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Mother-In-Laws Gone Wild

What do you do when your soon to be mother-in-law doesn't like you? Better yet, what do you do when your soon to be mother-in-law comes out with a diss record about you? And what happens when that mother-in-law of yours happens to be the Mom of one of the hottest rappers out? It kind of puts you in a dilemma right? What do you do? What do you say? How do you respond? Or do you just sit back and stay quiet?

What I'm trying to get at is this.....Jim Jones mom's (Mama Jones) recently made a record. And unfortunately, it was a diss record towards Jim Jones girl/soon to be wife, Chrissy Lampkin. Check out the song for yourselves below:

I'm wondering how Jim Jones feels about his Moms doing this? Was this really called for? What is Chrissy saying or thinking about this? I do know Jim Jones loves his Momma, but he also loves Chrissy! This is a tough one! But check out what Juelz Santana had to say about Jim Jones and Chrissy (around the 2:10 mark) courtesy of AllHipHop.com below:

Thoughts peoples? Any advice you can give Chrissy? I'm listening!

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