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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 3 Commentary

Love & Hip Hop New York's season 3 premiered their first episode last night at 8pm on Vh1. I was dying to see the new faces that were added as well as to see if New York had what it took to compete with the Atlanta cast. And while I love New York, I will admit that they have nothing on the Atlanta cast, but that's just my opinion.

To kick things off we have the beautiful Tahiry who can't seem to get over her past relationship with New Jersey rapper, Joe Budden. Although she was trying to eliminate him from her life, she just can't seem to kick Joe to the curb. Joe Budden is not making things any easier for Tahiry as he is seen showing up at her job without advance notice to discuss working on their friendship. o_O Not sure how his current girlfriend is handling that one.

Then we meet new comer to the show, Raqi Thunda who has a friendship with Joe Budden, but for some oddball reason can't seem to get along with Tahiry. Both Raqi and Tahiry end up in an altercation at Joe's pool party or "shindig" as he called it last night.

Yandy Smith is 9 months pregnant and about to pop and her boyfriend, Mandeecees, seems to be more interested in partying with Vado and Juelz Santana then he is about his own baby shower. All in all, I think the two make a cute couple.

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Now onto Olivia (who is currently working on her new album) but is struggling with the fact that her manager Broke Pennies has a new relationship with a crack whore. Olivia is worried that this new found relationship between Broke Pennies and his crack whore will mess up her brand and she is not cool with that. This is all I will say about the subject as I like Olivia, however, I don't like the company she keeps.

Those were pretty much the highlights from last night. However, if you missed out on last nights premiere episode, you can check out some of the best moments from the show below:

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