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Method Man Caught In Peen Pic Scandal

Another day, another peen pic scandal. But this time around the peen pic is not belonging to Joe Budden or Lil Romeo. The peen pic in question is about Wu Tang's own, Method Man.

Now most of us haven't heard a thing about Method Man until now, but I'm thinking the reason why we're hearing about him at the moment is because of a scorned lover. Chicks these days are more about showing and proving than anything else! Why else put the poor man on blast? This is all for personal gain and the only person winning is the chick who leaked the photos and the website who obtained them first! Period!

So on that note, let's proceed shall we? FunkyDineva.com was the first website to receive the naked photos of Vh1 "Love & Hip Hop New York" cast member Broke Pennies. The lady who issued the photos to the website also said she had other photos of other celebrities in their birthday suits. A few weeks later, and now we have Method Man in all his glory!

You can check out the NSFW photos when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I was advised not to put up the actual photos, however, to see the actual photos in full glory go (here).

Now don't say I ain't never did anything for ya! ;-)

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