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Video Snippet: Swizz Beatz & EVE - Coolin

I just found a video snippet of Swizz Beatz and EVE's new joint titled "Coolin". It actually took me a while to really like the song but after watching the visual, I'm starting to really like it. It's definitely growing on me.

Behind The Scenes: Amber Rose For KING Magazine

Amber Rose will be the latest video vixen who will be gracing the cover of the newest issue of KING magazine. Amber Rose has been making some noise around the internet parts not only with her relationship with Wiz Khalifa, but also with her fib about a reality show titled "Behind Her Shades".

Who Knew Camron Was A Ghost Writer?

During an interview Camron had with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, Camron admitted to writing Lil Cease's lyrics for the hit song "Crush On You" which was featured on Lil Kim's "Hardcore" album back in 1996!!

Here is what Camron said about the ghost writing below:

Chris Brown Says Engagement Rumors Are FALSE!!!

Just a day or so ago, MediaTakeOut.com had reported on a rumor about Chris Brown "allegedly" being engaged to his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. And I'm sad to report (although not surprised in the least) that those rumors are completely false!

You can check out what Chris Brown had to say about the whole situation below:


La La Vasquez Shows Off Ludacris' New Headphones

Who knew Ludacris had his own headphones? I know I sure didn't. But then again, maybe I'm just a little out of the loop.

I thought I was onto something when I found a photo of La La Vasquez (above) showing off her new Ludacris "Soul" headphones. Check out the tweet that caught my attention from La La below:

Nicki Minaj Is Not Releasing "Super Bass" Video

I don't know what's going on right now, but word on the internet curb and Nicki Minaj's Twitter page is that the new video for "Super Bass" will not be coming out!! No word on if the premiere date will be changed or if it won't be premiering at all but you can check out the tweet Nicki Minaj sent out the other day about the video below:

New Video: Jagged Edge - Baby

Jagged Edge premiered their new video last night on BET's "106 & Park" titled "Baby". The new joint will be featured on Jagged Edge's newest project, "Remedy", which will be out in stores and online on June 21st.

Talk About Rebounds!!!!

I'm really not sure what the hell is going on but I do know this.....once a man scorned, always scorned! Men are totally different creatures than us females. Their egos are soo inflated that they feel they can pretty much do whatever they want to do and it won't affect us in any way. WRONG!!

Women, for the most part, can forgive but we NEVER forget!! We might even let you slide the first few times we find out you ain't been right with us but once we get fed up.....MAN! We get fed up!! However, when we start to do our own thing, men don't seem to take that too lightly. Such might be the case when it comes to Diamond and Lil Scrappy.


Reagan Gomez Has Baby Boy!!!

I know I may be a little on the late side with reporting this, but on April 2nd, Reagan Gomez gave birth to a baby boy who weighed in at an even 5 lbs at 7:45 in the morning. Reagan named her baby boy Tyger Turrentine and she seems happier than ever tweeting about him below:

New Video: Keke Wyatt ft. Ruben Studdard - Saturday Love

This right here is for all of my old heads who remember when R&B music was R&B music. You will truly enjoy this remake that Keke Wyatt and Ruben Studdard did of S.O.S. Band's hit "Saturday Love". You can check out the video from Keke and Ruben below:

And now, for those of us who remember the good ole days, here's the original "Saturday Love" below:

Which version did you like the best? I'm listening! Also, don't forget Keke Wyatt's new album titled "Unbelievable" will be out on June 14th!!

Does Tamar Braxton Look Like Someone To You?

Last night I found myself watching WE channel's "The Braxton Family Values". All I could say to myself (while watching the show) was "Dang! That's a whole lot of drama for no reason!"

One person in particular, who worked my damn nerves throughout the entire show was Toni Braxton's sister, Tamar. She budded into everybody's business and never had anything nice to say about any of her sisters. Now that's just wrong!

After The Smoke Clears

Recently there was an internet frenzy over some pictures fellow blogger, Freddy O, took of Diamond and Souljah Boy together. Diamond is Lil Scrappy's ex (I think) and former member of Crime Mob. Rumor has it that Diamond and Souljah Boy are a couple now but I don't know how much belief I'll put into that information just yet. -_-

However, despite whatever is going on, Lil Scrappy's Mom (Mama D) called into a radio show and gave Diamond the tongue lashing of a lifetime! If you didn't hear that tongue lashing, check it out below:

Talk about a mother avenging her son!! Well, it seems that that rant was done out of anger because now that the smoke has cleared, Mama D would like to apologize to Diamond for what she said. You can check out that apology below:

I don't know about you guys, but if that's how you love someone like a daughter, I would hate to see when you really do hate me!! I'm just saying! What are your thoughts on this?

Joe Budden & Tahiry Twitter Spat

Let the games begin folks!! Earlier today, as I was getting ready for work, I decided to jump on Twitter just to see what was going on for today. I posted a couple of things and then decided to check out my TL (TL stands for time line). That's when I noticed something odd and I knew from the moment I saw it, I had to post about it today.

While scrolling through my timeline, I noticed a RT (RT stands for retweet) from Joe Budden to Tahiry. That in itself was odd to me since the two have been broken up for about 2 years now. Here's what the RT said below:

Woooowww!! Did Joey really get at Tahiry like that this morning? He sure did! Who knew Joe Budden was following Tahiry on Twitter any more?! Anywho, since Tahiry isn't one for backing down, this is what she said in retaliation below:

Now that's what I call a fiesty Spanish girl!! What do you think about this? I'd love to hear about it!


Maino Clears Up Twitter Footage

About a month or two ago, I had the opportunity to interview Maino for Dipstick Magazine. Maino was there doing a photoshoot for Dipstick's 10th anniversary edition.

Anywho, during our interview, I got to ask Maino about his infamous Twitter footage. If you missed out on that footage, let me give you a brief breakdown. Maino was shopping in the mall with Ed Lover and noticed that a fan was tweeting away some negative things about him on Twitter. Not one for nonsense, Maino approached the woman and told her she didn't have to do those types of things if he was standing right there next to her. Find out what happens when Maino approaches the girl below:

After watching that footage, I was inclined to ask Maino what made him want to approach this girl? He gladly gave me his side of the story as well as touched upon some other juicy gossip topics below:

The Twitter conversation happens around the 5:40 mark

As always, you can let me know what you think! ;-)

New Video: Camron & Vado - Hey Muma

Just a few hours ago, BET's "106 & Park" premiered the video from Camron and Vado titled "Hey Muma". From the looks of the video, it seems that the whole Dipset was in the building. You can catch cameo appearances from Juelz Santana and Jim Jones.

You will also catch cameos from some of the hottest video vixens....who are also my friends, Mizz DR and Yami Doll. In fact, in my very own opinion, Mizz DR and Yami Doll were the best looking chicks in the video but that's just my opinion! Enjoy the new video below:

As always, feel free to leave a thought or two in the comments section!

According To Popular Belief......

Some people really think that Beyonce and Jay Z will be performing at the "Royal Wedding" of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The rumor was basically saying that Beyonce and Jay Z were going to be performing their smash hit "Crazy In Love" at the wedding reception.

Well, all I can tell you about that is............it's not gonna happen!! According to one of Beyonce's reps, the couple will not be attending the "Royal Wedding" as Beyonce has some prior engagements and a photoshoot in New York the day after. So much for that lie!

Anywho, on another note, I don't know why people are making such a big deal about these people's wedding!! I don't see what all the excitement is. It's just another dude who's getting married. He just happens to be a Prince. Big deal!

Tami Roman Sets The Record Straight

Earlier today I posted an article which said that there was an apparent argument/disagreement/fight that went down with Tami Roman and new castmember of "Basketball Wives", Juli Richmond. Being that I'm a reputable site, I can honestly say that I didn't check all of the facts before I posted the article. My bad on that one! I just went off of the information posted on other sites (I did research a number of sites for the information though) and posted pictures of what looks like Tami Roman about to throw down with someone. Not sure who but that's what the pictures look like.

Well today via Twitter, Tami Roman told everyone that she does not have an issue with Juli Richmond. You can check out Tami's tweet on that situation below:

I'm hoping that clears everything up for you guys! It sure did for me!

Did Tami Roman Fight A New Member of The "Basketball Wives"?

Say it ain't so!!! My girl and friend in my head, Tami Roman, is at it again with the fighting on "Basketball Wives". This time the fighting isn't with Evelyn Lozada but with a new castmember named Juli Richmond.

Juli Richmond is married to retired NBA player, Mitch Richmond. As of yet, no one really knows why the argument/disagreement/catfight went down but I'm sure there's a good reason behind it. Tami Roman is pretty much an upfront kind of woman so I'm sure something had to tick her off or rub her the wrong way. You can check out some photos from the fight, courtesy of TheYBF.com, below:

I'm sure we will all find out in due time what this disagreement was about. I'm hoping it wasn't about Kenny Anderson. Feel free to leave a thought or two.

Serena Williams Rapping Now?

Word on the internet curb is that Ms. Serena Williams is working on some raps!!! And I'm not talking about silk wraps for nails either! ;-) I'm talking about laying down the lyrics over some beats type rapping!

According to GossipOnThis.com, Serena Williams is actually working on an album!!! The album (according to TMZ) Serena is working on is with a record label owned by Minnesota Viking star Bryant McKinnie. During the studio session TMZ was told Serena did some work with renowned Hip Hop producer DJ Clue ... and she wasn't half-bad.

I'm wondering if Common had anything to do with this? Or maybe he gave her the encouragement to try something different since she already conquered the tennis arena? Whatever the reason, I can't wait to hear what Serena has in store for us! I'm dying to find out if she is any good. Please feel free to post your thoughts on this new information.

Farrah Franklin Arrested & Released

Farrah Franklin used to be part of the Destiny's Child group back in the days but was quickly kicked out of the group because in my opinion...the group didn't want anyone who looked better than Beyonce in the group. But that's just my opinion......and it doesn't stand for much.

Anywho, according to TMZ, Miss Farrah Franklin was arrested this past Saturday for disorderly conduct. You can check out their story below:

At 6:45 am on Saturday 23rd April, the ‘Single Black Female‘ actress was picked up by officers from the Culver City Police Department for disorderly conduct allegedly involving alcohol. She was released on a $100 bail term later on that day, TMZ confirmed.

And here is what Farrah Franklin had to say about the entire incident below:

"Unfortunately, I am the latest victim on what seems to be a growing list of those who are racially profiled and mistreated by Culver City Police. I was manhandled by the arresting officers. I am really upset about all that has taken place. I have never had a run in with the law before Saturday. On Saturday I was not arrested, I was detained. There were no female officers on duty and I was required to take off my top and treated unfairly."

However, the Culver City PD begs to differ, telling TMZ, they were simply responding to a telephone complaint by a citizen who claimed Franklin was disturbing the peace. And it's also being reported that one of the arresting officers was a female! o_O I just hope they can get to the bottom of this! What are your thoughts?

Prison X: The Brian Bernard Story

Prison X is back for a second season and already the calls are coming in with folks who would like to tell their story to our cameras! In this second episode with Brian Bernard, he tells of a story where one of his friends got set up and sliced in the face numerous times and there was nothing he could do to help his friend.

Brian Bernard served 20 years in prison and this happened to be his most memorable experience. Feeling like you can't help your friends is a horrible feeling. What would you have done in Brian's situation? You can leave a comment after you watch Brian tell his story below:


Idris Elba Covers The Source

The handsome, Idris Elba is gracing the May cover of "The Source" magazine which will be hitting newsstands on May 2nd. In the new issue, Idris Elba talks about the controversy surrounding his character in the new movie Thor, his evolution as an actor and his DJ'ing skills!!

Here's a little excerpt on what Idris Elba had to say about his longevity in the game below:

Source: Your career has exhibited some serious range with the characters you’ve played.

Idris: “I’ve challenged my audience. I’ve taken them from being a drug lord to a preacher to married to Beyonce to American Gangster...versatility is the key to success”.

There you have it!! Any thoughts?

Alicia Keys Performs With Prince!!

Alicia Keys was recently spotted at the Los Angeles Forum out in Los Angeles, California performing with Prince! Both Prince and Alicia Keys sung "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?"

I'm sure this was a surprising treat for everyone in attendance because Alicia Keys hasn't really been seen out and about since she had her son. You can check out a two minute clip of the two performing together below:

Alicia Keys was looking very au natural huh? I'm just saying!! Feel free to leave a thought or two on the clip!

New Music: Ja Rule - Real Life Fantasy

Ja Rule has been working hard in the studio for his two new projects titled "Renaissance Project" and "Pain Is Love 2". Both projects are set to drop on June 7th, the day before Ja Rule has to report to prison. I'm sure this time is not easy for Ja Rule, but I can almost guarantee that with all of the music he's putting out it'll be like he didn't go anywhere.

Anywho, I have just gotten his newest joint titled "Real Life Fantasy" and you can check that out below:

And here is Ja Rule behind the scenes with producer (7 Aurelius) working on the production of "Real Life Fantasy" below:

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts!

HHGS Exclusive: NYC Gossip Girl Interviews Sasha Delvalle

Last week Thursday, I had the pleasure of interviewing video vixen/eye candy/actress/model, Miss Sasha Delvalle. While most might remember her from videos from Don Omar, Yung Berg, Jim Jones and others, I remember her from her role as 50 Cent's girlfriend in the movie "Before I Self Destruct".

Actually, it was the infamous sex scene that had my interest piqued! I'm not sure if any of you guys have seen the sex scene in "Before I Self Destruct" but all I can tell you is that, that scene looked hella real!! Anywho, I got to ask Sasha all the juicy questions about her and 50 Cent's sex scene and of course about ThisIs50Comedy.com, models having fake ASSets and much more below:

I hope you enjoyed the video. Now, let me know what you think!


Behind The Scenes: Nicole Scherzinger - Right There

Lately I've been posting some behind the scenes pictures of Nicole Scherzinger's new joint with 50 Cent titled "Right There". I now, finally, have some behind the scenes footage from that videoshoot, courtesy of Splash below:

Again, not sure on when the visual will be released but stay tuned because I will keep you posted!!


Listen To Fabolous' Mixtape "The Soul Tape"

Just about everyone I know has been going crazy over Fabolous' new mixtape release titled "The Soul Tape". While Fabolous seems to be an artist that never fails, my son and all of his friends were dying to get their hands on the mixtape the minute it came out! I received countless emails and Facebook comments talking about where can they download it and what not.

Well, now is their chance to check it out. Right here on HipHopGossipSite.com! The site where Hip Hop lives and a little more. Enjoy the mixtape below:

And as always, feel free to leave your thoughts!

Nicole Scherzinger & 50 Cent Talk Collabo

Just a few days ago I posted up a picture of 50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger on set at their new videoshoot for their song called "Right There". Since that posting, there have been a number of other pictures that have been leaked on the internet. You can check out a few more pictures from the set of "Right There" with Nicole Scherzinger below:

As previously stated in another post, I'm going to have to have a few more listens to the song before I can actually say that I like it. However, Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent recently spoke about their collabo with MTV. Check out that interview below:

Amber Rose Loves The Controversy

Just recently there were rumors going around that Wiz Khalifa had some words exchanged with Kanye West at the Coachella Music Festival in regards to Amber Rose. Although I'm not sure how that rumor got started or if it is even true, Amber Rose did have time to tweet a couple of pictures of her and her hubby having fun backstage at the music festival. The photo above happens to be one of them and the one below is another:

I'm guessing if anything did transpire between Wiz and Kanye, it probably wasn't that serious of a matter. And in more Amber Rose news, did you know she was coming out with her own book? Vintage sunglass boutique style store? And reality show on Vh1? You didn't know?! Well, I'll let Amber tell you all about that in the clip below:

Must be nice to be a video vixen who dates rappers!! I'm just saying!

Laurie Ann Gibson Faces Keri Hilson Backlash

For those who weren't aware, choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson has a new reality show on the E! channel called "Dance Scene" which airs on Sundays at 10:30pm EST. I missed the first couple of episodes but I'm hearing the show is absolutely addictive!

Anywho, I've got a sneak peek of this coming Sunday's episode which is about the backlash Laurie Ann receives about Keri Hilson's controversial video "The Way You Love Me". If you don't remember that hot and heavy video (click here). Well, pull up a chair and sit back and relax as Laurie Ann takes you on a sneak peek journey of what she will be going through this Sunday below:

And here's an extra clip just for your viewing pleasure below:

Let everybody know where you seen it first!!


Steph Lova Interviews Flo-Rida

Just recently Flo-Rida performed at a concert out in Connecticut for cancer awareness. Always down for a good cause, my girl, Steph Lova got a chance to catch up with Flo-Rida backstage to ask him a few questions about what he has going on, things he has in the works for the near future and his many tattoos!!

You will also catch cameo appearances from Sean Kingston and Jadakiss. Enjoy the footage below:

To follow up on everything Steph Lova has going on, check her out on Twitter by (clicking here).

HHGS Exclusive: Winsome Diva Interviews Natalie Nunn

Once again I had the chance to sit down with one of reality televisions greatest personalities. I had a conversation with Miss Natalie Nunn, former Bad Girls Club cast member. We talked about all of the things she has going on including her appearance on the new hit show "Love Games" and her well known beef with Miss Amber Rose. Find out how it all goes down below:

As you can see, this girl has it going on! She has a great personality and is one to make you laugh. She is more than just a bad girl, she's a bad bitch! Feel free to post your thoughts on the interview!! We're listening!!

Lil Wayne's Dreads Are Long As Hell!!

During the Lakers vs. Hornets game last night, I noticed a few celebs out in the crowd who had no idea the cameras were on them. I noticed Monica walking past a camera sipping on some soda while her hubby, Shannon Brown, was on the court and I also noticed Lil Wayne on the sidelines. Not that Lil Wayne's presence did anything to spark my attention but I did notice how long his dreads are getting.

I didn't realize Wayne's dreads were that long and full. I remember there was a time when they were just starting to pop out of his head. Remember those days? If not, let me refresh your memory below:

See how young Weezy was?! Real innocent looking to. Damn how time flies and things change!! Oh! By the way, the Lakers won that game last night. ;-) I'm just saying! More photos of Weezy and his dreads at the game below:

Any thoughts ladies and gents?

Video Snippet: Beyonce - Run The World

What do you get when you put Beyonce, a horse and the horizon together in the desert? You get the video snippet for Beyonce's new joint titled "Run The World". The internet has been going nuts since some Beyonce photos were released of her working on her new video.

Well now, all you stans can get just a little taste of what you can expect from Beyonce's new visual. The snippet is below:

That was only a snippet.....I'm waiting to see the dance routines for this one! I heard they are going to be something else. Any thoughts on the snippet? I'm listening.


The Game Is Being Held In Canada!!!

Have you heard about The Game? Well if you haven't, here's the reason why. The Game was supposed to perform out in Halifax in Canada and while in customs was denied entry into the country.

The Game will be held in Canada for the next 14 days until authorities can process his inadmissability. Needless to say, The Game is pissed that promoters mislead him into thinking he would have no problem entering the country. You can check out what The Game had to say about the whole situation below:

My only thought is why didn't The Game get his stuff straightened out before he left? I'm sure he has a road manager and a publicist to handle those kinds of things for him. Why would you just go by the words of some promoter? I'm just saying! Feel free to post your thoughts.

Prodigy's New Book Just Might Be A Tell All

Back in January I had gotten the word that Prodigy was going to be coming out with a book. An autobiography to be exact titled "My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy".

So when I heard that Prodigy will be revealing some details about his sex life in the book and what could've went down with Mary J. Blige and a separate incident involving Lil Kim, I said "GO HEAD NOW!!!" This is certainly a book I must go out and get!

Who knew that at one point in time Mary J. Blige was flirting heavy with Prodigy and that the only reason why Prodigy didn't entertain the thought was because he was a shook one?! LOL! And who knew that Prodigy had the opportunity to bang out Lil Kim on a balcony?!! Talk about some gossip for that ass!! I'm absolutely loving it!

Prodigy's book is out in stores now and if you are interested in purchasing it you can do so by (clicking here). Or if you don't want to buy it online you can head out to Brooklyn to purchase your copy of Prodigy's book and get the chance to meet him in person at the Powerhouse Arena located at 37 Main Street in Brooklyn, New York to get an autographed copy.

And to listen to Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds and Kay Foxx's interview with Prodigy this morning click the link below (there's 3 parts):

Part 1: click here
Part 2: click here
Unedited Bonus: click here