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Gossip Pics: Karrueche Attends Grammy's With Her New Boo & Is Alicia Keys Pregnant?

Karrueche Tran has been making internet waves when it was rumored that she showed up at "Greystone Manor" last weekend with a new man on her arm causing Chris Brown and Rihanna to leave the venue. Now, that same man has accompanied Karrueche Tran to the Grammy's as seen in the photo above.

Reports are coming in that the two were spotted at VIBE's "Impact Party" which honored Mary J. Blige. There is also this rumor going around that Karrueche's mystery man may very well be a relative, but I highly doubt that.

Now in other "Gossip Pics" news, there's a couple of photos of Alicia Keys floating around on the internet with a pertruding belly leading everyone to believe that there might be a bun in the oven. I'm not quite sure I believe that rumor just yet, maybe it was that time of the month for Alicia......who knows. Us ladies do have our moments, but you can check out those pics of Alicia Keys when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Again, the photos above could've just been a bad angle or something. However, I'm hearing that "allegedly" Alicia Keys and Swizzy will be announcing the news of another baby during the Grammy's. But I've got to see it to believe it! Now what say you?


Anonymous said...

That's her relative, hell...same face shape, jaw line, cheek bone, eye shape and he look gay

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