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*Updated* Nicki Minaj Goes Orange & Performance!!

Queen of the rap scene right now, Ms. Nicki Minaj, was out performing in Miami this past Memorial Day weekend for "The Best Of The Best" concert rocking a new orange wig. I don't know about you guys but Nicki could pretty much rock any color in her hair and she would still look flawless. Check out some more photos from the event below:

I'm sorry yall but I'm gonna always have to represent my peoples from Queens!!

*Updated* Check out Nicki Minaj's performance at "The Best Of The Best" below (audio is a little crazy but you get the point):

Behind The Scenes: All I Do Is Win (Remix)

DJ Khaled has been working on his video for "All I Do Is Win" remix. The remix features the likes of Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Swizz Beats! Busta kills his verse (like he always does), so enjoy some more photos from behind the scenes at the video shoot and more below:

I don't see Busta or Jada in any of the photos so I'm hoping they make their presence felt in the video. And for those of you who are not familiar with the remix, check it out below:


Does Mario Have A New Chick Already?

Photos courtesy of Fast Life Fast Money

I don't know how true this rumor is but as I said before and I will always say again, I just report what I'm told. I don't make this shit up! Apparently, Mario was performing out in Miami this weekend at club "Dream" and was spotted with a woman who is not DEZ! Mario has been making headlines lately because of his new found relationship with Amber Rose's right hand woman, Dez. As if that wasn't cause for the gossip to start, Dez is also rumored to have been wifey to Mario's manager too!! Talk about too close for comfort! Anywho, take a look at some of the photos I was sent below:

I don't know if I should put too much into this rumor because a rumor is just that....A RUMOR but the pictures are not all that revealing. It's not like he was rubbing all over these ladies. Mario just looks like he was having a good time and last I checked, there ain't nothing wrong with having a good time!

What do you think?

Swizz Is A Good Man

I don't care what anyone has to say about Swizzy and what they think he did to Mashonda. I can respect a man for keeping it truthful, amicable and respectful. Despite all of the turmoil Mashonda was putting Swizz through, he came up out those pockets and gave Mashonda what she was asking for. Not only did Swizzy give Mashonda $700,000 which was more than what the judge was asking for and was also against legal counsel, he gave Mashonda the extra $334,000 she was complaining he didn't give her!!! Now that's what I call a guy who wants to end things and quickly!

I'm only left to assume that Mashonda was either looking for a fight or wanted Swizzy to put up a battle for that extra dough. Nevertheless, instead of argue with the sista, he forked it over and wants to keep it pushing with his new life with Alicia! The new couple is expecting a baby in about 6 months and should be tying the knot by the end of the year! Now that's what I call moving on!!!


New Video: Lil Wayne ft. Shanell - Runnin

As you all know it's a Weezy weekend on MTV and they just premiered Weezy's new song called "Runnin" featuring Shanell. I'm loving the video....it has a lot of meaning. I absolutely love, love, love me some Shanell! I love the way she has her own style and isn't trying to be like anyone else! Enjoy the video below:


Rick Ross Covers "Source" & More

Boss man, Ricky Ross, will be gracing the cover of the "Source" for their June/July issue. I don't know about you guys but I'm seeing more of Rick Ross then I've ever seen before. Does it have something to do with Puff being his manager? I have no idea but I will say the two have been doing lots of gigs together. Just last night the duo performed at club "Play" in Miami to do their "O Let's Do It" remix versus. Check out the footage below:

Is Ross the next Biggie Smalls? I need to know!

HHGS Exclusive: NYC Gossip Girl Interviews Nikki Turner

Just last week I caught up with Nikki Turner who is the Queen of Hip Hop literature. We sat down and talked about her new book that's out right now called "Relapse". I also asked her about her involvement with 50 Cent, who is her favorite author and more! Check out the exclusive interview below:

What Ever Happened To Prophet Jones?

Prophet Jones was an R&B group that I loved!! The boys can SANG!! Every last one of them! I don't know what happened to them but since I was listening to their CD today I decided to share some of their music with you in case you didn't know who they were. They had some really good songs so here are a few below:

(This was a song originally done by the O'Jays but I think Prophet Jones did a great job at remaking it)

And here's one more song that they actually had a video to called "Lifetime" below:

Someone needs to get on the horn to see what these brothas are doing nowadays because we need some good music back in the industry!!!


New Jewelry Line: 55DSL

Pictured above is R&B star, Estelle, who is showing off her new necklace from 55DSL's new jewelry line in collaboration with Japan's Complete Technique. The necklace is a speaker pendant made in resplendent black and gold precious metals and is crafted with a beautiful Fifty Five DSL personalization. Check out a close up of the necklace below:

Each piece from the 55DSL collection is serialized and numbered from 1 to 55 and stamped bearing a hallmark of the flagship's home city....New York!! The price ranges are anywhere between $120 to $15,000! For more information on 55DSL (click here).

Prison X: The Taisha "Pretty Thug" Gist Story

This is the 3rd installment of the new web series called "Prison X". This week's tale comes from a young lady by the name of Taisha "Pretty Thug" Gist. In this episode, Pretty Thug talks about the brutal beatings women had to endure at the Albion correctional facility from officers who were extremely racist. Usually the Prison X stories are of someone's own personal experiences but this seems like a story she heard about. It didn't seem like this was something she witnessed for herself although the story alone will make me not want to do anything wrong in life to get put behind bars. I hope you enjoy this new story below:

By the way, I have no idea why they called her Pretty Thug and as I said before we don't ask.

Neffe & Sollow Talk Marriage & More

Photos courtesy of Deshawn Howard

This just in yall!! Neffe and Sollow are going to be getting married soon! Yay! the two will be making a public announcement via the internet real soon. For now, Neffe and Sollow are promoting their new reality show called "The Neffe & Sollow Family Tree". "The Neffe and Sollow Family Tree" will consist of 8 family members who are all growing and striving to be the best they can be, shedding light on their community and trying to make a change. The show will depict how Neffe and Sollow get involved with their community while also aiding their children to follow their dreams as Neffe and Sollow pursue dreams of their own as they prepare for their wedding. Frankie will not be a part of this show as she is pursuing her own endeavors. Check out some more Neffe and Sollow family pics below:

Here is Neffe's daughter, Starr.

Here is Neffe's daughter, Cii Cii.

Here is Neffe's daughter, Breanna....she is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.

And here is Sollow's son, Dashee.

They look like one big happy family. I wish them nothing but happiness and success!

New Music: Jagged Edge - Lay You Down

Jagged Edge is back with a new joint called "Lay You Down". I was waiting to see what they were going to come up with next after that joint they did with Trina. I miss the soulful sound of Jagged Edge and this new joint will bring back that old Jagged Edge feel. Don't forget their upcoming album which is called "The Remedy" will be out in stores nationwide on September 28th so until then, check out the new joint below:


Gucci Mane Performs For Sold Out Crowd

Gucci Mane recently performed out in Tampa, Florida and the crowd showed him nothing but love! Gucci's time away in jail must've had the masses anticipating his return home because you can hear the crowd say every word of his songs! Don't believe me, check out a picture of the crowd below:

And you can check out Gucci performing "Steady Mobbing" and "Heavy" below:

Too bad the crowd couldn't show Wacka Flocka the same kind of love. Check out some footage of Wacka Flocka getting bottles thrown at him while performing below:

Where dey do that at?! Hey!!

Trey Songz Twitter Sweepstakes!!!

Ok all of you Trey Songz fans. There is a Twitter sweepstakes going on courtesy of Essence Music Festival and Trey Songz. Here is the information about the sweepstakes below:

One lucky Trey Angel will have a chance to win a special limited edition signed poster along with Trey's latest album called "Ready". The only catch is that you have to spread the word, social networking style! To enter for a chance to win the items, all you need is a Twitter account and a willingness to re-tweet.

First, follow @essencemusic. Then, keep an eye out for the following tweet: "For a chance 2 win a CD & signed Trey Songz poster, RT #EMF2010, I want to see @songzyuuup, http://bit.ly/4wK1gW". Once you see that, simply re-tweet it and you're all set. Simple, right?

The sweepstakes started yesterday (May 25, 2010) and will run through May 27th, which is tomorrow, ending at 11pm EST. The winner will be announced at the essencemusic twitter feed and posted on the EMF website. Good luck!

While you guys are working hard on the sweepstakes, you can also enjoy a throwback joint from Trey below:

Video Snippet: Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj - Knockout

Young Money duo Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj have just released a video snippet to their new joint called "Knockout". In this video you can catch Nicki Minaj or Roman Zolanski (as she is now being referred) backing up her big thang on Weezy F. Baby! The full video will premiere on MTV this weekend so keep a look out. Check out the snippet below:


New Video: Grafh ft. Jim Jones - Bout Dat

Just earlier today I brought you guys a freestyle from Grafh. The freestyle was something Grafh did while being filmed behind the scenes for his video called "Bout Dat" which features Jim Jones. This joint right here is official!! I love the hook which says "Gettin Money". Grafh did it with this one. He is definitely bringing Queens to the forefront and with Jim Jones along for the ride I can only say Harlem stand up! Enjoy the video below:

Did anyone else see Freaky in the video doing his dance? I got a story on Freaky that I'm going to save for another day. And I would love to know what juice beverage they are drinking in the video? I do know of a company called "Jo Jo" which had a juice that had the same technique (twisting the cap and contents pouring into the water) with their energy drink but I don't know if they ever did anything with their product. Check out Jo Jo juice below:

New Video: Ludacris & Trey Songz - Sex Room

It's finally here yall!! MTV has released the video I've been waiting for and I hope you have to....Ludacris and Trey Songz' new joint called "Sex Room". The video is very sexy and can cause some of you ladies to lose your damn minds so I hope you enjoy it below:

New Video: Grafh - Willy Wonka Freestyle

New artist, Grafh, sent me this freestyle he did during his behind the scenes video shoot for another joint he has out called "Bout Dat" featuring Jim Jones. While the cameraman was recording all of the behind the scenes footage, Grafh broke out into a freestyle over a Willy Wonka beat and killed it! QUEENS STAND UP! Check it out for yourselves below:

And if you are interested in keeping up with Grafh, you can check him out on Myspace by (clicking here). Or you can log onto his website at Grafh Online.com.

New Music: T.I. - Yeah You Know & More

Here's another new joint from the KANG of the South, T.I., called "Yeah You Know". This joint is off of T.I.'s new album titled "King Uncaged" which will be out in stores on August 17th. Let me know what you think of the new song below:

Also keep in mind that T.I. will be starring in a new movie called "Takers" which will be out in theatres on August 20th. Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba will be starring in the movie as well. Did you know that T.I. is an executive producer on this movie?! Making big moves homie!! I see ya!

And in more T.I. news, T.I. will be starring in his own brand new campaign ad for his "Akoo" clothing line this fall. The new ads should be in the June/July issue of Complex so stay tuned!


Word Up Mag's Photoshoot w/Nicki Minaj

As I posted previously, Nicki Minaj is gracing the front cover of Word Up magazine's June issue. Some photos were released from that photoshoot and I have them here for you! I'm just not sure if the title of my article should've been Nicki Minaj or Roman Zolanski? Being that she officially changed her name and all. (shrugs shoulders) Anyway, whatever she chooses to go by her photos are great and most importantly COLORFUL! Nicki Minaj or Roman Zolanski or whatever she wants to be called has a way of keeping the people entertained so enjoy some more photos below:

By the way, Nicki's new joint called "Your Love" is making some noise on the airwaves and here is the new artwork for the single's cover below:

If you are unfamiliar with the new joint by Nicki called "Your Love", check it out below:

New Music: Fat Joe ft. Trey Songz - Aint About Money

Here's a new joint from my Puerto Rican native, Fat Joe, called "Ain't About Money" featuring Trey Songz. It seems like my brother has been hard at work in that studio because with this new joint and the Jeezy joint he has, I can't wait for "The Darkside" to come out! June 29th can't come fast enough for me but for now enjoy the new song below:

And in more Trey Songz news, did you know that Mims did a song with Trey Songz called "Donkey Booty"? Word is, Mims never got the clearance to put the song on his album and I'm hearing Trey was asking for a boat load of money but the song is dope! Check it out below:

Did Nicki Minaj Change Her Name?

What in sams hell is going on here? Has Nicki been smoking that shit?! Well, according to Nicki Minaj's twitter page she is no longer going by the name of Nicki Minaj!! She is now referring to herself as Roman Zolanski?!!!!! She even states that she will not respond to anything else! Peep the tweet below:

Someone tell me this is some kind of a joke or something! If she did in fact change her name I would have understood Nicki Lewinsky more than Roman Zolanski.


HHGS Exclusive: Styles P Talks New Book & Lox Album

I recently caught up with Styles P of the Lox and we talked about his new book called "Invincible" which will be out in stores on June 1st. We also talk about the up coming Lox album (which is highly anticipated) and should be coming out at the top of the year. Styles also let's us know that his own solo album will be coming out shortly after the Lox album. Check out how it all goes down below:

You can also check out this new joint from Lumidee featuring Styles P called "End Of Time" below:

Lumidee is currently working on the video for her new joint featuring Styles P. You can check out some behind the scenes footage from the videoshoot courtesy of Mazi O. below:

Alicia Keys Belly Watch

While no one is confirming that Alicia Keys is knocked up, I can say her belly is getting bigger. Facts are facts! Alicia Keys was out performing at Radio 1's big weekend in Bangor, Wales rocking an outfit made for a woman expecting. Of all the years Alicia Keys has been in the business the only thing that ever got big on her was her hips! REAL TALK! You can hide a pregnancy only for so long. Either way, a baby is a blessing and I'm hoping Swizz and Alicia are happy with their endeavors. Check out some more Alicia Keys belly shots below:

She looks like she's probably around the 4 or early 5 months stage.