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Gossip Pics: Rihanna & Chris Brown Hold Hands, Is Trey Songz Kissing A Dude & Rick Ross Goes On Date With His New Girlfriend

Yesterday, Rihanna posted up a photo on her Instagram page of her and Chris Brown holding hands with the caption #Throwback from last week Thursday. Despite the fact that there are rumors going around that the two broke up, it seems like Rihanna is missing her on again/off again boo thang. Only time will tell if the two get back with each other.

Now, my next picture is a very suspect picture that was sent to me courtesy of my girl Ayanna Ellis. It's a photo of two guys kissing, but one guy in particular has a striking resemblance to R&B crooner, Trey Songz. You can check out that photo plus more when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I don't believe for a second that the man in the above photo is Trey Songz because of the hairline on the side. It's way too curly for me to think its Trey Songz. Although it looks like Trey Songz I believe it can be a Spanish dude with his boyfriend. #JUSTMYOPINION

Now onto some Rick Ross news! Did you know that Rick Ross had a girlfriend? Don't be mad if your answer is no because I didn't either! In fact, we spotted some photos of Rick Ross and his "alleged" new girlfriend, Shateria Moragne-el, on a date night at the "Django Unchained" movie premiere in New York City courtesy of TheJasmineBrand.com. You can check out those photos below:

Now this is what I call some "Gossip Pics"!!

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