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Lil Mo Tells Keyshia Cole To Get Off Twitter!!

Lil Mo recently sat down with HipHollywood.com and discussed the whole Keyshia Cole vs. Destiny's Child beef. And what Lil Mo had to say was VERY valid in my eyes.

Now please don't take this as I'm taking sides, but I just don't understand what the problem is here between Keyshia Cole and Destiny's Child. I know there was some previous beef between Keyshia and Michelle Williams, but I had no idea these issues involved Beyonce and/or Kelly Rowland!

Talking about the King Bey can bring anyone some harsh criticism, but is Keyshia Cole allowed to speak her mind anymore? I mean, the masses are giving her a hard way to go. So would you agree with Lil Mo when she tells Keyshia Cole to get off Twitter?

Hell!! Lil Mo even went as far as asking Keyshia Cole who her publicist was!! But I don't want to ruin Lil Mo's moment because it was timeless! So check out what Lil Mo had to say for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I'll hold for your thoughts!

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