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HHGS Exclusive Interview: Winsome Diva Interviews Peta Parka


There is a lot of talent out here that we don’t get to see everyday and last week I got to discover some of that talent. I got to catch to catch up with Hip-Hop sensation, PETA PARKA. Some of you may know this amazing artist and some of you may not. Find out some of the struggles that Peta has went through in this industry and how he got ideas to write songs like the great single "Beautiful".

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Now recently I got the chance to hear your music and I was very impressed.
“Thank You.”

I really like the song "Beautiful". Let me ask you when you’re writing songs like that they sound like they’re really from heart. What gives you the ideas and inspiration to write songs like that?
“That particular song, I was motivated by my actual experiences dealing with the music industry. When I first came in I was a little younger. When I first got into the industry, I had just got out of high school. There had been experiences where it kind of delayed my career because I was learning on the go and putting a lot of trust in  different people. When I heard that beat it put me in a reminisce state and I just started thinking about all the past leading up to me coming back again. That was kind of the motivation for that song. It kind of let people know that I’m back through all the trials and tribulations everything that happened in the past. I was able to get up off the ground and get back in the fight pretty much.....that was motivation behind that song. I try to take real life experiences because I learn over time that’s your best material. To make songs that other people can relate to, things that other people have been through, it seems like people get attracted to that. That what has made me try to use my real life experiences to motivate me.”

You talk a lot about that song keeping you motivated, as a rapper what are things that keep you motivated? I know there are struggles that you face, what helps you push past them?
“I have a real serious love for this Hip-Hop game so at the end of the day, I would do this anyways. Even if I wasn’t getting paid. Even if it wasn’t an industry with opportunity. I would still be doing music on my own. Besides that, my family, others around me trying to help out and just the state of the world today. I feel there is a lack of cats out there that push  a certain message. People nowaday’s are caught up in the whole material things instead of going around looking at the foundation of music.”

You talked about being really young when you came into the music industry, how young were you?
“When I got my first deal I was 18. I had just got out of high school, but I’ve been rapping for a real long time. My pops was a DJ. So all my life since about 4 or 5 years I’ve been exposed to Hip-Hop. Just good music in general. All my life, one way or another, I’ve been involved in music. Doing like little mixtapes on the A-track back in the 80’s.”

I know you’re from California. There are a lot of great artists from Cali. You’re from Sacramento right?

Being from Cali and there being a lot of great artists from there, do you feel that there are certain expectations that you have to live up to?
“Not necessarily. I feel like even though there are a lot of talented rappers from California past and present, I feel like California or the west coast period was overlooked. Even though there were a few eras when the west coast was on top like Dre came out with "The Chronic" and when Snoop first came out, but overall the west coast has always been overlooked a little bit other than bringing gangster rap to the table. I feel like the only pressure on me is to show the world that its more in Cali than what yall have seen thus far. We get stereotyped with the whole gangster rap. There are a lot of guys out here with lyrics, but only a few get exposed because the industry wants something that can sell. First thing they think when they see west coast is they want another Game or someone like that.”

You say that you have been in music for a while, being from Sacramento how did that that effect your music?
“Well we moved to Sac in 87 or 88. My dad was in the Air Force originally and I’m from a city outside of Los Angeles called San Bernardino. They also call it I.E the Inland Empire. I was  raised out there than I was raised in a few other places because my pops was in the Air Force. But we settled down in Sac in like 87, but Sac didn’t have that much exposure to the industry other than J King and Club Nuvo. They was like the only cats that had access to real industry links so it was real scarce when  it came to resources and stuff like that. You really just had to be on your grind to get something popping. Sometimes you might have to go to the bay to get with somebody or travel down to LA. Like I said, I love the music so I was always writing just doing my own thing and then I started meeting up with people that had knew different things. Also, the city started to grow. We got more studios, more guys started to promote and things started to change.

Okay, let me ask you, what do you think sets you aside from other rap artists?
“I think my experiences I’ve had in the industry, I’ve been through a lot of things that they are going through. Also I do a lot of different things like film videos I do my own graphics and things like that. Most artists have someone to do things like that when I can do it myself. I mean, I'm own person and I have different things to bring to the table aside from other artists.”

Okay your a man of many talents. Now, I’ve seen a couple of pictures of you and you’re handsome. Now being a rapper and being out in the sense and women approaching you, how do you try to stay way from negative things?
“Thank you, I try to stay busy and just stay in my own lane. I just focus on myself and the things that I’m doing. If you stay busy focusing on your goals you wont see things like that. Or be in negative news.”

Okay great, now what projects do you have coming up?
“I have the videos for "Typewriter" and "Be With Me" getting ready to come out so stay tuned for those. I also have the video for the song "Beautiful" coming out. You can also check out the mixtape "Early Christmas" and I have some other projects that I’m working on that will be dropping by the end of the year.”

Make sure to check him out on Twitter @mrpetaparka to get the latest with him and as always, feel free to give us your thoughts!

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