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HHGS Sneak Peek: T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle Full Episode 1

Thanks to the good folks over at Vh1.com, I've got a special preview of the very first episode of "T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle" just for you! The season premiere episode will focus on T.I.'s return home from prison, surprising Tiny by coming home earlier than expected, T.I.'s tour bus drama and much more.

So sit back, relax and get yourself ready to watch the very first episode of "T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle" when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Mama Jones Talks "Psychotic" With TT Torrez

Jim Jones mother, Mama Jones, recently called into the TT Torrez show on ipowerrichmond.com and talked about why she decided to make the song "Psychotic Bitch", what her thoughts were on the fight that went down with Chrissy and Kimbella and what was the reaction from Jim Jones when he finally heard her song.

You can find out all the answers to your questions when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Shoeicide Wednesdays!!!

The bad boys pictured above are a pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi booties that Keyshia Cole tweeted about just yesterday! I have no idea how much these shoes cost or what the going rate is, however, I tried googling this shoe for hours and came up with only a Gianmarco Lorenzi website. You can check out the website by clicking (here).

Now, the disappointing thing about all of this is that there are no Gianmarco Lorenzi stores here in the states. The only Gianmarco Lorenzi stores are located in Paris, London, Moscow or Jeddah. So you either have to be a celebrity or a really rich person in order to own a pair of these bad boys! :-( 

I do know, that Keyshia Cole thanked a person or a store by the name of Geoffreys on her Twitter page when she tweeted out the picture of the shoes. Maybe that person or that store has a connect with getting the shoes? Who knows, but you can check out Keyshia Cole's tweet when you click on the "Read More" button below:

New Mixtapes: Bobby V - Vitamin V

Bobby V has been in the studio working on music for his newest project/mixtape titled "Vitamin V" which is hosted by DJ Holiday. The new mixtape is expected to be released on December 20th with 12 tracks of all original music including the lead track titled "Naked" which was produced by Terrace Martin.

All of this hard work is fresh off the heels of Bobby V's top 10 album "Fly On The Wall". So get ready to check out the first single off the mixtape titled "Naked" when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Kourtney Kardashian Is Preggers Again

Well, I'm sure by now you've all heard the news about Kourtney Kardashian revealing she's pregnant with her second child. The revelation was made to "US Weekly" magazine where the title of the magazine states how Kourtney and Scott went from separate bedrooms to baby #2.

Kourtney was ecstatic to reveal the news to E! News and had this to say about her pregnancy below:

"Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family."

Kim Kardashian of course had to take the limelight and make a comment of her own and you can check out that comment as well as the cover of "Us Weekly" magazine when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Tameka Raymond Says Usher's On That White Horse!

Well, well, well. It seems that the battle between Tameka Raymond and Usher are far from over. The two are currently involved in an ugly custody battle over their children and many are saying its all because of a Saks Fifth Avenue credit card being cancelled. I, personally, knew this could not have been the case. So, I let the other websites rock out with their stories while I waited until the right time to post mine.

Now that I've got my information about the story, here's the deal. According to my source over at TheYBF.com, Tameka Raymond's lawyer (Lisa West) has released a statement regarding the claims of Tameka Raymond wanting more money in child support. In fact, Tameka's court filing against Usher is in response to his initial custody request from this past January. If you're interested in reading Ms. West's entire statement as well as what Tameka Raymond is alleging then by all means click on the "Read More" button below:


Yandy Smith Speaks Out On Kimbella & Chrissy Fight w/TT Torrez

The most talked about drama of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop" series is the fight that went down between Kimbella and Chrissy Lampkin. It was captured on film for all to see and although many of you have already formed your own opinions of how things should've gone down, we never heard from Yandy Smith about how she felt about the whole thing.

Well, TT Torrez of ipowerrichmond.com has taken care of that for us as she has interviewed Yandy Smith of the very subject we are talking about. So find out how Yandy answered the following questions (Why was Kimbella invited to Emily B's independence party? Should Kimbella have disclosed such personal information to Emily B at her own party in front of everybody? Was Chrissy in the wrong for knocking Kimbella out?) when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Top Fab 15 Toys To Get For Your Kids This Christmas!!

With Christmas just around the corner, now's the time to start getting around to that holiday shopping. Whether it's for relatives, co-workers, friends or frenemies, we need to get the special folks in our lives a little something just to remind them that we care during this holiday season.

Now don't go thinking that we have to spend tons of money on these folks because I know we are all on a budget. Especially me because I've got 4 kids, a husband and tons of co-workers who I consider friends. However, today I'm going to focus on the children and provide you with one of the top FAB 15 toys courtesy of K-Mart and Rico Rodriguez when you click on the "Read More" button below:

TV One's "Verses & Flow" Series

This coming Thursday, December 1st to be exact, a new series will be coming to TV One's airwaves titled "Verses & Flow". The new episode will air at 11pm with host, Hill Harper and performances by Tyrese, Pharoahe Monch and spoken word artist, Gina Loring.

You can check out some exclusive photos from the event when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Did You Watch Last Night's Episode of "Love & Hip Hop"?

So last night's episode of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop" did not disappoint. The show had some classic moments for me such as when Somaya Reece wanted to make peace with Olivia, when Yandy Smith finally met up with Jim Jones after her argument with Chrissy and when Emily was coerced into attending a Kimbella "Black Mens Magazine" cover launch party by Teairra Mari!! Yeah! I guess you can say it was a drama filled evening to say the least.

Oh! I forgot to mention Chrissy and Yandy Smith tried have a sit down to discuss their differences and things turned sour. I have to say though, Chrissy was very articulate with her statements and clearly laid out what was troubling her with Yandy, but for some reason, Yandy was not trying to listen to Chrissy. But don't take my word for it, you can check out the classic moments from last night's episode when you click on the "Read More" button below:


Rocsi Diaz Talks Webbie Incident With Peter Bailey!!!

Friend to the site, Peter Bailey, took it all the way to the Biscayne Bay of Miami, Florida to interview 106 & Park's own, Rocsi Diaz. The two had an intimate conversation on a boat to discuss various topics such as Rocsi being single and what it takes for a man to be with her, her acting career and of course the very infamous incident with Webbie!

As Rocsi recalls the incident with Webbie on 106 & Park, she described it as vulgar and disgusting. Dang!! Was it like that? Was Webbie that disrespectful? Where was I at that I missed it? Does anyone have footage of that incident? I'd like to see what actually happened because all I heard about was Terrance J addressing the situation during a segway and he wasn't nice about it. But enough of that and check out what Rocsi had to say to Peter Bailey when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Who Spilled Kool-Aid On Pleasure P's head?

Photos spotted at JuicyCarter.com

So as I was browsing through some websites doing research, I came upon some photos of Pleasure P on JuicyCarter.com and thought to myself, "Who spilled the Kool-Aid on this guy's head?"

Naturally, dying your hair platinum blonde or strawberry red is all the rage with these young R&B crooners/rapper types. Hence, Souljah Boy, Tyga, Chris Brown and now Pleasure P. But at what point do people say enough is enough? I mean, it's one thing for a female to do it, but now we have the fellas following suit? This just doesn't sit well with me. How long do these youngins have to scream and act out for attention before someone says baby that color is just not you?

You mean to tell me that you can't sing another song to get the attention you're looking for? You have exhausted all resources that the only way for someone to pay you any attention is when you dye your hair fire engine red? Pretty pathetic if you ask me, but I'll let you guys check out one more photo of Pleasure P when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Drake Is Working On His "Motto"

Word on the internet curb is that Drake is working on a new video titled "The Motto" which features Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne. I'm hoping Lil Wayne is in the video since he's on the song, but the only picture released from the videoset is a picture of Drake alongside Mistah F.A.B.

I'm not sure if Mistah F.A.B. will have a cameo in the video, but the video is being shot in the Bay area so you never know. Anywho, check out the pic of Mistah F.A.B. and Drake along with the song "The Motto" (for those of you who have not heard the song) when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Kandi Gets Reprimanded By Her Mother!!

On last night's episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta", things got a little hot and heavy during Kandi's birthday party. If you didn't watch the show because you were watching the "Soul Train Music Awards", then let me fill you in.

Kandi threw herself a 35th birthday party to celebrate with her family and close friends on a beautiful rooftop setting. Kandi invited all of the housewives (even though some of them were not getting along), but the excitement of the night was not the snickers Nene received when she made her grand entrance, but the gift Phaedra bestowed upon Kandi in the form of "Ridickulous"!!

Ridickulous is a stripper who is not only known for his penis length, but also for the fact that he can perform oral pleasure on himself as well! And let's just say his antics didn't sit well with some of Kandi's guests and it definitely didn't sit well with Kandi's momma!! Find out what went down at Kandi's birthday party when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Lauren London Is Not Pregnant By The Dream!!!

The rumor mill has been going crazy about Lauren London this past Thanksgiving weekend I see. The new rumor is or was stating that Lauren London was pregnant by The Dream!! YIKES!!! Who the hell started that rumor?! In my best Jackie Christie voice, they ought to be lashed 57 times for that! LOL!

Anywho, Lauren London took to her Twitter page to address the rumor and if you're interested in finding out what she had to say then click on the "Read More" button below:


Max B Says He's Coming Out With A Book About His Relationship With Chrissy Lampkin!!!

During an interview with website MouthToEars.com, Max B talks about his time in prison and the charges he's facing, who French Montana should sign with, his relationship with Jim Jones and when questioned about Chrissy Lampkin of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop", he states he's coming out with a tell-all book.

Max B says that although he doesn't watch reality TV like that, he's happy to hear that Jim Jones and Chrissy are doing well. Max was hesitant on commenting about his relationship with Chrissy Lampkin because he says he discusses it in detail in his upcoming autobiography titled "The Wavy Baby" which should be dropping soon. So get ready to check out the interview for yourselves when you click on the "Read More" button below:

New Video: Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj - Why You Mad?

Birdman has finally released his video for his joint titled "Why You Mad?" which features Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. I'm not really feeling the song, but I will say it's refreshing to see Nicki Minaj in a pair of sneakers (chilling) rather than playing the vixen role in the video.

Imitating her boss, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj can be seen rocking out with some blonde dreads and saggy pants. So get ready to check out the new video for "Why You Mad?" when you click on the "Read More" button below:


Rick Ross & Wale Cover Billboard Magazine

Rick Ross and Wale grace the newest cover of "Billboard" magazine and talk about their partnership, Rick Ross' health scare and Maybach Music as a whole. You can check out some snippets from the interview when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Video Vixen, Suelyn Medeiros Sextape Snippet!!!

HOES BE WINNING!! You've heard this popular saying via Angela Yee during her morning show on Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" and honestly, Angela Yee couldn't be more right! Not to say that Suelyn is a hoe because I don't know the girl from adam, however, if your only known talent is bending forward to have the world check out if you've had your annual pap-smear then maybe the saying applies to you.

Well, it seems that Suelyn has stepped it up a notch by entering into the world of porn. Now, the masses can check out if Suelyn likes it doggystyle, missionary or reverse cowgirl as there is a sextape out!! Don't believe me? Then check out the NSFW footage when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Lil Wayne Says He Is NOT Married!!

Here's another rumor I'm going to clear up for you guys. A few days ago, rumors were being spread like wildfire through the internet that Lil Wayne married the only girlfriend he didn't get pregnant. Her name is Dhea and she was spotted with Lil Wayne at his daughter, Reginae's, 13th birthday party.

Many speculated that a secret wedding may have taken place due to the fact the Dhea had a ring on her left hand ring finger. But thanks to Twitter, Lil Wayne has put those wedding rumors to rest when he tweeted this below:

Shawn J of Field Mob Responds To Ludacris Bada Boom Song!!

While many websites are speculating that Ludacris' new joint titled "Bada Boom" is directed at Big Sean and Drake, I begged to differ. Not that there aren't any jabs aimed at the artists, but I thought Luda's song was bigger than that. I felt like Luda was just tired of certain individuals putting his name in their mouths and made a song about it.

Well, it seems that Shawn J (formerly of Field Mob) decided to respond to Luda's record "Bada Boom". Shawn J's song is titled "Pussy Boy" and is directly aimed at Ludacris without a shadow of a doubt. And if you're interested in checking out the diss record, then go ahead and click on the "Read More" button below:


Meet Rihanna's Family On Thanksgiving!!

Rihanna decided to give fans an inside look into her family life. From her younger brother (Rajad), mother and grandmother, Rihanna let the cameras roll as she had private conversations with her family. Reminiscing about the past and stressing the importance of working hard first and then you can have a social life are the topics of conversations inside of Rihanna's family's house.

It was very refreshing to see Rihanna during her down time and I'm sure you guys are going to enjoy watching it as well. So check it out when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Don't Ask Keri Hilson To Hold A Magazine With Beyonce On The Cover!

Don't you dare ask Keri Hilson to hold a magazine with Beyonce or Jay Z on the cover because she will not do it!! And that's exactly what happened to an innocent reporter for "Juicy" magazine as she asked Keri Hilson to do a drop for her while holding their newest magazine which featured Beyonce and Jay Z on the cover.

All of this went down during the red carpet for the "Soul Train Music Awards". The funniest part about it was when the reporter passed the magazine to Keri Hilson. When Keri noticed who was on the cover it seemed like someone may have passed gas because her facial expression was priceless! Don't believe me? Then check it out for yourselves when you click on the "Read More" button below:


New Video: Ludacris - Bada Boom

Ludacris is making noise with his newest release titled "Bada Boom" which many are saying is directed at rappers Big Sean and Drake. However, I'm not so sure this is the case. Although Ludacris is definitely aiming his words at someone, I'm not sure the lyrics are for Big Sean and Drake.

If you ask me, I'm thinking that in general, Ludacris is just tired of hearing people badmouth his name especially when he has helped these people in one way or another in the past. I won't be dropping any names as of yet of who I think Ludacris is aiming his lyrics at, but I can almost guarantee it's someone he has helped in the past. It might be Chingy, it might be one of the dudes from Field Mob, it may even be a former employee, but mark my words, this ain't for Big Sean or Drake.

Nevertheless, Ludacris dropped a video for his controversial joint and the video is just as controversial as the lyrics being said in the song. So check out the new video from Ludacris titled "Bada Boom" when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Basketball Wives Miami Has 2 New Castmembers!!!

As the season to "Basketball Wives L.A." has come to it's end, it's only right that the new season of "Basketball Wives" Miami take it's start. Shaunie O'Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman are coming to a Vh1 channel near you, but the news is not that these ladies are coming back. The big news is the fact that there are two new castmembers joining the ladies mentioned. And no Meeka Claxton will not be returning! (Thank God)

So watch as Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman break the news to HipHollywood.com that there will be two new members on the show when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Shoeicide Wednesdays!!!

Did you think that I was going to skip out on my "Shoeicide Wednesdays" post? I know I didn't post it early today, but I've had a lot of things on my mind. So without further adeu, I bring you the "Dereon Explosion" over the knee boots. Now, before I go and bring you the dimensions of this boot, let me start by saying that I went high and low, over and under trying to find this boot and everywhere I went it was the same thing! WE ARE SOLD OUT! So I had to place my order for the boots online and I won't be getting them until December!! :-(

However, once I have these boots in my possession, I will be lighting up the night at all of my events! This over the knee boot features flashy sequin detailing with a patent covered toe. There is a partial zipper on the side of the boot and the heel is 5 1/4. Depending on your shoe size the price of the boot may vary from $99-$119 plus tax.

Check out more angles of the boot (which also come in black) when you click on the "Read More" button below:

HHGS Sneak Peek: Love & Hip Hop Ep. 3

Have I told any of you guys that I'm addicted to Vh1? Well, if I haven't, you all know now. I am constantly on their site looking for new content to post up on the site and if I'm not doing that, I'm watching the network on my television screen. So with that said, while I was perusing through the Vh1 website, I came across a sneak peek trailer to episode 3 of "Love & Hip Hop" and let's just say Monday can't come fast enough!

The clip starts out with Chrissy and Yandy Smith going at it outside of a club. Words are exchanged and then Chrissy hints that Yandy might be experiencing a lack of income in the near future. Could this mean that Jim Jones will be parting ways with Yandy? We will soon find out!! After that heated argument the footage goes to Somaya Reece where she is expecting to hear from her investor (Barry) and what his thoughts were about her showcase. However, it seems that romance might be making it's way into Somaya Reece's life because it seemed that one half of the Midi Mafia crew, Mr. Swift, was flirting with her in a very subtle way. Could love be in the air? Then of course we have Emily who has finally taken her first step in breaking away from Fabolous by purchasing her very own home. But I'll let you guys check out the sneak peek for yourself when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Drake On The Cover of Jet Magazine

Drizzy Drake seems to be making his rounds for his new album "Take Care". In the previous article posted, Drake makes an appearance on the "Chelsea Lately" show, but now he's featured on the newest cover of "Jet" magazine. The new issue of "Jet" magazine will be hitting newsstands on November 28th and I'm happy to be giving you guys the first peek at the cover.

In the new issue, Drake talks about respect in the industry, his new album and working on his third album!! Yup! Drake is already working on his next album, but I won't give anything away. You'll have to click on the "Read More" button to find out the rest below:

Drake Stops By The Chelsea Lately Show

Young Money member, Drake, recently visited the "Chelsea Lately" show to talk about his new album "Take Care" (which is in stores right now), meeting Lil Wayne and his relationship with Nicki Minaj. In fact, when Chelsea Handler mentions Nicki Minaj, Drake sort of gets tongue tied and it was actually very funny to watch.

I will admit that I never really watched a Drake interview until Chelsea Handler decided to do it. I find that in some interviews Drake comes off as a very boring dude, but for some reason with Chelsea, Drake came off as very articulate and humorous. The interview made me look at Drake in a whole different light......and in a good way.

So check out how the interview went down with Drake and Chelsea Handler when you click on the "Read More" button below:


You Can Now Own A Young Money Discover Card

Now, even you, can own your very own Young Money Discover card! No credit? No problem. Bankruptcies? No problem. Bad credit? No problem because this card is actually a debit card. So what that means is, if you have no money in your bank account, there will be no money on your card. So use it wisely!

You can check out the Young Money Discover card commercial when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Jim Jones Hands Out Turkeys In Harlem!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and celebrities such as Jim Jones, Freakey Zekey, Sen City, Jennifer Williams and Al Reynolds decided to give back to the less fortunate by handing out turkeys in Harlem. The event was held at "Ricardo's Steakhouse" in Harlem and approximately 5,000 turkeys were given away.

All of the action was captured on camera courtesy of TMZ.com and they also asked Jim Jones about his girlfriend's (Chrissy Lampkin) fight with Juelz Santana's baby mama, Kimbella. Find out what he had to say about it as well as check out some exclusive photos from the event when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Atlantic Audi of West Islip Presents: A Day With Maino

I know I brought to you a clip of Maino driving around with my husband in an Audi A7 Sportback back in September, but I'm going to bring it to you again. :-) The reason for me bringing the clip back is because the footage has been re-edited and the new clip is much better than the last clip I posted.

With that said, check out Maino like you never have before as he gives you a behind the scenes look into his personal life while driving around in an Audi A7 Sportback courtesy of "Atlantic Audi of West Islip" when you click on the "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is LisaRaye Going To Marry A Bishop?

So word on the internet curb is that LisaRaye is dating a very well known Bishop by the name of Noel Jones. Bishop Noel Jones ministers at a church in California and is said to be the brother of super model, Grace Jones. I'm hearing Bishop Noel Jones is doing very well with his congregation which is why he caught the eye of LisaRaye. (Remember LisaRaye don't want no broke man!)

Both Bishop Noel Jones and LisaRaye were previously married and divorced which makes it ok for them to date, but I'm wondering if this love affair will last? In fact, I'm not even too sure this rumor is true, but I'll wait and see like the rest of you.

If you are interested in checking out how Bishop Noel Jones looks, then by all means click on the "Read More" button below:

Is Sean Kingston Dating Maliah Michelle?

Strippers be winning!! There's no other way to put it! T-Pain has dedicated a song to strippers, Drake constantly references them in his music and now we can add Sean Kingston to the list. In fact, according to Sean Kingston's Twitter page, I'm sure him and Maliah Michelle are an official item. Wasn't she with Drake not too long ago? #IMJUSTSAYING Oh well, I can't keep up!

Anywho, both Sean Kingston and Maliah Michelle attended the AMA's together and you can check out their pic on the red carpet as well as their tweets when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Get Steamy In New Video

Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton, get hot and steamy in Robin's newest video titled "Love After War". The title says it all as we have all experienced (at one time in our life or another) a situation where we get into a heated argument with our significant other, but end up having make up sex in the end.

The new single will be on Robin Thicke's 5th album also titled "Love After War" which is set to be released on December 6th. But until then, check out the new video when you click on the "Read More" button below:


Omarion's Ex-Wife Has Gone Butch!

I know awhile back Omarion stated that he can turn lesbians straight, but I'm not so sure he did that with his wife. Or should I say ex-wife? Anywho, I did some research and found that I couldn't get Omarion's ex-wife name for shit, but realized she went by the monicker Mrs. Grandberry (which is Omarion's last name). Well, to give you the gossip, Mrs. Grandberry is an ex-bisexual stripper who happened to capture the attention of Omarion and the two wed not too long after that.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last too long, but I'm thinking Omarion's claims of changing lesbians is false because his wife has changed drastically since the last time we saw her hence the picture above. But find out how Mrs. Grandberry used to look when you click on the "Read More" button below:

J. Cole On The Cover of RESPECT Magazine

J. Cole has earned his "RESPECT" by appearing on the November 29th, 2nd Anniversary Edition cover of "RESPECT" magazine. Decked out in a leather jacket, t-shirt and an ice grill, J. Cole surpasses expectations with his album titled "Cole World: The Sideline Story" as it has landed at the number 1 spot. Not bad for a new Roc Nation artist right?

Anywho, feel free to leave your thoughts on the magazine cover in the comments section because you know I'm listening! ;-)

Lil Mo Talks New Album & Domestic Violence on ABC's "Here And Now"

Just yesterday, Lil Mo appeared on ABC's "Here & Now" talk show with host, Kemberly Richardson and talked about her new album titled "P.S. I Love Me" and the topic of domestic violence in the African American community.

Lil Mo's newest album (which is also her 6th album) "P.S. I Love Me" is geared towards empowering women and helping them to remember who they are outside of a man. So find out what Lil Mo has in store for you when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Mary J. Blige Rocks In New Promo Shots For "My Life II"

The photo above is the cover shot of Mary J. Blige's newest project titled "My Life II: The Journey Continues". The new album is set to be released in stores today, but until you get your copy, Mary J. Blige has released some promotional pictures from her albums photoshoot.

You can check out those promotional photos when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Tashera Simmons & DMX Are Working On Their Marriage

So TMZ.com put out some news yesterday about my homegirl, Tashera Simmons. The news is that Tashera and DMX are working on their marriage via a reality show titled "Relationship Rehab".

Being the nosey chick I am, plus, I seen Tashera yesterday at an event, I decided to ask her, but before I tell you what she told me, check out the story TMZ.com released when you click on the "Read More" button below:


Cee-Lo Buys Expensive Shades In New York City

Cee-Lo Green was spotted out in the Diamond District of New York City purchasing a pair of custom designer shades from the "Flawless Jewelry" store. Not only did Cee-Lo purchase himself some designer glasses, but he was also overwhelmed by all of the jewelry pieces in the display case.

Finding it hard to control his spending, Cee-Lo states "I'm in a good mood today. I want to spend some birthday money!" So find out if Cee-Lo Green ended up spending his birthday money on some jewels when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Justin Beiber Talks Paternity Suit & Does A Freestyle On Hot 97

Justin Beiber has been the talk of the town for the last couple of weeks thanks to a rachet looking female trying to say he was the father of her child. Although most of the world knew the story was a crock, others were a little hesitant because nowadays you just never know.

Anywho, make a long story short, the ratchet female dropped her lawsuit and things are supposed to go back to normal right? Wrong! Justin Beiber and his crew are now going after the young lady for defamation of character!

You can check out the interview conducted by Hot 97's own "Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show" with Kay Foxx when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Alicia Keys & Pharrell Get "Dazed & Confused"

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, popular magazine, "Dazed & Confused" brings back some of their celebrity friends who have graced their magazine cover over the years such as Alicia Keys, Pharrell and Kelis to name a few.

With the caption of "20 Years Of Getting Away With It", co-founder and photographer, Rankin, can be credited with taking the magazine cover shots. And if you are interested in checking out Kelis' cover shot, then by all means click on the "Read More" button below:


Jim Jones Puts His House Up For Sale

Either Jim Jones is tired of living in Jersey or them checks from his new Vampire Life clothing line and Vh1 "Love & Hip Hop" checks are coming in by the droves because his house is up for sale. Yes! You heard right! The house we've all come to know and love courtesy of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop" is up for grabs for a whopping $800,000!

Now, before you start going off on the price, just know that a celebrity lived there, we talking Jersey (the nice area) and the inside is nicely detailed. So find out what you can get for $800,000 when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin Collab For MAC Cosmetics

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin have teamed up for a brand new campaign for MAC Cosmetics and their "VIVA GLAM" collection. The campaign is geared towards MAC's Aids fund and all proceeds will be going towards the fight against HIV/AIDS. To date, the fund has raised $224 million and featured other celebrities such as Missy Elliott, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Eve and Mary J. Blige.

Now, we can add the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin to the roster. I'm also hearing the shades and colors of Nicki and Ricky's campaign are going to be insane!! I had gotten that little inside scoop from someone I know who works at the MAC store. So on that note, I can't wait to get my hands on some "VIVA GLAM" cosmetics come February! That's when the new campaign starts!


Busta Talks Signing To Cash Money (Meanwhile I Told Yall Months Ago!)

So, many moons ago, I mentioned to my readers that Busta Rhymes was going to be signing to Cash Money. And unfortunately, not many of you believed what I said. So I'm feeling just a little smug (and proud might I add) that Busta Rhymes has finally decided to tell the world that he has signed with Cash Money.

This new venture for Busta has been a long time in the making. There was soo much behind the scenes negotiations and talk of losing weight and the whole nine. However, not one to fear a challenge, Busta Rhymes took it head on and he's now officially a part of the Cash Money crew. I, personally, didn't feel like Busta needed to do this since he's an entity all his own, but you never know what's on other people's minds or what their motives are. So with that said, check out Busta make the announcement along with Baby when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Tatted Up Thursdays With Video Vixens Myling & LizaMarie

As some of you may know, I've started a new segment on the site called "Tatted Up Thursdays". The new segment will feature all kinds of folks from celebrities, regular day folks, video vixens, tattoo artists and tattoo fanatics as they show off their ink, what their ink means to them and if they will get any other tattoos.

Last week we featured Continental Five who is also 50 Cent's cousin and this week we feature two video vixens, LizaMarie (Rozeay Model) and Myling. So get ready to check out the ink these lovely ladies want to show off when you click on the "Read More" button below:


Erick Sermon Talks About His Heart Attack

Erick Sermon has decided to talk about his health scare which resulted in him having a heart attack with Sway and Devi Dev on Shade 45. Although Erick Sermon is alive and well to tell his story, not many are as lucky.

Erick starts off his story by saying he was working in the studio when he received a sharp pain on his left side. He thought he was sitting in the wrong position so he shifted in his chair and never paid any attention to what his body was trying to tell him. Nevertheless, he ended up in the hospital and I'll let him tell the rest of the story to you guys when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Shoeicide Wednesdays!!!

Today's choice of footwear for "Shoeicide Wednesdays" are the "Glamm WP" shoes from Bakers. These shoes will be the spotlight of any outfit with their all-over stones and studs. The shoe comes in a variety of colors from turquoise (pictured above) to red, to black and purple. However, the price on the shoe varies depending on the color of shoe you pick. Very odd to me, but whatever.

If you are interested in the turquoise or purple shoe, the price is $99.99. However, if you pick the black shoe you're looking at $139.99 or the red shoe for $160.00. You can check out more angles of the shoe as well as check them out in the different colors mentioned when you click on the "Read More" button below:

Somaya Reece Twitter Page HACKED!!!

So just a few hours ago, I posted up a tweet that I thought Somaya Reece had posted in regards to Vh1's show, "Love & Hip Hop" being scripted. Well, word got back to Somaya Reece and she reached out to me to let me know that her Twitter page had been hacked. In fact, as of this moment, she can't even log into her page!!

So for right now, Somaya Reece is on Twitter via @LaJefaTequila and you can check out her tweets to me when you click on the "Read More" button below: