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Nicki Minaj Before The Fame, Plus New Video For "Pound The Alarm"

There's a viral video going around of an old interview done with Nicki Minaj before she actually popped off and made it big. The footage shows a very young looking Nicki Minaj showing off her tig ole bitties in a fitted tank top and wearing some jeans that definitely showed off her non curvaceous self.

I'm sure by now we all know that Nicki's shape is enhanced. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If she likes it, I love it! However, since people are soo fascinated with the authenticity of her booty, I figured you would enjoy the vintage clip below:


Now, you can check out Nicki's new video for "Pound The Alarm" when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is K. Michelle Dating Ryan Lochte?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say FreddyO.com is that K. Michelle may be dating a white boy!! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I had to use the term "white boy" for added effect. There's nothing racist going on over here!

Anywho, for those of you who are not aware of who Ryan Lochte is, he is the "Gold Medalist" olympic swimmer who won his gold medal this past Saturday for the "400m Individual Medley". He made waves in the press when he was photo'd rocking out with an American flag iced out grill!! You can check out that photo below:

Now, it's being rumored that K. Michelle and Ryan have dated in the past and are now shacking up and looking to rekindle their romance!! If this is true then you GO! K. Michelle!! You deserve happiness!!

K. Michelle was so proud of Ryan Lochte for winning that gold medal this past Saturday that she tweeted this message out to him below:

You can check out some more photos of K. Michelle and Ryan Lochte together when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Prodigy Responds To Havoc!!

As I reported yesterday, Havoc (of Mobb Deep) admitted to sending out those infamous tweets about Prodigy with AllHipHop.com. And while Havoc was admitting his indiscretions, many were wondering what Prodigy had to say about all of this drama? 

Since Havoc has come out with his truths, Prodigy has pretty much remained mum on the situation. That is until now! 

Find out what Prodigy had to say about all this drama when you click on that "Read More" button below: 

Working It Out: Phaedra Parks & Apollo Attend Cynthia Bailey's Event

It seems that the "HHGS Rumor" about Phaedra Parks and Apollo heading to divorce court might have been proven wrong folks! If you don't remember that rumor, refresh your memory by going (here) and (here).

According to TheJasmineBrand.com, both Apollo and Phaedra Parks were seen at Cynthia Bailey's event (the "Moscato P.T. Rose" launch) which was held out in Atlanta looking rather lovey dovey. Eyewitnesses say the two were showing affection throughout the evening and Phaedra was even wearing her wedding ring! (Previous reports stated that Phaedra was seen at church without her wedding ring on)

You can check out another photo of Apollo, Phaedra, Peter and Cynthia Bailey when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Benzino Admits To Eating The Booty Plus Talks Karlie Redd!!

There's no doubt about it, Kandi Koated Nights hosted by Kandi Burress on Ustream is off the chain!!! Nothing is off limits and they talk about almost every damn thing you can think of.

For instance, they're last show featured Benzino of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" as one of their guests and Benzino talked about eating the booty!! Benzino goes on to say that if your man isn't eating your booty then its probably because you have hygiene issues.

I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but we here at HipHopGossipSite.com been knew about Benzino liking to eat derriere because we've bared witness to his sextape! Not to mention, all you have to do is Google Benzino to see the stills from that porn for yourself! I don't know how Karlie Redd didn't get a chance to see those pics when she got with him.

In any event, Benzino also talks about his relationship with Karlie Redd and I don't want to ruin it for you, so check out the interview for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is Stevie J Expecting A Baby From A White Woman?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say RollingOut.com is that Stevie J is back to his trifling ways. Except this time it doesn't have anything to do with Mimi Faust or Joseline Hernandez.

This little tidbit of information is about a new chick who goes by the name of Tammie Grant. And word is she's "allegedly" pregnant by Stevie J!!! Tammie Grant is the ex-wife to NBA ball player, Gary Grant, and met Stevie J through her daughter Taryn (who signed a music deal with Stevie J back in 2010).

A photo of Tammie Grant's daughter, Taryn, below:

You can read more deets about this rumor when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Does Olivia Get Around?

According to the good folks over at DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing.com, Olivia Longott gets around. The article goes into great detail about how Olivia got her shot in the game and how she eventually lost her position in the game while still trying to gain some type of notoriety with reality TV.

Jacky Jasper's source of information of Olivia's conquests include names such as: 50 Cent, Maino, Rich Dollaz, Missy Elliott, Shaggy, Young Buck and more!! So get ready to hear what Jacky Jasper has to report when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Blind Item

Due to the nature of this rumor I must put out my disclaimer which goes as follows:

Photos used in Hip Hop Gossip Site blind item posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual or individuals as the subject of the post. We take no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.

So with that said, let's get on with the rumor shall we? According to the New York Post, there is a little blind item floating around about a male musician and his high profile girlfriend when you click on that "Read More" button below:

K. Michelle Says Karlie Redd Is A Clown & She's Lost Respect For Toya Wright

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This bitch is shaking the table!

I absolutely love me some K. Michelle! Her humor is out of control and she really needs to start a t-shirt line with the caption "This bitch is shaking the table!". I can't seem to get that one liner out of my head.

In any event, K. Michelle did an interview with GossipWeLove.com last week and spoke about her feelings towards Karlie Redd, Memphitz and her loss of respect for Toya Wright. You can check out an excerpt from that interview below:

I don’t hate any one but I strongly dislike her. She’s ridiculous and a constant liar, like she will lie about the color of her panties. I know everbody has a role to play in the show and her’s is to be the clown. She’s just done too much and honestly the girl is super, super old. There’s nothing else she can do, no education to fall back on. So she really goes ham trying to do something on TV and you can see on the epidsode from last night I don’t take her serious, so I’m gonna always crack jokes. I can’t have a woman to woman conversation with a bird.

Now check out the full interview when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pics: Fat Joe & Ashanti Reunite

Fat Joe is gearing up for his comeback and what better way to do that then to team up with Ashanti who sung the hook for Fat Joe back in the day on his joint "What's Love". The new joint "Pride & Joy" will not only feature Ashanti, but it will also feature Roscoe Dash and Kanye West.

The original joint features Miguel on the hook so I'm wondering if this switch up with Ashanti was a Beyonce move when she switched Andre 3000 to J. Cole for the video "Party"? I may be pulling at straws, but I'm a gossip site so let me do my job.

Anywho, the video for "Pride & Joy" is already being shot and the photo above is a behind the scenes capture from that set. So get ready to check out a couple more pics as well as the audio of "Pride & Joy" when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Havoc Admits To Putting Prodigy On Blast On Twitter

Earlier this year brought a little drama to Mobb Deep fans when Havoc's Twitter page was on fire talking about his partner Prodigy was gay, and getting prison love from the inmates while Prodigy was locked up. Many folks (like myself) just assumed that Havoc's Twitter page had been hacked and everything would just go back to normal. And when Havoc called into Hot 97's "Rosenberg & The Morning Crew" show, and said his cell phone was stolen and someone had access to all of his accounts, I was sure it was all a misunderstanding.

That is until now!

AllHipHop.com's, Chuck Creekmur, recently sat down with Havoc and got him to admit that he was indeed the one who sent out those nasty tweets about Prodigy and how Mobb Deep is at a stand still indefinitely!

You can check out the interview when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Is Erica Dixon Dating A Married Man?

Lil Scrappy's baby mama, Erica Dixon, set the internet world on fire when she tweeted out the above photo last week insinuating the man in the photo was her new boo thang/ride or die. If you are not familiar with Erica's tweet then check it out below:

Apparently, the man in the photo seems to be already taken as the word on the internet curb is that he's a married man!!!

Erica Dixon has since removed the photo from her Twitter account and at one point last week even deleted her Twitter page. Erica is now back up on Twitter, but not without someone sending pictures of the man in the photo above on his wedding day to website StraightFromTheA.com!!

Find out more about this drama when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Gossip Pics: Kimbella Shows Off Baby Girl!!!

Congratulations are in order for the homies, Kimbella and Juelz Santana, who welcomed a baby girl last week Saturday into their lives. Although Juelz was the first one to tweet about his baby girl coming into this world, Kimbella gives us a little bit more of a peek inside her hospital room with the above photos.

So congrats again and yes Kimbella is "Still Pretty" even after birth!

HHGS Sneak Peek: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Plus Bonus Gossip

In the newest sneak peek trailer for Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", we get to see K. Michelle premiere a new song that she wrote specifically for Mimi Faust and the situation she got going on with Stevie J. We also get to see Karlie Redd's manager take a flight out to the A.T.L. to advise her that Benzino is not the man he portrays himself to be and that she has to make a choice between her love life and her career.

Then we see Stevie J confront his lover, Joseline Hernandez, because she went behind his back and booked studio time with a well known producer to get her work done. Joseline proceeds to tell Stevie J that she wants out of her contract with him and Stevie J denies it. Stevie J also tells Joseline that they have to stop smashing and Joseline just thinks the statement is funny as hell.

The kicker to all of this is that during a therapy session with Stevie J and Mimi Faust, it looks like Stevie J will admit that he actually loves Joseline Hernandez. But don't take my word for it.......check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Diamond Addresses The "Fake Booty" Rumors

Lately, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob) has had her name thrown every which way from Sunday on Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" and one of the things being said about Diamond (from Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee) is that her booty isn't real.

Lil Scrappy has even done some interviews insinuating that he helped Diamond pay for the procedure!! Talk about blowing up somebody's spot huh? Well now, in a candid interview done with Egypt of "On Air With Egypt", Diamond sets the record straight on whether or not her booty is real.

So find out what Diamond had to say about the rumors when you click on that "Read More" button below:

New Music: 50 Cent ft. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys - New Day

50 Cent is gearing up for the release of his latest project titled "Street King Immortal" which is due out sometime in November, but to get the masses going, 50 has a new single out right now titled "New Day" (which he totally snatched from Alicia Keys) and added Dr. Dre on the track and made it a hit.

You can check out a sample of the new joint when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Raven Symone Is Marrying Her Lover?

So word on the internet curb or shall I say the "National Enquirer" is that Raven Symone and her longtime lover, Azmarie Livingston are on their way to wedded bliss. There's even word that Raven Symone wants Michelle Obama to marry her and her boo. If that will actually take place is something altogether different, but in any event, this is purely rumor and nothing more.

Until Raven herself makes a statement, this is all just hearsay to me, but you can check out the story in its entirety courtesy of the "National Enquirer" when you click on that "Read More" button below:

The Game Has A Change Of Heart

Bump what you heard!! The Game and his fiance/girlfriend/baby mama have decided to work things out and go ahead with their wedding plans. I'm happy to hear that these two have resolved their issues because I really liked them together.

And although The Game has admitted to cheating and lying to his future wife, Tiffany Cambridge is looking past that and wants to move on. You can check out the message that was left on their wedding website when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Chingy Responds To Sydney Starr's Apology!!!

Friend to the site, Chingy Jackpot has pretty much stayed mum on this whole Sydney Starr situation. However, Chingy did provide HipHopGossipSite.com the exclusive on Sydney Starr being a liar awhile back.

Now that Sydney Starr has made a video apologizing to Chingy, all the sites are posting up this information that I been had for them ages ago. I had first dibs on the texts and emails Sydney Starr sent to Chingy apologizing for her behavior and even contemplating suicide.

And while everyone is posting about Sydney's apology, I have Chingy's response to her apology!!

Check out the exclusive when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Did Ciara Stalk Chris Brown While He Was Dating Rihanna?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say Taletela.com is that Ciara used to stalk Chris Brown while he was dating Rihanna!!! Yikes!!!

According to a source close to Ciara, they revealed to "Urban Belle" magazine that Ciara has the worst luck when it comes to men. You can check out their quote below:

Ciara is a beautiful girl, but she just has the worst luck with men. The reason she can’t really keep a man is because she has a nasty habit of stalking them. She calls [men she’s dating] way too much and falls in love too quickly.

The source even talks about an incident where 50 Cent had to threaten Ciara because she was getting carried away with him also. You can read that story, plus the story about Ciara stalking Chris Brown when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Are Phaedra Parks & Apollo Headed For Divorce?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say Bossip.com is that there seems to be some problems in the Phaedra Parks and Apollo household. According to the website, Phaedra Parks and Apollo have been arguing and just recently Phaedra Parks was seen at church with her son, Ayden, without her ring and without Apollo.

It doesn't sound like much to go on, but there's also rumors about Apollo not being the most faithful husband. So I'm guessing only time will tell for these two.............or maybe the next season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta". However, you can check out the story in its entirety courtesy of Bossip.com when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Did Jennifer Williams Confirm Maxwell Is Her New Boo?

Photo & story spotted at HelloBeautiful.com

Thanks to the good folks over at HelloBeautiful.com for keeping us up to speed with the rumor that was going around that Jennifer Williams of "Basketball Wives Miami" and R&B crooner, Maxwell were dating. Here's how they cracked the code below:

Now although Jennifer Williams didn't @ Maxwell in her tweet above, it didn't take long for someone to check out Maxwell's page to see if he was sick. So check out what Maxwell had on his timeline when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Scaff Beezy & Security Beat Up A Nicki Minaj Fan!!!

Nicki Minaj has some of the craziest fans, but from the looks of this footage I'm about to show you, it looks like Scaff Beezy and her security team are even crazier!!

Let me break down what happened.....while on stage performing for her "Pink Friday" tour, Nicki Minaj was talking to the crowd of Barbz and Kenz who just adore her when one fan in particular thought it would be a good idea to jump up on stage and try to get a wet one from her. Maybe the fan had good intentions, but it was a bad idea because what happened next went from bad to worse!!

Nicki Minaj's security team as well as her boo thang, Scaff Beezy, beat the breaks off the fan from the front of the stage all the way to the back of the stage!! I'm not even sure if the beat down was called for. A simple grab of the throat and shove off the stage would've been suffice, but whatever works for the security team right?

Anywho, check out the footage for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Mona Scott Young Denies "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Reunion Cancelled

So yesterday I posted up a rumor (which was courtesy of DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing.com) about the cast of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" not doing a reunion show because of all the tension that's going on. If you don't remember that rumor then refresh your memory by going (here).

Well it seems that word got back to Mona Scott Young (who is the producer of the show) and she says the rumor is absolute nonsense if you ask her! She even addressed the situation on her Twitter page so we know its real!!

You can check out Mona's response to the rumors when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Stephanie Mills Says She Used To Date Michael Jackson!!

In an exclusive interview with Egypt of "On Air With Egypt" of Atlanta's V103, Stephanie Mills admits to having a long time relationship with the late, great, Michael Jackson!!! I know some of you young folks are like who the hell is Stephanie Mills? And all I'm going to tell you is google her name! That lady can SANGGG!!!

But besides admitting to dating Michael Jackson, Stephanie Mills says that she had a huge crush on Tupac and would've probably been his girlfriend and how she wanted to do a remix version to Lil Wayne's song "How To Love".

Here's a snippet from the interview below (click photo to enlarge):

Now, check out the rest of the interview as well as some throwback photos of Stephanie Mills and Michael Jackson when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Did Havoc Catch Prodigy Writing Love Letters To Men In Prison?

ForbezDVD.com recently conducted an interview with Ferg Brim (formerly of Mobb Deep). Ferg Brim was one of the original members of the group Mobb Deep and is also Havoc's cousin. Ferg Brim tells Doggie Diamonds of "Forbez DVD" that the reason why Mobb Deep broke up was because Havoc found out Prodigy was gay and sending love letters to dudes in prison!!!

Now, I have no idea if the statements that are made in the interview are true or not, but you guys are left to make your own judgements on it when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Mimi Faust Says Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Are NOT Engaged!!

Mimi Faust is one of the more calmer ladies on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta". She thinks before she speaks, she's well mannered and she takes a lot of crap on the show which shows me she's got a lot of patience. However, the masses don't see Mimi the way that I see her and tend to bash her character every chance they get by calling her stupid, naive, dumb and the like.

Well, I'm happy to say that Mimi is far from stupid and naive and has addressed the name calling, character bashing and more with iPowerRichmond's own, TT Torrez. Mimi also talks about why she decided to do the show, if her and Stevie J are still together and she also answered the infamous question about whether or not Stevie J and Joseline are engaged!!!

You'll be surprised to hear Mimi say that that rumor isn't true, but let me not ruin it for you guys and check it out for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Hot 97 Comes For Star of "Star & Bucwild"!!!

It seems that Star of the "Star & Bucwild" brand has ruffled some feathers with the folks over at Hot 97 when he started up a new internet radio show by the name of "Shot 97". With the tremendous popularity that Star has, Hot 97 was not too thrilled about Star's newest endeavors with "Shot 97"...............so they decided to send Star a cease and desist letter which you can check out below:

Click on the photos to enlarge:

And in super Star fashion........Star responded with this..............when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Charlamagne Says Funk Master Flex Probably Set Him Up

A few weeks back, Charlamagne Tha God was confronted by a group of men looking for a drop and was side swiped by one of the men and chased into his place of employment. The incident was caught on camera and posted up on every gossip site imaginable.

Even now you can hear Funk Master Flex taunt Charlamagne with subliminal messages like "Can I get a drop?" while doing his set on Hot 97. It's not just DJ Clue Flex is after.

Now, in an interview with Young Jack Thriller of ThisIs50.com, Charlamagne says it seems very ironic that he did a video that was aimed at Funk Master Flex a few days before his attack. There's also an insinuation that Funk Master Flex may very well be the mastermind behind the attack..........or Busta..............or Lil Mama!

You'll get the joke when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: There Will NOT Be A "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Reunion!!!

According to the good folks over at DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing.com, it seems that Mona Scott Young is having a hard time getting the cast of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" together to do a reunion show.

It seems that everybody is at odds with each other.....with the guys hating the guys and the girls hating the girls. So in an effort to film some kind of reunion, Mona Scott Young is left with no choice but to conduct one on one interviews with each individual from the show.

Sounds like another "Love & Hip Hop New York" type thing is about to go on. And this is only the first season for "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"!! Talk about drama!

Anywho, you can read the story in its entirety courtesy of DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing.com when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Karlie Redd Says She Wants To Holla At 50 Cent

Bump what you heard, but it seems that Karlie Redd might have gotten herself into some hot water and let me tell you why. As we've all seen from last nights episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", Karlie Redd was soo smitten with Benzino for giving her a book and some chocolates that she swapped some serious spit with him on camera. To go an extra step further, Benzino is seen in a later scene having a conversation with Stevie J about meeting Karlie Redd's family!! It seemed like a bit much after only 1 date, but I'm no dummy and I know the tricks of editing so I'm sure she was with Benzino a lot longer than it was portrayed.

Now, however, in an interview with M. Reck for ForbezDVD.com, Karlie Redd says she's looking for a new man in none other than 50 Cent!!! Talk about a reach right?

Well, if you don't believe me, you can check out the interview for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pics: Did Chris Brown Send Out A Subliminal?

Apparently there was magic happening when Chris Brown tweeted out the above photo of himself alongside Magic Johnson and Swizz Beatz. At this present time, Chris Brown is out in St. Tropez, France, shooting a new video with Ludacris and Swizz Beatz, but the crazy thing about all of this is the rumors that are running wild about Chris Brown and Rihanna reuniting.

Although I reported yesterday that Karrueche was spotted with Chris Brown out in Cannes, lets not forget that Magic Johnson was just on Rihanna's yacht enjoying some fun in the sun. If you missed out on those pictures, click on the "Read More" button below:

Lil Scrappy Addresses Child Support Issues On Twitter

It seems that last nights episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" made Lil Scrappy an unhappy camper. For starters, Lil Scrappy did not like the way the shows producers edited the scene where him and Erica Dixon were having a conversation about child support.

According to what we saw last night, it seemed that Lil Scrappy was looking for a way out of not having to pay child support. Many of the viewers watching the show took to Twitter to call Scrappy all kinds of names and basically bashed his character.

Well, bash no further because Scrappy has addressed the child support issues via his Twitter page, and according to him, everything will come to the light on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's" reunion show.

So check out Lil Scrappy's tweets about last nights drama when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Sneak Peek: Rihanna On Oprah's "Next Chapter"

On August 19th, Oprah will be having one of her most anticipated interviews yet with Rihanna. In an effort to get ratings, Oprah and her "OWN" network will be speaking with Rihanna in her hometown of Barbados about all the things Rihanna won't talk about with anyone else.

Oprah's "Next Chapter" with Rihanna will premiere on August 19th at 9m, but until then, you can check out a sneak peek trailer of the interview when you click on that "Read More" button below:


HHGS Rumor: Is Kendu Cheating On Mary J. Blige?

Word on the internet curb or shall I say HelloBeautiful.com is that Kendu (Mary J. Blige's husband) has been creeping around on her with one of her artists!!!

The artist in question is one of Mary J. Blige's newest artists by the name of Starshell. You can check out a promo photo of Starshell below:

Starshell has a striking resemblance to Beyonce, but that's just my opinion. However, if you want to see how Starshell looks on a more natural note, then check her out alongside Kendu and Mary J. Blige when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Joseline Hernandez Performs "Bailar" For The First Time

For the first time since releasing her new joint "Bailar", Joseline Hernandez actually performed her song at Apache Cafe for “It’s SHOWtime $200 Open Mic” hosted by Ms. Dia (WRFG 89.3FM) with DJ Grandman on July 19th.

With all the dance moves and choreographer training Joseline has been getting on the show, I just didn't see the work played out on stage during her performance. Now don't get me wrong, I actually like Joseline Hernandez (as well as ALL of the ladies on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), but I thought Joseline's performance was lackluster, her singing was a little off and her background dancers didn't seem too enthused.....and NO none of her background dancers were Karlie Redd!! LMAO!

So check out Joseline's performance for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Gossip Pics: Chris Brown & Karrueche Together In Cannes France

Photo & story spotted at IAmNotACelebrityAssKisser.com

Bump what you heard, but it seems like those pesky little rumors about Chris Brown dumping Karrueche Tran over Drake have been squashed!

You can probably also cancel out those pesky rumors about Chris Brown chilling with Rihanna in St. Tropez as well. Want to know why? Well, it's because despite what we want to think, Chris Brown was actually in France with his longtime girlfriend, Karrueche as photo'd above.

The picture was said to have been taken at the Cannes, France airport the other day. You can check out another photo of Karrueche handing someone her passport when you click on that "Read More" button below:

HHGS Rumor: Jackie Christie Will Not Be A Part of "Basketball Wives" L.A.?

So a few weeks ago, Vh1 posted the above photo in the gossip segment of their site with the caption title reading "Basketball Wives L.A. Cast Attends A Pool Party Together". And if you're anything like me, then you noticed that Jackie Christie nor Imani Showalter were anywhere in sight in the photo.

However, the funny thing about this is the fact that Jackie Christie was indeed a part of the photo above, but the good folks at Vh1 cropped her out. If you're not understanding what I mean then check out the above photo in its entirety when you click on that "Read More" button below:

The Game Admits To Lying & Cheating

As many of you know, rapper The Game and his fiance/longtime girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge cancelled their wedding plans. Although their ceremony was supposed to be taped for reality TV, the shocking news of their cancellation made many folks wonder why the two decided not to go through with their plans.

Many speculations were made on various websites and now The Game has decided to address those accusations via his Twitter along with some harsh words for those websites who were talking wreckless about his baby mama.

Find out what The Game had to say when you click on that "Read More" button below:


Gossip Pics: Blac Chyna IS Pregnant With Tyga's Baby!!

Photos spotted at TheJasmineBrand.com

Well, well, well. It looks like my previous reports about Tyga impregnating stripper, Blac Chyna, have been confirmed as the two were spotted at a carnival of some sort and Chyna looks to be about 5-6 months pregnant. If you are not familiar with my previous reports, by all means go (here).

Chyna is a cute girl who makes sure to always look sexy at all times so its no surprise that she's rocking big shirts and sneakers to cover up her plump mid-section. Congratulations to these two lovebirds!

You can check out some more exclusive pics of Chyna's belly and Tyga when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Kimbella Had A Baby Girl

A big, big congratulations goes out to friends of the site Kimbella and Juelz Santana who had a baby girl just yesterday who weighed in at 7lbs and 3 oz. The name of the newborn baby girl has yet to be revealed, but what I do know is that Kimbella did go into labor early yesterday and wasn't sure if she'd be giving birth. That is until those contractions started going into overdrive when she tweeted out this message below:

Juelz Santana later confirmed that Kimbella did indeed have their baby girl yesterday when he tweeted out this message below:

You can check out a photo of the proud papa and his brand new baby girl when you click on that "Read More" button below: