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HHGS Rumor: Is Lloyd Going Broke & Have A Drug Problem?

Before we even get started on this rumor, let's make one thing clear. I am not here to tarnish anyone's reputation and this is all hearsay. NOTHING in this email or article is FACT, until proven otherwise. It's also my responsibility to let you guys know that the views and opinions in the email I received are NOT the views and opinions of the NYC Gossip Girl or HipHopGossipSite.com. So on that note, let's begin with the email.

So I received this email about R&B singer Lloyd, who used to be down with Murder Inc who is "allegedly" going broke and dealing with a drug problem. Lloyd's had hit songs like "Get It Shawty", "You ft. Lil Wayne" and "Cupid ft. Awesome Jones".

However, I'll let you guys take a look at the email I received for yourselves when you click on that "Read More" button below:

I am the promoter this article is about.....

"On Saturday, April 20th, Lloyd was scheduled to appear at a concert in San Angelo, TX. He was given $8,000 to perform. On Thursday the 18th, his people called to inform the promoters that Lloyd was stuck in Australia and was unable to return on time. Lloyd's management team assured the promoter that per their contract, the $8,000 would be returned in full once Lloyd returned to the states that Monday. Monday came and no word from Lloyd or his team.

Henry "Noonie" Lee, who has executive production credits with Ciara and Cherish, is currently managing Lloyd. He was the point of contact for all contract negotiations. Henry called the promoter to inform him that he would be getting paid back as per the contract, but that Lloyd did not have the money. Henry says that Lloyd is broke and all of his accounts are frozen. He didn't go into explanation as to why the accounts are frozen, but said that Lloyd owes money for other missed shows and law suits and this is just another on top of it. Henry also mentioned that Lloyd has a bad drug problem and that he "wished it was as simple as just weed".

Since April 20th, only half of the money has been returned. Henry had his sister pay the $4,000 and insists that he will do whatever he can to repay the entire amount because Lloyd just doesn't have it. Everybody on Lloyd's team can't be broke. Something is wrong with that."

This doesn't sound far fetched considering Lloyd's past legal troubles. The R&B singer was sued by his former manager, Joyce Irby, for breach of contract. The two sides reached a settlement which called for Lloyd to fork over $100,000 and required Lloyd to help Irby find a job. That was in 2010. In 2012, Irby sued Lloyd AGAIN for failing to uphold his end of the settlement. Irby claimed Lloyd has only paid $20,000 and failed to find her another job. Sounds a lot like what's going on now. The drug rumors aren't new either, but to come from your managers mouth? Damn, Lloyd! Who knew you had it this rough?

Again, I have no idea if this information is true or not, but whatever the case is, I want to know your thoughts on the matter.


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Matthew Trammel said...

Damn I fucks with Lloyd to...get it together bruh we need another street love

aisha williams said...

Awww he was so cute. I pray he get better I loved his music

Anonymous said...

Lloyd Is Actually My Blood Brother So My Prayers Go Out To Him I Hope This Is Not True But Everybody Has There Struggles He'll Get Through It I Know That For A Fact.

Anonymous said...

Your blood brother & you don't know what's going on??? SmH.no matter how famous my family got I would always be in contact with them

Anonymous said...

Ok buddy

Anonymous said...

I pray that he could pull it together and be that shining star once again.