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K. Michelle Admits To Dating A White Guy Who's A Swimmer!!

The beautiful K. Michelle (who for some reason reminds me of my girl Keyshia Cole) admitted in some video footage that has surfaced that she's dating a white guy who swims. K. Michelle's words not mine!

Sometime last year while conducting a panel for the music/entertainment industry, K. Michelle got into a slight argument with rapper, Yung Berg over a comment he made about women in the industry having to sleep with someone in order to get ahead. K. Michelle proceeds to put Yung Berg in his place while also giving a shout out to her white boy boo who swims!!

Check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

My guess is this...............those rumors about K. Michelle dating Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are probably true! What do you think? I'm listening!

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