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They Say Dutchess From Vh1's "Black Ink" Is Stripping Now

The fiesty character we all know as Dutchess from Vh1's "Black Ink Crew" has been creating quite the buzz in the internet world, and its not because of her talent of drawing up some dope tattoos either. This time around, Dutchess is making her internet rounds for her stripping skills!!! Peep the flyer below:

So Dutchess was twerkin it something serious at the "King of Diamonds"? I know you probably don't believe the rumor, but what if there were pictures to prove it? Click on that "Read More" button below to see for yourselves:

Does this mean Dutchess and Ceasar ain't together anymore? Or is Ceasar cool with this? And if Dutchess is stripping, does that mean "Black Ink Crew" didn't get renewed for season 2?

So many questions and not enough answers!! Now what say you?

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oyin said...

Isn't that Cessation on stage? I don't believe she's stripping. If u watch the show, she teased him with a dance. I think this was just promo.