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HHGS Rumor: Is This Meek Mill Girlfriend?

As always, with any rumor I post, I want the masses to know that this is strictly a rumor and NOT a fact until proven otherwise. I do NOT start any rumors. I simply report on the news. With all of the rumors that have been running wild about Meek Mill and his dating life, it wasn't surprising to find this tidbit in my email inbox. And for the record, I could care less who Meek Mill dates. I could care less if he's dating Rihanna, has a girl in Philly or if he has three kids on the way by three different females at the same damn time. If it doesn't affect my outcome, it doesn't matter.

However, I know the masses love this kind of stuff and so I aim to please. So on that note, let's begin shall we? The photo above is of author Jasmine D. Thomas. She is known for her books with Toya Carter titled "Priceless Inspiration" and "When A Divas Fed Up". However, it's also being rumored that she is the "alleged" woman who is now dating rapper, Meek Mill.

Now, I have no idea if she is Meek Mill's girl from his hometown or if this is a whole new different girl, but whatever the case, this is the rumor that is being sent to me. You can check out a photo of Jasmine and Toya Carter below:

Now here's what the rumor is reporting when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Rumor is Meek Mill was spotted at club play in Miami on May 4th for his birthday party and sent a bottle to an anonymous woman. However, its being reported that the woman was "alleged" to be writer, Jasmine D Thomas, who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. While most rappers are dating video models and reailty show chicks, rapper Meek Mill has chose to date women out of the spotlight.
Although Jasmine has not commented on the rumors, sources close to her say the two text all the time, but rather keep their love affair private. Jasmine enjoys being recognized for her talent and that is being a writer, but only time will tell and we’ll be watching.

Here's another photo of Jasmine below:

Again, I have no idea if this rumor is true or not, but it made for some good reporting. What are your thoughts? I'm listening!

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