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Star & Buc Wild Want To Know........

Many people have their opinions about Star & Buc Wild and maybe, just maybe, it might be rightfully so. I, on the other hand, have nothing but love for the two because they showed me love from jump and were willing to help me along my journey. However, not everyone has that same love for Star & Buc Wild.

Many celebrity artists have voiced their opinions about Star & Buc Wild from Jay Z to Capone and Noreaga but now there's someone else. Star isn't sure as of yet if this was a lyric geared towards him but he is curious to find out your opinion. Check out who Star & Buc Wild are referring to below:

What do you think? Was KRS-One coming for Star's head? Or is Star bugging? Let us know what you think!

Behind The Scenes: Lore'l ft. Red Cafe - Make It Pop

Lore'l is an up and coming artist who is down with Red Cafe's "Shake Down" movement and who I've recently become a huge fan of. There are not many women in this industry and I embrace all newcomers. Lore'l brings not only the lyrics to her music but she also brings a sex appeal that isn't too raunchy.

Recently, Lore'l has teamed up with Red Cafe for a new video titled "Make It Pop" which I'm sure will garner air play on a radio station near you. I also have the behind the scenes footage for your viewing pleasure below:

You can always follow Lore'l on Twitter by (clicking here) and if you haven't heard the full version of "Make It Pop", check it out below:

Feel free to leave a thought or two!

HHGS Exclusive: Winsome Diva Interviews Basketball Wife Jackie Christie

So when we think of "Basketball Wives" we think VH1. Well not this one! She is more than just your average basketball wife. This week, I had the great opportunity to speak with Jackie Christie. For those who don’t know who she is, its about time you do. She is what we would call one strong sister and a ride or die chick. Here is a what I got to find out about Jackie below:

So for those who don’t know who you are tell them a little bit about you?
“I’m married to retired NBA star Doug Christie of the New York Knicks. We had our own reality show on BET. We also own a record label called "Jean Rah Fya records". I  have a clothing line called Jackie Christie. I’m also a author of four books. There is so much I could go on and on.”

How long have you and your husband been married?
“We have been married for sixteen years. Ever since we have been married we make it a tradition to get re-married every year.”

Wow that is amazing to be married to someone for such a long period of time! How many children do you and your husband have?
“We have three children together.”

Now, I know being married to your husband for sixteen years you definitely consider yourself a ride or die chick?
“Yes, (Laughs) I would. Me and my husband are more than just husband and wife. We are best friends. Some people even started to call us the original Bonnie and Clyde.”

Being married to an NBA player, would you say it changed your life?
“Yes it definitely did. It was very exciting and it offered a lot to me being married to him. I had the chance to travel a lot of places. I would go to every game no matter what. People would say don’t you get bored with always going to the game? I would always say no (Laughs). Before I met him I didn’t know anything about basketball but I got a chance to learn.” 

Tell us about your web series “ Jackie Christie Knows Best”?   
“I’m starting my own web series that gives advice and tips to women. It will be like Oprah, Wendy Williams and all day time shows meeting for one (Laughs). It’s something women can watch, enjoy themselves and also learn things from.”

Not only do you have a web series that you are starting but also I know you have a clothing line, tell me a about it?
“Yes, I have a clothing line, it’s called "Jackie Christie". Its named after me. It has been kind of low key since I started it. Lots of wives have worn clothing from my line. Recently I was invited to Los Angeles fashion week to have my line in the show. I was kind of scared and excited because I wasn’t quite sure how the people on the west coast would react toward it. I was very happy that they liked it. “

So with all the things that you have going on would you say that it’s hard to be a wife, business woman and mother?
“ It’s very hard but I’m a very big multi-tasker. I also find myself doing a lot of work in the middle of the night. It seems that it’s then when I can accomplish the most” 

With all that you do and you having three children, what would you say is an  inspirational quote that you give to young people?
“ I would say listen to your parents and most importantly set goals and don’t stop until you reach them.”

So you now have the scoop from one of  NBA’s pioneer wives. This woman is a great business woman and has an awesome personality. You can follow her on twitter @JackieChristie. Also, make sure to check out her clothing line at JackieChristie.com. And don't forget to go and pick up one of her books and check some more photos of Jackie Christie below:

Shyne Gets At Rick Ross CRAZY!!!

In a recent interview Shyne did with DJ Superstar Jay and Nina B for Superstar Radio, Shyne went in on a number of topics. One topic in particular, is the topic of Rick Ross which Shyne seemed to touch upon a few times during the interview. For one thing, Shyne is not too happy that Rick Ross is a former officer yet is proclaiming to be a drug lord in his lyrics and music. Shyne also touches upon Lil Wayne working with Rick Ross as well.

I can go into a few more topics that took me by surprise but then it'll take away from the great interview Superstar Jay and Nina B did. So enjoy the interview below:

Let me know what you think about this guys!! I'm listening!!


HHGS Exclusive: Maino Jokes About Jail Poses

During a photoshoot for Dipstick Magazine last month, Maino decided to break down jail poses with the models. You will see Maino up close and personal and you will also find out that he has a comedic side to him. So take a look at this quick clip of Maino and his jail pose impressions below:

If you know of any other poses that Maino did not showcase, hit us up and let us know!! LOL!

Guess Who Was Caught Chillin Again?

Secret lovers, Diddy and Cassie, were caught taking a little stroll outside of Diddy's mansion on Star Island in Miami. I don't know about you guys but I will say that I think Cassie is a true ride or die chick because to see Diddy chilling with his kids and Kim Porter and to be ok with that is a big thing!

I don't think I would ever be ok with seeing the man I'm seeing (or doing ;-) be with someone else. I don't think I would ever be ok with that. But Cassie seems to be ok with sharing her man so if she likes it, I love it!! More pics of the two secret lovers below:

Any thoughts on this folks?

Nicki Minaj Goes GREEN

Who said rappers don't give back or care about their surroundings? As of lately, I have seen all types of artists not only giving back to their community but also attending events to help our planet!

Nicki Minaj happens to be one of those artists and she was recently spotted at Christie's in New York City performing for the "Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth" event. Dressed all in black with a green and blonde wig, Nicki Minaj did what she had to do in order to preserve the Earth's natural resources. Check out more photos of Nicki Minaj below:

She's a muthaf*ckin MONSTER!!!!!

Behind The Scenes: DJ Khaled - Welcome 2 My Hood

DJ Khaled and some of his all star friends joined forces yesterday to film the video to "Welcome To My Hood" the remix. Many celebrity artists were on deck from Twista, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Birdman, Busta, Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka and Reek Da Villian are just a few names who came out to show DJ Khaled some love. The video was shot right here in New York and you can check out some behind the scenes moments from the videoshoot below:

I don't know when the full version of the video will be released but it looks like everyone had a good time! And in more "We The Best" movement news, check out some exclusive photos from the "I Am Music 2" tour below courtesy of UrbanPartyLife.com:

Thoughts anyone?

New Music: Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne - Into You

Jennifer Lopez, or better known in the streets as J-Lo, has teamed up with her favorite rapper for a new joint titled "Into You". I really like the song and one of my favorite lines is from Lil Wayne when he says "Fallin for you baby, I need a parachute". Wayne has some classic punch lines if you ask me. But enough from me and check out the new music below:

Don't forget, Jennifer Lopez' new album titled "Love?" will be out in stores and online on May 3, 2011.

Steph Lova Catches Up With Vado

The big homie, Steph Lova, recently attended IPOP's "Showcase 4 Change" over at the Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem. One of the special guests happened to be Vado (one half of UN) where he performed "Speaking In Tongues" and also dropped a few jewels on the children in regards to the music business. Who said rappers don't give back to their communities? I'll wait!

Anywho, Steph Lova took advantage of the opportunity and got a chance to interview Vado and talked about everything from Camron to his new deal over at Interscope Records. ;-) Check out how it all went down below:

Steph Lova presents…Vado L.I.V.E. in Harlem from Steph Lova on Vimeo.

Don't forget, "Guns & Butta" will be out in stores and online on April 12th! Go and support someone who supports you!!!

E-40 Drops New Album & New Video

Today E-40 dropped his highly anticipated dual album titled "Revenue Retrievin Overtime Shift" and "Graveyard Shift". The veteran rapper and Bay Area Ambassador is back with an extension of his successful Revenue Retrievin series and in order to celebrate his 16th album release, E-40 has dropped the official music video for “Me & My Bitch”.

Dang!!! 16th album release? How many rappers can truly say they've made 16 albums?! Not many I'm sure. However, with E-40's new video "Me & My Bitch", he tackles a serious issue and takes it to the streets to tell the story of a couple who abuse each other. Check out that video below:

Feel free to post a thought or two.


New Music: Ja Rule ft. Kaleena - To The Top

Just got this email about some new music from Ja Rule which features Kaleena of Diddy's Dirty Money crew titled "To The Top". I actually like the song which is reminiscent to the old Ja Rule we all know and love. The footage that comes along with the new music shows Ja Rule previewing the song in the studio alongside some friends and Benzino! Where the hell has Irv Gotti been? I'm just saying! Check out how it all goes down below:

By the way, Ja Rule’s new albums “Renaissance Project” and "Pain Is Love 2″ will be in stores on June 7, 2011. Feel free to leave a thought or two.


New Video: Mindless Behavior ft. Ciara, Tyga & Lil Twist - My Girl (Remix)

Talk about swagger overload with this video?!! Group, Mindless Behavior, teamed up with Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist for a brand new remix of MB's hit single "My Girl" which is available on iTunes right now by (clicking here).

The remix video debuted today on 106 & Park and VEVO where the masses were able to see the all star team break it down in their new video. Check it out below:

And here are some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the videoshoot below:

Angie Stone Arrested Yesterday

According to TMZ, Angie Stone was arrested in Georgia yesterday for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Angie was booked on both charges and was released about an hour later. I'm wondering if D'Angelo bailed her out? RELAX!!! It's all just jokes.

Although these charges are nothing major, artists have to be very careful nowadays because these cops are looking to make celebrities examples. I don't know what these cops have up their asses but they are not trying to be lenient with anyone these days. But enough about that, check out one of my favorite Angie Stone songs below:

That's a beautiful song right there!

Mariah Carey's False Alarm

Word on the internet curb is that Mariah Carey had a false alarm this past weekend. When Mariah Carey experienced contractions (which by the way are normal during your last trimester of pregnancy) she was rushed to the hospital.

My guess is it could've been something she ate, pressure from the baby or it could've been something she ate. ;-) However, during all of this excitement, Mariah decided to tweet about her contractions. Check those tweets out below:

By the way, did anyone notice the retweet from B. Scott? How cute! But just as an FYI, when a woman is truly in labor and experiencing contractions, she will NOT have time to tweet! I'm just saying!!

Peter Bailey Interviews Mario Van Peebles

During this week's NBC NiteCap, Peter Bailey sits down with legendary actor, Mario Van Peebles. The interview was conducted at the Ocean Drive's Betsy Hotel where the two discussed 50 Cent's new movie "Things Fall Apart", the classic film "New Jack City" and the evolution of black filmmaking. Check out how it all went down below:

I really liked how Peter Bailey and Mario Van Peebles' chemistry was. It never seemed like an interview but more like 2 old friends chatting away and catching up on old times. This is how interviews should be done. It made Mario Van Peebles seem humble and fun. Good work!!


Shyne Disappoints In Belize!!!

Before I go into this, I would just like to say that I have an informant everywhere. It doesn't matter what part of the world. I have someone that I'm cool with that will give me all of the latest gossip and info that went down in their part of the world in the name of Hip Hop. This information that I am about to share with you comes from a relative of mine who resides in Belize.....that's all I'm going to give away.

However, my cousin tells me that last night, Shyne had a CD release concert out in Belize which included other artists such as reggae artists Barrington Levy, Chino and Black Rhyno. What created such a buzz for this concert was the fact that Shyne mentioned there was going to be 2 mystery platinum selling artists performing at the show. Rumors were swirling with names such as Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Keyshia Cole, Wyclef and Foxy Brown who were possibilities.

Instead, I'm hearing no one showed up as a special guest however, Barrington Levy's manager, who's name is Biggz ended up coming out on stage looking just like Rick Ross!! Photo of Biggz below:

From what I'm hearing from my cousin, the crowd didn't sit too well with that. Biggz didn't do much but make an appearance. My only thought is....what's going on with Hip Hop? Why didn't anyone show love to Shyne? Not all was lost as I'm hearing Shyne heated it up when he performed "Bad Boys".

You've got to do better in the future Shyne!!! People were not happy with your stunt!! I'm just saying!!

Documentary: Player Hating a Love Story

Player Hating: A Love Story is a documentary which is written, directed and produced by Maggie Hadleigh-West. Maggie decided to follow up and coming Hip Hop artist, Half A Mill, who is from Brooklyn.

During the taping, Half A Mill and his crew struggle to launch his first album titled "Million" which garners much love from his hood. The album has features from artists such as Nature (from Queens), Ali Vegas (from Queens) and DJ Kay Slay.

While I was watching the documentary I saw a quick cameo from Zab Judah and the artists mentioned above who showed their love to the Brooklyn native. In my own words, I can only describe the documentary as raw and extreme! Grittiness at it's finest but don't take my word for it, check out a couple of trailers from the film below:

And a quick glimpse into Half A Mill's album release party below:

I give much respect and credit to Maggie Hadleigh-West because for a white woman to be given such access to the hood means she has street credibility and not everybody has that.

R.I.P. DJ Megatron

I'm very sad to report the news that DJ Megatron was shot and killed this morning in Staten Island. You can check out the report via the New York Daily News below:

Family members, friends and fans are mourning the murder of DJ Megatron, who was gunned down early Sunday morning on the streets of Staten Island.

The rising TV and radio star, whose given name was Corey McGriff, was shot in Clifton at about 2 a.m. and pronounced dead on the scene a short time later, police said.

The Staten Island resident had just moved to a new house and his girlfriend recently gave birth to his third child.

"Everybody is shocked," said a close friend who asked not be identified. "He just had a new baby. He wasn't feuding with anybody. Everybody liked him."

His buddy said it was normal for Megatron to get back to Staten Island around 2 or 3 in the morning after working at a club or music event.

"I'm still shocked that somebody killed him," he said. "I can't even understand why. It could be somebody that he didn't even know. At that time of the night people do all kinds of crazy things."

"I can't see it being a personal thing because I don't know of anybody who had a personal issue with him," he added. "But at the same time, when you start getting success you have people who don't necessarily like that."

A police source said detectives have thus far not been able to track down an eyewitness to the murder.

Keith Robinson, who identified himself as Megatron's father-in-law, said his family was distraught.

"He was a good person," Robinson said, visibly upset, "Everyone's just shocked."

The Staten Island performer was a regular on BET's "106th and Park," and worked on HOT 97 two years ago.

A friend who arrived at the scene at about 4 a.m. said she talked to him a few hours earlier.

"He just called me," Lisa Torres said, "He asked me if I was going to [a friend's] party."

She became inconsolable as the news sank in.

"He's right there on the ground. I can't believe this," she screamed as she broke down in tears. "You're lying, you're lying! That's not Megatron right there!"

My heartfelt prayers are with all of his friends and family.

Chris Brown Is Back To Black

Chris Brown wants you guys to know that he isn't going to stay crazy for long. :-) He has changed his hair back to his natural color.....which by the way, suits him just fine. That blonde do he had was not the business. However, about 9 hours ago Chris Brown tweeted a picture of himself back to normal (which is the picture you see above). You can check out the actual tweet below:

Are you just as happy as I am to see Chris Brown back? I'm listening!

UPDATED: Rihanna On Rolling Stone

Photo courtesy of ThatGrapeJuice.net

Looks like Rihanna will be gracing the cover of the newest issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine. With her devilish red hair and cut off boy shorts which shows just a peek of ass crack, Rihanna is sure to make this month's "Rolling Stone" magazine a sell out on newsstands!!

However, I'm wondering if the description just above her photo is something she approved of? The magazine states "Rihanna Strikes Back", "Pop's Queen of Pain on Sexting, Bad Boys and her attraction to the dark side". Hmmmm? -_-

I'm wondering what they mean by Pop's Queen of Pain? Is it because Rihanna can't sing? I'm really not sure. I'm just throwing out ideas but maybe you can help me out with this one. What are your thoughts?

2 more pics below:


Chrisette Michele Switches Things Up

Last night, Chrisette Michele was seen out in New York City rocking the hair do above. Word is, she was celebrating her friend, Corynne Corbett's birthday and wanted to switch things up a bit. I'm really not sure what to think about all of this hair considering I really did like the very short do she was rocking. You can check out another photo of Chrisette Michele and her new do below:

Any thoughts on this people? I'm listening!

When Wiz Khalifa Was 17

Ever wondered what Wiz Khalifa was doing when he was 17 years old? Well, thanks to the good folks over at MTV, you can! I won't give out too much but I can tell you at the age of 17 Wiz Khalifa got his name tatted on his arm, only wore Chuck Taylors and made friends very, very easily.

Check out the full episode below:

HHGS Exclusive: NYC Gossip Girl Interviews Flo From The Bad Girls Club

Every now and again, I will do off the wall interviews for the original web series called "Sex, Cameras & Hip Hop". This time around, I got to interview Flo from The Bad Girls Club season 4.

Flo is known for having a fight with practically everyone in the house including Natalie Nunn on their reunion show which was hosted by Perez Hilton. However, the interview I conducted with Flo had nothing to do with fighting or the TV show. Check out what I talked about with Flo below:

Thoughts anyone?


Will You Watch A Bobbi Kristina Reality Show?

With a Mom by the name of Whitney Houston and a Dad by the name of Bobby Brown, all of the cocaine sniffing and partying your drunken nights away, you bet your bottom dollar that I would tune in to see a reality show about Bobbi Kristina. In fact, I wouldn't miss it for the world!!

Apparently, that's exactly what's about to happen to the young lady we've all come to wonder about as she confirmed the rumors via Twitter below:

I'm curious to find out if you would watch her show if she had one? I'm listening!

Will Ja Rule Clown 50 Cent For This?

Just the other day, 50 Cent got at Ja Rule via Twitter and clowned him about all of the trouble he's been going through lately. From Ja Rule's prison sentence to his tax evasion plea, 50 Cent had a no holds barred campaign when it came to Ja.

Don't get it twisted though because Ja Rule came right back at 50 Cent but it just wasn't the same. Now, however, I'm wondering if Ja Rule will have something to say about 50 Cent having to lower the price of his mansion in Connecticut because it can't sell? Originally, the property was listed at $18.5 million and is now selling for under $10 million. Let's not forget the history on this mansion which was first owned by Mike Tyson and now owned by 50 Cent. The mansion also has features like it's own club, 25 full bathrooms, 19 bedrooms, a studio and wine cellar.

50 Cent was quoted saying the mansion was "The Playboy mansion of the East". But if it's not selling does that make 50 Cent the only Playboy? I'm just saying! Check out some photos of the estate below:

I'm just sitting here, waiting patiently to see what's going to happen next! What are your thoughts?