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Hip Hop Gossip Shot: Nicki Minaj & Drake!!

The above photo is of Nicki Minaj and Drake going in for a kiss for Nicki's newest video for "Moment For Life". This is one of my favorite joints on Pink Friday and I can't wait for some behind the scenes footage or a video snippet to emerge!

Judging from the looks of the photo, I can truly say Nicki Minaj has a good video concept up her sleeves for the masses. Shouts to HipHopConnection for the heads up! You guys can feel free to post your thoughts if you want.

Raz B Avoids The Chris Brown Questions

Raz B seems to be at the forefront of a Twitter beef between himself and Chris Brown. And although Raz B started the argument, Chris Brown surely finished it for him. My Momma always told me "Don't look for trouble, let trouble find you", "And if trouble finds you, make sure it won't find you anymore when you're done".

Make a long story short, Chris Brown ended up apologizing for something (that in my opinion) he didn't need to apologize for. Again, that's just my opinion. Nevertheless, Raz B along with his brother, Ricky Romance, decided to take a break from the drama and make a milkshake for the children of an agency called "Childs Help". Check out some photos from that event below:

Raz B with his milkshake:

But to switch things up a little, HipHollywood.com decided to ask Raz B if he accepted Chris Brown's apology. See what happens when they did that below:

I'm really curious to find out if Raz B accepted the apology. What are your thoughts?

Who's Signing To Young Money? T-Pain Or Joe Budden?

The internet world is going crazy over who the next artist will be to sign to the Young Money camp. Many bloggers and websites have made their own assumptions about who the lucky artist will be and upon doing a little research, I came across two videos that might have some answers for you guys.

The first video I came across is from VladTV.com, where DJ Vlad meets with the Young Money jeweler from Rafaello & Co. The jeweler shows Vlad a unique piece with the Young Money logo that was made specifically for T-Pain. The jeweler goes on to say that T-Pain is supposed to be signing with Young Money. Could this be true? Could the Nappy Boy enterprises be teaming up with Young Money? And if so, will this be a good look? Not sure. But you guys can check out the video from Vlad below:

The next video I found was courtesy of JumpOff.TV where a group of folks debated about who the next Young Money artist will be. The group consisted of Joe Budden, Low Key from YouHeardThatNew.com, Valerie Lora, Glenny Kravits and Raqi Thunda. During their discussion it's jokingly suggested that maybe Joe Budden is the new artist. Check out that video below:

For some reason, I thought Lloyd was going to be down with Young Money? I don't know why I thought that though. I guess we will just have to wait and see. What are your thoughts?

Behind The Scenes: Kanye West - All Of The Lights

It looks like Hollywood.TV went through some great lengths to get the behind the scenes look at Kanye West's new video for "All Of The Lights". At around the 0:17 mark, you will see security telling Hollywood.TV to turn their cameras off. Then in the next couple of scenes it looks as if Hollywood.TV had to go on top of a building to shoot or ask a tenant to utilize their apartment window to get some footage. LOL! Check out what I mean below:

It looks like websites will go through anything to get that footage. Talk about go getters huh? I guess a "Thank You" for the footage is in order!! THANKS GUYS!!!

Foxy Brown & AllHipHop.com Are Not Getting Along

Foxy Brown is having one hell of a year end. It seems folks are trying to test my girl, Foxy Brown, in one way or another but Foxy Brown is not one to keep quiet. So here is what happened:

AllHipHop.com posted a story on their site yesterday stating that Foxy Brown was teaming up with rapper Rekage to come out with a new single titled "U Ain't Ruff Enuff" which was being released on New Year's Day. The article also states that Foxy Brown's single will be available on iTunes tomorrow.

This would all have been a small thing if it was true. But unfortunately, according to Foxy Brown, the whole article is a haux!! Check out what Foxy Brown had to say about the article via Twitter below:

Damn, I cant even mourn in peace without some bullshit being posted….If yall dont hear it from a MARCHAND (Inga, Gavin or Anton) its bullshit! Fox will be on Hot 97 next week addressing everything….and “The Massacre” continues!

Just got the call…allhiphop.com still posting fake ass FOX news!! The dickridin’ continues! Since yall niggas wanna lie to the streets, disrespect my fans and post fuckrie….I’m addressing it all tonite baby! NO…I am NOT droppin’ a single called “rough whatever” Jan 1st or never!!

And contrary to the bullshit that was posted…”Christmas Massacre” is NOT supporting homegirl and dissin’ shorty! “Massacre” is……….the response to bitches thinkin’ its sweet insinuating my name in that beef! “Machine Gun Kelly” bitch!! I am the streets! I aint’ taking NO sides….FOX stand alone!

So allhiphop ran a bullshit story! I’m repped by the Marchands NOT Bernadette Brennan. Marvet Britto’s the ONLY woman…who at the helm spearheaded Team FOX. Just one mention of “Massacre” got the internet on fire!!! Everybody know Minaj is my homie! So yall already know what it is….

Let me correct all the erroneous shit written by allhiphop…. “If ANY of my lyrics are on ANY song they were STOLEN without my consent”. And everybody quoted in that fraudulent article will be hit wit a lawsuit immediately. What “label” are they talking about? My attorney and I are in the process of negotiating the best deals….although I know where I need to be! I’m appalled they callously used the death in my family as a promotional platform for their upcoming artist. FOX is NOT affiliated with Bernadette Brennan or anyone else mentioned in that ficticious article. NO single will be sold on itunes Jan 1st.

Lastly, I dont appreciate my fans being lied to. Nothing in that story was truth. Stealing a multi-plat artists lyrics w/o my consent…….is not only an incredible lawsuit but a disrespect to my craft, my legacy and my fans. If MARY J or LAURYN HILL recorded a session……..in a studio while creating their album and decided to go with a hotter joint, who the fuck gives anyone in that studio the audacity to……experiment wit a seasoned artists music?? And throw ur unknown artist on MY song without my consent, on some secret society shit then…….w/o FOX hearing or approving anything, these bastards “Biggz I trusted u” had the fuckin’ nerve to put a fake press release out lying! I see I’ve been letting too much shit pass…….maturation FOX been too nice so yall must want GUN COCK! allhiphop….like Jay said “yall need to double check ur story”!

As for that bullshit press release… I’m furious! But I’m still grieving and I luv GOD for real, so I pray for revelation and he reveals….the snakes, haters, frauds! My lawyers informed itunes that this “song” is NOT approved and my lyrics were stolen. My mom just said……”Ing I always tell u, when a person shows u who they are….believe them.”

FOX “Christmas Massacre” (the massacre continues…) & my New joint wit BABY CHAM “Dutty ti Tingz” coming soon!! I never tweeted this much ever! But yall know how much I luv my fans so I hope I cleared up any misconceptions about allhiphop & “Massacre!”

Just wanna thank yall for ridin’ so hard for Boogie…Luv yall. U know the Team FOX saying…..”ANYTHING FOX I’M IT”!!!

Why can't yall leave Foxy Brown alone?! Let the woman live already! Do you have any thoughts on this whole ordeal? I need to know!

Lauryn Hill Tells Fans She's Worth The Wait

Lauryn Hill recently did a concert in Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. And as the internet has been reporting lately, Lauryn Hill is not one to be on time for these shows so many fans were upset and disappointed. Some fans even chose to make signs stating "You just lost one" and "Insulting". So when Lauryn Hill saw that, she had some choice words for the crowd. Check out how it all went down below:

What are your thoughts on what Lauryn Hill had to say to her disappointed fans? Was she right or wrong? I need to know.


New Video: Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj - Monster

Here is the long awaited video from Kanye West featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj called "Monster". I couldn't wait to see the final product of the video since the video snippet had my interest peeked! If you missed out on the video snippet (click here).

Anywho, according to the radio version of the song, Rick Ross comes on the track first to spit his verse, however, in the video, Rick Ross is only seen for a second and his verse is never shown. ?

Kanye West starts things off, Jay Z adds his flavor after Kanye and Nicki Minaj showcases her ass during her verse. I'm not sure what any of it had to do with being a "Monster" but I'll let you guys check out the new video below:

Any thoughts?


Chris Brown Goes Off On Raz B Via Twitter

It looks like Raz B done started a heated argument on Twitter over a comment he posted about Chris Brown and Eric Benet. I'm not really sure what prompted Raz B to say what he did but some folks seem to think that Raz B will do anything at this point for some attention. Check out the tweet that's got Chris Brown in an uproar below:

When Chris Brown got wind of this comment he went in on the former B2K member! Check out Chris Brown's response to Raz B's tweet below:

I don't know what's going to happen next but I'm waiting on Eric Benet's response!! ;-)

Salute Our Troops!!

This New Year's let's celebrate by saluting our soldiers overseas! Thanks to CNN, families and friends now have the amazing opportunity to send their loved ones in the Armed Forces a digital salute with custom audio, photos, and messaging! I've included the video that demonstrates how to do it below:

And if you are interested in creating your own salute to that special soldier (click here).

Trick Daddy Autograph Signing

Many artists are starting to come out with their own books and Trick Daddy is no different. Trick Daddy's new book is titled "Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son" and is out in stores and online now. The book was co-written by Peter Bailey who is also the narrator of the clip below:

Trick Daddy wants you to know that his book is not going to be about glorifying Miami but exposing what goes on in the neighborhoods. Trick Daddy wants you to know about his experiences in the sunny state. Check out what he had to say about the book below:

"They glorified Miami like it's a beautiful place, a beautiful city," he explained. "Miami don't got all the pretty women." He continued, "Crackheads are my best friends, and all the dope they was talking about in [the 2006 documentary] 'Cocaine Cowboys,' we were the ones that sold it. We killed each other over it and we were the ones that became addicted to it. Our kids' kids will still have to pay for this in years to come."

And here's a little excerpt from the book below:

Trick Daddy was born a thug—just a stone’s throw from downtown Miami, yet a world away from its dazzling beauty and sparkling wealth. Where grinding poverty, deadly crime, and devastating racial tension taught kids to live by the ‘hood rules. Remarkably, Trick came from nothing and made it big just when his chances had run out. Magic City is the extraordinary tale of a boy whose father was a pimp, who learned to hustle to survive, and whose only role model was his brother, the drug dealer he watched plying his trade on the block.

Will be getting yourself a copy? I need to know!

New Music & Making Of Speechless With Swizz, Alicia & EVE

Alicia Keys has teamed up with hubby, Swizz Beatz, for production on a new joint titled "Speechless" and asked Ruff Ryder chick, EVE, to come along for the ride. The song is dedicated to Alicia and Swizzy's new baby boy, Egypt, and here is what Alicia Keys had to say about the song via Twitter below:

"Speechless is a little freestyle treat 4 the holidays. It's not a new album, not a single it's something special 4 U! My gift to you … a little song about my lil guy love to you….let's make 2011 incredible!!!"

If you have not heard the song yet, you can check it out below:

And here is what happens in the studio when you get big dogs like Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and EVE together below:

I'm loving Alicia Keys' sweater!! Where did she get that? Any thoughts?

Tyler Perry's House Was Broken Into!!

A teenager by the name of Chloe Ware was arrested and charged with breaking and entering the home of Tyler Perry. Chloe Ware is only 18 years of age and was quickly detained by security once she entered Tyler Perry's mansion which is located in Paces Ferry, Atlanta.

Chloe Ware was caught around 4am and was accompanied by 2 other teenagers but the other teenagers fled the scene and have not been caught as of yet. That is until Chloe Ware starts snitching because I'm hearing Tyler Perry is pissed off and will make sure this teenager gets the maximum punishment.

I'm sure Tyler Perry will get his way since the whole incident was caught on surveillance tape. Tyler Perry was so outraged that he took to his message board and said this about the incident below:

When I built my house three years ago, I remember having an argument with my security team because I thought what they were doing was overkill. After listening to their side, I gave in and let them do what they wanted. So, on my property there are cameras everywhere, night vision cameras, sensor lighting, laser sensors, underground laser sensors, a guard dog, 24-hour armed bodyguards and a few other things that I can't mention. When it was done, I was thinking, "This is ridiculous, I don't need all of this crap!" That was until tonight. Last night I was home in bed on a high from these kids. At about 3am my phone rings. This special line never rings in my house, so I knew something was wrong. I answered and I hear this voice say, "Sir, I need you to be alert. There are three intruders on the property." It was my security. I sat straight up thinking, "You have got to be kidding me!"

The phone rings again a short time later and it was my security team saying that they had apprehended the intruder and the police were talking to the person now. When the police asked the person what they were doing, the answer was they were looking for money. He also recognized this person from another attempted home invasion down the street from me. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I was so mad! I have worked my entire life being homeless, broke, struggling and hungry, but I would never rob anybody. What happened to making your own way? What happened to honesty and integrity? What happened to doing the right thing so that God can bless you? Man oh man, this made me upset!

I will be on the phone with the D.A.'s office and the Chief of Police in a little bit to make sure that these other people are caught and that all of them are prosecuted to the fullest. I will give 'till I can't give anymore. That's my heart, but to try and rob, or steal from me! If all three of them were looking for trouble they found it!

A picture of Chloe Ware is below:

What are your thoughts on this situation?


New Video: M.I.M.S. - Vroom Vroom

M.I.M.S. is back with a new joint titled "Vroom Vroom". The video was written and directed by my husband, Kraze Billings, and is just a slight glimpse of what you can expect to see in the future with M.I.M.S.

I wish M.I.M.S. would put out some more material but I guess people work at their own pace. Whatever works right? Anyhow, check out the video below and let me know if it's something worth listening to or are you dissin it?:

If you are interested in getting a video done for yourself, hit me up at viv.nycgossipgirl@gmail.com and I'll see what my husband can do for you!

Flavor Flav To Release An Autobiography

Yeahhhhh Boyyyeeeeee!!!! Flavor Flav is coming out with his very own autobiography titled "ICON". The book will be about Flav's integral part of being in one of the most influential rap groups of all time, "Public Enemy", his reality show experiences and his drug habits. The book, "ICON", will be out in book stores in March of 2011 and can be pre-ordered via Amazon.com.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Chuck D earlier this year so I can't wait for Flavor Flav's book. I'm hearing the brother has been through a lot although many people are already putting out their own two cents about the book. Until you walk in someone else's shoes, you should never judge! Believe that!!

Nicki Minaj Covers KING Magazine

Nicki Minaj is on everyone's hot list so it's about time that "KING" magazine has finally got her on the cover of their magazine. The issue will be out next month for "KING's" March/April 2011 issue. I'm sure this will be a certified "sold out" issue! I can almost guarantee it! Enjoy some more photos and a snippet from the interview below:

King Interview w/Nicki Minaj:

KING: History has shown that acting is the likeliest transition for rappers. Considering your background, do you want to dabble in Hollywood?
NICKI MINAJ: Of course.

What would be your dream role?
I’d like to play someone in a Tim Burton movie, where I get dressed up and painted and crazy.

You kind of do that now.
Then I want to be able to do some action stuff, like Angelina Jolie.

Like in Salt?
Yes! And then I’d like to just play a regular girl who, you know, is facing the world. Something really sentimental and organic, that girls all around the world can identify with. You know, how Jada Pinkett Smith did in Jason’s Lyric.

Classic film. You did mention earlier how everything has been time consuming. But when that time frees up, what kind of guy do you look for to be sentimental and organic with?
Um, I look for someone who is calm, someone who is strong enough to not have to win every argument, someone who allows a woman to be her crazy self and someone with a conscience not to feel less of a man. You know, someone who is able to honor his woman but also bring out the freak in his woman.

How should your Ken bring out the freak in you, Barbie?
Just being super aggressive when the time is right.

Are we talking about Mortal Kombat–style “Come here” aggression?
Just something that makes me feel like they’re in control, when we are behind closed doors.

Awhile back Nicki Minaj turned down "KING" magazine's offer because it was something she didn't want to do in her career just yet. If you don't remember Nicki saying that, watch the clip below:

I'm guessing she's over herself now. ;-) But let me ask yall a question? Did she make it crazy enough for "KING" or is this something we expected from her? I need to know!

Brandy Gets A New Tattoo

Brandy was recently caught getting a tattoo on her left forearm. Ouch! That has got to hurt!!

Brandy is known to have a couple of tattoos and was quoted saying to "Sister 2 Sister" that she regrets getting tattoos because they will shrivel up when she's 80. At least that's what Brandy tried telling her daughter when she asked to get one. ;-) Nevertheless, Brandy went out and got a Hindu God named Ganesh tatted on her arm and this is how it turned out below:

The Hindu God Ganesh is a God who removes all obstacles from one's life. I might need to get a tat of Ganesh on my shoulder or something. What do you think?


Trina Gives Back To The Holtz Children's Hospital

The Diamond Princess herself, Trina, gave back to children in need for this holiday season. In her effort to raise the awareness for hospitalized and foster children during the holiday season, Trina and the Diamond Doll Foundation distributed toys collected from the Jingle Bell Toy Drive & Fashion Show held during the 6th Annual Florida Entertainment Summit to children at Holtz Children's Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Miami.

Some toys and holiday gifts collected at the Jingle Bell Toy Drive & Fashion Show were distributed to patients’ ages 18 months to 21 years of age. The remaining toys will be distributed to His House Children’s Home, an agency providing residential care for abused, neglected and drug exposed children in a campus home-like setting. Check out more photos below:

The children were happy to receive the holiday gifts but were more excited by Trina’s presence which brought the Diamond Doll’s Foundation Founder to tears at various points during her toy distribution. Trina put on her shades to help hide her tears of joy from the overwhelming response from the children. One child said, “I love you so much I just want to see your eyes”. Trina humbly obliged by removing her shades and exposing her tearful eyes. Trina explained, “Maybe we’ll do Christmas in July next time and I’ll come back and visit the children since that meant a lot to them”.

I'm loving the positivity!! Much love and respect Trina!!


Teena Marie Has Passed Away!!

I hate to report that Teena Marie has passed away today. According to a Philly radio station (WDAS-FM), the singer has been confirmed to have passed today but according to a couple of folks on my Facebook page, it seems that Teena Marie's daughter found her dead in her home. The cause of death is not yet known but the media has been made aware of the situation and details are still pending.

My heartfelt prayers are with Teena Marie's family and friends! But to celebrate the memory of Teena Marie, here is one of my favorite duets of all time below:

May Teena Marie rest in peace!!

VIP Access With Usher At His After Party

The big homie, Steph Lova, formerly of Hot 97 & Power 105 is truly holding down the fort out in Washington DC. She recently attended an Usher after party for his OMG tour at club Ibiza with Fatman Scoop on the 1's and 2's.

To say the party was bananas is an understatement but you can check out Steph Lova and a couple of her celebrity friends in the clip below:

Steph Lova VIP Access with Usher (OMG Concert Afterparty) from PhrNetwork on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!

New Music: Ron Browz ft. Red Cafe - I'm Smacked

Ron Browz has teamed up with Red Cafe for a new joint titled "I'm Smacked". I have to say that as of lately, Red Cafe has been coming with some really good music. I actually heard this being played on Hot 97 the other day and was like who the hell is this?! Then DJ Enuff announced that it was a new joint from Ron Browz and Red Cafe.

So as much as I liked the song, I'm sure you will to. Check it out below:

So what are your thoughts? Feeling it or not? I need to know! I can hear this in the club making all the ladies go crazy!!

Behind The Scenes: Hot 97's Christmas Concert w/Nicki Minaj

Some of you may know that Hot 97 had a Christmas concert last night featuring Fabolous, Lloyd Banks and headliner, Nicki Minaj. Well, what you will not hear is that there was major drama behind the scenes with Lloyd Banks and Fabolous. Apparently, Lloyd Banks did not want to open for Fabolous and Fabolous did not want to open for Lloyd Banks. The show was supposed to go as follows: Lloyd Banks performs 1st, Fabolous 2nd & Nicki Minaj last.

However, Lloyd Banks did not want to perform because 50 Cent was late. But here's the catch.....50 Cent was going to come with Lil Kim!!! Talk about starting some shit right?! So because there was a major hold up and some money issues with the promoter, Lloyd Banks NEVER performed last night and Fabolous refused to perform first so Nicki Minaj being the hardworker she is performed first. Here is how she came out below:

Fabolous of course performed last and I'm told Fred The Godson actually opened the show. The Nicki Minaj footage is courtesy of my husband "Kraze" of IndustryMuscle.com! POW!!!


HHGS Exclusive: NYC Gossip Girl Interviews Reek Da Villian & Busta

Last night I headed out to the HK Lounge to do my interview with Reek Da Villian and Busta Rhymes. Reek Da Villian was doing interviews to promote his new mixtape titled "The Gift" which is out today! The mixtape's title speaks volumes since it's free and so is his DVD. Talk about a great stocking stuffer.

Anywho, as I got my chance to interview Reek we talked about a few things and one of them being, how did he hook up with Busta, who's featured on the mixtape and more! Check out how that all went down below:

And just as a little teaser, here's a new joint from Reek called "One More" which is one of my personal favorites on the mixtape below:

Any thoughts?

Fantasia Will Not Be Sued By Antwaun Cook's Wife!!

Do you guys know just how relieved Fantasia is right now? A sigh of relief has swept over her and it's only right. After being put in the middle of a love triangle and being lied to, one can only think Fantasia's problems couldn't get any worse. That is until Paula Cook, Antwaun's wife, AKA Fantasia's boo, decided to use the "Alienation of Affection" claus on her.

If found guilty, Fantasia could've been sued for a substantial amount of money just for messing around with Antwaun. That's enough to send any female over the edge. However, the judge presiding over the case ruled that Antwaun Cook was indeed separated from his wife when he started messing with Fantasia. Now, Paula Cook can leave Fantasia the hell alone and move on with her divorce.

There's nothing worse than a woman who can't accept the fact that her man doesn't want her anymore! Now, let the church say AMEN!!

Music Snippet: Willow Smith - Rockstar

Willow Smith is hard at work preparing for her debut album which is expected in 2011. With the success of "Whip My Hair", I was wondering when the little superstar was coming out with her follow up joint. The answer was given to me while searching the internet and I came up with a snippet of a song called "Rockstar". Check out "Rockstar" below:

Any thoughts on the snippet? Also, do you think the new joint "Rockstar" will have the same effect as "Whip My Hair" did? I need to know!!

Joelle Ortiz Performing @ SOB's Last Night!!

Joelle Ortiz performed at SOB's last night and my HipHopGossipSite.com family was there to capture how it all went down!

Joelle Ortiz happens to be doing his thing in the industry and I hope he keeps up the good work. We need to bring New York back and I'm rooting for Joelle Ortiz as well as Maino and Reek Da Villian and Fred The Godson and Cory Gunz to keep the movement going!! Well, enough about that and check out Joelle's performance below:

Yaowa!!! That "Yaowa" movement is crazy!!


Reek Da Villian Presents "The Gift" Mixtape

Busta Rhyme's protege, Reek Da Villian, is coming out with a new mixtape tomorrow titled "The Gift". A very unique way for a mixtape to come out right before Christmas, but whatever works right? Anywho, I have gotten a sneak peek of the mixtape and I can tell you it's HAWT!!!

In fact, my husband shot the visuals for Reek's commercial for the mixtape! Check that out below:

I will also be interviewing Reek tonight about the new mixtape and working with Busta Rhyme's so stay tuned for that exclusive!!


Cipha Sounds Might Lose His Job Over Haitian Comments

It seems like Cipha Sounds' mouth has gotten him into some really hot water with the Haitian community. If you don't know who Cipha Sounds is, he is one of the morning show hosts on Hot 97 alongside Peter Rosenberg and Kay Foxx.

On Friday, December 17th, Cipha Sounds stated that he has not contracted the HIV virus because he hasn't slept with any Haitian women. This comment in itself has caused an outrage with the Haitian community and I can understand why. The comment is a pure insult. It's like telling me that you wouldn't mess around with a Puerto Rican woman because all we are known for is having sex and making babies.....which by the way is sooo not true, so if you thought that you outta be ashamed of yourself!

Make a long story short, Cipha Sounds did end up apologizing for the comment but it seems that his apology is not enough. It seems that there is or already has been a protest and the Haitian community is looking for Cipha Sounds to get fired from his job. Check out how it all went down below:

My question to you guys is....do you think the apology was enough? Or do you think Cipha Sounds should get fired? I'm curious to hear what you have to say.

Diddy & His Dirty Money Crew On Chelsea Lately

Diddy and his Dirty Money crew showed up for an interview last night on the Chelsea Lately show. It seems that Diddy had Chelsea waiting a little too long for the interview so she decided to rip him a new asshole during the interview and constantly called him "girlfriend" too. Hmmm?

Although other sites are saying this was funny, I sensed a serious tone in Diddy's voice when he was like "Yo! No disrespect but I will pull out my schlong right now!". I would have given my right arm to see that happen! But I'll let you guys check it out for yourselves below:

What are your thoughts on the interview? I need to know!

New Video: YG ft. 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg - Toot It & Boot It (Remix)

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday I was featured on Shade 45's "Miss Mimi show". While on the show, Miss Mimi played various music but one song in particular stuck in my head and that was a song by YG featuring 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg called "Toot It & Boot It". All I could remember from the song was that 50 Cent was on it and I loved the beat. After doing research on YG and then doing an article, I couldn't wait for the video to the remix song to come out. YG had a video for "Toot It & Boot It" but it wasn't the remix nor did it feature 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

So I'm happy to say that YG decided to put out the video to the remix featuring 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg!! I'm soo loving this song right now!! I hope you enjoy it as well. Check it out below:

By the way, did yall peep the little dance they made up to go along with the song? A little dip and kick!! POW!!!


Unsigned Hype: Lo Smooth - Somehow (Official)

Friend to the site, Lo Smooth, has sent me the newest visual to his new joint called "Somehow" featuring Chansz. The song "Somehow" is getting constant rotation on Power 105 and is one of the hottest joints from Lo Smooth thus far. I don't know about anyone else but every time I hear a Lo Smooth joint I feel like screaming the last word of my sentence. ;-) Gotta love the hustle and grind! Check out the newest joint "Somehow" below:

Any thoughts on the new joint?

Matt Barnes Get’s Put On Blast On Twitter!!!!


Matt Barnes and his "alleged" cheating ways have finally caught up with him via Twitter. Yesterday, a video vixen from Atlanta stated that Matt has been cheating on his fiancé, Gloria Govan, with her for some time now. It seems that Matt has recently pissed off this video vixen and what better way to put Matt on blast than Twitter!

The woman made countless tweets claiming she “f*cked him and she is the reason he was fighting with Gloria”. If you guys don't remember, back in the summer, there were numerous reports claiming that Matt Barnes had an altercation with Gloria. However, it was never revealed why the cops were called and apparently it was all a misunderstanding.

Well here is a look at the chick who claims she is the reason Matt won’t marry Gloria:


Here are tweets and texts between Matt Barnes and the video vixen below:


Hmmm! It all seems like a big mess if you ask me. Twitter is breaking up homes everyday. Please leave your comment because we want to know what you think.

Steve Harvey Says Men & Women Cannot Be Friends

So Steve Harvey is dropping some jewels on all of you folks out there huh? In this quick, candid clip, you will hear Steve Harvey give you the reasoning behind his theory of why men and women cannot be friends. I do have to say that Steve Harvey does have a valid point. However, I'm not sure if all men feel the same way. But I'll let you guys be the judge of that. Check it out for yourselves below:

I'm curious to find out how many women will be calling their "male friends" after this to find out if their male friends would want to date them! ;-) I'm just saying!!

Don't forget Steve Harvey's new book titled "Straight Talk, No Chaser" is in book stores now!

New Video: Jim Jones ft. Rell - Blow Your Smoke

This new Jim Jones featuring Rell joint is crazy sexy!! Not sure if you guys have heard it yet or not but it's rockin in my car and it's called "Blow Your Smoke". I believe every hard core artist should always do at least one joint for the ladies. It makes for longevity in this industry and Jim Jones knew exactly what he was doing with this joint!

Although the lyrics are for the fellas, the beat is definitely something for the ladies and the video ain't half bad either. So check out the new video below:

By the way, where the hell has Rell been at?!! At least we know he's doing hooks! ;-)

There Is NO Nicki Minaj Sex Tape!!!

Word on the internet curb is that Nicki Minaj has an "alleged" sex tape being auctioned to the highest bidder. According to MediaTakeOut.com, they had a private viewing of the sex tape and apparently the chick in the video resembles Nicki. Here's my thing....just because someone looks like Nicki doesn't mean it's Nicki!! The site also had a still shot from the "alleged" sex tape and I will tell you that whoever the chick is in the video, it's not Nicki. And more importantly, the chick doesn't even resemble Nicki all that much. See for yourselves below:

The only thing that resembles Nicki is the Cleopatra wig. Other than that, the chick is a little on the thick side and if you seen Nicki in person she's really a little petite chick. So what this all boils down to is, believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see! I'm through with this!


Kandi Burress Responds To Tameka Raymond Tweets

It's sad to think that after the divorce papers are signed and sealed away, women still tend to think their ex is still a part of their lives. In some instances this circumstance rings true but it should only be true if there are kids involved. Outside of that, the previous statement should never ring true. So when Kandi Burress of "Real Housewives of ATL" made a joke about Usher, I was shocked to find out that Tameka Raymond did not take it lightly. If you don't know what I am talking about (click here).

Everything was left at a stand still because Tameka stated she doesn't go back and forth on Twitter. Tameka stated she only deals with real conversations and that was the end of that.....until now!! Check out what Kandi had to say about the situation below courtesy of KarenCivil.com:

I like both Kandi and Tameka but I have to say that I agree with Kandi on this one. Tameka and Usher are the past and no one thinks about hurting Tameka's feelings when they talk about Usher. As Kandi said, no one thinks about Tameka when they think about Usher! POW!!

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