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2 Chainz ID & Credit Card Information Get Posted Online By Thug That Robbed Him!!!!!

What in sams hell do we have here?!?! Thieves, thugs, gangsters and whatever else you want to call them are not too bright these days are they?

Whatever happened to the good ole days of just robbing someone and going the hell on about your business? Those days are clearly gone as the person who robbed rapper 2 Chainz in broad daylight at gunpoint has decided to post up picture proof that 2 Chainz was indeed robbed.

Although 2 Chainz has denied being robbed, the Instagram photo suggests that 2 Chainz might need more people for his story.

The thug in question refers to himself on Instagram as @lilg04, but somehow I think the authorities will be getting ahold of him way before anyone can send out a follow.....just my opinion. Now what say you?


Anonymous said...

haha more of these fake gangstas need to be robbed like this wack fool.

Anonymous said...

Smh you really think the real robber would post that on instagram?? It's obviously a repost, y'all hella stupid if u think it's that guy