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Natalie Nunn Gets Married Over The Weekend!!

Former "Bad Girls Club" member, Natalie Nunn, just got married to her long time boyfriend, Jacob Payne. The wedding took place this past weekend and the ceremony was shot for a show Natalie Nunn is working on and will highlight all of the drama that goes on between Natalie and her bridesmaids and of course her new hubby's family.

It looks like there were a ton of celebrities who joined in on the celebration including Meagan Good who is photo'd above. All of Natalie's bridesmaids were celebrities who wore red gowns which was a problem for Natalie as she had this to say about her bridesmaids below:
"My bridesmaids are all divas who think it’s their wedding day,…This is supposed to be my day and my bridesmaids, who are all celebrities, think it’s all about them! It’s been insane, I know I can be a drama queen but there are no words to describe the constant fighting with our families and the bridesmaids, at this point I wouldn’t care if Jacob and I were alone at the altar!”
I'm sure everything worked out in the end and Natalie was a happy bride-to-be. So, congratulations are in order for the newlyweds and you can check out some more wedding photos when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Who would've thought Natalie was going to get married? I surely didn't, but I'm happy she was able to find a man to hold her down! What are your thoughts? I'm listening!

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