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Gabby "Precious" Sidibe On SNL

There was a big stink about Gabby "Precious" Sidibe being on Saturday Night Live. I thought the skit with Kenan Thompson was hilarious! The skit was about "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" with Steve Harvey (played by Kenan Thompson). All I'm going to say is this......if Kenan didn't play Steve Harvey, I don't know who did!!! Hilarious! Check it out for yourselves below:

By the way, I saw Kenan Thompson on Valentines Day over at Caroline's Comedy Club and he was with a white chick! They seemed very happy but I was soo happy to learn he wasn't playing for the other team....cuz that's what I had heard back in the day but I'm glad he proved me wrong! ;-)

New Video: Fat Joe ft. Jeezy - Slow Down

This is the video I've been waiting for! My Puerto Rican brother, Fat Joe, is killing the game with this joint called "Slow Down" featuring Young Jeezy. This joint is hard and definitely NEW YORK! Hip Hop needed a song like this for real. Well, enjoy the cameos by Diddy, French Montana, Tahiry and Al Harrington below:

Don't forget Fat Joe's album "Darkside" should be coming out in June!

New Video: Young Jeezy - Hood Politics

Check out the 2nd installment of viewing pleasure courtesy of Jeezy himself. This one is called "Hood Politics" and was shot in Atlanta. I'm hearing this is an unreleased track off of "Trap or Die II" which will be out in stores this Tuesday, May 4th.

The video is nothing to write home to Momma about but it gets the job done. Check it out below:


Gloria Velez Thinks Nicki Minaj Is Wack

In an interview done with Major Moves DVD, Gloria Velez was asked about her opinion of Nicki Minaj and Gloria didn't have anything nice to say. I was a little bothered by the response only because I know Gloria to be an artist as well as a model. As a female artist in this game of male dominancy I would think chicks would stick together only because there are soo few of them but I'm guessing I was wrong. Gloria should know how hard it is to come up in this game and when someone finally does come up....negativity is what they receive? Where they do that at? I can agree with Gloria regarding the lyricism of Nicki's rhymes at times but that's what makes Nicki, Nicki. I do, however, want to pose a question....sort of like a devils advocate type question. Is Gloria feeling some type of way because Nicki Minaj came up in the rap game through Young Money and she didn't with Cash Money? Is there a gripe there? Please feel free to post your thoughts and check out what Gloria Velez had to say below:

Such a pretty girl. One of my own Puerto Rican sistas and not one nice thing to say. :( Come on ladies!!! Let's do better!!

Behind The Scenes: The Dream & Ludacris - Love King Remix

So "Love King" can't be left alone. The Dream went and made a remix. And not only did he make a remix featuring Ludacris but he is also making a video for said remix. I ain't mad at you Dream! Thankfully, we have some behind the scenes footage of that video below:

I'm wondering if that pretty little girl in the beginning was Ludacris' daughter? I'm sure it was but don't take my word for it. ;-) She was CUTE though!!

New Music: Trina ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Currency

I'm glad that both Trina and Lil Wayne were able to put their past issues aside and collab for a new joint called "Currency" which also features Rick Ross The Boss! I'm feeling the new joint. A friend of mine told me the other day that new music is never good but I beg to differ. In my opinion....as long as it's good music I don't care if it's new or old I'm good. Enjoy the new joint below and feel free to post your thoughts:

Porn Star, Mr. Marcus, Writes Sex Book

It's time for the fellas to start writing books and let the world know what women they have been dealing with. So it would only be right for porn star, Mr. Marcus, to come out with his own book and it's called "Porn Star Guide To Great Sex". The book will be out in stores on June 22nd and "Ozone" mag released an excerpt from the book in their new sex issue. Check out the excerpt below:

Some of the best sex induces a sense of vulnerability, a permissiveness that allows your lover unlimited access to your erogenous zones and G-spots and pressure points and nether regions. She’s spreading her legs, letting you lick her here, sucking you there, fondling and fingering and whispering your name. You are a part of her, and her you. She’s yours to do what you will—as long as you do it right.

This vulnerability gives you a certain power when making love, the power to manipulate, to compel her to act out her wildest, darkest fantasies. She wants to be filled, to be used, to be satisfied. Even as a teenager, I found a paradox in sex—that she’s giving you permission to violate her—that was in itself an aphrodisiac, an addiction that would quickly morph into my avocation….

I accidentally discovered porn in ’86. I used to borrow my step-dad’s socks. He always had brand-new clean socks, so I would sneak into his drawer and take a pair. One day as I was digging for a matching pair, I discovered his stash of hardcore adult magazines. No one was home, so I pulled out the stack and went through all of the magazines. There was a mixture of black and white photo spreads and a series of color photos all set to differently themed magazine titles. They immediately caught my attention. All of the magazines were hardcore, so there was a photo or two to establish a sort of story, followed by immediate action and ultimate penetration…

At the time of my discovery I was 17 with only a few sexual conquests in my life. I want to be in those magazines. But it was clear these porn models were much more experienced. So I did the next best thing, I masturbated twice a day to the images in my mind from the magazines. Both were vivid and explicit, creative and narrative. I had a running story, an established relationship with these pictures. I viewed them over and over sometimes forgetting to put them back where I found them. I couldn’t erase the impression they made on my mind. I became resolute in my decision to become a part of the adult industry.

I quickly sought out hardcore magazines, where the sex was real and I could see a real sexual connection. These magazines weren’t in the mainstream newsstands; they were in the sex shops. And they were expensive, so I’d have to read as much of them as I could absorb there. Then leave as discreetly as I came. Those early images left me with a hard on I could not escape. The twice masturbation sessions were not enough to squelch the desires I had. Pu$$y became my motivation. Getting into those magazines assured me there would be a constant stream of pu$$y.
By the time I turned 23, I not only knew I wanted to be a porn star, but I knew what porn models I wanted to fu*k and what lucky porn guys were lucky enough to fu*k them. I even knew the names of porn companies I wanted to work for. So I read up on the stars and the industry in L.A. Express, a very cheap and accessible magazine that informed the reader of what was going on in the porn industry. From what movies were being made to what parties they were going on, to what new starlet was making headlines. So when I read about the annual porn awards show in Las Vegas I made the 300 mile trip. Right place, right time, because before I knew it I was handed a card and told to call if I wanted to get in the business. A porn star was born…

My first adult porn set was out in Palm Springs. The girl who had brought me into the industry, Heather Lee, she was out there doing a shoot. She wanted me to drive out there to meet the director. If he liked me, he might hire me in the future. His name was Roy Brewington and he was actually a photographer who happened to also be a director. What I would learn later is a lot of the successful producers in porn were also very good photographers. He was one of the best. I drove down to Palm Springs and met up with Heather. She had talked highly of me, so when I showed up, Roy was very hospitable and professional. I felt comfortable, like I belonged.

Heather pulled me off into a room and asked how I was feeling. I was good, especially since I didn’t know what to expect, but I was game. Me and Heather had had sex a few times before at her place and mine, and she was already a successful porn star so it was her suggestion I get into porn. I guess she had been fu*king me just to make sure I was ready and up to the task. After a few minutes, she says, “Roy wants you to be in the scene”, I was like “Okay, no problem”. I was a 23 year old kid, and I had already said, “Okay, no problem,” to stealing, robbing, and driving without a license. Sh*t, what was going to stop me from fu*king on film? Nothing.

I was where I belonged and everyone knew it, but there was one catch. There would be another guy in the scene. “Huh? How’s that going to work?” I asked. Heather looked at me with a look that said, “Don’t worry I can handle it.” I realized that this was perfectly normal. 2 guys and 1 girl was normal in porn. The girls could handle it or in this business, they better be able to handle it, because it’s normal. I was still a young guy in a very mature business, naivety abound.

It wasn’t long before the other guy showed up, Mr. Sean Michaels. This guy was cool from top to bottom. He strolled in all suited up, clean as fu*k, and the first thing I noticed was how clean and pimped he was. One of a kind instantly. I couldn’t think of anyone like him, a very unique cat. I was also familiar with his work. I had been a fan of porn since I was 16 years old and I remembered all the black dudes I had seen. I wanted to be like them, and here was someone I had admired right there in front of me. He came over and shook my hand and said, “Wanna smoke?” Without hesitation I said, “Yeah”. I didn’t even know what we were going to be smoking, but I didn’t give a fu*k. I thought it was cool that he asked. Roy only hired the best and Sean was the best. 2 other guys arrived shortly after Sean, Marc Wallace and Peter North. More legends. I knew their faces and I had seen their work. I was in good company, and this solidified my feeling of belonging. I stood there thinking I couldn’t believe my luck. It was like meeting Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh and KRS-1, except this was 1 black guy and 2 white dudes and they made porn. These were the top 3 in the business. I had been placed squarely in line with distinction. If they were the porn version of celebrity, I was sure to be of significance . . .

I know that was alot to read but I'm still curious to know if you guys will run out and get yourself a copy? And just as a little FYI, Mr. Marcus has also slept with the likes of Karrine "Superhead" Steffans!! I wonder if there will be something about her in there......we will just have to see come June. ;-)


New Music: Black Buddafly - Can't "F" With Me

I received this new joint in my inbox, took a listen and couldn't decide if I liked it or not. The song is not bad and is by a group called "Black Buddafly". There's no denying the girls can blow but I think I might have to listen to this song a few more times before I can decide if I like it or not. The big homie Fingaz produced the track so I have to show love but check out the new joint for yourselves called "Can't Fuck With Me" below:

If you are interested in keeping up with Black Buddafly, check them out on myspace by (clicking here).

Styles P Book "Invincible" Excerpt

I told you guys a while back that Styles P is coming out with a book called "Invincible". Well, I finally got my hands on an excerpt from that book and Styles P is pretty good! I'm thinking I might go out and cop this just to see what happens next. Check out the excerpt below:

I'm loving how the character Jake has my new last name Billings!! ;-) I had to throw that in there! ;-) Will you go out and support Styles P newest endeavors? I need to know.


New Video: The Game - Shake

Say word this is another video with Stacey Dash in it?! Stacey is really doing her thang and putting her name back out there!! Covers of magazines, back shots and leading roles in rappers videos?.......sounds like video vixen to me. ;-) Enough about her and check out the video below:

In other Game news, check out his behind the scenes footage to his new video called "400 Bars" below:

At least the brotha is putting in that work!

New Music: Paypa ft. Game & Jim Jones - I Am Bitches

Here's a hot new joint from an artist by the name of Paypa and it's called "I Am Bitches" featuring The Game and Jim Jones. Paypa's debut album called "Feel Good Music" should be out this summer and for a new comer I think he has alot to offer. With names like The Game and Jim Jones I'm sure Paypa's putting in that work! Enjoy his joint below:

The first verse reminded me of Drake's flow. Was it only me? Oh....if you are interested in a free download of the song (click here).

Mariah Carey Is Not Pregnant.....AGAIN!

The paparazzi is just taking bad angle shots of the girl! Either that or married life is just comfortable for her and she's been slacking. *shrugs shoulders* I really could care less if Mariah Carey is pregnant or not....I just want that good music in my life! There's no denying the girl can blow....so let's get back in that studio and give your fans what they want!! Enjoy a throwback joint from Mariah below:

I sooo loved that song!! I still do! ;-)

Behind The Scenes: Rick Ross ft. Ne-Yo - Super High

Here is some behind the scenes footage of Rick Ross' videoshoot with Neyo and the beautiful Stacey Dash! The joint is called "Super High" and is off the "Teflon Don" album which should be coming soon. Enjoy the footage below:

And in more Stacey Dash news, she is featured in the new issue of "Smooth" magazine doing what she does best! Some photos for your viewing pleasure below:

Looking good Stace!!!

Jazzy Pha's New Weight Loss Challenge

Jazzy Pha says "Lose weight and win $1000"! Jazzy Pha along with Kenya Crooks (the world's greatest weight loss expert) and EntertainCorp have teamed up for the first annual national "Jazzy Pha Take It Off, $1000 Weight Loss Challenge".

Jazzy Pha is pledging to lose 100 pounds within a 4 month time frame in order to bring awareness to obesity! Jazzy Pha says "A lot of people depend on me. I want to live to see my children become adults. I now understand that my weight loss isn’t so much about me as much as it is about the many people that I may inspire to live a healthier lifestyle through this movement to cure obesity".

Now that's what I'm talking about!! Staying healthier and making folks want to join in on your success! I'm loving it! The grand prize winner of the national challenge will be awarded with a cash prize of $1000. The top 3 runner ups will receive prizes that include a spa day with a makeover at Texturz salon in Duluth, GA, a photo shoot with Drexina Nelson, and a free month of group training with Kenya Crooks. If a national contestant is deemed the winner, you will have the option to choose prizes from local vendors in your area. This national contest will kick off on May 24, 2010 so save the date!

If you are interested in registering or would like more information about this challenge just log onto Kenya Crooks.com. I can't wait to see how Jazzy is going to look in about 4 months!! I'll keep you guys updated.


New Music: Plies ft. Young Jeezy & Fabolous - Look Alike

Here is an official world premiere song from Plies off the new album called "Goon Affiliated" which will be available in stores and online May 25th. The new joint is called "Look Alike" and features Young Jeezy and Fabolous. This joint doesn't require much hype and I'm sure the streets will certify this asap! Enjoy the song below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!!

New Video: T-Pain - Freaknik Is Back/Save You

T-Pain is at it again.....and can I be honest?....the boy is doing soo much promotion for this cartoon that I'm getting sick of seeing it! I'm just saying! Talk about saturation! Nevertheless, I need you guys to check out the first official music video from T-Pain's Freaknik: The Musical soundtrack directed by Chris Prynowski. The video is a medley of two songs....."Freaknik Is Back" and "Save You". I like "Save You" the best. With a line like "You ain't gotta watch your kids, you can go and get your nails did, I'll save ya" has me hooked!! ;-) Can you tell I don't get a break from my kids yet? LOL.

Both songs were produced by production duo "Tha Bizness". Freaknik: The Musical is also available on itunes, (click here) if interested......if not check out the video below:


New Video: Young Jeezy ft. Plies - Lose My Mind (Full)

I guess MTV decided to release this video a little early because this wasn't supposed to be released until tomorrow! I ain't mad though! Hell.....better for me. So enjoy the video to one of the hottest joints out right now called "Lose My Mind" below:

Trina Does Kontrol Magazine

Photos courtesy of Kac Images and U PR

Trina is on the cover of this month's Kontrol magazine for their 2010 "Candy issue"! Trina looks absolutely amazing on the cover and her photoshoot with Derek Blanks is crazy! I need to know who did Trina's makeup asap! I need that person in my life! Enjoy some more photos of Trina below:

As always Trina did her thang! Can't wait for that album girl!!

Rick Ross Speaks On The Lawsuit w/DJ Vlad

After about 2 years and some change the lawsuit is finally over between Rick Ross and DJ Vlad. The problem started when DJ Vlad was assaulted by someone in Rick Ross' camp. The dispute was over DJ Vlad putting Rick Ross on blast for being an officer of the law. Make a long story short Vlad was checked and a court trial proceeded. Unfortunately for Rick Ross, Vlad won the trial but was only granted $300,000 for the mishap instead of the $4 million he was originally asking for. I would say that's a victory in Rick Ross' favor but check out what Rick Ross had to say about the lawsuit below:

If I was Rick Ross I would be going for the appeal!! Times are hard and not everyone has $300,000 to be forking over just like that! I'm just saying! What would you do?

Trina Has Her Own Cosmetics Line

We all know that Trina will be releasing her 5th album called "Amazin" on May 4th so don't forget to run out and get yourself a copy. Trina has tracks on the album featuring Keri Hilson, P. Diddy, Monica and more. But did you know that Trina is also coming out with her own cosmetics line? The new cosmetics line will be called "Be Amazin Inspired by Trina" which will include lip gloss, eyelashes and more! Pic of the lip gloss below:

Trina's first product to be released from the cosmetic line will be the "Amazin" lip gloss which will be out in stores sometime after the release of her album! Can't wait to check out those lashes!!!


Sean Garrett Disses Video Vixen Jessenia Vice

I received this information in my inbox and found it rather interesting so I'm going to post it for you guys. Apparently, Sean Garrett was filming a video for his new joint called "Get It All" out in Florida and needed a beautiful girl as his lead. The lead that was chosen by 305 Films was Jessenia Vice. Pictures below of Jessenia:

Jessenia Vice won the Kim Kardashian look alike contest on the Tyra Banks show and was picked by Kim Kardashian herself! Jessenia was also the lead girl in the video "Part Time Lover" by Phar City. Peep Jessenia's cameo below:

305 Films booked Jessenia a first class flight to Florida which was to arrive at 10am. Photo of 1st class flight below:

It just so happens that call time for the videoshoot was 8am and the director of the video, Gil Green, couldn't wait for Jessenia to arrive. To make a long story short, the crew ended up not using Jessenia as the lead but used someone else. 305 Films realizing there was a screw up sent her a check in the amount of $1000 for her troubles. Picture of the check below:

Do you think she deserves an apology from Sean Garrett or does 305 owe her the apology? Would love to hear what you guys think about this. I hope everyone can just work it out! Enjoy the song that caused all this controversy below:


Throwback Joint: Floetry - Floetic

I had this song in my head all day today! I was in the car with my husband and he put this song on and I couldn't get it out of my head. So it's only right that I shared this throwback with you. ;-) Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Check out Floetry's "Floetic" below:

Seems Like Someone Is Really Jealous

Where do I begin? Here we have a young, up and coming female MC by the name of Keys. As a lyricist I think the girl is nice but her claim to fame is hatin on Nicki Minaj? Wack move! Better yet....WHY? As a fan of Nicki Minaj I can tell you that Nicki Minaj didn't just pop onto the scene over night. Nicki has been grinding for a minute! Check her stats....she's been on tons of mixtapes, was on mad street DVD's but best known for being on "The Come UP" DVD. You have to admit a chick from Queens was original. She rapped in a London accent and just switched it up.

Now, I will agree with some of the things Keys is saying but one thing you can't deny is a person's GRIND! Where was all the competition when Nicki was putting in that work? No one mentioned her name when she was just a chick from Queens. But now that Nicki is with Young Money everybody seems to have her name in their mouth....I'm just curious, WHY? Is there that much hate? Or is it jealousy or envy? I'm all for giving someone shine and letting them show their talent but when you waste all of your talent on hatin and writing an entire song bashing someone else to make yourself look better.....I say you need to go back to the drawing board! That is too much hate for one person! Enjoy all the hate you want below:

MC Breed's Wife Speaks Out On His Death Part 2

In this very emotional interview with MC Breed's wife, Natasha, she talks about how the rapper died in detail. She also states the rapper passed twice!! She also airs out the fact that the family is not receiving any loyalty checks and says her husband has over 200 songs on itunes, ringtones and albums and the money is not going to the family! Where is the money going then? Check out what Natasha has to say about it below:

Please feel free to post comments.

Video Snippet: Young Jeezy & Plies - Lose My Mind

Jeezy has brought us a video snippet of his new joint called "Lose My Mind" featuring Plies . The joint is hot and from looking at the snippet, this just might be a movie or a short film. The entire video will premiere on Monday, April 26th on MTV2 so stay tuned!! Check out the snippet below:


New Music: Nia Da Foxx ft. Pharrell - TKO

This is a new joint I received in my inbox from a woman by the name of Nia Da Foxx featuring Pharrell of The Neptunes. The song is called "TKO" and I had to take a listen because Pharrell is a talented producer so I wanted to see what he contributed to this track. Come to find out Pharrell is rapping on the track! I'm feeling it are you? Check it out below:

If you are interested in finding out more about Nia Da Foxx just log onto her website Nia Khalilah.com.

MTV's Sway Interviews Solar About Guru

I had the honor of meeting Guru on a number of occasions and he was funny as hell and humble. He never gave off that vibe that he was anything more than just Keith Elam. Here it is I'm conversing with a legend in Hip Hop and he's acting like it's a normal day! I laugh about that sometimes. So when I heard of Guru's passing I was surprised, shocked and hurt. I didn't know what his cause of death was but all I knew was that it was a sad day for Hip Hop. Then when they said Guru left a statement for his fans I thought.....WOW! Guru's going to open up to us and let us know what happened. I was sick and disgusted with the statement I read because it didn't seem like a statement a dying man would write. What man on earth would write all these glorious things about their producer/manager (Solar) and not their own family and friends? I immediately thought to myself...Guru didn't write this! I was hoping someone would get their hands on Solar and have a one on one with the man. MTV's Sway did just that below, check it out:

Now, one thing I observed from this interview is that Solar never once took off his shades. As a man, being interviewed in the magnitude that he was being interviewed should've let the world see his eyes so we can determine if he was sincere or not. It's just a respect thing. Secondly, if Guru was Solar's so-called brother then why not attend the funeral? I'm sure I know the answer to that one but Solar won't dare say it on MTV and that is......someone is surely going to kick his ass if they see him there! Just my opinion!

All this talk about Guru and I haven't heard anything about the homie Preemo! Well, check out Preemo's statement below:



Enjoy a classic Gang Starr joint featuring Total called "Discipline" below:


Rapper Diamond Channels Ciara

Rapper Diamond took some time out from her busy schedule to give her own impression of Ciara's "Promise" joint. Not gonna front but Diamond looks like she can give Ciara a run for her money! Just kidding!

Diamond had me almost peeing in my pants when she hopped from one couch to the other and then twirling down the pole! She did a great impression and has a great sense of humor. I'm wondering if this little video was for Scrappy's eyes only? Check it out for yourselves below:

New Music: Trina, Nicki Minaj & Lady Saw - Dang A Lang

Trina is putting it down for me on this new joint called "Dang A Lang" featuring Nicki Minaj and Lady Saw. Trina must've heard my complaints about "Million Dollar Girl" and decided to bring it back and make me happy. ;-) This joint, is of course, off of the new album "Amazin" which will be out on May 4th. Check out the new joint below:

Did you know you can also pre-order Trina's album on iTunes? Well if you didn't, now you do!

MC Breed's Wife Speaks Out On His Death

MC Breed was a rapper from the Midwest who was one of the first in the Midwest to go commercial and be successful. Breed passed away on November 22, 2008 and since his passing there has been no more mention of his name. For all the young heads who are probably not familiar with MC Breed or what he's accomplished let me school you. Breed started putting out solo projects since 1992, has worked with the likes of Tupac and Too Short and stayed in the studio working hard up until 2 days before his death! So why no memorial or mention of the brotha? Well, his wife, Natasha, has something to say about that....check out Part 1 of an interview Natasha did with Hip Hop News 24-7.com below:

Part 2 will be out tomorrow. I will be sure to keep you guys updated.

Drake Performs 1st Single Off Thank Me Later

Drake was in Atlanta for the BMI Urban Showcase and performed one of his first singles off of his "Thank Me Later" album called "Fireworks". "Thank Me Later" will be out in stores on June 15th. Check out Drake's performance below:

Video Snippet: Teairra Mari - Automatic

Teairra Mari is back with another one for you but this time it's just a trailer for her new joint called "Automatic". We are going to have to wait for the full video.

I'm loving the new joints Teairra Mari is putting out these days and hopefully the business won't stop her flow cuz I'm definitely going to cop her new album called "At That Point" on June 29th! I wonder if BET is going to put a halt to this video as well? Check out the trailer for "Automatic" below:

And if you didn't know BET put a halt on Teairra's "Sponsor" video check it out below:

This song is sooo hot!! Why in the hell would BET put a stop to it? SMDH!

New Video: Chris Brown ft. Tyga - Holla At Me

Chris Brown and Tyga have teamed up for a new joint called "Holla At Me". It might have to take me a few more listens to get into this but it is a great work out song. ;-) Both men are amped in the video so it gives me some motivation. The video was directed by Alex Nazari for blkdmnds.com and of course there is a special guest appearance by Teyana Taylor. Check it out below:

Did Tyga give a mention to Kat Stacks in his verse? Why give this slutbag anymore attention then she deserves? SMDH!

Video Premiere: T.I. - I'm Back

T.I. is back and he wants you to know this. Below is a video trailer of what looks like T.I. driving around his hood and people happy to know he's out and back home. The official video will be premiering on Monday, April 26th on Grand Hustle.com. And T.I.'s album called "King Uncaged" will be out August 24th of this year! Yay!! Peep the snippet below:

Welcome home good brotha!!

New Video: Ciara ft. Ludacris - Ride

Here's the new, official video for Ciara's "Ride" joint featuring Ludacris. This is also the official video from her forthcoming album called "Basic Instinct". The video showcases Ciara's dance moves and body. I don't know about you guys but Ciara has been looking rather thin lately. I hope that girl is eating cuz when she first came out with "My Goodies" she was thick and the fellas loved it! I'm just saying! Enjoy the video below:


Behind The Scenes: Alicia Keys - Unthinkable

Alicia Keys was spotted filming a video for her new joint called "Unthinkable". I'm hearing the concept for this new video is going to be very interesting. Hmmmm.....I wonder what Ms. Keys has up her sleeves? Can't wait to get my hands on some behind the scenes footage or the video itself! One more pic for you guys below: