me that we are definitely in a recession! REAL TALK!! His new joint called "Love King" sounds so much like "Shawty Is A 10". All we need is Fabolous to make a guest appearance and it's an actual duplicate!! Check out the joint for yourselves below:

And if you forgot how "Shawty Is A 10" sounds, here's a reminder below:

Yeah.....sounds the same to me!! Please feel free to post your thoughts!


Behind The Scenes: My Chick Bad

Here is the behind the scenes footage from the new video from Ludacris called "My Chick Bad" which features Nicki Minaj, Trina, Eve and Diamond formerly of Crime Mob. Ludacris is not playing in 2010 and I feel his hunger! I'm in that same mode! So have fun watching the clip below because Nicki will give you something for your eyes below:

And if you're not familiar with the song, listen below:

This Is Strictly For The Ladies

No if, ands or maybe's! Nah, but for real, a very long time ago I brought an idea to the table and that idea was called "Sexual Chocolate". The segments were going to feature some of our everyday attractive brothas and display them to the world. ;-) At least that was my intent. Instead I presented the idea to a friend and he brought the idea to photographer Felix Natal Jr. There the photoshoots were set and the games began!! So, although this is not a "Sexual Chocolate" segment it is focused on a young male model doing his thing in the fashion world. His name is Leon Hatcher but I know him as "Showtime". Watch him do his thing ladies by watching the clip below:

And for those of you wondering if he's legit, check him out doing his model thing with Lia Cha of Straight Stuntin Magazine below:

Enjoy folks!!

Peep The New Poster For.....

The new movie "Why Did I Get Married Too". The whole cast is featured on this poster and the movie will be out on April 2nd. If you are a late bloomer and haven't seen the trailer for this movie yet, watch the clip below:

I don't know about you guys but Jill Scott is killing her scenes!! She is truly a talented actress!

Who Stole Wacka Flocka's Chain?

You know I want to say one thing....WHEN WILL WE LEARN? Why when people decide to do a crime they want to film themselves or take pictures? Where they do dat at? I'll let yall in on a secret.....if I decide to rob or steal someone's chain, you best believe there will be absolutely no photos but I will have some extra money in my pocket!! LOL! I am not trying to incriminate myself by no means!

Apparently, the dudes in the picture above have no problem with showing off their faces or the chain they allegedly took from Wacka Flocka Flame. Please don't tell me this will be another Yung Berg type incident.....where this chain will become infamous in it's own right and everybody is going to have worn it by Friday?!

HHGS Exclusive: Unsigned Artist Jae O

I recently sat down and chopped it up with an unsigned artist by the name of Jae O. He was animated and serious about the work he puts in this game. He was also more than happy to answer any questions I had and had a great demeanor about himself. Find out who Jae O from the Draft Picks is and how he plans to conquer the game below:

One more photo of Jae O and DJ Mello below:

For more info or to check out some hot new mixtapes, log onto New Mello.

Add Ashanti To The List of Reality Shows

My girl, Ashanti has teamed up with the makers of "Ugly Betty" and "The Office" to start a new reality TV contest. I'm hearing it's going to be something similar to "American Idol" but the Ashanti way! ;-) Here is what Ashanti's momager, Tina Douglas, had to say about the new show below:

"It's an unscripted television show that is definitely music related. We'll be revealing more in the coming weeks. She has her own record label, called Written Entertainment, and the show is going to revolve around her label...It's going to be really big."

Not sure how this is going to work out but in other Ashanti related news, she's in the lab working with Dr. Dre and The Game!! I wonder if they will be a part of her show? POW BITCHES!!!

Matthew Knowles Has To Pay Up!!!

Yesterday all the sites were buzzing about this baby picture of Matthew Knowles' alleged son. I refused to put it up because as of yet no one knows if this is his baby or not. Mr. Knowles has yet to take a DNA test so why bother with the drama. What shocked me more than Matthew Knowles putting it down raw dog with a woman other than his wife was the fact that this Alexsandra Wright chick is sooo hard up for cash that she's selling her child's pictures to the gossip tabloids!!! Does anyone not see anything wrong with that? No one? Anyone? Please let me know because that shit is not normal!! Check out this story from TMZ below:

An L.A. judge just ordered Knowles to pay $8,200 a month in child support, retroactive to February 1. Knowles must also pay 100% of uninsured medical costs. Alexsandra Wright claims she had an 18-month relationship with Knowles and he's the baby daddy of Nixon -- born February 4. Wright's lawyer, Neal Hersh, went to court today asking for support and the judge granted it. But Knowles will take a DNA test March 1 ... and the long-term support issues hinge on the outcome.

It's interesting -- Knowles has not flat out denied he's the daddy. And in fact, he gave Alexsandra $10,000 in January to cover uninsured medical costs and baby stuff.

UPDATED: The Judge ordered Knowles to pay Wright $20,750 for the month of January.

Man!! All that money for just having a baby a few weeks ago?! SMDH!!! I can't wait for March 1st cuz I need to know!!!


T-Pain Drops Nappy Boy All Stars Vol. 1

While everyone was enjoying the weekend that was NBA All Star Weekend, T-Pain was busy handling business and getting ready to drop his new mixtape! Talk about workaholic!! The mixtape was mixed by Exclusive J and has features from One Chance, Young Cash, Travis McCoy, newly recruited Shawnna, Sophia Fresh and Tay Dizm. Check the mixtape out for yourselves below:

And just as an FYI if you download the mixtape directly from T-Pain @ Nappy Boy Online before March 7th, you will automatically be entered in a contest to win an iPod Touch loaded w/ the entire Nappy Boy catalogue (and of course the I Am T-Pain app). Also, if you email the mixtape to 10 of your friends you will get a link to download all 3 music videos from the mixtape; Forever (NB Remix), Turnt Up (NB Remix) & I Support Single Mothers.

Good luck yall!!

Is Elite Looking For Attention?

Keyshia Cole's little sister, Elite, has definitely been keeping busy on Twitter these days. I really don't know what is going on with the Cole family but I don't want to know. It's not good to have family feuds in the first place and it's definitely not a good look to discuss family business on Twitter either!! I was a big fan of "The Way It Is" because it showed that families are not perfect but we can all strive to make things better than what they were. I hope that as sisters, Keyshia and Elite can resolve whatever problems they have with each other because at the end of the day they are SISTERS!! And for all you negative bloggers.....stop instigating something that could be very minor!!

This tweet was directed to all of the negative bloggers:



My Valentines Day

I didn't think I was going to be doing anything for Valentines Day until I got a phone call and was asked to go out. I gladly accepted and got ready to head out for my night of fun. My date and myself ended up going to Caroline's comedy club in Manhattan, New York on Broadway. We actually had just missed a performance by Damon Wayans but caught the show after his. We had dinner and I was soo mad that the club ran out of salmon and ribs!!! -_- I was hoping that the show wouldn't be too bad but I actually had a great time and was laughing all night long! Here is a snippet of what I experienced last night below:

I just thought I would share that with you guys! I hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday!

New Music: Shawnna ft. T-Pain - Nappy Boy

Here's a new joint from former DTP member, Shawnna, and T Pain called "Nappy Boy". I'm curious to find out what you guys think of this new joint. Do you think Shawnna should've just rode out with Luda or did she make the right move by going with T-Pain? I would love to know, peep the song below:

I don't know about you guys but Shawnna's flow sounds alot like Nicki Minaj's on this joint! I'm just saying!

New Video: Rasheeda ft. Nivea - Say Something

Photo courtesy of Freddy O

Rasheeda and Nivea tear it up for the remix to Timbaland and Drake's smash "Say Something". Nivea looks great for someone who just had a baby! Ain't nothing wrong with being thick! In fact, Nivea is shaped like me.....I think we can wear the same size clothes. :) I love me some Nivea...the girl can SANG! Check out the full video below:

Is Nas Referring To Kelis?

While Kelis has been all over the internet sporting her new fashion sense, we've all been wondering what has been going on with her and Nas. At least I know I was. I mean, we all can agree that the amount she was awarded for child/spousal support was a bit outrageous, can't we? After all of their business has been put on blast, Nas has always remained quiet. Not one word.....not a peep! I have to give much respect to the brother because he could've said or done some harsh things but never once resorted to that method. But now, I think we have something here! Nas has a new song out called "Strong Will Continue" which features Damien Marley and there are some choice words Nas has to say about his relationship with Kelis and about what they are going through. Check it out for yourselves below:

Thoughts anyone?


Behind The Scenes: Soulja Boy - All Black Everything

I don't care what anyone says, Soulja Boy is that ish!! Say what you want! Say what you want! But that young boy puts in his work and he knows what the people want to hear! I know true Hip Hop fans have an issue with Soulja Boy's style of music but since when do we have to put a limit on what Hip Hop should be? Everyone is different and we all like different things....so although I consider myself to be a true Hip Hop fan, I love me some Soulja Boy!! ;-) Sorry folks! I'll admit it! My old ass rocks Soulja Boy in the truck! And this new joint he has is no different! The new joint is called "All Black Everything" and courtesy of Rap Radar, I have some behind the scenes pics of the video for it!! Yay!! Check them out below:

I always wondered if Soulja Boy likes older chicks?

Is that a rabbit tail hanging out the back of Soulja Boy's pants? Uh-Oh!! Expect to hear from PETA my friend! And for those of you not familiar with the new joint "All Black Everything", check it out below: