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Tonight On The "Star & Buc Wild" Show

Ok guys!! Tomorrow is the night where you can catch me on the "Star & Buc Wild" show. The show starts from 8pm - 9:30pm however, you can catch the show every Monday through Friday on VladTV.com. Tonight's special guest is going to be Somaya Reece. And if you missed out on what happened on last nights show, Freakey Zekey was a special guest and had this to say about French Montana below:

Let the drama begin!!! Also, be a part of the Star & Buc Wild experience by being a fan on their Facebook page by (clicking here). And if you are interested in interviewing the #1 hater, Star himself, he is available from July 9th to the 23rd. All you need to do is contact (thehater1964@yahoo.com). Let him know who sent you!!!

T.I. Teams Up With Remy Martin Cognac

T.I. has officially been named the Global Creative Consultant for the Remy Martin cognac line. Just the other day, T.I. stopped by the Chelsea Lately show and presented Chelsea Handler with a bottle of Remy Martin V.S.O.P. Picture of the liquor below:

T.I. stated on the show that he was a part of Remy's "Things Are Getting Interesting" marketing campaign. In return, Remy Martin will help T.I. expand his K.I.N.G. foundation by providing funds to the organization which helps low income families through a number of community based programs.

T.I.'s new album "King Uncaged" is set to be released on August 17th! Are you going out and copping that? I hope so! And in celebration of T.I. and his many accomplishments since his release from prison, enjoy this joint from T.I. below:

Rumor Alert!!! Rumor Alert!!!

I absolutely love all of the emails I receive on a daily basis. Whether it be good or bad there's always something interesting to read in my inbox. This email is no different and since it was soo interesting, I decided to share it with my readers.

Apparently, some really wealthy Hollywood bigwigs are giving back to the needy. This is not a bad rumor but actually a very good one if it's true. Well, the group of anonymous actors, athletes and entertainers have given elite credit repair specialists "Franklin & Sutton" a grant to repair the credit of an undisclosed amount of people who normally couldn't afford it. Now when I checked out the website of "Franklin & Sutton" it states that they have received a grant from Trust Group LLC in the amount of $650,000!!! That's alot of mula!! Here's where things get interesting, the emailer claims to know who the celebrity folk are who make up the group "Trust Group LLC"!! The group (according to the email) consists of Lebron James, Jay Z, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

No confirmation has been made about the truth of this rumor but the free credit being done by "Franklin & Sutton" is definitely true! If you don't believe me you can log onto their website by (clicking here). You can read "Franklin & Sutton's" disclosure below:

Have you heard the news!!

Franklin Sutton has received a grant for $650,000!!

The Trust Group LLC is reigniting positive change in the lives of Americans by funding credit restoration and assisting in new financial opportunities for the everyday hard working American. We believe in helping Americans reclaim their independence by rebuilding their financial credit profile.

Sounds interesting......do you believe it? I need to know!

Behind The Scenes: Amber Rose Photoshoot For Cream World Magazine

Amber Rose recently did a photoshoot for "Cream World Magazine" and yet again killed it on set. The baddest bitch with a baldy can pretty much rock any style and look great in it. The outfits were spectacular and I'm sure once the magazine hits stands it will be sold out. I'm not sure if the rumors are true about Amber and Kanye not being together but I sure do miss them together. For now you can enjoy some behind the scenes moments with Amber Rose below before the magazine comes out:

Khloe & Lamar Set To Get Their Own Reality Show

As if this news should come as a shocker, word on the curb is Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are set to get their own reality show courtesy of E! The new reality show has yet to be titled but is said to be released onto everyone's television screens come this fall. Here's a synopsis of what the show is going to be about below:

"They will start taping in the next few weeks. It's about their life — being married, trying to have a baby, and Khloe being a stepmother to Lamar's kids".

Hmmmm.....as if we didn't already expect this. (side eye) By the way, in more Kardashian news, Ryan Seacrest will be producing the new reality show for Lamar and Khloe and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has been renewed for another season. Get that paper ladies!!!


The Dream's Official Album Release Party

The 400 Club presents "The Dream's Official Album Release Party" for "Love King" at club Lux in Miami Beach, Florida. The official party is going down this Friday (July 2nd). Club Lux is located at 1439 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, so if you are in the area go on over and check it out for yourselves. Or watch the presentation below:

And in more Dream news, check out this video snippet from the Dream's next video called "Panties To The Side" below:

By the way, did you know that "Love King" was in stores today? Will you be going out and getting your copy? I know I will!

T.I. Does Chelsea Lately Again

Chelsea Handler and T.I. are back at it again. Just last night, Chelsea had T.I. back on her show and into the hot seat. Now although the interview seems humorous, T.I. definitely shows some uncomfortability whenever Chelsea mentions Tiny. I'm hoping there isn't any trouble in paradise between Tiny and T.I. but every time Chelsea mentions Tiny, T.I. either doesn't say anything, changes the subject or finally gave in and made up his own rumors of him and Tiny marrying, divorcing and Tiny taking everything he had. I could be looking too deep into it but you guys can be the judge, check it out below:

New Music: G Unit - Where The Dope At

Here's some new music from the men who form the group G-Unit. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks are bringing it back to how it used to be done with their new joint called "Where The Dope At". 50's flow on this track is reminiscent of his flow when he first came out. There's a certain hunger I detect in his flow again. I'm glad the brother is back to his old self so check out the new joint below:

And speaking of 50 Cent back on his old antics, check out this performance he did with Lloyd Banks and Yayo at a recent show getting at Diddy below:

This is how 50 used to act! Remember 50 couldn't go nowhere without bustin shots at Ja-Rule? Remember 50's joint "How To Rob"? The only thing wrong with this approach nowadays is dudes are not staying quiet. Check out Diddy's subliminal comeback at 50 below:

What are your thoughts?


New Video: DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Remix)

The video is finally here for Khaled's smash hit "All I Do Is Win" remix. The video features Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Fabolous, Busta and more. I'm loving the colorful fits Nicki always seems to wear and Busta's verse made my day! I'm wondering who Busta was referring to when he said "some niggas should be happy that I chose to rhyme with them" or something like that. Hmmmm....I'll be doing some research on that one but until then, enjoy the video below:

The video kind of reminded me of how Maino's video "Hi Hater" went. Is it me or am I buggin?

The "Star & Buc Wild" Show On VladTV.com

On tonight's episode of the "Star & Buc Wild" show, Freakey Zekey will be a special, in studio guest. Freakey is one fourth of the group "Dipset" hailing from Harlem....just in case you guys didn't know that. ;-) I'm hoping Star asks him about the Dipset reunion and the new music they just put out.

Also, yours truly, (the NYC Gossip Girl) will be giving you the celebrity entertainment report this Thursday only on the "Star & Buc Wild" show on VladTV.com. You can tune in to the show Monday through Friday from 8 - 9:30pm. Here's a sample of what you can expect from the show below:

Chris Brown Is The Ish!!!

I think I am one of the few people who missed out on the BET Awards last night. I am soo mad I missed out on (from what I was told) one of the best BET Awards yet. I heard that Chris Brown's performance was more than spectacular and he put his heart and soul into it. So when I got on the internet, his performance was something I had to see for myself. I've been riding with Chris since the whole Rihanna debacle. I do not condone domestic violence or abuse on women but I am a firm believer that people do make mistakes. Chris Brown is a young guy....Rihanna was probably his very first real relationship and things got out of hand. After the incident, the world wouldn't let this man live! They condemned everything he did and nothing he did seemed to make up for his mistakes. When I saw Chris Brown perform the Michael Jackson tribute I broke down with him. It's a terrible feeling to think that the world hates you for something you did in the past. It's a terrible feeling to think that people haven't forgiven you for the mistakes you've made. Chris Brown has had it bad since the Rihanna situation from not being allowed to perform at awards shows to not being allowed to celebrate his birthday at certain venues. The world didn't let this man breathe without reminding him of what he did.

Chris Brown did his thing and I'm proud of him. He killed the Michael Jackson performance and I think the real reason why he broke down in tears was because finally.....FINALLY....the people accepted his performance for what it was. Chris proved to the world last night that he is soo past his errors in life and all he wants to be is a performer. I can't wait until I get my interview with him....which is coming soon but until then enjoy his performance below:


HHGS Exclusive: Shyheim Weighs In On The Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj Situation

In this part 2 interview with Shyheim, I ask him what his thoughts are on the whole Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj situation. Shyheim doesn't take any sides but clearly states who he's going to be riding with. Shyheim also breaks down biting in the industry and how times have changed. He would love for Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj to put out a record together but makes it clear that a record with both Lil Kim and Foxy is definitely something that's needed for the Hip Hop industry! Check out how it all goes down below:

New Music: New Dipset - Salute

This is what the entire Hip Hop world has been waiting for!! Official new music from the entire Dipset crew and the new joint is called "Salute". The track was produced by, none other than, Araab Muzik but I'm interested in hearing if you guys are feeling this long awaited joint? Would you give the salute to the new joint? I need to know! Check it out below:


HHGS Exclusive: Shyheim Reminisces About Foxy Brown & More

In this exclusive, unedited clip with Shyheim.......Shyheim talks about an incident that went down back in the days involving Foxy Brown taking his car. Shyheim says Foxy Brown tried to get him jumped after the incident and wanted him to fight Junior Mafia back in the days.

Shyheim also reminisces about Big Daddy Kane getting him his first pair of silk boxers and how Big Daddy Kane had women feeding him french fries. You can check out soo much more by watching the clip below:

Prison X: The Gerald "G" Payne Story

We are back at it again with the 6th installment of Prison X. This time you will hear a story from Gerald "G" Payne about the phone system in prison and how not just anybody can use the phone! Something as simple as using the phone in prison can cost you your life! Watch "G" give you a play by play of what he witnessed in prison below:

Ludacris Addresses Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Situation

Ludacris didn't have much to say about the whole Lil Kim / Nicki Minaj beef but the little he did say made soo much sense! Luda is basically telling these female MC's to get off the bullshit and do a record together. Now that's what I'm talking about!! I can't wait to hear some new music from Kim....let alone a song with both Lil Kim and Nicki on it! That would be soo dope!! Anyway, check out what Ludacris said below:

As always feel free to post your thoughts! Also, I interviewed Shyheim yesterday and asked him his thoughts on the Lil Kim / Nicki Minaj situation so check out for that in the next couple of days!!

Jadakiss Speaks On Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Situation

Jadakiss was recently a guest on the Funk Master Flex show on Hot 97 and weighed in on the whole Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj situation. Jadakiss takes no sides but definitely brings up a few good points about both females. I will say that Jadakiss is not the first rapper to point out that Nicki does pay homage to the Queen Bee. Jadakiss also points out a few things that are happening behind the scenes that we, the outsiders, might not know about that has Lil Kim aggitated. But again, we will never know until someone....whether it be Kim or Nicki......comes out and says what the real problem is! For now, you can check out what Jada had to say below:

I wanted to give you guys a little bit of info on Funk Master Flex. Word on the curb is that Flex is upset with me for doing an interview with Choke No Joke and did not give me the green light to do any interviews at his car show out in Jersey this weekend. Hmmmmm......I thought I would share that with you guys. ;-)

Nipsey Hussle Talks Love Chronicles

Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed is a new film which is set to premiere on July 13th via Melee Entertainment on DVD. The film features an all star cast that includes Ving Rhames, Mike Epps, Vivica A. Fox, Elise Neal, Rockmond Dunbar and of course, Nipsey Hussle. In the footage below, Nipsey gives you guys an exclusive look at the film and briefly discusses the cast involved. Check it out below:

By the way, I'd love to hear your thoughts about Nipsey Hussle as an actor. Feel free to post away! ;-)

Fat Joe Has Been Cleared Of Sexual Assault Charges

I'm happy to announce that Terror Squad member, Fat Joe, and his entourage have been cleared of any and all sexual assault charges. Late last week, after a concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, a woman claimed that Fat Joe and his crew touched her inappropriately inside of a Cadillac limo. All men involved (including Fat Joe) were detained and questioned. Although no one was arrested, the news spread over the internet like wildfire! Fat Joe's attorney, Dawn Florio Esq., had released a statement the following day stating Fat Joe was innocent of all charges although an investigation was still pending. Now, another statement has been released and Fat Joe is cleared of all charges!! Peep the new statement below:

JUNE 24, 2010



Joseph Cartagena, known as Fat Joe, and others have been officially cleared by the Madison Wisconsin Police Department of any wrongdoing. Fat Joe had no contact with, and never spoke to his accuser. He was questioned for a few minutes at his hotel room and was never detained by the police.

Making a false claim of a sexual nature in order to extort money is one of the most horrific accusations because it not only tarnishes reputations but has the potential to destroy families. Mr. Cartagena wholeheartedly thanks his family, friends, and fans for their continued support, loyalty, and words of encouragement throughout this ordeal.

I'm glad everything is ok for Fat Joe and his crew. So in light of everything enjoy this throwback below:


Beanie Sigel Wants To Slap Drake!!!

Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm. Drake done got himself into some shit now! Unfortunately, this is something I'm sure Drake didn't see coming his way. Getting into a beef by affiliation is the worst kind of beef because you never see it coming. I know Drake is probably shitting in his pants right now because Beanie is just one of them rappers that don't play! I know Lil Kim is laughing out loud somewhere waiting to see if Drake will respond to this one. All I can say is Beanie means business and if you don't believe me then I suggest you watch this clip below:

I would've never known Beanie came at Jadakiss at one point over Jay Z!!! Now that's news to me. I'm glad Beanie was able to man up and apologize to Kiss over that! Stay tuned cuz I know there is more to come!

Bodyguarding Sure Does Pay!!

I never understood what it was to be a bodyguard. You get paid to risk your life for the safety of someone else. The only individuals I can see myself doing that for is my children. You couldn't pay me enough to do it for anybody else. Deuces! I just couldn't see myself doing that. But then I start to wonder and really think to myself.....how much do these people really get paid? They must be getting a grip especially if they are bodyguarding for a celebrity right? Well, the gentleman above, pictured next to Mariah Carey must be one of the highest paid bodyguards because I've also seen him pictured and bodyguarding the likes of Ciara too. Peep the photos below:

I'm sure this brotha is getting paid big bucks to risk his life for these ladies. I'm wondering if it's worth it though? I would like to hear what you guys have to say about it! Hit me up!

Cory Gunz Celebrates 23rd Birthday & More

Last night Cory Gunz celebrated his 23rd birthday at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Cory Gunz is the newest addition to the Young Money crew and performed alongside Ryan Leslie for their new joint called "Maybachs & Diamonds". I'm hearing the Bowery Ballroom was the place to be last night. Even Denzel Washington showed up to watch Ryan Leslie perform and to wish Cory Gunz a Happy Birthday! Now that's gangsta!! Peep a pic of Ryan Leslie with Denzel below:

And here is the footage from the performance courtesy of ThisIsRnB below:


HHGS News: Gary & Tony Have A Baby!

Here's something a little different and new that I will be bringing to the site every now and then.....NEWS! News that is going on all around us but issues that not many of us want to talk about. I thought it would be interesting plus I wanted to switch things up on the site.

The story I'm going to bring to you is about a gay couple. Gary Spino and Tony Brown are a couple who are looking to have a baby to complete their family. Both men would like to have a baby who is biologically and legally theirs so they spend a fortune on hiring an egg donor, a surrogate mom and face a string of court battles to protect their rights as a gay couple. Check out a snippet of their story below:

If you are interested in seeing more from the couple along with all of their trials and tribulations, tune in tomorrow (June 24th) to CNN at 8pm. My question to my readers is.....do you agree with what the men are trying to accomplish? Is it morally right to do what they are doing? I would love to hear your responses.

Trina Wants To Kiss Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj

On the cheek that is!! Rolling Out recently interviewed Trina and asked her what she thought about the whole Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj beef. I'm loving how Trina kept it neutral. However, Trina does say that this whole situation has been blown out of proportion (which I agree). I also liked how Trina said she wanted to kiss both women on the cheek and tell them let's make this music together and stop the bullshit. Now that sounds like a plan! Trina's got the right idea! Check her out below:

HHGS Email: Does Omarosa Have A Fake Reality Show?

Let the drama begin! I received an email about Omarosa's new reality show called "The Ultimate Merger". For those of you who are not aware, "The Ultimate Merger" is just a reality show about Omarosa finding love. One of the contestants on the show is a singer by the name of Ray Lavender and according to the email, will eventually end up as the winner of the show. However, the email clearly states that Ray Lavender is currently in a committed relationship with a model by the name of "Soncerae". A photo of Ray Lavender with Soncerae during a photoshoot with Konvict Clothing below:

I would like for you guys to check out the email in it's entirety below and keep in mind that the suggestions and commentary are not necessarily those of HipHopGossipSite.com. With that said check it out:

"Singer Ray Lavender is currently on the TV Series Donald Trump's The Ultimate Merger supposedly competing to win the heart of Omarosa. When really he is in a very committed relationship with popular urban model & socialite Soncerae "The Ultra Model". Ray & Soncerae have been rumored to have been on and off lovers for 3 yrs. Attached is an image they took together last year at one of Ray's photoshoots for Konvict Clothing.

I, myself, saw the two together in Atlanta at an event on Memorial weekend. Rumor has it that Ray Lavender wins out of the 12 bachelors that are competing for Omarosa's love. Sources say that The Ultimate Merger is just a publicity stunt to boost Ray Lavender's dormant career. Attached are images of Soncerae "The Ultra Model" with other Atlanta Celebs. She also has romantic connections to R&B Singer Trey Songz & Vivica Fox's new Fiance Atlanta Event Promoter Omar "Slim" White. Her & Trey dated last year for 6 months, her & Slim dated 3 months 2 years ago. Looks like Omarosa has some competition. We tried reaching out to Soncerae but apparently her phone number has abruptly been changed according to her assistant Jai because of disrupting phone calls from one of Ray Lavender's exs

I'm really not sure what to think of this email because I'm not a follower of Omarosa so I could care less. I also reported a rumor sometime last year about Ray Lavender and Soncerae and a publicist (I forgot her name) reached out to me to clear the air on that (which I reported). So do I think this stuff is true? Probably not but I will say this, reality TV is no longer reality. It is now scripted along with individuals acting like something they are not. So I wouldn't be surprised if the Omarosa show is staged. But I'll leave it up to you guys to decide what you think of the email. Below you will see the pictures I was sent of Soncerae alongside Trey Songz and Omar "Slim" White:

Now, if you ask me, these pictures look completely innocent. If this Soncerae woman is a socialite (like the email states) then it's only right she take photos with celebrities. I don't see anything wrong with this but maybe someone can fill me in on what's going on?

New Video: Sean Garrett ft. Nicki Minaj - Get It All

After the debacle that was "Massive Attack", Nicki Minaj teamed up with Sean Garrett again but this time for a more radio friendly tune called "Get It All". The video is cutesy.....very teenagery. I just made up a new word! Ha! I don't think the budget was enough to have Nicki Minaj featured throughout the video so you will only see her at the very beginning and the other part in the middle of the video showing off her assets. After that you won't see her again but hey check the video out for yourselves and let me know what you think:

Dipset Reunion Is Under Construction

I am loving, loving, loving that Dipset is coming back! This is something Hip Hop needs right now! I posted the official pics about a week or so ago courtesy of Miss Info but now there is footage from that videoshoot. I absolutely cannot wait until Dipset music is out in the streets. From what I'm seeing below I will say that Juelz and Jim Jones used their own personal vehicles for this videoshoot. Now, that's REAL! Enjoy the footage below:

A Special Message From The NYC Gossip Girl

I took some time out to address some things that I've been hearing about my interviews. Some industry individuals are feeling a certain kind of way because of who I interview. At the end of the day I am a reporter and that's what I do. I don't take sides with anyone. But I can tell you better than I can write it so check out what I had to say below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!


Behind The Scenes: Rick Ross - Blowing Money Fast

Rick Ross was shooting a video yesterday for one of his hottest joints out called "Blowing Money Fast". If you haven't heard the new joint yet then I suggest that you kill yourself asap! The song starts off with a line I don't think I'll ever forget....."I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover".....that line is sooo gangsta!!! Anyway, getting back on topic, All Hip Hop Access had exclusive behind the scenes footage from the videoshoot which also featured Jadakiss. Enjoy the footage below:

And if you haven't heard "Blowing Money Fast" in it's entirety, check it out below:

Is Shawn Merriman Being Cheated On?

I received a very interesting email about Shawn Merriman and his girlfriend, Thamarra. Now for those of you who are not familiar with who Shawn Merriman is...he is an NFL player for the San Diego Chargers. Shawn Merriman is also known for sparking the beef between his ex-girlfriend, Gloria Velez and Tila Tequila. Apparently, Shawn Merriman cheated on Gloria Velez with Tila Tequila (that was a complete downgrade Shawn and you lost points for that one!) and that started the beef between the two ladies. You may also know Shawn Merriman's name because he was accused of stomping a mud hole in Tila Tequila's ass. KARMA! :) Nevertheless, Shawn Merriman is on to the next one with his new girlfriend Thamarra.

According to Media Take Out, Shawn Merriman just bought his new girlfriend a brand new Mercedes Benz! Picture of the Benz below:

Now here is where the email gets even more interesting! There are photos of Thamarra with Haitian model, Marvin Bienaime, in a bathroom looking very comfortable. Marvin is in his briefs and Thamarra is looking hot and sweaty. The emailer thinks Thamarra is cheating on Shawn Merriman with Haitian model Marvin. Picture below:

I will say this........the photos are not bad. They really don't look suspect. In fact, it looks as if both Thamarra and Marvin were at a photoshoot but the person who emailed me thinks otherwise. So with that said, I will let you guys be the judge.....do you think Thamarra is cheating on Shawn Merriman with Haitian model, Marvin Bienaime or what? Me, personally, I don't think so but it's a good question to pose to my readers. Would love to hear what you have to say!

Fat Joe's Lawyer Issues Statement

Last night out in Madison, Wisconsin, a 33 year old groupie portraying herself as a fan of Fat Joe claims that Fat Joe and his entourage touched her inappropriately after a concert at the Orpheum Theatre. The sexual assault charge that ensued caused Fat Joe and his entourage to be brought into the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department for questioning although no one was arrested. Now, Fat Joe's attorney, Dawn Florio Esq., has put out a statement regarding the situation. Check out the statement below:

Statement issued by Dawn Florio Esq. on behalf of Joseph Cartagena:

Rapper Joseph Cartagena, known as Fat Joe, members of his entourage and security staff were briefly questioned by members of the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department who were investigating false allegations made by a woman who initially posed as a fan and later claimed to be the victim of an assault after demanding money.

At no point did Mr. Cartagena or any member of his entourage assault or have any improper contact with the woman. It is truly unfortunate that false allegations such as these cause the public to doubt the claims of actual victims of sexual assaults.

You mean to tell me this heffa demanded money from Fat Joe and his crew? And, if they didn't pay up she was going to lie on them? WTF? People really need to get lives!! I know it's hard out here in this recession but DAMN!!!! For more information on this story (click here).

Nicki Minaj In Wonderland Pics

All photos courtesy of Nicki-Minaj.net

Everyone just loves Nicki....well, except the few jealous ones sprinkled here and there but for the most part, we all love Nicki. We embrace her and her antics. ;-) Her photoshoots are priceless! I mean, where else are you going to find someone who loves to play with color and animation and give us those crazy shots? Nicki Minaj will never have us bored but rather she'll keep us ready to see what she's got up her sleeve! Enjoy some more crazy but eye catching shots of the girl who's got everyone talking, Nicki Minaj, below:

You can see all of these photos in the new issue of Black Mens Magazine.

And here are a couple more pictures of Nicki Minaj behind the scenes at Sean Kingston's videoshoot below:

I can't wait for the release of the video!!!


Battle Of The Beats: Red Cafe & Fabolous vs. Camp - Lo

Brooklyn's finest, Red Cafe and Fabolous linked up to do a remix to one of Camp Lo's hottest joints called "Luccini". Camp Lo was a group wayyy before their time and I haven't seen a duo come out yet quite like them. However, I will say that Red Cafe and Fabolous did a good job at trying because I liked it. Check out the new joint from Red Cafe and Fabolous below:

But of course...you can't fuck with the original!! Check out Camp Lo's "Luccini" below:

Which one do you think is the better version? Would love to hear about it!