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Does Busta Rhymes Have Herpes?

Hoes Be Winning!!! That's what I heard Angela Yee say a couple of times during the morning show on Power 105. And to be honest, she couldn't be more right! Hoes stay winning! There's no way around it. They use what they've got to get what they want and they don't care who gets hurt in the process. Hence, they stay winning!

So with that said, there's some type of hoe/jumpoff/or random chick running around the internet posting not so very nice things about Busta Rhymes saying he infected her with the Herpes virus. And although she admits Busta was sick when they got together, she still decided to sleep with him against her better judgement. Now, she's getting all the attention she needs and wants by starting a blog about her experiences. Next, she'll be on somebody's radio show talking about it and then she'll have her own TV show. Hence.......hoes be winning! But until that time comes, check out this chicks blog about Busta Rhymes below:

My words are 100% the truth and from the heart so help me GOD. I apologize in advance if I skip around I just have so much to say.

I'm feeling so many emotions right now about finally setting up this blog. The most overwhelming feeling is relief and a sense that I'm doing the right thing by sharing this information. I wish that I had read a blog like this prior to me making the worst decision of my life that has caused me extreme physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Believe me when I tell you that this virus is something you never ever want to catch and I got a bad virulent strain because Busta is toxic and nasty as hell.

The rumor that has been floating around about Busta Rhymes having herpes is true. He infected me with hsv-2 some years back and I'm 1000% sure that he knew that he had it based on him having a bad cold when we hooked up, and his reaction when I let him know that he gave me something. I felt really sick right after being intimate with him in a way that I had never felt before in my life.

I consider meeting Trevor or Taheim as I called him the worst day of my life. I'd known him for a few years prior to him infecting me. Not that it matters but it wasn't a one night stand scenario. I've grown a lot since then and my perception of people has changed. I was young, naive and trusting.

So I'm at a party and Bustas road manager Fab comes up to me and says Bus wants to meet you. Okaaayy so he was tall, handsome, suited up and polite. I was attracted to him. He looked nothing like the hot dog neck, bloated gut, washed up rapper that he looks like now. We talked for a little while and he asked me for my number and we exchanged.

I'll be back later to post the entire story...

And when homegirl came back to post more about her sexual relations with Busta she posted some pictures of the Herpes infection on her butt which leads me to this question......Did Busta have anal sex with this woman? Check out the photos below:

Disgusting! If you are interested in reading more on this story click on the blog (here).



The most famous hoe winning superhoe can say she sold books and made appearances but the lives and families she ruined is not only gonna make her life shorter but internal hell on earth...who wants that sacrifice??? when u show ur face u always gotta worry bout who gonna show up like Benny Blanco.....lmbcao

Rain said...

Out of all guys Was he randomly picked... I mean shit like this doesnt just come out a chiks ass.. (nopunintended) and further more if he ever fucked her HE put himself in that predicament... His best bet is to ignore it cuz we already know he prolly stays doped up for his infection and unless he kisses the next chick that sucks his dick.... He can hide it.

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Jewel said...