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Video Snippet: Young Jeezy - All White Everything

Jeezy has released a video snippet for his joint called "All White Everything" which features Yo Gotti. The video will premiere in it's entirety on Monday, August 2nd, only on 106 & Park. You know what just popped into my head? Why didn't Jeezy recruit LisaRaye to be a part of this video? She's known for being in all white everything on a regular basis. Hey! That's just me thinking! Enjoy the snippet below:

A Weekend For Weddings

I was at a birthday party when my Blackberry started going off like crazy with information that T.I. and Tiny have officially gotten married. I was like DAMN!! How I wish I could've ran my ass to a computer! But as I thought about it, I was like everybody and their Momma is going to have that info on their site by the time I get home so I just had myself a good time at the birthday party and figured I'll just put up the info a little later. ;-) So check out what TMZ got their hands on below:

I'm soo happy these two have finally tied the knot! They've been together for soo long....I'm glad to see 2 individuals happy with each other. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Harris!

And speaking of weddings, word according to Miss Info is Alicia Keys and Swizzy have tied the knot themselves.

According to the Miss Info website, the two celebrated their wedding in Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda on a 260 ft. yacht. I guess it's a weekend for weddings. Good luck to everyone. :) Marriage is not easy....trust me!!


Video Vixen, Yaris Sanchez, Airs Out Lloyd Banks!!!

This is what happens when you mix rap stars and video vixens. It's never a nice ordeal but somehow no one ever seems to get the fact that the two don't mix. Someone is always going to get the bad end of the stick and it's usually the video vixen. Anyway, Yaris Sanchez was a guest on the Star & Buc Wild show and aired out Lloyd Banks in a major way. Don't believe me? Check out how it went down below:

Now I don't know about you but did it look like Yaris Sanchez was about to cry over a guy she said she didn't love?! SMDH! You don't shed tears over someone you don't love baby girl. You move on to the next one and let him see what he missed out on!! POW! Please feel free to post your thoughts!

T.I. Covers Jet Magazine Cover

T.I. is gracing the cover of Jet Magazine's August issue. This is the first time T.I. has graced their cover and he plans to work with them again soon. In the exclusive behind the scenes footage provided, T.I. allowed Jet magazine to do the photoshoot in his humble abode.

In the Jet interview T.I. talks about what he read while he was in jail, what he's reading now, his faith and family, what he's teaching his 6 children and his new movie, Takers. Enjoy the behind the scenes footage by clicking on the link below:


New Music: Young Cash - Amber Rose

Young Cash of Nappy Boy Records released a new joint called "Amber Rose". The new song is off of his mixtape called "Fed Bound". Now here's my thing, there's already a Halle Berry song, a Kim Kardashian song and now an Amber Rose song. Can people start to get a little bit more original with their music or do they have to hop on the bandwagon? I personally don't like the song but that's just my opinion. I just figured it would be interesting for everybody else to take a listen and let me know what you think below:

HHGS Exclusive: Hip Hop Princess "Kyah Baby"

Just a few hours ago I made my way over to Manhattan to meet a young lady by the name of Kyah Baby. Kyah Baby is a 19 year old female MC hailing from Queens and she is taking the music industry by storm! She is the first female artist on Selfish Music Group which is run by DJ Self of Power 105. Kyah Baby has already worked with the likes of Jim Jones, Lil Kim and Lloyd Banks just to name a few. So it shocked me that I was heading out to her very 1st photoshoot!

With my lil ones in tow and everything, I was ready to meet the girl who was dubbed the "Princess of Hip Hop". I had my cameras ready, questions in hand and diaper bag on the side just in case my lil one had an accident and this is how it all went down below:

Now, if you are not familiar with Kyah's joint alongside Jim Jones, Lil Kim and Lloyd Banks called "Standing On Couches" check it out below (she comes in around the 1:58 mark):

And here is Kyah Baby's first official video for her joint called "Silky Freestyle" below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!


HHGS Fashion: Taboo Delta 3008

I'm sooo disappointed that I'm not going to be attending this meet and greet with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas! Did you guys know that Taboo is coming out with his own sneaker called "Taboo Delta 3008"? I had no idea but thanks to a good friend of mine, who is constantly keeping me in the loop, she made sure I got the information to post for my readers. ;-)

Taboo will be launching his sneaker tomorrow exclusively at the Foot Action flagship store on 34th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. Taboo has once again partnered with "JUMP" to launch Taboo Deltah TM 3008, his own collection of footwear for Foot Action stores nationwide in Fall 2010. Taboo says this sneaker is going to be affordable and by the looks of the commercial below....you will be getting a lot for the money! Check out the commercial below:

Let me know if you will be attending!!

Did Foxy Brown Imply That Lil Kim Is Old?

In a recent interview with MTV's Sway, Foxy Brown was asked about the Nicki Minaj versus Lil Kim situation. Foxy Brown replies "If you're a Boss Bitch, you give it up". She also states that the reason why other female artists are feeling a way about Nicki might be because they are feeling old!! I'm not going to start no shit but was Foxy Brown implying that Lil Kim is not a Boss Bitch and is old?!!! I would rather you guys be the judge of that. Check it out below:

And in more Foxy Brown news, check out what Foxy had to say about her recent arrest below:

I hope everything works out for Foxy!!

Nicki Minaj Explains Concept For "Your Love" Video

MTV recently caught up with Nicki Minaj while she was shooting for yet another music video out in L.A. I'm not sure which song she's shooting a video for but by the looks of her get up, I'm sure it's something for us to look forward to. Anywho, in the clip below, Nicki explains why she chose to get killed in her new video for "Your Love". I know I didn't expect her to die in her own video but hey! Whatever works right? Check out what Nicki had to say about the video below:


Ryan Leslie Makes The Beat For Fast Life

Can I be the first to say I think Ryan Leslie is one of thee most talented producers/songwriters/singers? Can I say that without any backlash? I hope so. I don't understand why he doesn't get enough credit or why he's always playing the background. This brotha is talented in more ways than one and clearly shows us his skills during this behind the scenes footage of him making the beat to his joint called "Fast Life". I'm gonna need an interview with Ryan Leslie asap! I know just who to call! But until then, check out the footage below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!

M.I.M.S. Says He's Going To Punch The Next Rapper That Says His Name!!!

Awhile back my husband did a video for rapper Mims. The video was called "Donkey Booty" and literally brought Mims back to the forefront. Whether you had something good or bad to say about Mims, everyone was saying something for a good 2 weeks about Mims and his new video. Well, unbeknownst to me, there was some behind the scenes footage of my husband and Mims talking about rappers who had things to say about Mims being a one hit wonder. Although my husband shouts me out, as well as my site, check out Mims message to other rappers below:

Wow!!! I'm sure this message is going to be responded to but I'm wondering who will do the responding?! I'm sitting in front of my computer with some kettle korn.....waiting! ;-)

T.I. Says He Can't Discuss, Confirm Or Deny....

In a recent interview with My Fox Atlanta, T.I. was asked about his upcoming wedding to Tiny. T.I.'s responses to these questions were more than hilarious. In fact, I felt like T.I. was on the witness stand for the grand jury pleading the 5th!! Let me know what you think about T.I.'s response after you watch the clip below:

Was this the type of response that landed T.I. a year in jail? I don't think he's a snitch at all!

I Don't Owe You Mannnnn!!!!

Another one bites the dust!! Comedian, Chris Tucker, is one of the many celebrities who owe Uncle Sam. According to TMZ, Chris Tucker owes about $11 million dollars to be exact!!! Check out the breakdown below:

2001 -- $4,007,794.34
2002 -- $5,060,074.23
2004 -- $55,544.84
2005 -- $660,414.94
2006 -- $1,788,080.91

In my best Chris Tucker voice....DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!! Audio below:

Young Jack Thriller & Natalie Nunn Get At Lil Duval

How can I start this? Let me see. I got it! Here it goes. Last week on the Star & Buc Wild show, Star interviewed Natalie Nunn of the "Bad Girls Club" and comedian, Young Jack Thriller. During the interview Natalie Nunn brings up the topic of comedian Lil Duval. Young Jack Thriller blurts out that he used to write for Lil Duval while Natalie Nunn suggests that Lil Duval is getting it in with T.I.!!!!! You heard right! Natalie Nunn suggests that Lil Duval is getting it in with T.I. Don't believe she said all that? Check out how the interview went below:

I have no words!!!


HHGS Exclusive: Flo From The Bad Girls Club

Just yesterday I got the chance to interview Flo from The Bad Girls Club! The Bad Girls Club was a reality show on the Oxygen network (just in case you didn't know). Anyway, Flo always seemed to come off as the outcast on the show and I wanted to get to the bottom of that. So we talked about everything from her getting on the show, to her fight with Natalie Nunn, her cursing out Perez Hilton and her relationship now with the other girls. Check out what Flo had to say about all of that below:

And if you are interested in Flo's new joint called "Tear It Up", check it out below:

Feel free to leave your thoughts!

They Say..........

Chris Brown and Usher have been working on a duet! I'm not sure exactly how true this one is but I wouldn't doubt it since the two were seen in Jamaica together performing at Sumfest. According to Sumfest's organizer, Johnny Gourzong, both Usher and Chris Brown recorded the collabo over a two day span.

Whatever the case is.....I'm hoping both Usher and Chris Brown make the rumors become a reality! This would be a good look for R&B. What are your thoughts?

In more Usher news, I've been hearing this old school joint a lot lately on the radio. The joint "You Don't Have To Call" is one of my favorite Usher joints to this day!! Enjoy the video below:

Rick Ross Tells Michael Jordan To Lay Off Lebron

DJ Clue recently sat down with Rick Ross and asked him about his thoughts on Lebron James coming to the Miami Heat. Along with asking Rick Ross about Lebron, Clue asked Ross what he felt about Michael Jordan having something to say about Lebron's decision to come to the Heat. Here is what Rick Ross' response was below:

Fat Joe Talks Getting Biggie His First Real Gig

Fat Joe's new album, "The Darkside", is in stores today. Go out and support a brotha who has been in the game for a long time now and still finds a way to make himself relevant. Fat Joe never lost his swag and always (in my opinion) kept it real!

With his new album out in stores, Fat Joe released a part 2 of his "Tales From The Darkside" series. In the clip below, Fat Joe takes us back to the days when Biggie was just starting his career and how he booked Biggie to perform in the Bronx for his first professional show! POW!! Now that's some history for that ass!!! Enjoy the clip below:


Fat Joe Throws Big Pun's Wife Under The Bus!!!

Fat Joe's new album "The Darkside" is really drawing the attention of many. A friend of mine drew my attention to one song in particular. The song my friend was referring to is called "Heavenly Father" and features Lil Wayne. At first listen, you wouldn't think anything of it but on my second listen I paid careful attention to some choice words Fat Joe had for Big Puns wife, Liza. Was Fat Joe implying that Liza cheated on Big Pun with his own brother?! Is the cheating a result of the beatings Big Pun used to give his wife? I have no idea but take a listen below:

I think Fat Joe knows more about the Big Pun situation than we would like to admit. Fat Joe kept quiet for so long about Liza but I guess he had to get things off of his chest with this joint. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, I've transcribed Fat Joe's words below:

2nd Verse

I paid niggas rents, even paid niggas bails.
Gave niggas jobs so they would't go to jail.
Did so much dirt niggas knew I wouldn't tell.
Paid for some funerals, they prolly what the hell.
I don't owe nobody nothing man I gave that bitch a mill!
I ain't beatin round the bush, I'm just speaking on what's real.
I ain't talking on no portion man I'm talking bout what's real.
I ain't justifying beatings but she cheated on my nillz.
Cheated with his brother, God Damn this bitch ill!
Prolly the reason my nigga never left a will.
Things you never know, have mercy on his soul.
Big Pun, one of the realest I ever known.

Wooooowwwww!!!! Can't get no realer than that! POW!!!


Terry Crews & His Wife Are Grandparents!!!

This just in!!! Terry Crews and his lovely wife Rebecca are now proud Grandparents!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me refresh your memory. During the reality show "Family Crews" which aired on BET, Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca found out that their oldest child, Naomi, was pregnant. Naomi decided to keep the child but then the reality series ended and we never knew what happened after that.

Well, the wait is finally over and Terry Crews shows off his granddaughter during an interview with Hip Hollywood. Check out the cutie pie below:

Now that's a cute baby!! Congratulations!


New Music: Eric Benet - Sometimes I Cry

Eric Benet is back with a new joint called "Sometimes I Cry". This is a new song off of his new album called "Lost In Time" which is set to be released this coming fall. There is no release date as of yet.

I'm going to need to know how you guys feel about this song. I like it for days when I'm all alone with my hubby. It's romantic!! Check it out below:

Sounds like a Maxwell song doesn't it? I'm just sayin! ;-) Enjoy some behind the scenes footage of Eric Benet working hard on the song below:

I like Eric's old school music....remember "Georgey Porgey"?

Fat Joe Talks Biggie Wanting 2 Shoot DJ Clue

Here's a clip from Fat Joe's "Tales From The Darkside" series. In this clip, Joe recalls an incident where Biggie Smalls was lookin for DJ Clue at a record shop....ready to shoot him. Apparently, Biggie felt some type of way about DJ Clue using his music on his mixtapes. Fat Joe at the time was telling Biggie that Clue was a good dude. But enough about me telling the story, check it out firsthand from Fat Joe below:

Don't forget Fat Joe's album "The Darkside" will be out on July 27th!

HHGS Exclusive: T.I. & Tiny's Wedding Invitation!!!

Hmmm! I don't know how true this rumor is but apparently an emailer of mine sent me a partial photo of what looks to be like an invitation to Tiny and T.I.'s wedding!!! From what I'm hearing, round the internet parts, is that the couple is trying to keep everything under wraps and they wanted to have a private, intimate wedding. Even when Tiny and T.I. were questioned about their wedding plans they had this to say below:

I actually didn't blame them for not giving the dibbs on their wedding plans! I love these two together and hope they have a wonderful wedding ceremony. In fact, the emailer tells me the 2 are planning to enjoy their wedding on July 31st in Miami. Peep the photo of the invite below:

What do you guys think of it? Real? Or fake? I need to know!!

Swizzy Says "NO" To Managing Alicia Keys!!

Reports have been running rampant that Swizz Beatz was going to be taking over the role of manager for Alicia Keys when she decided to part ways with long time manager, Jeff Robinson. Well, Swizzy decided to respond to those rumors and told "People Magazine" the following statement:

“I am one trillion percent not managing my fiancĂ©e,” Swizz said, responding to rumors that the MC was stepping into the role after Keys recently split from her long time manager Jeff Robinson. “I’m not a manager.”

So there you have it folks! You can all stop the speculations now. :) Just let them know where you heard it first!

Shanell Of Young Money Rocks Free Weezy Pumps

Shanell from the Young Money crew attended "Trae Day" which is an annual event out in Houston, Texas which raises money for Texas youths and their schools. Many celebrities came out to support Trae's annual event such as Lupe Fiasco, Yo Gotti, Wacka Flocka, Sean Garrett, Young Buck and members of the Young Money crew.

Shanell was rocking some killer stillettos which had the words "Free Weezy" on the side. I couldn't take my eyes off of the shoes! Not that I would run out and buy them or anything but they were different and I like different. I thought to myself....that's some hell of a way to represent your boss! ;-) Nevertheless, DJ Khaled, Angela Yee and Lil Duval were the hosts for the evening. Enjoy some more photos and footage from the event below courtesy of Exclusive Access:

And here's some footage below:


DMX Soon To Be Ex-Wife Is Getting A Reality Show

It's official yall! Tashera has decided to officially part ways with her husband, DMX. I can't say that I blame her though. I mean, being cheated on, having babies outside of the marriage and of course the drug abuse will make any good woman go running for the hills. I'm surprised she stayed as long as she did.

Outside of the bad news, the good news is Tashera will be getting her own reality show which will be focusing on her rebuilding her family without DMX. Tashera is also working on a book titled "Life After X" which will give a firsthand look at how she coped with DMX's legal and drug problems. Tashera is working on her book with author Aliya S. King who is drawing lots of attention from her new book out called "Platinum".

I hope everything works out for Tashera and I wish her nothing but the best. She's definitely a trooper!

HHGossip Girl: Tahiry In Hip Hop Weekly

Awhile back I told you guys that Amber Rose and Tahiry would be teaming up for the "Hip Hop Weekly" magazine covers. I was totally disappointed in the picture they chose for Tahiry because it didn't show off what she is most known for. If you don't remember that article (click here) to get updated.

Thanks to one of my loyal readers I received photos from Tahiry's spread in "Hip Hop Weekly" and I'm sure you fellas would love to check them out! Enjoy them below:

That's one bad bitch! No homo! I sooo need an interview with Tahiry. Girl!! Holla at me!!! ;-)

Behind The Scenes: Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj - 2012

Jay Sean has joined forces with Ms. Nicki Minaj for a new joint called "2012". The full video will premiere on August 8th! I will admit I'm not feeling this song at all but that's only because I don't really listen to pop music. However, I will say anything that involves Nicki Minaj is something worth listening to again. So I'll give it another try later on down the road. :)

Anywho, enjoy some behind the scenes footage of Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj doing their thing for the new video below:

Don't forget Jay Sean's new album (which hasn't been titled yet) is scheduled to be released on November 2nd.

New Video: T.I. ft. Ms. Keri Baby - I Got Your Back

T.I. just hit us with a new video called "I Got Your Back" featuring Ms. Keri Baby. :) This song is definitely dedicated to Tiny and the video proves me right at the end. The words are powerful and is meant for folks who are truly in love. The video also has special appearances by Lance Gross and Jill Marie Jones (formerly of Girlfriends). Enjoy the video below:

Don't forget "King Uncaged" should be out in stores on September 28th!


New Video: Lo Smooth ft. Sen City - Blame It

Lo Smooth is back with a new video called "Blame It" featuring Sen City from 730 Dips. With this video comes a ton of special guest appearances such as Jim Jones, Freakey Zekey, DJ Webstar and more. The song is dope but I have some concerns about one of the females used in the video. There is a girl dressed in black around the 2:24 mark that looks to be all of 12 years of age!! How badly is our youth looking to be in a video to be the next video vixen? Sighs and grabs heart!

Aside from the young chick, the video is dope as well. Hope you enjoy it below:

Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Rick Ross Signs Autographs At Best Buy

Rick Ross fans came out in masses yesterday to purchase his new album "The Teflon Don" at Best Buy. All kinds of people showed up from young to old, male, female, children and I'm thinking even some skin heads showed up to buy the album. ;-) It was an eventful day for Ricky Rozay yesterday. I think his album sales are going to be good and I'm hearing the album is DOPE!!! Check out some photos from yesterday's in store at Best Buy below:

You know there had to be some crazy heffa that had to get her boobies signed!! Where's Nicki Minaj when you need her?!

Here is some footage of the mayhem that was an in store for Rick Ross at Best Buy below:

Rick Ross loves the kids!!! ;-).......In more Rick Ross news, he also had another album release party in Miami last night as well. The album release was held at the King of Diamonds strip club and Trina showed up looking nice!! Check her out below:

Rick Ross is a very busy man!!

In Other News: Megan Fox To Team Up With Eminem *UPDATED*

Word is Megan Fox is going to be the leading lady in Eminem's new video for "Love The Way You Lie" which features Rihanna. Normally, I don't write anything about Eminem but this seemed like an interesting story. At first, I thought Megan Fox was going to be getting it in with Eminem for the video but word is she'll be getting it in with actor, Dominic Monaghan!

So much for the juicy gossip but the story makes me want to see the video even more now! Director Joseph Kahn confirmed on Twitter that he would be directing this video. I'm just hoping and praying that with all these features Rihanna will have a role in the video as well. I just hate when someone has a song out with a feature and that feature is not in the video with the artist! Works my nerves!

For those of you who haven't heard the Eminem song called "Love The Way You Lie", check it out below:

The video is going to be a movie!! Mark my words!!

According to Rap Radar, the above photo is from the videoshoot for Eminem and Rihanna's new video for "Love The Way You Lie". Unfortunately, they are reporting that Megan Fox will not be in the video as claimed! Ah well! What are you gonna do? *shrugs shoulders*

New Video: Nicki Minaj - Your Love

Nicki Minaj released her new video for "Your Love" last night and I have it here for you today. Michael Jai White plays her samurai love in the video and seems to capture all the attention from the lovely young ladies in the video. However, Nicki Minaj captures his heart. :) I wonder if she understood him if he spoke Thai? LMAO! But anyway, in the video there is a jealous rival who wants to battle Nicki for the love of Michael Jai White. Let's just say Nicki doesn't win! Enjoy the video below:

"Your Love" will be one of the joints on Nicki's upcoming album. Let them know where you heard it first!


Behind The Scenes: Drake, Swizzy & T.I. - Fancy

There is finally some behind the scenes footage for Drake's new joint called "Fancy" featuring Swizz Beats and T.I. Drake states this was a song he made so the ladies can feel special. Awww....I'll thank you later Drake for that one! ;-) Swizzy and T.I. are in the video as well and T.I. was on set with 2 of his sons. If you notice around the 1:18 mark T.I.'s sons start smiling and laughing at how their father is talking that slang. That's cute!!! Check out how it all goes down below: