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HHGS Rumor: Did Serena Williams Go Off On Common's New Girlfriend?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say AllHipHop.com is that Serena Williams may have exchanged some words with her ex-boyfriend, Common, about his current girlfriend stalking her Twitter page. Now if you are wondering why I'm posting this report as a rumor its because there is a tweet that AllHipHop.com is saying Serena Williams tweeted out to Common, but when I went to investigate on Serena's Twitter page, it wasn't there.

Here is what I did find on Serena's Twitter page below:

Serena Williams must've seen what Common's new girlfriend looks like and thinks she looks like a man because she refers to her in the above tweet as a boy. o_O Now, check out the tweet AllHipHop.com says Serena tweeted in between the tweets above when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Now it could be that Serena Williams decided to delete the above tweet, but I don't know. However, you can check out a picture of Common and his new girlfriend below to see if she looks like a man:

I'll hold for your thoughts!

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