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HHGS Rumor: Is Chrissy Lampkin Pregnant?

Word on the internet curb is that "Love & Hip Hop" fan favorite, Chrissy Lampkin, is pregnant by her fiance, Jim Jones. Now I spotted the news on MediaTakeOut.com so that alone makes me wonder if this is true or not because we all know what that site does just to get hits, but I'm kind of hoping that the news is true.

According to an "alleged" source close to the couple, the two have been trying to have a baby for years now. Unfortunately, a pregnancy hasn't occured yet and the couple has decided that if it happens, it happens.
Another thing that's bothering me about this news is the fact that almost all of the castmembers of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop" show have been reported or rumored to have been pregnant. From Yandy, to Kimbella (who has confirmed that she's pregnant by Juelz Santana once again) to Emily. The nonsense just doesn't seem to stop!

So let's get ready to find out if this rumor is true because if it is and Chrissy has a baby girl, we can forget about any more music from Jim Jones!! LOL! I know from firsthand experience that when you have a mans first daughter its a wrap! #IMJUSTSAYING!



dutchess bitch said...

I think chrissy lampkin is a miserable bitch and jim jones don't know how to keep he is trick on a leash and no real manager would want to put up with a loud ass ghetto bitch that won't allow her mans manager to get him cash and until he get that while and shake on a leash he might continue to be a broke ass rockwood with an unemployed piece of wood laugh out loud no wonder its jay z and beyonce a made it to the top he got a classy lady got a ghetto used a mop how to hold a trans jamie hey did you wanna lick last day at the pass around all over the neighborhood a scratch that

Lady C said...

Chrissy is one of the realist chicks on the show that holds her man down and for the hating ass hoes hating on Jim that's for the birds because if it wasn't for him and Chrissy being the show. Mothafuckas would even bothered to tune in. So stop hating on them and find a damn life and worry about your man if you have one.

Lady C said...

First of all Chrissy is the realist chick on the show that holds her man down and don’t take no shit from nobody. For the comment about Jim get off his dick and off his pockets, as long as his bills get paid that’s all that matters. On the manager issue, if his manager stayed on the business note and didn’t take everything so damn personal then she would still be working with Jim. So pay attention and get the info corrected before making judgment.