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Gossip Pics: Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Real Hair & Chrissy Lampkin Goes Naked!!

Nicki Minaj recently tweeted out a photo of herself (face not seen) with her hand behind her back pulling on her long hair. Many of us were shocked to see that Nicki Minaj had some long ass hair, but that's only because we never get to see her go Au natural. Every time we see Nicki she's rocking out with some type of wig. My favorite so far has been the all black hair with the bang, but that's just my opinion.

However, Nicki wanted her fans to know that just because she rocks out in wigs and weaves, she does have hair as seen in the photo above.

Nicki's tweet below:

Now let's move on to another "Gossip Pic" (which is an absolute favorite of mine) and that is of Chrissy Lampkin in her birthday suit!! Click on that "Read More" button below to see the pic:

Not too long ago, the beautiful Chrissy Lampkin posted up the above photo on her Instagram page with the caption "Saturday Night Live #LadyVamp #ComingSoon #BiteMe". I'm guessing with a caption like that Jim Jones must be gearing up for his "Lady Vamp" clothing line to come to life!! What say you?

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