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Jackie Christie Is Having Problems With Her Daughter

"Basketball Wives LA" hasn't even started yet and already the drama is beginning! Either this is a publicity stunt to boost ratings for the new show or Jackie Christie is really having some problems with her oldest daughter.

To break everything down to you.....let's start by saying Jackie Christie's oldest daughter, Ta'Kari, will be releasing a tell all book titled "Mommy's Secret". You can check out a few family secrets when you click on the "Read More" button below:

“Doug not being allowed to have a cell phone, even though his 10 year old son, Douglas Jr. has one as well as back in Doug’s heyday when he played for the Kings, Jackie would order Doug’s room service while he was on the road, from another state.. to be ensured that a female room service attendant wouldn’t deliver it. Ta’Kari, was informally adopted by Doug when she was a child, lived with Jackie and Doug off and on until she was 15, even though she was under the care of her Grandmother (Jackie’s Mom). Jackie paid her mother, Cora, to do her dirty work such as change diapers, babysit etc. while she followed Doug around the country.”

“Kari says that she does not hate her mother, however she wants to be compensated for the pain and suffering she endured over the years. She feels as though her only option, is to write a book and reap the benefits of that. Ta’Kari’s book, cleverly titled “My Mothers Secret” has a Winter 2011 release date. She says there are no limits to all the details she will release. She knows that people will doubt the validity of her statements, but she is adamant that she has photos, screenshots of conversations her mother and her have had, as well as recorded phone conversations."

And you can check out some of Ta'Kari's tweets below:

The only response Jackie Christie had for all of this was:

It's sad to see that some folks use social media to put their families problems on blast. There are some things that just need to be private and not for everybody to know about. I'm just saying!! What are your thoughts? I'm listening!

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