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Gucci Mane Says Waka Flocka Is Disloyal & No Longer Part of Brick Squad!!

I don't know what happened between Gucci Mane and his longtime friend/label mate, Waka Flocka, but whatever it is it has Gucci pissed!!

Wanna know how I know Gucci is pissed? Because he decided to tweet out his frustrations on Waka Flocka via his Twitter page!!

You can check out Gucci's tweet below:

No word yet on exactly what happened between the two, but Waka Flocka has responded to Gucci!

You can find out what Waka Flocka had to say when you click on that "Read More" button below:

Does anybody have any idea about what might've happened between these two? I'll hold for any information you might have!

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