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Gossip Pics: Are Shay & Lil Scrappy Back Together? The Word Is Yes!!!!

Could "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast members Shay "Buckeey" Johnson and Lil Scrappy be back on again? That's the word on the internet curb according to an anonymous source who sent me some info to my email inbox along with some exclusive photos. But before we get into those photos, check out the email I received below:

I think these two are finally coming out. Last night in Atlanta at the "Project 13, the thirteenth day of change" event, Shay Johnson and Scrappy tried to fool everyone by showing up in separate cars. First, Shay walked down the red carpet, then Erica Dixon. Erica and her entourage avoided Shay at all times, even to the point where journalists, and photographers started talking about her on how she wouldn't interview or take pictures with anyone.

Scrappy was a gentleman and waited for Erica to leave then made his way on to the red carpet to take pictures. At the end of the red carpet was Shay, and from there the two were both all smiles for the rest of the event. At one point, the two took a moment for themselves in the corner for some alone time. Shay took to the mic and said hello to the celebrities and people in the building as well as stated, "Scrappy is around here somewhere also...Love You."

At the end of it all, it seems as if everyone has finally grown up and as for now, Shay and Scrappy looked very happy as "Friends"???

Now, I have no idea how true this information is so please don't shoot the messenger! However, you can check out some photos from last night's event when you click on that "Read More" button below:

And now a photo of Erica from the event below:

Now what say yall?


Toni said...

I wonder if Scrappy got good peen? Cus what these chicks see I'd never know! O_O

Anonymous said...

I dont think they are actually back together or engaged. But they still are friends. its amazing wat mto and tall these blogs will do for a story.. smh