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The New Xbox 360 Kinect

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A brand new type of Xbox 360!! This new Xbox is something that the masses are going to be out shopping for. If I don't know anything else, I know that come "Black Friday" the lines to Best Buy and any other electronics store is going to be around the corners!!! The new Xbox 360 Kinect is absolutely remote free. Did you hear me? I said no remotes are needed. You just play the game! No board to stand on, no wireless remote to swing around in your hand. You need nothing to play the new Xbox 360 except yourself!!!! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourselves below:

See what I mean? This new Xbox 360 Kinect will be available in November!! Will you be rushing out to the stores to cop your kids this new device? I know I might....depending on the price. ;-)

Eric Benet Reveals New Album Cover

Above you will find the official album cover to Eric Benet's new album titled "Lost In Time". The album will be available on November 23rd. I am loving Benet's first single off the album titled "Sometimes I Cry". If you haven't heard that song (click here).

Here is what Eric Benet had to say about his new project below:

“I want people to remember what music is and what it can feel like. There’s so much to be depressed about right now and I think this more so than ever that you need to remember how good it feels to get back to the real. People just need to have some feel good R&B in their lives.“

I heard that! Also, if you would like to keep up with Eric Benet and everything he has going on you can check him out on EricBenet.net or follow him on Twitter by (clicking here).

Keri Hilson Performs "Pretty Girl Rock" In Times Square

Moments ago at the Beats By Dr. Dre unveiling at the Best Buy in Times Square, Keri Hilson performed her second single called "Pretty Girl Rock". Pretty Girl Rock will be featured on Ms. Keri Baby's new album titled "No Boys Allowed" which will be out in stores on November 30th! You can check out Keri's performance of the new song below (courtesy of VIBE.com):

I don't know about you guys but I had no idea Keri was working with flapjacks! I always thought she was working with a little something. I guess I was wrong! ;-)


Imagine If Your Phone Did This.......

The cell phone pictured above is not the phone I'm speaking of but I came across a new concept for a phone and thought DAMN!! If a cell phone could do all that I wouldn't need my desktop! It's a new concept for a cell phone called the "Mozilla Seabird 2D". A good friend of mine sent me the link to this concept yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to open up the link on my blackberry but best believe that when I came into the office today and saw the idea....I had to post it!!

I want you guys to watch this clip in it's entirety and let me know if this is a phone that you would run out to the stores and buy:

New Video: Ciara - Speechless

Ciara just released a new video for her latest single called "Speechless". This is Ciara's second single off of her upcoming album called "Basic Instinct". You can expect the new album to be out in stores come November....that's if they don't push the date back again!

The video is very sexy and I'm sure all the fellas will love it. As for my ladies, listen to the words Ciara is saying....gotta love it!! Enjoy the video below:

New Music: Faith Evans & Keyshia Cole - Can't Stay Away

This was something I have been waiting on for a minute! A duet from Faith Evans and Keyshia Cole. I love how the two didn't over power each other. In fact, I honestly thought Faith was going to out sing Keyshia but that didn't happen. Both ladies did their thing and I enjoyed the new track. I hope you do to by checking it out below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!

Laila Ali Is Pregnant With Baby #2

Laila Ali just made the announcement that she is pregnant with baby #2! She is currently 3 months pregnant and hopes to be having a little baby girl this time around. The baby is due sometime in April of 2011 and this will be the second pregnancy for both Laila Ali and her husband, Curtis Conway. Curtis Jr. (Laila Ali's son) who she lovingly calls CJ is 2 years old.

I hope everything works out for Laila and I'll pray for her to have a girl! ;-)


New Video: Chris Brown - Matrix 12 Strands

The power of the internet is overwhelming. You can find just about anything you want by the click of one little button. This power is no different when it comes to Chris Brown. Chris worked on a mini movie called "12 Strands Matrix" and was going to premiere it on pay per view for a fee of $2.99. I don't know who was working with Chris Brown at the time to think that idea was going to sit over well with folks but hey that was their plan.

Well, lo and behold, that video premiered yesterday and to say Chris Brown is pissed is putting it lightly! Chris Brown was soo upset with the leak of his mini movie that he had this to say on Twitter below:

"Ya’ll bootleggin’ this video already. Thats effed up. I give ya’ll free music all the time. Ya’ll could at least do me this solid”.

I don't know who the comment was directed to but not shortly after that tweet was sent out, it was deleted from his profile. And although I love me some Chris Brown, it wouldn't be right of me to put this article up without the video included......so enjoy it below courtesy of Bossip:

What are your thoughts? Would you have paid $2.99 to see this? I'm curious!

Behind The Scenes: Will. I. Am & Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

The new joint from Will. I. Am and Nicki Minaj called "Check It Out" is definitely not something I will be listening to on the regular. The song is just so spaced out to me that I feel like the only way I can really enjoy the song is if I ever decide to get high. Which ain't happening any time soon.

However, you all know I love me some Nicki Minaj so it's only right that I post the behind the scenes footage from the video that will be out soon to accompany the song. I'm sure the fellas will appreciate me a little more after this post. ;-) Enjoy below:

And if you haven't heard the song called "Check It Out", you can check it out below:

Post your thoughts!

George Lopez Is Getting A Divorce!!!

After 17 years of marriage, George Lopez and wife, Ann Lopez, are calling it quits. I know that the stresses of being with someone in the limelight can be very stressful. It's even harder when you are not in the same industry and don't know the workings of why things happen the way they do.

Nevertheless, I say all of that to say this, the couple has made an announcement that the split is amicable and also a mutual agreement. The couple have one child together who is 15 and they just want to make things easy for their child.

I'm sure everything will work out fine for the both of them and don't forget you can always catch "Lopez Tonight" on weekdays at 11pm on TBS....VERY FUNNY!

New Music: Fred The Godson ft. Styles P - Move A Little Different

Fred The Godson is back with a new joint called "Move A Little Different" but this time he has gotten some help from Lox member, Styles P. The beat goes hard and I'm hoping you enjoy it as much as I did. Check it out below:

And as always, please feel free to post your thoughts!

HHGS Exclusive: Pics of Kai (LisaRaye's Daughter) Modelling

Beautiful like her Momma, Kai is bringing something new and different to Apple Bottoms, as she is the newest model to be added to the lineup. As I told you guys yesterday, Nelly has announced via Twitter that Kai is the newest Apple Bottom model.

I'm loving that Kai represents a beautiful, sexy, yet big boned woman. I myself, being big boned, can appreciate a woman who resembles the size that I am. The world just doesn't come in a size 2 you know! Anyway, I hope you guys can enjoy some more exclusive Kai photos below:



Beyonce Starts Temporary Tattoo Line

As if Beyonce couldn't do anything else, she does! Word is, Beyonce and Mama (Tina Knowles) are coming out with their very own temporary tattoo line. I'm not sure if the new ad campaign for Dereon sparked Beyonce's interest (peep some photos from that shoot below) but either way it makes for Beyonce to rake in some extra dough. As if she needs any more money! ;-) But that's another story.

Here's what Mama Knowles had to say about the tattoo line below:

"We decided to invite Temptu to help us create custom body art for her to model with our fashions,” Tina Knowles, Deréon’s founder, designer and creative director, told WWD. “The resulting images were so strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves.”

The waterproof tattoos will be offered in Deréon’s signature fleur icon and in chains, spider designs, rocker bolts and jewel baubles giving you a two to five day edge. The $16 basic kit has eight tattoos and all the pieces needed to affix the designs on your skin, while the online only deluxe kit will retail for $34 and includes a signed photo of Beyoncé as well as a chance to win a trip to New York.

Will you be buying some? I'm curious!

LisaRaye's Daughter (Kai) Is The Next Apple Bottoms Model!!!

I'm the NYC Gossip Girl and I heard about this happening a few weeks back but was asked not to write anything about it because it wasn't "official" yet. Well, Nelly has made it official by tweeting about Kai (LisaRaye's daughter) being an Apple Bottoms model earlier today. Check out what Nelly had to say about the collaboration below:

"@KaiMorae: OMG its going down right now Nelly, Twista, Chitown stand up!"--- Shout out to kai be on the look out for AB campaign soon!!!
about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Feel free to post your thoughts!


Bishop Eddie Long Speaks Out Against Allegations!!!

I haven't posted one thing that's been going on with Bishop Eddie Long and I'll tell you why. Bishop Eddie Long is a man of God and was appointed Bishop by a group of his peers. He was found to be worthy of his position by people just like me and you who believe in God. And for those of you who know anything about the church and what it stands for, then you know God puts people in positions of high power for a reason. Bishop Eddie Long speaks the word of God as it is told to him. And for that reason alone I didn't want to post anything about this situation. I figured I would let the other sites handle that.

I am posting this particular article about him now because he has chosen now to speak up about the allegations made against him. People don't realize that at the end of the day, Bishop Eddie Long is a human being and just because he's in the position of Bishop doesn't make him a perfect man. Now, I'm not saying that when God annoints you to a high power that you take that power and abuse it but in this world there is this spirit called "The Devil". And he comes in all forms. The Devil is soo wise that he'll come in a form that is most appealing in your eyes. So be careful because The Devil is very much alive and real! I just hope that the Holy Spirit within you makes you aware of who he is! Do not be blinded and follow what I call "The Holy Spirit" but what the world calls a conscience.

See what Bishop Eddie Long had to say about the allegations below:

Please feel free to leave your thoughts!


HHGS Exclusive: MC El Bee Airs Out Charlie Murphy!!

I had the pleasure of interviewing a Hip Hop legend by the name of M.C. El Bee. His name probably doesn't ring a bell with most of you because he is a certified "Invisible Legend of Hip Hop". He is one of the few people who helped mold and shape this thing we call Hip Hop. From b boying to break dancing to rocking the mic, M.C. El Bee has seen and done it all. Don't believe me? That's ok because Chuck D himself co-signed everything this brotha had to tell me.

M.C. El Bee has written a book titled "Invisible Legends of Hip Hop" and not only do we talk about the book but he had some choice words for comedian, Charlie Murphy. Check out how it all goes down below:

A part 2 will be coming shortly but please feel free to leave your thoughts.


Behind The Scenes: Reek Da Villain & Busta Rhymes In Studio

A few weeks ago my husband, Kraze, had the opportunity to go into the studio and film some behind the scenes moments with Reek Da Villain and Busta Rhymes. Reek is a new artist on the scene and he's rockin out with Busta. They have a great collabo together along with Swizz Beatz called "The Mechanic". Actually, I think they will be filming for that video this weekend if my memory serves me correctly. Just understand that my husband and I are putting in that work to get you guys some of the greatest content out there! Enjoy the studio session below:

And if you haven't heard "The Mechanic", check it out below:

Drake Has A Song Coming Out With Rihanna!!

All dating rumors aside, Drake and Rihanna have teamed up for a new song. Drake has high hopes for the new song but wasn't sure if he should have even spoke on the subject. He plays it off nice though.

Whether Drake has gotten over his heart break with Rihanna is neither here nor there but he is very excited about the collabo! Check out what Drake had to say about it below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!

New Video: Nelly - Just A Dream

Just got sent the visuals for Nelly's new video called "Just A Dream". I love the concept of the video. Marriage, house and car is the typical American dream. Everyone wants at least one of those items in their life or in their near future. I'm happy to say I have all three! God is soo good to me! POW! Enjoy the video below:

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the video!


Diggy Simons Talks Critics, Family & Kid Cudi/Wale Beef

If you don't know who Diggy Simmons is then you need to kill yourself! He is one of the sons to legendary rapper, Rev Run. He's also making a name for himself for his own lyrical talent. Unlike his older brother, Jo Jo, Diggy is making some really great strides in this industry. The masses are taking an extreme liking to Diggy. So when I got the email from Honey Magazine saying they sat down with Diggy and did a one on one interview, I had to check it out.

Honey did a dope interview and asked Diggy questions I would've wanted the answers to, so check out how it all went down below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!

New Video: Skillz ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Call Me Crazy

A few days ago I told you guys that Skillz was coming out with a new album. If you missed out on that (click here).

Anyway, during that post, I brought you guys a new joint from Skillz called "Call Me Crazy" featuring Raheem DeVaughn. Well, I just checked out On Smash, and sure enough they had the visuals for the song!! Check that out below:

And as always, please don't forget that Skillz' new album called "The World Needs More Skillz" will be out in stores on October 25th.

New Video: Keri Hilson - Breaking Point

Keri Hilson's new video was just leaked a few hours ago and it's called "Breaking Point". The video is something everyone can relate to. It's about a girl trying to get over a breakup and by doing so calls up all her friends to see what they are doing, switches her hair up and throws the ex's clothes off a balcony. LOL. I would say after that it should be over. Check it out for yourselves below:

Don't forget, Keri Hilson's new album "No Boys Allowed" should be coming out shortly. Unfortunately, I don't have a release date as of yet. :( Forgive me readers!

Juelz Santana & Kimbella Reveal Baby Boy

Recently I reported that Juelz Santana and video vixen, Kimbella, celebrated the birth of their new baby. At the time of the posting I didn't know if they had a baby girl or a baby boy. No one was giving out that information and no one seemed to have that information. However, lo and behold, I've got word that the two did indeed have a baby boy! Yay! I knew I was going to find out one way or the other.

I don't have the baby's name but I can tell you he was born on September 6th (Yay! A Virgo like me) and came in weighing at 5lbs 14oz. Check out a picture of the cutie below:

I don't know who the baby resembles yet but I can tell you this baby is too precious! And in more Kimbella news, I heard Kimbella did a sexy photoshoot while in her last trimester. I actually wanted to do a sexy photoshoot with my last baby but changed my mind. But you can check out Kimbella doing her thing below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!


New Music: Nicki Minaj - Right Through Me

Here's a new joint from Nicki Minaj called "Right Through Me". I'm being told this joint is going to be on her new album called "Pink Friday" which will be out in stores on November 23rd.

Now, I will warn you, the joint you are about to hear is not the typical Nicki Minaj you're used to. This is more of a Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera/Lady Gaga kind of joint. So it's definitely something different Nicki is working with. I'm just hoping that the other parts of the album are not like this. Take a listen below:

Please feel free to post your thoughts!

Behind The Scenes: Lloyd - Lay It Down

Got a hold of some behind the scenes footage of Lloyd's new video for "Lay It Down" courtesy of Rap-Up.com. I'm still not feeling the fact that Lloyd chopped off all of his beautiful hair but it's going to take me some time before I can accept that fact. But overall, Rap-Up did a great job at interviewing Lloyd and capturing what happened behind the scenes. Check it out below:

Lloyd's upcoming album "King Of Hearts" should be coming out soon!

Kim Kardashian & Chris Brown Are NOT Dating!!!

This week has been nothing but a rumor week. And I am sooo loving it! ;-) Anyway, the internet is going crazy about this rumor about Kim Kardashian dating Chris Brown. I wouldn't believe that one to save my life but apparently other folks are really feeding into this nonsense!

Well, Kim Kardashian has put those rumors to rest via her Twitter page and had this to say about the whole ordeal below:

"As much as I'd love to dispute every rumor, some are so ridiculous I just can't give them attention! I'd be on here all day tweeting!"

"BUT I have to say, I literally laughed out loud at these dating rumors today! Come on now MTO. I literally can't keep up anymore, not true!"

Seems like MediaTakeOut are the ones who started the rumor but now Kim Kardashian has ended them.

HHGS Rumors: Was L.A. Reid & The Dream Fired From Def Jam?!

Word according to Gyant Unplugged is that both L.A. Reid and The Dream have been fired from Def Jam!! The reason for the firing? Too much exuberant spending and not enough sales figures. How true this little tidbit is? I have no idea (as usual) but according to a different source over at That Grape Juice, those rumors are false. Check out "That Grape Juice's" story below:

Reports have been swirling today that Island Def Jam CEO, Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, had been fired from his post by the heads of the Universal Music Group. However, XXL magazine has received word from an official representative of the label who confirms that the rumours “are completely untrue and without merit”.

So, my question to you guys is, who do you believe? Do you believe Gyant Unplugged when he says Def Jam fired L.A. Reid and The Dream? Or do you believe "That Grape Juice" when they say they got first hand information that those rumors are false? I'm curious to hear your responses.


New Video: Faith Evans - Gone Already

Earlier today I gave you some behind the scenes footage of Faith Evans working on her new video. Well, lo and behold, that video is released! I don't know if they did the editing fast or if I was late with the posting of the behind the scenes but whatever the case is, it's here!! Enjoy "Gone Already" below:

Now that was one fancy video if I do say so myself! :)

Behind The Scenes: Faith Evans - Gone Already

Faith Evans is working hard these days promoting her new album. She was caught working behind the scenes of her new video for "Gone Already". Faith goes into detail about the visual behind the song and let's the world know that she hasn't gone anywhere! Enjoy the behind the scenes below:

Don't forget, Faith's new album, "Something About Faith" will be in stores on October 5th. And to listen to "Gone Already" in it's entirety, check it out below:

Monica & Neyo Host Porsche's Dance Till Dusk Event

This past weekend Monica and Neyo teamed up to host Porsche's "Dance Till Dusk" event. The event was held in Atlanta at a private mansion to introduce Porsche's newest addition, the 2011 Cayenne. Check out a photo of the Cayenne below:

Tons of celebrities and taste makers enjoyed a night of test driving, socializing and limitless hors d'oeuvres. Enjoy some more pics from the event below:

For those with some real bread....would you go out and purchase the new Cayenne? I'm curious!

New Video: N.O.R.E. - Nutcracker (Official Video)

N.O.R.E. released his full video for his new joint called "Nutcracker". The video also pays homage to Public Enemy by featuring Flavor Flav. The track is a remake to Public Enemy's "I Can't Do Nothing For You Man" and I think N.O.R.E. did a good job. Enjoy the video below:

Feel free to post your thoughts!


HHGS Rumors: Did Toya Carter Get Married Over The Weekend?

There's this little internet rumor floating around on lots of sites about Antonia Carter (Lil Wayne's ex-wife) and Memphitz tying the knot this past weekend. How true this is? I have no idea but if it is true than "Congratulations" are in order!

According to All Hip Hop, the wedding will be a part of Toya's solo reality show coming soon to BET. There's also another rumor stating that Toya is preggers. Again, I don't know if this is true but it makes for a good reading huh? Whatchu know about dat?!

HHGS Exclusive: Nelly Talks Apple Bottoms Clothing, Fragrance, Eva Pigford & More

Earlier this afternoon I stopped by Macy's in Herald Square to do an interview with rapper, Nelly. I was ready with my questions and was wondering what was going on with Apple Bottoms lately. Between Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat I don't know which jean fits me better. They both hug my curves in just the right places. But I couldn't wait to hear what Nelly was going to tell me about the resurrgence of the new line and also his new fragrance coming out (also called Apple Bottoms). Check that out below:

I also wanted to find out if Apple Bottoms was switching things up since, I saw at one point, Eva Pigford was modelling for the line. I thought maybe they were going for a more coutoured look but here is what Nelly had to say about all of that below:

Don't forget Nelly's new album "5.0" will be in stores November 16th!!


New Video: Rihanna - Who's That Chick?

Rihanna just debuted her new video called "Who's That Chick?" and I don't know about you but this new joint sounds more like the old Rihanna when she first came out. Her look and style are a little more vibrant for this video as well. I'm hoping she's going to be leaving that "all black everything" movement for some more playful colors.

While watching the video I felt like there was something missing. I felt like sunglass entrepreneurs "Coco & Breezy" were supposed to be in the video, but hey, that's just me! Enjoy the video below:

As always feel free to post your thoughts on the video.

New Video: Wacka Flocka - For My Dawgs

Here's another video from Wacka Flocka called "For My Dawgs". The video was shot in my hometown of Queens county and will be featured on Wacka's new album "Flockaveli".

I'm curious to find out what you guys think of the new joint. I'll save my own opinion for another day but for now you can check out the video below:

For more information on Wacka Flocka and everything he has going on be sure to log onto his website (www.wakaflocka1017.com).

Skillz Is Coming Back With A New Album

Say word the big homie, Skillz, is going to be coming out with another album?! One of my favorite lyricists, Skillz, is going to be bringing the Hip Hop world that FIRE on October 25th! The new album is titled "The World Needs More Skillz" and will be released via E1 Music. This will be Skillz' follow up to his 2008 album "The Million Dollar Back Pack". But don't fret about the gaps in between albums because you know each and every year Skillz will recap the year with his infamous year end rap up songs.

And for those of you who haven't heard Skillz' lead single off the album called "Call Me Crazy" featuring Raheem DeVaughn, check it out below:

This is sooo sexy! Feel free to post your thoughts!


Kanye West On XXL

Thanks to the good people over at XXL, I got my hands on their October issue which features Kanye West on the cover. The new issue will be out on stands on September 28th and will also have stories on Kid Cudi, Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music family, Wiz Khalifa and the top 10 producers turned rappers of all time.

Here are some quotes from Mr. West below:

In his candid cover story, Ye speaks on the reaction he received from the infamous 2009 MTV Video Music Awards debacle. “I stress that the incident wasn’t about Taylor personally,” he explains in the story. “And it definitely wasn’t about race. Where I messed up is, at the end of the day, it’s your show, Taylor. It’s your show, MTV.”

“The relationship with the public and with your fans is like the relationship with your girlfriend,” he adds. “How could I not, at a certain point, be like, ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been at the awards show. I’m sorry.’ Not that I don’t deserve to get beat up or change who I am inside, to make sure that that doesn’t happen again.”

Mr. West said that, following his VMA outburst, he immediately dedicated himself to the studio. “I knew I wasn’t in a great spot publicly after the incident, but I would just block it out and work as hard as possible and let my work be my saving grace,” he shared. “In a way, I had thrown a Molotov cocktail at my own career, and it gave me an opportunity, for the first time, to go away and find out who I was. Because I felt very alone.”

Will you be picking up a copy?

Behind The Scenes: N.O.R.E. - Nutcracker

The N.O.R.E. is back with a solo joint called "Nutcracker". And if I may give you my opinion, is one of the best N.O.R.E. songs to date!! Real Hip Hop heads give salute to this new joint. The song starts off with Flava Flav in the beginning....because anyone who's heard N.O.R.E.'s "Nutcracker" knows it originates from Public Enemy's "I Can't Do Nothing For You Man". This was the shit back in the day and N.O.R.E. makes sure it's the shit for today as well. If you ever watched the classic movie "House Party" then you know that Public Enemy's "I Can't Do Nothing For You Man" was one of the joints they were playing when John Witherspoon was calling the cops on Kid N Play. Yes! I'm bringing it wayyy back!

But back to the present, I believe N.O.R.E. out did himself with this new joint and I can't wait for the video! For now, you can enjoy some behind the scenes moments from the making of "Nutcracker" below:

And here's Public Enemy's joint, just in case you had no idea what I was talking about:

You want $6 for what?! Man! You better kiss my butt!! POW!!! Flava Flav is the son, Public Enemy's number 1!