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Mama Jones Releases "Pum-Kash" Commercial

Mama Jones is back with another bright idea and has teamed up with Freddy once again for a commercial for her new fragrance called "Pum-Kash". Mama Jones says the new fragrance is a bit of pum pum and cash mixed together because p*ssy brings in the cash, so therefore you have "Pum-Kash". o_O

I'm not sure if Jimmy and Chrissy were on board for this one, but Mama Jones has released the new commercial for her fragrance when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I'm just curious to find out who hear will be purchasing a bottle of "Pum-Kash"? I'll hold!


Anonymous said...

This crackhead bitch don't need to be trying sale shit nobody is going to buy i. ...so just smoke ur pipe and keep it moving......u heard...... DUMBASS BITCH

Anonymous said...

Wow y do people hAte when we as blacks and women do something that makes us ? I going to go buy it cause it smells realky good