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Behind The Scenes: Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down

Jazmine Sullivan was caught on set of her new video for her song called "Holding You Down". The video is for Jazmine's first single off of her new album titled "Love Me Back". There is no release date as of yet for Jazmine's album but it is expected sometime this fall.

As for the behind the scenes pictures, it looks like Jazmine is bringing it back to the "House Party" days. Instead of Kid N Play (which would've been dope) Jazmine recruited Missy Elliot, Dougie Fresh, Pete Rock, Pepa and Kwame! Since Jazmine Sullivan is Missy Elliot's artist, it's only right that Missy Elliot produced the track. ;-) Enjoy some more behind the scenes pics below:

If you thought the pictures were interesting, check out the behind the scenes footage below:

BEHIND THE SCENES: Jazmine Sullivan "HOLDIN’ YOU DOWN (GOING IN CIRCLES)” from Centric TV on Vimeo.

Did Drake & Nicki Minaj Get Married?!

Last night, while I was cleaning up my bedroom, my oldest daughter comes running up the stairs asking me if Nicki Minaj married Drake. My daughter was excited and anxious all together and I told her to calm her butt down because I didn't think that was true at all.

Then my daughter told me that Nicki Minaj tweeted that she indeed got married to Drake. I was like really? I don't believe that is what I told my daughter but quickly ran to my computer to see what my daughter was talking about. Check out the tweet my daughter was talking about below:

And after Nicki Minaj's tweet came a tweet from Drake himself stating “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She’s finally mine.” This is a rather interesting story if you ask me!! These two have got the internet going nuts but is this all true is the question?! I don't believe it at all....not until I see some marriage licenses or something. This just all might be a scam to promote Nicki's upcoming album or something. This is what the artists do before their albums come out now. They either get shot, overdose on sleeping pills because they've been caught dating a married man or put out a sex tape....sorry guys but this is the new trend to get more album sales! Sad but true! Please feel free to post your thoughts!


In Ya Face Like A Can Of Mase Baby!!!!

Raekwon is giving us a little teaser in anticipation of his new joint called "Ason Jones" which is a dedication song to Old Dirty Bastard. It's always the good ones that go! And I'm sure that besides myself, the Wu Tang clan as well as the masses are missing Old Dirty's presence. So here is just a preview of what to expect from Raekwon's dedication below:

Joe Budden Challenges Fabolous & Fab Responds

Joe Budden has challenged Mr. Loso (Fabolous for those that are slow) on Twitter to a verse on his highly anticipated Mood Muzik 4. I'm going to take a guess and say that Joe Beezy wants Fab on a particular track because this is what Joe had to say below:

The tweet above started a trending topic on Twitter. You know how Twitter can get. So Nigel D. over at RealTalkNY.net asked Fabolous how he felt about the situation and here is what Fab said below:

Was Fab being politically correct with his response? I'm not sure, however, I'm glad the two can get at each other and not take it any other way than a challenge.


HHGS Exclusive: Knights Video Release @ Club Taj

My homeboy, Knight, from Plenty Kash Flow had a celebration for his video release!! Knight is a new artist signed to Ice-T's label. For a newcomer, Knight had club Taj jam packed on August 24th!! Big named celebrities came out to congratulate him as well as HipHopGossipSite.com!

Knight is not only a talented artist but he is a friend. I met Knight about a year or so ago and from day one he had a good vibe about him, wasn't cocky, showed mad love and made you feel like you were family. I'm proud the brotha is doing big things and his qualities will take him very far in this industry. With the help of his sister, Sparkle and Soulgee who do management and publicity for him, he can't go wrong. So enjoy some photos and behind the scenes footage from the event below:

Here are the behind the scenes footage:

To top things off, check out Knights new video called "Won't Stop" below:

Hoopz & Shaq? Say Word!!

Another day, another man, I guess? Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander isn't giving up the chance at finding love and it "allegedly" seems as if she's found that love in L.A. Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal!! I really don't know what to say about all of this because Hoopz hasn't really had a good reputation when it comes to men (that's what I'm hearing anyway).

First it was Flave, then it was some football player, then it was T.I. and a host of other dudes and now it's Shaq?! I just don't get it! Anyway, TMZ.com is reporting that both Hoopz and Shaq were spotted at a diner in Tennessee. Word is Shaq proposed to Hoopz at this said diner but neither one is confirming or denying that this actually took place. Peep the diner photo below:

By the way, didn't Shaq just get out of a marriage for his infidelities? Why would he want to jump right back into that same ship he just jumped from? Men are sooo crazy to me sometimes!! Please feel free to post your thoughts!

Lil Kim Is In The Hair Salon Business Now

Wow! I'm impressed when I see Lil Kim stepping into different arenas. This time Lil Kim is joining forces with her cousin, Katrise Jones, and becoming the co-owner of "Salon Se Swa" in North Carolina.

"Salon Se Swa" originally opened in North Carolina back in 2004. With the help of Lil Kim, Katrise will be opening up more salons in Atlanta. Both Lil Kim and Katrise recently did a photoshoot with Derek Blanks to promote their merger. Check out some photos from that shoot below:

I wish I lived in North Carolina because the prices that this salon is doing hair for is to die for!!! Prices below:

$10 wash and sets
$10 haircuts
$35 & up perms

Man!!! Do you know how much a wash and set is for my hair here in New York?!! A whopping $35 and don't let me get started when my hair grows!! Them Dominicans charge more for the length!! I'm not saying anything bad because them Dominicans can do a wash and set like no other but I'm just saying!!


New Video: Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Falling In Love

Yesterday I brought you some behind the scenes photos from Usher's new joint called "DJ Got Us Falling In Love" featuring Pitbull. Well today, I have the full video for you guys to make everything complete. And while I said I didn't know if Pitbull was going to be featured in the video, he definitely makes his presence felt in the video! Check it out below:

Timbaland Thinking Of Committing Suicide?

Last night an APB was put out on Timbaland in L.A for a suicide watch! Yes you heard me right! Timbaland was put on suicide watch. Apparently, a robbery took place the night before and Timbaland's $2 million dollar watch was stolen. $2 million dollars?!!! On a watch?! You mean something you place around your wrist? Not $2 million dollar home, mansion or getaway property? You really mean watch? As in to tell the time? Man! I guess it ain't trickin if you got it right?

Anyway, the robbery took place at Timbaland's Malibu property and the theif stole a very expensive ass Jacob & Co. watch. What bothered Timbaland the most was that the person who took it was someone he felt he could trust! DAMN! I know that hurts! Timbaland decided to go for a ride and clear his head when family members became worried about him and called the police because they didn't hear from Timbaland.

When the police finally found Timbaland in his Escalade they called paramedics to have him evaluated but Timbaland was fine and released. I'm hearing everything is ok and Timbaland even called into the Ryan Seacrest radio show to comment on the situation. To hear that interview (click here).

Word Is Tasia's Pregnant!

According to MediaTakeOut.com, Fantasia is pregnant, was pregnant or due to her recent overdose, lost a pregnancy! How true this is? I have no idea. However, I will say Fantasia is losing all of her cool points by the minute! How the hell you gonna get pregnant by a married man?! Not for nothing but that's some low class hoe shit! REAL TALK!

Now I'm not calling Fantasia a hoe but the action that she allegedly committed is low class. Until I can get firm details on what's going on then I'll give out my opinion on Fantasia. Otherwise, I'll be held accountable for defamation of character and that's not what I'm about. Everybody deserves their fair chance. But if you are running around town with a married man and getting pregnant, don't be surprised when the wife starts name dropping on legal documents is all I'm saying. Enough about this and check out the story according to MediaTakeOut.com below:

MediaTakeOut.com just learned from an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider that Fantasia may be PREGNANT. Our insider, who works on Fantasia's VH1 REALITY SHOW tells us that Fantasia DISCUSSES her alleged pregnancy ON CAMERA. The insider explains, "Everyone is trying to keep this UNDER WRAPS so that it's a surprise when the show airs. I'd bet Fantasia doesn't even mention it in all the press she's doing."

But that brings up an INTERESTING POINT. What effect did Fantasia's SUICIDE ATTEMPT have on her unborn child?

Dang Fanny . . .

This all sounds like pure fuckery to me!! Feel free to post your thoughts!


Do You Remember West Coast Songstress Michel'le?

I'm telling you I haven't heard about Michel'le since like forever!!! I remember her singing for the likes of Eazy E and Dr. Dre back in the day. One thing that did stay embedded in my mind was her voice. When Michel'le spoke it was like a baby talking. However, when she opened her mouth to sing that was another story! There's no denying the girl can blow! But despite the girls vocal abilities I'm noticing some drastic changes to Michel'le's appearance. For all of my old school hip hop fans you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Michel'le was always an attractive lady but her new nose makes me wonder if she's related to one of the Jacksons. Check out an old photo of Michel'le below:

Something is definitely different about the songstress but maybe I'm off. Anywho, check out a snippet of Michel'le's new joint called "Freedom To Love" below:

I also heard (in the rumor mill) that Michel'le is one of Dr. Dre's baby mommas! POW!

Juelz Santana Thinks Brian Pumper Is A Weirdo!!!

You gotta love this!! I haven't reported not one thing about this Montana Fishbourne and Brian Pumper ridiculousness because it's really not worth the keystrokes. Montana Fishbourne is or was a young, attention seeking whore who really just wants her Daddy to pay some fucking attention to her. So doing porn to get her Daddy mad is the only way she knows how.

As for Brian Pumper? Yeah, he's an already established porn star but I think he should stick to what he knows. Making all these stupid ass rap songs and thinking folks are going to take him serious is crazy!! In fact, Juelz Santana seems to agree with me! Juelz Santana can be quoted as saying "Brian Pumper is a fuckin weirdo"!! Check out Juelz' tweet about Brian Pumper below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!

New Music: Mr. Cheeks - Havin Fun

My homegirl, Kisha, hit me up a few days ago with a new joint from Mr. Cheeks called "Havin Fun". At the time there was no embed code available for me to place the song on the site but there is one now!!

The joint is not your usual "Lost Boyz" type joint but it's different and I have to represent for my boy Mr. Cheeks. When I last spoke to Mr. Cheeks he told me he was doing a collabo album with Craig G. If you missed out on that one (click here). I don't know if this new joint is a single from Mr. Cheeks' own project or from that collabo album but either way, check it out, leave a comment and let me know what you think below:

I'm not gonna front, my favorite Mr. Cheeks solo joint is "Lights, Cameras, Action". They can play that joint in the club today and the whole crowd is gonna go wild! Enjoy that throwback below:

Behind The Scenes: Usher - DJ Got Us Falling In Love

Looks like Usher was pulling out all of his best dance moves when it came to his newest video for his joint called "DJ Got Us Falling In Love". When I first heard the song I didn't really like it but when I heard it in the car, I loved it. It's a great workout song and good to get that blood flowing in your body. The song also has a feature by Pitbull but I'm not sure if he will be in the video. Enjoy some more pics from Usher's set below:

And for those of you who have not heard the Usher song, check it out below:

Keith Murray Says He Fought Tupac & Dame Dash!!!

Do you believe the statement above? I really need to know because this is something serious and you just don't say this type of stuff for no reason.

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, Keith Murray was caught outside of B.B. Kings in Times Square talking about a past beef he had with Tupac and Dame Dash. I don't know if Keith was amped about being in front of a camera or if he is trying to drum up some attention because he has a new album coming out but whatever the case is, Keith Murray was on a roll!

My only concern is that I never heard about a beef between Tupac and Keith Murray or a beef between Dame Dash and Keith Murray. In the clip below, you will hear for yourself Keith Murray talking about squaring up with Tupac outside of the "House of Blues" in L.A. You will also hear Keith Murray talking about a time when he smashed a bottle over Dame Dash's head and he had to receive 10 stitches. I never noticed a scar on Dame's head but I'm going to have to look into this information further. For now, check out Keith Murray's rant below:

By the way, Keith Murray is from Central Islip in Long Island. It seems the cameraman was intent on knowing where Keith Murray was from. I figured I'd let you know. ;-)


Nicki Minaj Interviews With Honey Mag

Honey Mag.com hit me up with an exclusive interview they did with the Young Money queen, Nicki Minaj. Anything Nicki Minaj related will be posted to this site because I am a huge fan. Not to mention, ole girl is from the same neighborhood so it's only right that I support. But getting back to the topic at hand, Honey Mag.com sat down and had a one on one interview with Nicki about her creative process behind her upcoming album titled "Pink Friday", Lil Wayne's November release date and of course the story behind Nicki's alter ego (which I'm assuming is Roman Zolanski)? Anywho, enjoy the interview below:

I can't wait to get my chance at interviewing Nicki Minaj!! I have soo many questions I would love to ask her but she probably won't answer any of them! :(

Chad OchoCinco Is Dating Evelyn Lozada?

So much for a dating reality show because word on the curb is that Chad OchoCinco is dating Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada!! Now if this rumor is true then why go through the rigamoro of having a dating show? And if you thought this information was interesting then you'll be quite entertained when you find out that Vh1 is pissed off about the two getting together.

According to TMZ.com, the Vh1 network is highly pissed off about OchoCinco's new relationship with Lozada because the spoiler to the "Ultimate Catch" will be that OchoCinco doesn't end up with any of the ladies on the show. I don't know about you guys but would you be surprised if OchoCinco doesn't end up with any of the ladies on the show? I know I wouldn't be. It's a no brainer that whoever the winner is will never end up being the dudes girl...hence "Flavor of Love" and "For the Love of Ray J".

Anyway, I hope this works out for both Chad and Evelyn. Seems like Evelyn switched it up from basketball to football. Feel free to post your thoughts.

Keyshia Cole & Daniel "Boobie" Gibson Are Married?!

I really thought I would've heard about this one but I guess I was wrong. According to MediaTakeOut.com, Keyshia Cole and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson are already married! I'm wondering why no one else heard or wrote about this yet? The two have been dating for a while and even have a son together so what would be the big deal if they got married? Either way, I'm happy for the both of them. There's nothing like making your union official especially when there's kids involved. I know I felt complete after I said "I do". I married the man I wanted to marry, the man I loved and most importantly the father of my children.

And although Keyshia Cole and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson are not openly admitting that their union is official, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson addressed Keyshia Cole as his wife on his website....check that out below:

What do you think?


Kimora Lee Simmons Is Leaving Baby Phat!!!

You heard right my friends!! Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters are parting ways with their "Baby Phat" clothing line. I don't know what happened but apparently on Twitter, Kimora's fans were asking about a fashion show and Kimora responded by saying there wouldn't be one this year. Outraged, Kimora's fans started to bombard her with questions as to why not? Below is Kimora's response:

And Kimora isn't leaving by herself....she's making sure her daughters will be right along with her! Check out the next tweet:

I don't know about you guys but what is Baby Phat going to do without Kimora and her daughters? They were the faces of the product!!! I just know for sure the whole style of the clothing line will never be the same without Kimora! *sighs* Baby Phat jeans were the first jeans to actually fit my body type the right way!!

I Don't Care What Yall Say.....

Mimi is knocked up!!! There is no way in hell all of Mariah Carey's weight is not due to a pregnancy. I'm just not going to believe it. Nick Cannon has finally connected with Mariah's eggs and there is a baby inside that belly of Mariah's!!

Mariah Carey was out in Brazil this weekend performing for her "Barretos" concert and was seen sporting some outfits that raised suspicion about her pregnancy status. Check out another photo below:

This is the same stunt Alicia Keys tried pulling until photos of her performing on stage at a concert revealed what her pregnancy status was with Swizz Beatz. I give it about a week before Mariah Carey comes out and admits that she's finally pregnant!


Teairra Mari On The Cover Of "Lov" Magazine

You can catch Teairra Mari gracing the cover of the new issue of "Lov" magazine. Teairra looks flawless with her hair slightly pulled back, her Betty Boop eyelashes and lavender feathers. Teairra is on her promotion kick for her role in the new movie "Lottery Ticket" which features Bow Wow. The movie is in theatres as we speak.

I have to give Teairra Mari much credit because for her to drop from a major label and still continue to thrive in this industry is a great feat for anyone! Teairra is consistently putting out new music videos and new songs. I'm hoping that everything works out for her and that she gets the recognition she so very well deserves. Check out Teairra Mari working it out in her photoshoot for "Lov" magazine below:

HHGS Rumor: Keyshia Cole & Nicki Minaj In Altercation?

Photo courtesy of 24HourHipHop.com

So the word on the curb is that about 3 weeks ago, Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj were in an L.A. recording studio trying to do a song together. During the recording session, someone from Nicki Minaj's entourage said something sideways to Keyshia Cole and Keyshia Cole went crazy! Why this individual had something crazy to say to Keyshia Cole is beyond me but things were said and I'm hearing Keyshia Cole had it poppin in that studio! After seeing everything that was going down, Nicki Minaj stepped in and the situation became worse than what it was already.

The story according to 24HourHipHop, states that mayhem occurred and words were exchanged but no physical altercations went down. Meaning no one was beat down and no punches were thrown! Whoever originally reported on this subject also states that the person to back down was Nicki Minaj. Whether she was being the bigger person or really didn't want her ass beat is unknown but why oh why can't these chicks in the industry get along?!!! I'm sooo tired of hearing about this chick don't like that chick. It's starting to get a little boring for me. Let's all get together and make some good music because at the end of the day that's all the public really wants from you guys anyway. Just some food for thought!


Faith Evans Is Back Like She Never Left!!

My sister from a different mister, Faith Evans, is back and her new album titled "Something About Faith" is due out in stores on October 5th!! I can't wait!! Faith's voice is something we have all been missing in the game. With all the autotunes and non talented individuals (who will remain nameless) Faith is like a breathe of fresh air!!

You can check out Faith's behind the scenes photoshoot for her album below and I think that looks like Derek Blanks taking the pics!!! Faith is putting in that work!! Enjoy the footage below:

Thoughts anyone?

New Video: Drake ft. Lil Wayne - Miss Me

Here is the official video to Drake's joint with Lil Wayne called "Miss Me". Again I'm having complaints about the video. However, the video wasn't all that bad. There are parts that are good like the whole Lil Wayne effect during his verse. I thought that was dope. I think just to add a little spark to Drake's buzz was to have Maliah in the video when he mentioned her name. There's already lots of talk about the two dating and having a relationship right? Why not spark an even higher interest to the rumor by adding her in the video? Just my opinion! Or we could've had Nicki Minaj featured in the video when he talks about marrying her. I have tons of ideas but no one to make them come to life! :( Enjoy the video premiere below:

DJ Khaled Is Now A Cash Money Billionaire!!!

Isn't this an interesting turn of events?! According to DJ Khaled's twitter page, Khaled let the world know that he was a free agent. I don't know who he was signed to before but I always thought he was down with Terror Squad. Was I wrong for thinking that? Someone please let me know.

Anywho, Khaled stated on Twitter that he was on his way to a meeting of some sort. Then all of a sudden Birdman took over Khaled's twitter and left this message below:

This bird man talking I think its time I need I say more! Billionaire minds!!!

I guess Khaled really is the Best!!!

Mariah Carey Hiding A Baby Bump?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Is this Mariah Carey? This is probably the first time I've seen pictures of Mariah Carey since the whole Tyler Perry fiasco. Not to mention this is the first time I've seen pictures of Mariah Carey since Nick Cannon was soo adamant about telling the world his wife wasn't pregnant.

Well now, judging by the looks of these pictures, is it safe to say that Mariah Carey may indeed be pregnant? I mean, here she is bundled up in Brazil during the month of August!!! She is looking a little top heavy but then again, Mariah Carey has always had a weird shape. Just my opinion. Check out another photo of Mariah Carey and her bodyguards below:

Why does it look like Mariah's bodyguards will stomp a mudhole in someone's ass for taking a picture? If there wasn't anything to photograph why bother? It would be nice to see Mariah have a baby though. I heard she's been trying for forever to have one. But nevertheless, check out an old school pic of Mariah Carey when she was super duper skinny below:

My!!! How things have changed for both of these ladies!!! Please feel free to post your thoughts and let me know if you think Mariah Carey is pregnant or not!