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HHGS Rumor: Is LisaRaye Going To Marry A Bishop?

So word on the internet curb is that LisaRaye is dating a very well known Bishop by the name of Noel Jones. Bishop Noel Jones ministers at a church in California and is said to be the brother of super model, Grace Jones. I'm hearing Bishop Noel Jones is doing very well with his congregation which is why he caught the eye of LisaRaye. (Remember LisaRaye don't want no broke man!)

Both Bishop Noel Jones and LisaRaye were previously married and divorced which makes it ok for them to date, but I'm wondering if this love affair will last? In fact, I'm not even too sure this rumor is true, but I'll wait and see like the rest of you.

If you are interested in checking out how Bishop Noel Jones looks, then by all means click on the "Read More" button below:

It's also rumored that Bishop Noel Jones used to date Nene Leakes of "Real Housewives of Atlanta", but if that is true then he has completely upgraded with LisaRaye!! #IMJUSTSAYING! You can check out a picture of Bishop Noel Jones with Nene Leakes below:

But, but, but, but wait it gets worse!! Word is LisaRaye and Bishop Noel Jones are trying to shop around a reality show about their relationship/wedding/marriage titled "Keeping Up With The Joneses". I thought that title was sooo going to be for Jim Jones and Chrissy when they got married!! However, with all of that said, do you think LisaRaye will be marrying the Bishop? I'm listening!

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